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Giveaway: A Bounty Of Timepieces To Win This Holiday Season

Giveaway: A Bounty Of Timepieces To Win This Holiday Season  Giveaways

Welcome to’s annual holiday season watch giveaway. Each month I offer a single watch for you to win, but this month you have a chance seven (lucky) chances to to win. The rules are exactly the same as any other month, but this month I will simply choose a winner for each of these seven watches. If you win, what you receive will be randomized – which makes things a bit more interesting.

Up for grabs are seven very competent timepieces that I know you will enjoy. First is a Phosphor World Time watch with a great e-ink Display. It retails for $150 and you can learn more about it from Phosphor right here.

Giveaway: A Bounty Of Timepieces To Win This Holiday Season  Giveaways

Next is a Casio Pathfinder PAG-240B-2 “do anything watch.” If you don’t have a Casio Pathfinder in your collection, you are really missing out. This model retails for $250 and you can learn more about is via an review here.

Giveaway: A Bounty Of Timepieces To Win This Holiday Season  Giveaways

Also a chance at winning a Magrette Moana Pacific PVD limited edition watch. Proven to be very popular, this mechanical watch from New Zealand has a real piece of ancient Kauri wood in the caseback. Limited to 500 pieces and priced at $365 plus shipping. See a full review here and it at Magrette’s website here.

Giveaway: A Bounty Of Timepieces To Win This Holiday Season  Giveaways

Swatch wants you to have one of their New Gent Rebel timepieces for men. At 41mm wide, these colorful watches aren’t the tiny Swatches you might remember. But they are still thin and have a nice modern style to them. The winner will choose the color they like – but the choice is subject to availability. Price for these is $65 and you can learn more here.

Giveaway: A Bounty Of Timepieces To Win This Holiday Season  Giveaways

Plus, there is a Vittorium Deep Diver. Very neat looks makes this 47mm wide timepiece one of the most unique affordable Swiss dive watches of the year. Priced at $895. Learn more at Vittorium here.

Giveaway: A Bounty Of Timepieces To Win This Holiday Season  Giveaways

Get a chance a winning a Jorg Gray JG9400-21 watch. With a unique styling and an over 45mm wide case, this is one of the most distinctive new watches from Jorg Gray’s 2010 collection. Priced at $595. Learn more at Jorg Gray here.

Giveaway: A Bounty Of Timepieces To Win This Holiday Season  Giveaways

Last is a Tsovet SVT-AT76 model AT311510 watch. Hip modern styling with a large easy to read case and distinct military instrument style. Swiss made with a retail price of $550. Learn more at Tsovet here.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below with your valid e-mail address where required. In the body of your comment mention a few watch brands that you’d look at when buying watch gifts for your friends and family.

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2. Wait until the giveaway is over on January 1st, 2011 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Casio, Magrette, Tsovet, Swatch, Phosphor, Jorg Gray, and Vittorium the sponsors of the 2010 Benthic Ti watch giveaway here at!

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Fueled by an unshakable love for horology and a general curiosity for intricate things, Ariel Adams founded aBlogtoWatch in 2007 as a means of sharing his passion. Since then, ABTW has become the highest trafficked blog on luxury timepieces, and Ariel has become a contributor to other online publications such as Forbes, Departures and Tech Crunch, to name just a few. His conversational writing style and inclusive attitude brings a wider appreciation for watches the world over, and that's just the way he likes it.

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  • Ben

    Looking at Seikos and Casios for gifts this season

    • Also check out Whimsical Watches Women’s G1220002 Christmas Tree Red Leather Watch, Whimsical Watches Women’s G1220010 Christmas Nutcracker Red Leather Watch at They are too having a christmas theme which I liked.

    • Sherri Dalton

      I love all watches so it’s hard to mention just a few but here goes: When holiday shoping, I try to keep in mind what kind of person I’m shopping for. For a younger outdoorsmanwho’s environmentally aware, there’s nothing better than a solar powered Casio Pathfinder. Equipped with a compass, barometer, and altimiter, he/she is equipped with an vast array of tools every outdoorsman needs without ever having to worry about pesky battery changes and they’re very tough to boot!
      For your casual scuba – diver/ marine type, nothing comes closer to it than a Seiko Diver. Whether it be Kinetic or automatic, Seiko delivers many 200m diver models and up with that style only Seiko has. I love their divers and the lume is one of the brightest and long lasting!
      If you’re buying for a loved one and want to deliver with style and class, there are many out there, but one of my favorites is OMEGA. Classy and sporty, Omega delivers in all areas. The fit and finish are astounding! Omega is a fine example of Swiss watchmaking at it’s finest.
      These are just a couple of holiday suggestions for you. However, there are MANY, many to choose from on all levels of price and style. So have fun and take your time when decicing on a timepiece. There’s something for everyone.
      Happy Holidays,
      Sherri D.

    • Quack

      Looking at Seikos and Casios for gifts this season

  • Eric

    I always check out Seiko and Sinn for any watch purchase. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a new watch!

  • amiel ong

    i would like to have tissot, iwc and also patek philipe.. Have to save save save. Hope i win

  • Mozzy

    For the younger generation I usually look at Casios or Hamiltons, otherwise I choose from Tag Heuer, Omega or Bell & Ros

  • mm

    I like Seiko divers and the new Casio GX-56, though if I’m lucky I might get a vintage Omega pretty soon…

  • mm

    I will probably pick up a Casio GX-56 for a particular person whom I know could pull it off.

  • michl

    My wife’s holiday-wish is a Skagen-Watch – so i have to look for it…. *hrmpf*. Iwould prefer Hamilton.

  • Robin Nooij

    normally, I would look at the more usual brands: Seiko, Casio, et cetera. If the budget allows for a bit more spending I tend to go to brands such as Certina, Hamilton, or Tissot. Nevertehless, the last couple of months a few manufacturers have caught my eye with relatively affordable and impressive models. Brands such as Marvin, Magrette, Jorg Gray, Alfex, or even some TW Steel models.

    If I do win the lottery sometime in the future I would take a couple of my closest friends shopping in Bond Street, London or something. A nice Patek Phillipe, Jaeger LeCoultre or even crazy models like MB&F, Ladoire, Hautlence would be considered!

    For now, I am happy with what I have, but I am always looking for new additions.

    Regards, R. Nooij.

  • Zul

    I look for Tag Heuers for my dear loved ones. And for friends, casios and seikos, cos I can’t afford more.. 🙂

  • As a Christmas present I would look at Vostok and Ball. Yee-ha!

  • Wesley

    I’m actually buying a Seamaster for my dad this year.

    My fashionable little brother probably would like a Swatch New Gent Rebel too.

  • Iam Blyth

    I would look at Christopher Ward of London for the main with Seiko and Casios for some of the male members of the family and Kahuna for my sister as that is her favourite.

  • Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya

    Sothis! Mmmmmm.

  • Well, Casios only seem to be in price range…

  • Sander

    If I would buy a watch for a friend it would be a Christopher Ward or a Steinhart

  • Pierre

    As gifts for my self I look at Oris and Ball and chunky divers. For friends and family gifts casio, swatch and orient always ends up as the best alternatives both style and price range.

  • Watches still make great gifts! I particularly like these from Projects Watches – designed by architects and designers, they’re handsome, thought-provoking, affordable ($100-$150), and beautifully built.

  • Tom Hanx

    The Magrette is something I would look into, for sure. For my wife, I pick anything MOP and diamonds – from Citizen, all the way to JLC. She just loves them!!! 🙂

  • Philippe

    This year, Rolex (new green sub) and Hamilton, if I can get one of their Pulsomatic watches soon enough…

  • Haz

    For a gift I normally go for invicta, tissot and Swiss army watches

  • Ivan

    Nixon, orient, invicta, armitron, and timex

  • Derek

    The wife bought me a nice Omega this year and I got her Longines prior to that. As she doesn’t/hate wearing rings, the next watch I’ll buy would have some token diamonds on it. So I’m looking at Longines (again), Guci, Channel, Rolex and a couple of others.

  • Tin Horvat

    I always look high and then slowly slide down to earth. So for starter are some Omegas, Tags, Oris or similar in price range. Then after a few rounds of window licking comes Steinhart, Archimede, that Magrette and various other ‘monitor’ licking stuff. After that comes the same mistake all over again, few drinks in the pub, few shots and one last for the road that leads me ‘in that condition’ back to AD…

  • Jason G

    I’m looking at Mido this year, it’s off the radar and. A brand with some history.

