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The Giorgio Piola brand takes its name from the legendary Formula One technical illustrator who, for almost 50 years, has covered every change in design and engineering for every car on the grid through his technical drawings. In a sport where victory is determined by mere hundredths of a second, it is often the most minuscule change that makes all the difference. That is why Giorgio’s drawings are so relevant for Formula One fans. His work has been published in the most acclaimed sport magazines and newspapers in the world and he also serves as a television broadcast contributor. Today, Giorgio is fulfilling a lifelong dream of bringing his attention to detail and artistic background to the design of timepieces. This is the Giorgio Piola G5 watch.

The G5 is one of the first models to come out of this project and it’s named after the level of G-Force Formula One cars can achieve when accelerating or braking. The design is inspired by the running gear and piston rings of the 900 hp power units. This watch is Swiss made and part of a 500-piece limited edition.

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The 48mm case is made of forged carbon, which involves the process of forging carbon fiber in shapes outside the traditional sheet. This process creates materials that are both durable and lightweight. This watch is very easy and comfortable to wear, compared to its larger counterparts in the watch world, thanks to the lightness provided by the forged carbon case.

The multi-layered dial features a tasteful level of complexity. Along with the chrono and seconds sub-dials, the watch also incorporates the always practical day-date function into the main dial. To complement and to make the watch a true motorsport chronograph, a tachymeter scale is displayed in the upper part of the dial along the bezel. The sense of depth in the dial is maximized by the carbon fiber layer that serves as a canvas for the rest of the elements.

The bezel itself is also structured in multiple layers. The first is red aluminum, the next forged carbon, and finally, a decorative titanium ring that is inspired by brake rotors. The strap is made of highly resistant black rubber and further connects the watch to the world of motorsports through the race car tire resemblance. The strap closes through a black deployant buckle that helps prevent the watch from slipping off the wrist.

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The watch is powered by a Swiss movement, the Valjoux 7750 – perhaps the most tested and famous of all Swiss movements. It features an automatic winding mechanism (with a striking red rotor), 42 hours of power reserve, 25 jewels, and it beats at 28,800 bph.

As an exclusive offer to aBlogtoWatch members, any timepiece purchased through this post will come with a poster hand-signed by Giorgio Piola himself. The poster shows Giorgio’s drawing of the Ferrari SF15-T. This car was used by Scuderia Ferrari during the 2015 season and was driven by Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen. During that season, the car won three Grand Prix and 16 podiums. The poster features a drawing of the full car plus two more drawings that show the car after the removal of certain external components. These views, in typical Giorgio Piola fashion, allow for internal glimpses of the vehicle that wouldn’t normally be seen and that help understand how complex and beautiful these cars are.

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