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Formula 1 technical illustrator Giorgio Piola is a legend – having attended more Grand Prix than any man in history, with the express purpose of getting into pit lanes and observing what he will soon illustrate: achievements in the ever-advancing technology of Formula 1 motorsport. His technical drawings are the gold standard of technical explanation from a place where photography is forbidden. His illustrations are licensed for reproduction around the world in the motorsport press, often as the first glance at innovations that have just made it to the track.

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Now, Piola turns his precision eye to the task of watchmaking. His passions, motorsport and technology, come together in his designs for this line of racing inspired timepieces. And who better to speak of what constitutes a Formula 1 inspired design than the man who spent a lifetime illustrating the defining designs of Formula 1?

Journalist Giorgio Piola (ITA) doing his technical drawnings in his room hotel at Yas Marina.

As Piola states: “There are a lot of parallels between the world of car racing and the world of watches. Both, are based in mechanical engineering, performance and beauty. My career covering Formula 1 and my love for watches has inspired me to translate the passion of racing into a timepiece. I want to give my followers and all of those who love motorsport the opportunity to have a watch that reflects the precision, excitement and beauty that made them fans of Formula 1.”

MOTORSPORT IMAGES: Mercedes F1 W07 chassis detail. (Illustration by Giorgio Piola/Motorsport Images)

SUZUKA, JAPAN – OCTOBER 05: Giorgio Piola, Technical Journalist at Legends F1 30th Anniversary Lap Demonstration during the Japanese GP at Suzuka on October 05, 2018 in Suzuka, Japan. (Photo by Mark Sutton / Sutton Images)

Piola’s newest line of watches, the SHIFT collection, is being offered to the public through crowdfunding site Kickstarter. This direct-to-consumer approach keeps costs down on a collectible timepiece that would otherwise be much more expensive. Throughout the Kickstarter campaign, a Piola SHIFT timepiece can be had starting at $350, an extremely competitive price compared to other offerings in the market.

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The Piola SHIFT designs feature the classic racing tachymeter on the bezel and builds from there with the tire tread inspired bands, a buckle that replicates the shape of F1 steering wheels and chrono pushers that remember the lollipop man sign form the pit stops. The SHIFT is offered in four distinct colors, each with a Piola F1 technical illustration etched into the back of the case.

The timepieces are powered by high-precision Swiss movement, are assembled in Switzerland and proudly bear the “Swiss Made” designation on their face. The modified Ronda 5040.D chronograph measures tenths of seconds, seconds and minutes, and incorporates both a date and seconds dial. The crystal is anti-reflection coated damage-resistant sapphire and the case is made of 316L surgical grade stainless steel.

The SHIFT collection will be available in Black, Blue, Green and Red. The watch case measures 46.5mm and its 15mm thick.

Your pledge will allow this exciting project to materialize plus backers will have access not only to special discounts from future retail prices but will be rewarded with Formula 1 inspired gifts that will perfectly complement the watch.

Starting at $350, you can check out the Giorgio Piola SHIFT watch collection Kickstarter campaign here. To learn more about Giorgia Piola at their website here at giorgiopiola.com

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