    • santiago

      yes Mido is on my shortlist too!

  • tinyrouter

    Definitely Seiko diver, maybe Steinhart aviator.

  • Michael

    When approached by friends or family regarding watch recomendations,
    Casio, Magrette, Tsovet, Swatch, Phosphor, Jorg Gray, and Vittorium are always at the top of my list.
    With these seven brands,one has the range of entry level to high end special occasion watches. It’s a win-win situation.

  • Ferdinand Angeles

    I’m considering Casio and Timex for my boy. For my two girls, I heard from their mom that they are dying for the colorful Ice Watches. My wife is a long time Guess lover. They know what my wallet can buy.

  • Marc

    I just got my wife an Omega for our anniversary, and she loved it, so Omega would be high on my list for gifts again. If I had unlimited funds (boy, I wish I did :D), I’d be giving my best friends something like Lange 1s or Patek Nautilus or, for my most eccentric friend, a Journe. In the next level down, and since I’d be giving the watches to friends who would really appreciate a watch and wouldn’t want to go with “the crowd,” I’d be looking at Glasshute, JLC, and maybe the new Zenith El Primero for diving watch fans.

  • Denver Fernandes

    Brands that fit within my budget…Casio, Timex, Swatch, Seiko…If i was rich then Bell & Ross, Omega, Rolex on the top of my list

  • Seiko and Casio still deliver a lot of watch for the money, as does Citizen. For my son, who actually just turned 15, I’m considering the Jorg Gray as i feel it combines styling with durability and performance – heck I Like it for myself. For my fiancee, maybe a Michelle or Longinnes.


    Well, I’ve always been dreaming of getting my girlfriend an AP Royal Oak Lady – I think she would really like the masculine styling cues in an otherwise feminine watch. Though that might be a little bit (yeah, right) out of my reach at the moment.
    But what brands would otherwise make good gift-watches? Let’s face it – it’s the kind people who aren’t that into horology are sure to recognize – Rolex, Tag Heuer, etc.
    I also believe a funky-colored Swatch or Casio G-Shock will bring a smile to anyones face who has the tiniest bit of inner child still intact. (I’m glad I managed to bring the brands mentioned into accordance with my student’s bank account with that last sentence!)

  • pat I.

    For adults I usually look at Casio, Seiko, Skaagen. Teens? Fossil or Diesel.
    The wife – strictly, Rolex or Longines.

  • Matt

    An omega speedmaster or a nice Bell & Ross (Square type)

  • Victor Bhandary

    Casio, Magrette, Tsovet, Swatch, Phosphor, Jorg Gray, and Vittorium are always at the top of my list.

  • Gaurav R

    My list would be Seiko, Casio, Fossil, Swatch, Timex, sometimes Kenneth Cole. Once I did go for a Longines for my mum but I don’t usually have that much spending money.

  • Zvonimir

    I usually look for Seiko or Citizen , and a Tag for my girlfriend

  • Will

    Orient or Tissot, reliable movements for a good price.

  • Mike

    I was looking at Citizens, Invictas, and Omegas this season. However I might decide to postpone the watch purchase until next year or as a just because gift later on. I am a beginner watch lover and just found this site. I must say my work productivity has plummeted lately!

  • Jim

    I am a big fan of Seiko. I am also looking at a TokyoFlash RPM for my son.

  • Erica

    Seiko Big Orange Monster for my husband. I am aslo looking at Tissot and Orient.

  • It’s my dads 87th birthday on Dec24th and can you believe he has never owned a watch??

    I’m going to buy him either a TAG or Vittorium (if I get a bonus at work)

    Great blog, I’ve enjoyed reading it.

  • Michael Schilder

    I have found i like the stylings of Fossil watches fairly often, and my favourite watch is a Fossil. However, I also enjoy browsing and shopping from time to time.

  • My head is going to explode! I’ve been looking at that Vittorium Deep Diver for myself. I love, love, love that watch!! I was secretly hoping a cyber Monday deal would appear on their website but nothing did. Perhaps when the holidays are over I will gift myself.

    Also, that Magrette Moana Pacific PVD is a beauty.

    Regarding your question, when I married my beautiful wife, I gifted my groomsmen (all 6 of them) with Guess watches. I wanted them to have something a little more elegant and classy than a flask.

    Also, for our first Christmas together, I purchased a blinged out pink (her fave color) Guess watch for my wife.

    So it looks like Guess is my go-to watch for gifts.

  • Matt Maunu

    4 LEGO watches for the kiddos, Rolex for my lovely wife.

  • I actually bought a Seiko Yellow Monster for my little brother and pre-odered a Praesto Dive Hard for myself. And I hope someone would give me a 3133/31681 Volmax Aviator.

    Thank you for this opportunity, Mr. Adams

  • Jarrod

    This year I’ll be giving my son a Luminox. I looked at Seiko & Hamilton but decided he’d enjoy the tritium tubes. I’m looking at pre-1940 vintage for the wife. Topping the list for her so far are Hamilton, Waltham, and Longines, and LeCoultre.

  • David Chapman

    I love Maurice Lacroix for their value, also I alway check out Omega’s for gifts.

  • Matt

    I like Citizen, Seiko, Swiss Army and Tag Heuer.

  • chris ege

    seiko, timex, orient.

  • Adam

    I have already given a Seiko 5 this season to a friend I’m trying to get into mechanical timepieces. I’m also currently looking at a few Hamilton and Longines models for my girlfriend.

  • hey guys,

    great site, love the podcasts! for xmas i looked at several and decided on a few. (one for me just by accident)

    1) tissot PRS516 with 7750! (been looking for one for a while and bought it when i came across it) merry xmas to me.

    2) my wife picked out a few skagens she liked and a victorinox. so i think i am headed over to store to pick up the victorinox today

    3) my father really fell in love an invicta diver (yea i know, but i do own one reserve invicta and it has been pretty reliable ) so will probably pick that rolex gmt ii (pepsi) look-a-like for him.

    4) swiss legend tungsten. with clara 888 auto movement and lapis blue dial. always wanted to try out a tungsten watch (or the cooler name – wolfram!)

    5) pp calatrava – just dreaming during window shopping.

    thanks guys, again i really appreciate your efforts and very much enjoy all the information via all the media types.


  • Mark

    I truly enjoy the time you take to run this website (pun intended). I look forward to your emails and watch reviews. I would love to own a ChronoSwiss watch, New Rolex and most mechanical dive watches. I currently own Maurice Lacroix, Rolex, Sinn, Breitling.

  • Eitan Gal

    As a Christmas present I would look at Jorg Gray JG9400-21 watch

  • Steve Poorman

    For gifts I prefer Seiko or Orient. Good quality watches at affordable prices.

  • Steve Peterson

    For my wife, I’m looking at Michele or Longines.

  • Axel

    With a unlimited budget, I think the perfect gift for my newly wedded wife is the Chanel J12, for my mother the Rolex DJ 31mm, for my father the patek-philippe 5970, my brother the new Rolex submariner date ‘hulk’ and finally my sister the white 3-timer of Linde Werdelin. I, personally whould be very happy with a Magrette Moana Pacific PVD 😉

  • Dale Taylor

    I would like to give my wife a Gold Casio just to make her happy

  • Mantas

    For the price and quality the best watches are Swatch!

  • Kris C

    I actually did buy watches as Christmas gifts this year. 4 of us are leaving the cold on on the 24th and spending a week on the beach in the Carribbean, and I bought 4 G-shocks for us (well, 2 men and 2 ladies, so 2 G-shocks and 2 Baby-Gs), that will show up on Christmas morning from “Santa” for all of us to stay co-ordinated with. 4 seperate models in 4 seperate colours, and I have already programmed them so they are in perfect sync with one another, with a few key alarms set to reminds us all to meet up from our adventures for some reservations we have already made. I think it was a great idea, and much like the Pathfinder offered above, everyone should have a G-shock in thier collection.

  • Alex

    Love the looks of that Magrette and Tsovet!
    For gifts I generally look first to Archimede and Christopher Ward.

    Happy Holidays!

  • bill anagnos

    When shopping for a Christmas gift, I would look at Invicta which I think represents great value, plus Seiko or Citizen all great values that should last.

  • tom heiman

    I would look at the Rado v10k, any Breitling, and Ikepod..

  • Rich

    If money was no option, Bremont is my watch of choice for gift. On a tight budget, I would look at Seiko or Casio for some great sporty options.

  • Bercuci Paul

    I’d buy as a Christmas gift any type of Tissot, Seiko, Orient, Kenneth Cole or a boutique watch. For girlfriend i’d buy a Longines. Thanks

  • For a watch geek, I’d look at Christopher Ward or Stowa. For somebody younger or the rugged type, I’d look at a Casio Pathfinder or Suunto. For me, it’d be Oris or Ball or CW or Limes or… 🙂

  • Mike

    Well it depends on the person and value I want to spend for them but I would consider the following:
    Tissot, Omega, Casio, Phosphor (Xmas gift to myself – I just ordered it the other day due to your promo – needed a eInk for the collection), Philip Stein, Mont Blanc, Victorinox (great gift watch, Glycine, I could go on.
    Thx Ariel.

  • Greg Stawicki

    Mention a few watch brands? Well, I would definitely be looking at a cheap Timex Originals for my brother, he’s graduating this year and will be starting work as a mechanical engineer. My dad is pretty no nonsense, and would only laugh if I bought him something expensive, so I’d get him a Casio G-Shock (or Pathfinder!) to replace his Timex Ironman. My wife has started to take an interest in my watch obsession, so I’d be getting her a nice Omega automatic. And for myself, I would certainly purchase a used 16800 Rolex Submariner. LOVE IT. Thanks for doing the giveaways Ariel, one of these days I’m going to win one!

  • Anson Chappell

    I would love to get that Magrette.

  • Vincent

    A very varried collection. Watchs to give a gifts, Depends if you have been naughty or nice. Ball and Ebel for good little boys and girls.

  • Ira Dee

    Whenever I give a gift, I always consider something that I want to receive, which may not be the best thing to do since we all have different tastes, but I still do it. So, that being said, I always find Seiko divers to be very interesting and reliable, some G-Shock watches from Casio, and probably Orient, which has a ton of different designs for men and women. I also like Christopher Ward watches and their attention to detail, especially the Trident!

  • Jim C.

    Mr A – a fine selection of value priced watches!

    I’ve been looking at Cartier, Anomino, Mido, Oris, and Magrette, and Panerai recently for gifts. That’s a good price spread and many nice watches to choose from – I’m sure I’ll find something for the watch lovers on my list.


    Jim C.

  • Fábio

    I’m giving my 3 year old niece a nice flik flak (I had one when I was her age maybe that’s where it started for me), for my (guy)friends I’d consider casio, and swatch and maybe even Adidas and for one of my friends who’s really into cycling and tour de france I would buy one of the festina tour de france models, girls seem to like guess watches so if I were to buy a watch for a girl so I’d go with that. For friends and family who are really into watches (they are scarce but they do exist) I look at Tissot, hamilton, seiko(5), steinhart, frederique constant and maybe invicta. And after having spent all my money on watches for other people I’d hope that someone would give me a watch in return.

  • I tend to look at Casio (for tough solar and/or atomic syncing) or Seiko, perhaps a Timex.

  • Dan B

    Will be purchasing a G-Shock for my outdoor loving cousin, a Grand Seiko Highbeat for Dad, and a NOS Omega SMP 2254.50 that I managed to find from an AD for myself.

  • Pearl

    I would love any of these watches for a great Christmas gift! I can’t afford expensive watches so I would probably by Casio, Seiko, Swatch, and Swiss Timer watches. If I had all the money in the world, I would buy from Rolex and Patek Philippe for a Christmas gift.

  • Neil

    First, thank you to Casio, Magrette, Tsovet, Swatch, Phosphor, Jorg Gray, and Vittorium with a special thanks to for making this happen. Most in my family have simple tastes in watches, with one glaring exception, me. When I shop for gift watches, it’s usually Seiko, Casio, Invicta or SWI for everyone except my wife. For her its Michele watches with diamonds.

  • Albin Hultman

    If I were to buy watches as gifts I think the pre-used market would be prefered. Can’t really think of a better gift than a retro Omega or Longines. Simply classic.

  • Jeff Metzner

    I have a Skagen now, and that’s probably what I’d look at again for a replacement or a gift.

  • Gabriel Balas-Baconschi

    I would like to buy watches from: Linde Verdelin and Omega, but right now are too expensive for me. I would check also at Casio, IWC, Jorg Gray, Edox and then go to STORM, SWATCH and to Vostok Europe.
    For young people and for nonconformists Tokyoflash is a good choice.

  • Roger

    Already planning on giving a Bulgari this xmas. May also buy myself a Sinn U2.

  • Joe Gagui

    Looking at Omega and technomarine for the wifey. Sinn and Magrette for any watch loving family member.

  • David B

    I’ve been keeping my eye on TW Steel, Rado (for the wife) as well as Swiss Legend. Always keeping my eye on deals for Tag and Breitlings though. Bought myself a TW Steel this summer and Swiss Legend’s are quality watches at an affordable price for gift giving purposes.

  • Karl_S

    Being a rock climber, and having broken too many crystals as a result, I stopped wearing wrist watches opting for a pocket or belt clip variety. But the Nixon Rotolog might pt a watch back on my wrist.

  • Tim

    I tend to look at watches that will suit the person. My sister got a ladies quartz Seiko while my wife prefers larger dials, and got a Hamilton automatic. I always look for myself of course too and focus on automatics, but the Pathfinder seems quite practical for my motorcycle travels. My father asked me to fix his old Citizen. I’m inclined to get him a nice new one.

  • Jack Fisher

    Love the Tissot. Hopefully Santa Giveaway will drop one my way one of these years. Until then I’ll hope to be one of the lucky contest winners.

  • Wolf

    When I give a watch as a gift, it’s usually to a friend or family member who isn’t into watches yet. Maybe I’m being selfish and hoping I have a “partner-in-crime” in the future to drool over watches with and splurge here and there. All of this usually means gifting entry-level or lesser-expensive watches from established brands and a robust mechanical movement – Seiko, Tissot, Oris, Hamilton. I also love the lesser-expensive boutique brands that seem to be popping up all over (e.g., Magrette, Deep Blue, Christopher Ward).

  • Max D

    Father: Louis Moinet
    Mother: omega lady-matic
    sister: vintage hermes or art deco omega

    I think the watch is an extension of ones personality. A good watch gift-giver really knows a person 🙂

  • Jerry

    My wife seems to really like my Phosphor. Whenever I want to wear it, it always seems to go “missing”. I guess I’ll have to get her one of her own…or win one! I usually look for brands that aren’t so well known for gifts. My family and friends hopefully enjoy the unique pieces. But, if I had the money, everyone would be getting a Patek for Christmas.

  • Tyler Beaty

    Buying my wife a Tag Heuer for xmas, I also looked at an Omega as well as a Rolex.

  • Jordan

    I have been looking at Tag Monaco (unisex) for my girlfriend and I think she has been looking at Panerais and the new Cartier Calibre for myself. I would feel honored to add any of these watches to my collection!


  • Tejash Patel

    I am looking for Hublot and Patek Phillipe. For the budget watch I am looking at Skagen, Obaku, and Titan.

  • Noah P

    I am looking at Swatch watches for myself and my son but I travel to the mid east a lot for work and like the rugged casio’s. I also scuba dive and would like something that could transition from the desert to the ocean and I am really digging the Vittorium.

  • Paulo

    Given my realistic budget, I think the preowned 60s-70s Rolex & Omega watches out there are the best values. They still look fantastic! If I don’t think they’ll wear it every day, then I’d have to limit my purchase to quartz movements, unfortunately.

  • Gene

    Gifts are tricky. To give a good watch that is affordable, my first considerations are the three big Japanese makers, Seiko, Citizen and Casio… though Casio doesn’t quite have the same status as the previous two. For those a little more important to me, I look to a German mechanical. Great quality and reasonable costs like LIMES or Muhle Glashutte.


    I will be looking at Casio and Swiss watches this holiday season.

  • Luis

    Mondaine (swiss railway), Alessi, Swatch… I think are “cool” brands for people there are not very much into the watch world… Btw, the Tsovet is awesome!!! I didn’t know this brand.

  • Andrew

    I’d probably look at Seiko, Bulova, Fossil, Citizen and Casio.

  • Kevin

    I have to say I’m still partial to classic Elgin and Bulova watches

  • Robert Schulman

    I enjoy seeing some of the creativity in the lower priced watch world. As for myself, I am often drawn to the pre owned/vintage world and am often struck by the unique nature and affordability of the old Hamilton watches. I have recently come across some German watches, and have been impressed with the Limes line of watches. They have a more classic and simple look which would make them good presents for family or friends.

  • Brent

    For knock-abouts, I look at Casio. For dress up, I look at Citizen.
    Watches are always good presents!

  • Thomas C Knueppel

    For Christmas presents for my family I would seriously consider the following watch brands:


    Have a good Holiday!


  • Larry H.

    First of all, giant Kudos to all that provided the watches for the giveaways!!! Awesome of them to do such a nice thing!!!
    Second…I have a couple of watches I am looking at when buying gifts for my family. My wife doesn’t wear a watch….so I am going to snag her Apple iPhone and download an app that will allow her to have a watch face on her phone!!! Then…one of my brothers is a Sieko lover….so I’ll check out some new Seiko’s for him. I already got a Tourneau for my sister….really great looking ladies watch!!! She just turned 40 and needs something other than a cheap digital watch! I already got one my nephews an Invicta Speedway….kind of a Daytona look-alike….since he said he really liked one that one of his buddies sports. And if anyone feels generous….LOL….I am trying to save up for the NASCAR themed Tissot….I’m a huge NASCAR fan.

  • I like Casio and Seiko the best… But I will consider all of them for this season… Casio, Seiko, Jorg Gray, Vittorium

  • First of all, I’d look at Seiko. I’m a certified Seiko fan, I love their bang for the buck automatics and divers watches. Then I’d go to Orient if I fancy some new automatics as well. I also seldom go to Citizen. After looking at the mechanicals, I then head down to quartzes from Casio from G-shock line to the edifice models. Then If nothing get’s me interested, then I just go window shopping and drool on the high end watches from Rolex, IWC, Ball, Tudor, Doxa, Frederique Constant, Mido, Omega..and the list goes on…

    Happy Holidays!

  • pg

    By watch enthusiast standards, I favor the low-budget side of things; spending four figures on a watch just doesn’t interest me. For myself, I prefer Japanese watches, but I find non-Japanese, non-Swiss pieces can make more interesting gifts – e.g. Vostoks, Seagulls.

  • Austin Faison

    All of these watches look great. I love that e-ink is being used and I look forward to the interesting ways that watch makers will utilize the technology.

  • bweber

    i’d probably look at affordable classics. Swatch, Citizen, etc. Maybe something fun from tokyoflash or something as well…

  • Michael F

    I like Timex and Casio more than any other.

  • Jason T.

    I’d definitely take a hard look at the Seiko brand and also Swatch for gifts this season.

  • Berend

    I think Seikos and Casios are best for gifts. Lots of them are within my budget, and generally all of them are happily recieved.

  • Bogdan

    way to spread the Christmas spirit 🙂
    salutes to you !

    I’ve started saving for the pam 358 🙂 as for my lady friends and family, Baume & Mercier and Longines always hit a sweet spot

    that Tsovet looks pretty good…
    Happy Holidays all !

  • randy

    Seiko and casio for myself. Wife likes citizen. TIA!

  • Adam Y

    Tissot Seiko.

  • Matt D

    I really dig Tsovet and Vittorium.

  • Matthew

    Well, as awesome as many of the time pieces I see are, my budget is severely limited, soI can’t realistically look at anything more expensive than a Casio or Timex. Having said that, I think Tokyo Flash makes some really interesting pieces, and I’m an absolute sucker for a nice, unadorned silver pocket watch, regardless of manufacture.

    I’d LOVE to see a Tokyo Flash pocketwatch.

  • bryan

    all of these watches are sweet. i am a geek and most of my family and friends are as well, so i always go for the casio watches and i always see citizens around. maybe its time to start expanding my watch horizon.

  • Parker

    I have been looking at Casios and Garmins lately because I love the GPS and compass capabilities of them. I also like to use my watch for training when Im running, biking…so having the heart rate monitor is key as well.

  • Ex

    Some amazing pieces being detailed here. Recently I’ve been looking at some of the Men’s collections from Tiffany. They’re pricey but extremely elegant.

    In terms of gifts, Swatch is great for function and Guess watches are very nice for form.

  • Shappy

    Most of my friends and family don’t have much appreciation for watches. Heck, most don’t even wear them. However, I am always on the lookout for inexpensive vintage and homage looking watches for my dad. He loves Alpha watches for this reason.

  • Karl

    My wife and daughters have a creed that a girl cannot have too many cool shoes. I respond with, a man cannot have too many cool watches. I like Citizen, Breitling, Swiss Army, Tag Heuer and most watches with lots of dials.

  • Dylan St. John

    I have been looking at Seikos, Casios, and Tokyo Flash stuff. Very nice watches.

  • lucas newby

    I am looking at Tissot. They have some fairly reasonable priced watches, with high style and class.


  • Michael

    Citizen and Casio are my two current watch brands that I am looking at.

  • JP

    Swatches are great as gifts

  • dzung nguyen

    hamilton, tsovet, and omega.

  • Matt K

    I only buy watches for my wife, and I’m usually looking at Michele, Chanel, and Rolex.

  • Eric W.

    I look at Cadence Oarsman watches, Hamilton watches, and Seiko watches when thinking about gifts. Thank you for the contest!

  • Kristopher Hesson

    I love the new Swatch options. They are very reasonably priced for gifts so I’m considering those. Seiko is always a great gift choice as well.

  • david lynch

    My favorite, funny enough has been Timex , cheap , simple and to the point .

  • Adam

    I would probably look at seiko or phospher if I were buying a watch as a gift.

  • I love Bell&Ross, and Invicta has some really nice watches (and a lot of not really nice ones too). Guess watches are inexpensive and nice as well.

  • 53T

    Timex, Casio, Fossil.

  • J-P Lee

    I always look at Sinn, LUM-Tec, and Seiko.

  • If Im shopping for legit watches I normally look at the fossil watches, or for a bit more fancy I go for the tag heuer.

    Last year a friend of mine went to china and picked me up several fake rolexes..those were fun gifts as well

  • Jeff Leggett

    I am getting a Breitling for myself (new 18K gold navitimer 01) and a Lum-Tec for others.

  • Sylvain

    I would consider Lum-Tec, Victorinox, Casio, and Seiko when looking for gifts..

  • IS3515

    Nice watches. I like the Magrette Moana Pacific PVD the best and I will visit their website. Currently, I’m looking at a few Rado watches, I like their design. I also like some of the Longines, the Vulcain, Nirvel and a few Oris designs. There is one Orient watch I’m looking at, the 60th Anniversary Limited Edition. All will make good Chrismas gifts! I don’t know if the people will appreciate them but I will try to educate them.

  • Dan Seifert

    I generally look at Christopher Ward for gift giving – affordable automatic watches that make great gifts. I’d also consider timepieces from LUM-TEC, Prometheus, and perhaps Xetum for gifts that are a little more unique.

  • John D.

    My parents wanted to exchange watches for Christmas this year but didn’t really know what to look for. With a budget of a little over $1K each, I picked a TAG Aquaracer Caliber 5 (wap2011.ba0830) for him and a Longines Master Automatic 25.5mm (L2. for her. Tough folks to choose for, but hopefully they’ll be happy with them.

  • Wallis Black

    For watches I consider Seiko and Casio to be reliable and reasonalby priced gifts. If I was to splurge, Omega and Limes watches are excellent time pieces. Happy Holidays “y’all!”

  • Brian

    For gifts, I tend to look at Seiko, Casio, and Swatch. I also like to look at the offerings at Watchismo, which are always interesting.

    In the end, I usually buy something vintage or on the unique side.

  • keith

    I love to get family/friends watches when they don’t necessarily buy themselves watches. I have given and will continue to give just about any Casio G-Shock watch….cannot go wrong with this line for anyone! I would also look into giving Orient and/or Seiko autos as a fun watch to keep in budget and yet introduce the automatic watch to newbies.

  • Wallis Black

    For watches I consider Seiko and Casio to be reliable and reasonably priced gifts. If I was to splurge, Omega and Limes watches are excellent time pieces. Happy Holidays “y’all!”

  • Jeremy

    i like Movado or Tag.

  • Mike

    I like Seiko, Swatch, ESQ, and Fossil around the holidays. I’ve gotten more positive comments on Fossil watches than on my Tag Heuer Carrera…

  • Z

    i’ve had seiko, timex, casio and invitica watches (all have served me well), and got the wife a bulova… i’d probably stick with seiko, bulova, citizen or something like that for a fancy adult present… or a casio/timex for a kid

  • Ryan

    Bulova and Rip Curl, sophisticated and sporty

  • Dan V.

    For me, Tag Hauer. I love the traditional look of it. For gifts and daily use, I like Diesel, Invicta and Swiss Army.

  • brad

    If shopping for myself tag and omega though my budget is more fossil and Seiko. My wife though loves Skagen

  • Henri Drogulski

    My girlfriend wants a Michael Kors watch this christmas. I want to buy my dad a Seamaster, but I don’t have the funds yet. Might get him one in a few years time.

    For me? I would like an Aquatimer to go with my Planet Ocean. But my next watch purchase will take a while.

    Happy Holidays folks!

  • Jason

    I look at Invicta or TX for the family but would consider Nixon, Vestal, and Casio for friends. I have my eye on a Bulova at the moment however.

  • walter

    for my wife im keeping an eye out for a classic pre-loved quartz omega, however i am intrigued by the mechanical woman’s omega mentioned in your interview with the president of omega (should start saving now). for family members i usually stick to the Nixon, wenger (swiss army), and Seiko.

  • dave

    looking into a tissot or breitling for my dad

  • Great selection of prizes! Thanks.

    For gift watches, I’d consider LÃœM-TEC, Hamilton, Victorinox Swiss Army and some of the newer Casio Edifice models. Few of my friends and family would appreciate the notion of a luxury watch. They give me odd looks when they discover how much some watches cost.

  • Charlie

    For ladies, it seems like Michael Kors watches are all the rage this Christmas season. For the gents, I’m a fan of Omega.

    Happy Holidays, everybody!

  • TimBob

    Casio and Rolex. Casio because they make the cool multi-function watches that would make neat gifts (for me or somebody else), and Rolex because I like dreaming of giving absolutely freaking fantastic gifts (of course, the Rolex would be delivered in a Rolls-Royce or Ferrari…).

  • Dan

    Seiko is a favorite of mine. They make a simple yet classic watch that can add a lot to any outfit from casual to formal.
    Casio for those more utilitarian friends on my Christmas list.
    Swatch makes some fun and affordable watches.
    Fossil has some of the edgier and decidedly high fashion watches.
    And any number of brands making e-ink watches are just an awesome idea.

  • Dan Era

    It depends. Since most of my close ones are not that WIS, i have stick with practical things that do their job well. I have given away casios, swatch, wenger and tag heuer. A couple of vintage watches have been on my list as well, a winding one and an automatic one for people i wanted to get into the world. Couple of seikos so they are reliable and cheap. It has been also a way to get rid of some uninteresting pieces of my collection (i like them at first but afterwards i lost interest) and that i could not move easy on the market.

    But when the gift is from me to me….I wish i could afford vintage heuers and omegas all the way…

    By the way, the e-ink watch is a great idea. Combine the functionality of a casio like the databank or pathfinder with the e-ink, and you got me a winner (I’m a gadget freak as well).

  • Dana Russell

    Great watches! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

    Gift watches need to be stylish and reliable. I’d look at mainstream brands like Casio, Jorge Gray, LUM-TEC, and Seiko; but for more watch-conscious recipients also at less well known brands as Steinhart, Aristo, Magrette, etc. The ultimate gift for me would be an Omega Planet Ocean.

  • steve

    I like the variety that Swatch and Casio offer.

  • Kevin

    I’ve always found Casio’s to be a good watch. That or a timex or seiko army are good gifts.

  • ADAM

    Nixon, Diesel, Movado Bold

  • albert post

    The watches I look at for gifts are Rolex, Citizen & Citizen Signature, Bulova, Tag Huer, and Tissot depending on the relationship

  • John

    Wow Ariel, thanks for a great Christmas giveaway. Are you Santa?

    Brands I have recommended to family and friends this year include Tissot, Jorg Gray, Hamilton and Bathys. I am also considering Baume Mercier.

  • Naveen Nandakumar

    I’ve always liked the Citizen Eco-Drive watches as gifts, although the funky stuff from TokyoFlash certainly would be remembered.

  • Stan

    Praesto and Zeno are nice looking gift watches more in my price range.

  • Mike

    I think Casio & Seiko are nice gifts. However, that Phosphor would make a great unique gift!

  • Bob Sebastian

    Jorg Gray and Casio offer some really great choices. But at the top of my list for watch gifts is the timeless Mickey Mouse!

  • Some sweet giveaways!

    I usually go for Casio, Seiko or Orient for gifts for family. I’ve given my dad two G-Shocks and my brother an automatic Orient day-date in the past.

  • I am planning on giving my wife an MIH. For myself I have been seriously evaluating pre 1920 trench watches… I have seen several Rolexes for a “me, myself and I” birthday watch gift. I gave my mother a Cartier tank and to a cousin a H3 pilot watch which my brother, currently in the USAF got for me.

    Maybe I will be getting a Jaeger or Panerai (not sure which one though), in order to preserve it for my baby boy who will be born early next year, I saw several interesting pieces at the F.P. Journe boutique in Mizner park in Boca Raton last week.

    Phosphor watches I like. I even considered (and still am) selling them here in my city in Colombia…I have even spoken to them about this….

    Let’s see what happens. regrettably I have never been so lucky, maybe this is the one.

  • Bob Sebastian

    Jorg Gray and Casio offer some great choices, but at the top of my gift giving list is the classic Mickey Mouse watch!

  • furstrated

    Those are some sweet giveaways.
    personally, i look watch brands depending on theage and sex of who i’m giving it to.
    so for the kids, casio and swatch, for the woman, maybe a phillip stein this year, for the parents classics like omega and tag should do it.
    If its for me though, i like lesser known brands, the bigger the better, and should be made of something durable, like steel, cos i like to wear em

  • Tom L

    I generally don’t consider watches for gifts because taste in watches is so personal. The occasions I would consider for a watch gift are my wife’s birthday, or a graduation present. For my wife, I’ll be looking at Omega and Tag Heuer. For my cousin’s graduation I’ll probably go for a Magrette because they are so uncommon and priced very well.

  • DotComGuy

    Taking the family to Disney World and planning to buy some Mickey Mouse watches for wife and kids. I’m looking at a Tsovet for myself.

  • Raag

    I love Seiko and I have been using Seiko from last 25 years. I just gift Seiko SXDA to my wife on our Anniversary.

  • Ariel Potischman

    If I were to look at watches to buy for family members, I would look at Swatch, Victorinox, Seiko and possibly an American made watch, such as LUM-Tech.

  • James MacNeil

    I usually go with a nice Seiko during gift giving, however I have given my wife a Bulova and and my brother a Timex.

  • Hey, Ariel. As always, great timepieces.
    Been looking to purchase an Hermes Cape Cod Watch, with wrap around straps, for the wife (hopefully off-price). Looking at something you posted recently, the Praesto GMT (looks like it’s backordered), as well as a the Luminox, as options for my brother and brother in-law (My Luminox is like my sidekick, worn for everyday use/work).
    Best wishes – Happy Holidays

  • Simeon Weinraub

    Wow, this is an amazing giveaway! There is not a single piece in the offering that I would not proudly wear.

    I have been shopping for watches for gifts, so I can honestly say that my 7 year old son will be getting as Casio, My step-father a Mido, and I am seriously considering an iPod Nano with the LunaTik watch case/band for myself. Unless I come into some IWC money.

  • Brent Baker

    I’d consider Timex or Casio for most of my family.

  • Dave

    Seiko and Casio are usually good bets for gifts along with Wenger or Tissot. For younger (less discriminating recipients) I usually hit Fossil, Croton, and Stuhrling Original. If I had an abundance of cash, I would probably hit some brands more along the price range of Bell & Ross or U-Boat…

  • André

    I am partial to Luminox

  • James Stewardson

    I love the phosphor world time e-ink and the Jorg Gray JG9400-21

  • Scott

    I’d look at all the expensive brands (favorites right now are Tag Heuer, Blvgari, and IWC) but would probably have to go down a price level when it comes to purchasing a watch. I like the Citizens, Seikos, Swatches, and Victorinox for actual gift buying.

  • CDB

    The size (i.e. cost) of the gift depends on the individual.

    My wife likes any watch that has color. She is a nurse and they use their watch constantly. She has watches which cost as low as $45 (Casio, Adidas) to as much as $300 (Michael Kors). She will be happy with whatever color she doesn’t have.

    I tend to like the look of some of the Swiss Army watches because of their classic and simple look which tend to have a military flavor. But I also love the high end Patek Philippe (which I can’t afford) because of their intricate designs. For me, a larger watch is preferable because i am a big guy.

    As far as other family members, it all depends on the style they are laking.

  • Jim Peterson

    Shopping for guys, I look for Breitling, Nautica or Tag Heuer for nice gifts. Ladies seem to like things that are going to go with an outfit, and for the younger ones I usually look at Swatch for a fun one or Gucci for an elegant watch.
    Thanks for having such a great site. I really like it!

  • Micah G

    For high-end sophisticated watches, I am very partial to Citizen’s Independent line of watches, though they are very difficult to find outside of Japan. For cheap watches, I like the new retro Casios that have been coming out, particularly the solar and waveceptors that look like they’re from the 1980s and run about $15 at sales online.

  • Kenneth Cusse

    Hi. I was at the new Omega store here in Scottsdale, looking at the fine selection of watches they have and I was really impressed. My daughter is more into color, “fruit style” watches by swatch, and other colorful feminine brands. Of course casio has a fine collection of more functional, masculine styles. I always liked Fendi, for the women in my life.

  • Greg Olson

    I love to give watches out as gifts when i can. I really like the looks of the Vittorium Deep Diver. I love dive watches

  • Phil H.

    Given budget constraints, I’d look at Timex, Casio, Orient and Seiko for gift-giving. It’s just too bad, I have no close relations with an interest in watches.

  • Eric Lowe

    Quite a nice selection! I am really digging that Tsovet! When picking watches for gifts I have a real hard time. I consider watches very personal. A Seiko would fit a few of my friends, but i would have to shop for a vintage Omega for my Dad or older brothers.

  • Casio, Diesel, Nixon… for affordability

    B & R, U-Boat for something special 😉

  • Mike

    I always check out Magrette, Deep Blue, Dievas, Seiko divers, Boschett, Helson, and Benarus.

  • Troy

    For my kids, a Casio and a Swatch. My wife wants a Brighton bracelet watch.

  • Darcey Murakami

    I purchase a Tag Heuer Carrera Automatic Men’s watch for my wife since we both really like the substance of a men’s watch on a women, for other family gifts I would look at a Dievas Vintage or Marvin. Personally if somone bought me a Tudor or Rossi JLC I would be very happy!

  • Clayton W Mehring

    When shopping for my friends or family I really would only consider something as nice and durable as a Hamilton.

  • robert

    A Panerai always makes a great gift! Of course an IWC or Rolex Deep Sea would be nice.

  • Ramon Rodriguez

    I am leaning towards the Phosphor, because of the new e-ink display!

  • Christian Ross

    I am looking at Swiss Army and Nixon watches.

  • Ryan

    casio, swatch, rolex and tag… 🙂 these are a few of my favorite things…

  • chad Tipps

    Tag Heuer, Zenith, and Panerai are all watches I wish I could make gifts.

  • Paul F

    I have been looking at Christopher Ward. The lido is nice, I may even buy it for myself. My family like quartz or digital. A new G Shock for my brother and Tissot for my sisters. On second thought, maybe a Tissot T Touch for my brother. Any one of the Magrette watches would be make a nice gift for me.

  • Paul

    I am looking at Seikos as well as Swiss Army brands as potential gifts. I am asking my family and friends to look at Rolex, Dievas, or Sinn when they are looking for a gift for me…..

  • Michael

    For dressy watches, I would love to give a Panerai, Tag Heuer, IWC or Nomos.

    For more rugged watches, Casio / Seiko / Citizen are terrific.

  • Matt Keenan

    I would probably look at Nixon, even though they are a fashion brand they have a few swiss made movements. Casio are probably a good bet too, and they’re on the cheaper side.
    Maybe when I’m a millionaire I’ll give MB&F watches away as presents…

  • John Pombrio

    Err, skip the Casio pathfinder. Unless they have improved the sensors, I found it laughably inaccurate for the altitude (tried setting it many, many times), the temp took 45 minutes to register, and the compass was accurate but only stayed on for 10 seconds or so. Also a BIG MF, I had to roll up my sleeves just to wear it. Give it a wide pass!

  • Sandy

    My husband would love a new watch for Christmas. He has hinted that Tag Heuer and Omega would be appreciated, as well as Tissot and Victorinox.

  • dali shaw

    i would look most likely at casio or seiko, possibly lum-tec too

  • b2k

    Omegas. Love the old school seamaster line. Also like those reissue timex.

  • WatchMark

    I really, really like Fossil watches – they’re clearly top of the range!

  • MP

    Budget gift watches include Casio, Seiko, Swatch, and Fossil. Just depends on the model. I’ve owned a Casio G Shock solar atomic for years and couldn’t be happier with it. I’m a watch lover but my budget is usually around the 100 dollar range.

  • Simon

    I’ve recently given Hamilton and Seiko watches as gifts. This holiday season I’m feeling a little more digital and looking at Casio and maybe even Phosphor for something completely different.

  • CJ

    I have purchased Swatch and Casio in the past for holiday gifts. Depending on the individuals lifestyle and tastes. Where as I will look longingly at Panerai and Cartier.

  • Dean

    The Vittorium Deep Diver looks nice to me! I am also looking at some gshock watches for gifts.

  • weatherman

    That’s a great selection of watches, some of which would be on my list of brands that I like. I’m really the only one of my family that is obsessed with watches, so brands that I consider “gifting” myself include Lum-Tec, Tsovet, Tissot, Helson, Seiko, Ocean7, Bathys, Omega, Oris and Bell & Ross. Casio makes great ABC watches and is generally my go-to brand for digital watches, though I also consider Suunto good. The most giftable brand though, in my opinion, is Nixon – I have a couple for myself and theyre affordable enough to give as gifts. My “Grail” watch is probably a Panerai.

    Wow. I think I just proved that I need treatment. After this contest, of course…

  • Christopher Jourdain

    since i love my family and friends so much i would give them no less than seiko, victorinox or Citizen watches.

  • matt

    For gifts G-Shock, Swatch make great presents. For the mrs. cartier

  • Jeffrey

    Sinn and omega.

  • matt

    for gifts swatches, and g shock are fun

  • Matthew P.

    This holiday season I am shopping between Tag Heuer and Seiko watches for some of my close family members. Specifically, I really like the Seiko Sportura and Arctura line of watches for their sleek look and style.

    I’d also like to thank the sponsors of the 2010 Benthic Ti watch giveaway, it’s very cool that they are doing this for the holiday season.

  • Richard

    Recently I’ve been looking more often at watches from Jacob Jensen because of their very minimalistic but elegant design. Another take on that theme, one that I really like, is the one Meistersinger takes with just one hand for 12h … for people who don’t take time too seriously 🙂 .

  • Jopaw Villarosa

    My brands usually depend on what the person wants and the budget i’m willing to shell out. Since I live mostly in the $50-100 bracket, I have given out Seikos, Orients, Timexes, Casios and a couple of Swatches. In a couple of years time, however, I want to give my fiancee a Cartier. 😀

  • Looking into the possibility of a Tag Heuer for my lady friend. (The F1 Ceramic is one I think she’d like – negotiating price is an issue). High potential of grabbing a G-shock Atomic for my uncle. Also have a MoVas coming at some point during the holiday season, so it’s shaping up to be a nice one.
    The Rake

  • ODP

    Depends on the person, but I’d consider a Seiko automatic for just about anyone. Bulova also makes one that I’m considering for a certain someone, and I bought a Skagen dual time earlier this year as a gift.

    Not sure about you guys considering Sinns and Tags and Omegas for gifts, but I wish that I was on your list!

  • Dhanesh Dave

    Would like to go for Seiko Kinetic or Rado

  • Francis P. Forte

    I would have to say that for gifts, I would look at several watches which are excellent quality, yet affordable. Citizen, Swatch and Victorinox are a few that come to mind. There are dozens of others as well.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Chris

    Tag Heuer, Omega, and Breitling are the watches I think would make awesome gifts. The Phosphor World Time watch, Casio Pathfinder, and Tsovet above are all very cool as well.
    Thank-you for this great blog!

  • SaLisboa

    The automatics by Swatch are on my wishlist for a long time, and my wife fell in love with some Swarovsky watch. But for xtmas I’ll treat myself with the just-released Pilot 46mm by Hamilton.

  • Chris

    Tag Heuer, Omega, and Breitling are the watches I think would make awesome gifts. Although the Phosphor World Time watch, Casio Pathfinder, and Tsovet above are all very cool as well.
    Thank-you for this great blog!

  • Wilson

    Either Casio Edifice or Seiko. I’d love to get my dad a Spring Drive.

  • Phil Weaver

    My generous nature and champagne tastes have me dreaming of filling my friends and loved ones full of holiday cheer with gifts from Omega, Patek Philippe and Rolex, just to name a few. My beer budget, however, tell me in reality, I would shop for Zodiac, Citizen and Seiko and maybe a Casio.

  • Joel

    I am looking at Omega’s and Seiko’s for my father and brother for Christmas.

  • Julio C. Nunez

    I love sharing my passion of watches with others. I’m looking a nice Citizen Eco-Dive Chrono for my 17 year brother, an automatic Seiko for my Dad. As for me? I keep looking at a TAG Heuer Carrera!

  • Tom Federico

    For a gift I would look at Orient, Seiko, Tissot, Hamilton and some of the Russian brands. For the Mrs, however, she likes some of the more “fashionable” watches and Ive gifted a Toy Watch and a Ceramic Swiss Legend. It really all depends on the person. I would love to gift someone an Omega or Anonimo, but I would like to have them gifted to ME first 😉


  • omer

    when i look for a watch to buy as a present i tend to look at Citizen, casio and rolex [ipod nano some times].

  • Jim Bask

    I received a Dievas as a gift last year because my wife knows how badly I’d like a Panerai but we have to get 2 kids out of college before I could ever afford one. (btw… the kids are 7 and 5 now so I’ll be waiting a whiiiiiile)

  • Aaron C

    that Tsovet is lookin good.

  • Rogelio

    My budget allows for only a few different choices. But I really like the Mondaine Sport Chono in black. I hope that will be my next purchase. Other than that I really like the GShocks and Casio watches. As gifts I look for quality and everyday value so Seikos are in the mix, as are Tissots, Luminox and LumTecs. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Seth G

    I bought my dad a Casio Pathfinder last year and he loves it; but he wouldn’t mind getting any of THESE beauties as a gift!

  • witch watch

    I’d be happy to win most of those tbh but the Casio or the Vittorium would be top the list. Although i’d like to get my brother into proper watches, such things are lost on him so trying him with Tissot’s and Rotary’s.

    Oh and after being offline so long with PC/internet troubles it’s great to be back.

  • Michael

    Definitely the Phosphor watch. Love them.

  • JYun

    Usually would go for Seiko or Casio if I were giving a gift, unless I saw something specific, then it’s research time to see if the watches are decent whatever company they are from

  • Fabrizio

    For gifts I usually prefer japanese watch. Seiko is my favourite then Orient, Citizen and Casio. Good quality watches at very affordable prices.

  • Mitch

    When thinking of giving watches as presents, I usually would go for Casio or Seiko. The reason being is that they are good quality watches at a relatively inexpensive price point. With two kids not yet in elementary school yet, I have already thought about what watch to get them for their graduation. What comes to mind for my son is either an Omega or Rolex and for my daughter I would probably go for a Cartier.

  • docthemoose

    Mondaine and Bell & Ross trip my trigger — simple, high-contrast, legible time reading.

  • Robert

    I’m a big fan of Tag Heuer and Omega. I also like to have a good diving watch on hand like the Casios.

    • Robert

      This is a duplicate submission because when I entered it, the system said it was down. Please remove.

  • E

    I’m considering giving Seiko watches, Fossil watches are also good quality and make excellent gifts too. Casio Gshock would make a great gift for my son, but he already has a few.

  • randy

    Seiko, and casio are typical. Wife likes citizen and omega. Tx!

  • Mike

    Looking at Nixon, Tissot and Casio for gifts this season

  • netposer

    I usually buy Casio watches but rarely buy expensive ones. I never buy watches for friends and family. They all seem to use their cell phones. I’m the only one who could tell you the time while in the pool.

  • Robert

    Watches make great holiday and birthday gifts. I like to give Citizen and Seiko to friends, but for family, I am partial to Tag Heuer and Omega.

  • Joel

    Hmmm…so many choices. Tag Heuer, Omega are both good but that Phosphor World Time watch speaks to the inner geek in me.

  • Nice selection for this giveaway! My favorite brands when thinking about gifts are Angular Momentum, Phosphor, and Movado (Time Eclectic is an authorized dealer for both AM and Phosphor, so those are a given ;-). After those two brands, Wenger is always a great choice with Swiss Legend and TechnoMarine getting serious looks too. Anything else that looks interesting will also get considered.

  • Bob Denholm

    My first choices would be japanese: Citizen, Seiko, Orient or Casio. I depends on who I would be buying for, and their interests. Today I am wearing an Orient watch, and I am very pleased with it.

  • Jonathan

    I really like Zenos, Seikos and swiss army although the former is relatively pricey. keep up the good work

  • Nick

    I always look at Fortis watches since I really like their designs. I also look at Hamilton since they have such a wide variety of different designs and Seiko with their high end lines that really are mechanical marvels.

    I hope I win!

  • Francis P. Forte

    I would say that for family and friends, I would consider brands like Citizen, Swatch and Victorinox since these are excellent quality yet still affordable. There are many others to choose from however.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  • Kornel

    Casio (G)

  • Roman Shneyder

    I’m a huge fan of Casio watches. When buying as a gift I look at who I’m buying for.

  • maxfield sabin

    I look at seiko, tissot, hamilton, skagen

  • Ed

    My wife likes vintage men’s Hamiltons–men’s sizes from back then are a good size for women today–but her dream watch is a Cartier Tank.

  • Roman Shneyder

    I love Casio.

  • Paulius Stankevicius

    Some cool watches!!
    looking at either Tissot or Citizen to buy as a gift for a friend. also might buy either a Swatch or G Shock for my sister. and a Hamilton for myself. hopefully.

  • Steve Hong

    When shopping for watches as gifts I tend to look first at Seiko, Citizen or Casio, based on their quality to value ratio, and due to my lack of knowledge of & limited easy availability of other brands. However, ablogtoread and other watch related sites are expanding my vision of the world of horology, and I will definitely be considering other interesting watch brands as well in the future.

    In any case, I think all of the watches featured in this year’s Giveaway are reeally cool, and would be thrilled to be lucky enough to win one!!

    Happy Holidays to everyone, and especially to those fans of ablogtoread!!

  • Jason

    I’m looking into Seikos for family/friends this year. Also looking into Christopher Ward for the wife. Also interested in Prometheus, Sinn, Glycine and Magrette for me thanks to this site.

  • Megan

    Casio, Fossil, and a nice hardy Timex. A good variety for gifting.

  • Thomas C Knueppel

    For presents for my family members I would consider the following watches

    Stowa, Nomos, Xetum and Prometheus

    Have a wonderful Holiday!

  • Mike Kirsch

    I would look at Bernhardt and David Freemont for great values in mechanical swiss watches for gifts. All of the brands in the give away are great values as well. I personally would like one of older Nauticfish watches.

  • maddoghoek100

    looking at burberry watches this year

  • Carl C

    When looking at watches for a gift I tend to look at Casio, Luminox and Suunto. They offer alot of features and are durable as well. My family is a bunch of military brats so when I go shopping for a watch, durability is a requirement.

  • Tim Althoff

    I’d look at Citizen or Omega if I could afford it. Also maybe Casio or Swatch for friends & family. Great Giveaway! Some of those watches look really awesome.

  • Charles Hash

    Very cool watches. I look at Tag, Seiko, Casio and Columbia watches when it’s time for a new watch..

  • Mike Kirsch

    I would consider David Freemont and Bernhardt as great values in Swiss mechanical watches. Small American companies with great personal service. The give away watches are all great values as well. I would personally like one of the older Nauticfish watches. I love dive watches.

  • Tim Althoff

    Hey. I would look at Omega if I could afford it. Usually Citizen, Casio and maybe Swatch for friends & family. Thanks for the great giveaway – awesome watches!

  • Roberto L. Lopez-Molina

    i would look at invicta or seiko for gifts to good friends and family if i would buy them a watch.

  • Chris

    Sweet watches, especially the Casio and Magrette. Love the pilot TSOVET look.
    I was looking into Citizen or Seiko when purchasing for friends or family. Both give you solid watches for the price. Now if I had more money I love the new line up offered by Benarus and Deep Blue.

  • Jason

    I’m shopping for Seikos for friends/family…Christopher Ward for my wife… and Prometheus, Sinn, Glycine and Magrette for me.

  • Schmitty

    No one else I know is into watches enough to even know what’s what but I am regularly put in charge of purchasing nice budget watches by family and friends for family and friends. I prefer Japanese quartz with an eye to Citizen first then to Timex and Orient with Casio a consideration if they’re looking for something sporty or really rugged. I do really like the EcoDrive system as well as the radio controlled time. For a reliable everyday watch you can’t beat them.

  • Anders Sederholm

    If i would buy a watch as a gift for my friends or fammily, the first brands that I think of is Magrette and Christopher Ward.

  • Ivan Y

    I don’t gift watches usually unless I really, really know what a person wants, but I do advise people on purchases. But as we all probably know, it really depends on a person and/or intended use.

    On lower end of the spectrum (for non-watch afficianados), I’d go with Citizen (esp. Eco-Drive) or Seiko (esp. Kinetic). Very reliable, no fuss, especially if have perpetual calendars. A ton of options and different prices.

    A little higher up would be Tag Hauer, Movado, Raymond Weil, but I’m now leaning towards thinking that it’s just best to upgrade to a better watch. However, those brands are well-known luxury brands and would work for a non-WIS.

    Even higher up but still pretty well-known brands would be Omega, IWC, JLC, Cartier and, maybe, Bell & Ross or Hublot. It’s not that I hate Rolex, but many people want a known brand + not showing 100% of the public that they can afford an expensive timepiece.

    For a WIS, all bets are off and we can discuss it for hours 🙂

    For a fun watch, Casio (sport/utility), Nixon (style), or TokyoFlash (crazzzzzzzzzzy!).

    P.S. Thanks, Ariel, for the mega-giveaway!

  • Adam

    I am looking at Boccia, 3H italia, Mondia and Ball watches this season.

  • C. McKalpain

    I have a friend that is really in to Fossil’s so I would look at those for him. And I have a female friend that is really into big manly watches. For her I’d look at Casio Pathfinder or a G-Shock. Outside of those my budget for everyone else would probably by in the Timex to Citizen range.

  • Andrew

    Surprisingly, this wonderful list of watches contains one of the brands I look at for a gift. Swatch! They’re so varied and whimsical and I love getting their automatics for gifts because most people I know don’t even know they exist. I also look at Seikos as I think they’re great value. I also try and find something uncommon so the receiver understands they are special so I look over seas at Russian Vostoks or VE or some of the nicer Chinese Brands although I have been looking more and more at Magrette in recent months. Fantastic watches I think and I’d love one myself. I can confirm that I do have one Bulova mechanical inbound as a gift this christmas and we’ll see what else I can find. Last year was all about the Orients but this year…who knows?

  • Cody

    I am looking at the Casio Pathfinder my self. I also am thinking about the Sunnto line and a few of the G-Shock watches for my dad.

  • Justin

    I wish I could look at Movados, Tags, and Breitlings, but right now I will probably be looking at Nike, Casio, or Timex watches for the holidays. Someday though, it shall be much different… someday!

  • Nunzio Zirilli

    My favorite watch styles are Divers, automatics, and large cases. I own five Panerai’s, an AP Royal Oak OffShore, and one Doxa. All great looking watches! But being a watch guy, I like all timepieces for their individuality. Would love any of the watches in this contest.

  • Natash Bangera

    I’ve been looking at some Seikos and Tags this year for friends and relatives and a Swatch for my little sister

  • Omid

    Well, in the case of which watch brands I’m currently fond of and may gift, there are quite a few.

    Certainly I would include Magrette, as they make a great timepiece at a great price, unpretentious company if I ever saw one.
    Secondly, I would consider Tissot, another great company this time from Le Locle.
    Thirdly, Bremont has caught my eye a couple of times, and if I was feeling generous I would give them a go.
    And lastly, Perrelet is the brand I would look at, in my eyes the most high-end of the marques listed.

  • JT

    I am a huge sucker for Casio watches. For the price, they are the best. For gifts I have looked at Seikos and Citizen watches as well.

  • Tom

    I like to look at the Fossil pocket watches, and like to dream looking at a Rolex.

  • Fares Alnsair

    You are realy generouse, Iusualy look for Swiss Army Victorinox as a gift ,And in the second place Tissot Classic…Ck for Wife.

  • Asmahan Hamdan

    Very nice to win one, …realy love to have and to give Joop ladieswatches, RAymond Weil also is good, Oreint watches are also nice.

  • Kim Bryant

    I look at MB&F and then I get realistic.

  • Jerry Wexler

    I love the shape of the Panerai’s but not the prices. The lesser expensive moVas and TSOVET are very interesting.

  • Rob Land

    For friends, Suunto, Seiko (Orange Monster), or the Pathfinder go to the top of the list. For family, I would push them toward TAG, Victorinox, of Omega. For me, the Bremont line is looking GOOD! But I still have a soft spot for that Magrette! That may be the next one!

  • I’d buy a Seiko, Citizen or Casio for friends and family.

  • CDoo

    I bought watches for almost everyone on my list last year. None of them were generally watch wearers, though (lots of cell phone use for time telling). Among the gifts were watches from Seiko, Swatch, Casio, Skagen, DKNY, Alessi and Vestal. I had a lot of fun picking them out. I thought the watches were great gifts!

  • StaticFX

    Looked at many watches… got a timex for my son but never decided on a new watch for myself.

  • Carl

    Christopher Ward tops my list when Christmas shopping. Classic, affordable, and incredibly sleek swiss-made watches with mechanical movements! I plan on picking one up for my father.

  • As always, looking at Seiko and Orient mechanicals for Christmas, plus any Swiss made vintage pieces.

  • KY

    I’m on a budget, and most of my family and friends would prefer the convenience of quartz. I’d look at Seiko, Citizen, and Casio for the practicality-minded, Mondaine for modern art fans, and Circa Watch (or ebay vintage) for those who like classic styles.

  • dhph

    Well, if I had enough money, I would buy every close friends and family some quality automatic watches! Omega or MdM, love those brands for the design and reasonable price for Swiss automatic movements, but sadly, I’m a college student so I can’t afford those to give it to close people, and even had to sell my Speedmaster that I’ve gotten from my grandparents for high school graduation, so I could finish my last year in college 🙁 well, happy holidays everyone~

  • MrVikes

    Those are pretty sweet!

  • Austin

    Great Giveway Ariel–I tend to look at Orient and Hamilton when buying gift watches. They are reasonably priced and appeal to lots of family members.

  • Gregg

    I was looking at a Casio Pathfinder the other day and the Cadence Oarsman Hammer.

  • Jim Collison

    Most of my friends and family are of the outdoorsy variety, so I tend toward the Victorinox line of watches. Citizen and TX are the backup options for those with more conservative tastes.

  • Rick

    Love giving watches for the holidays! Have made the round of Hamiltons…now thinking something funky like Mr. Jones or Lip…

    Love the blog, Ariel!


  • Steve

    I look at Casios, Fossils, Kenneth Coles, and Diesels.

  • Matt H

    What a great collection. I especially like the Tsovet. My holiday watch shopping is basically limited to myself. I would love something distinctive but not too far over the top. I found a couple of good deals so far, but nothing to make me open the wallet yet.

  • Andrew

    I am too broke to buy my friends and family the watches I’d like them to have. If I could, I’d get my wife a Cartier. I would give my brother an entry level mechanical, like those from Swiss Army Victorinox. I’d also like to get my dad a solar G-Shock. And for all my friends, matching black Swatches.

  • Ross

    I’d everyone Casio and Tissot,nice to see the Magrette Moana,nice

  • Matt H

    If I am buying one this season, it is going to be a gift for me. I like bold but not over the top watches. I love the Tosvet from this collection. I saw a Tag that I also really liked, but I couldn’t see spending the cash right now. Pity.

  • N. Banks

    Here are a few brands I would consider as gifts:
    If the person likes fairly traditional all-purpose watches, then something like Skagen, Seiko or Swatch. These brands have good-looking models that are nice enough but not too expensive. They’ll be nice watches for a person who isn’t really a watch aficionado, since not many of the people I would buy gifts are into watches as much as I am.
    If the person like digital watches, then a Casio, and if he/she likes unique watches, then a 666 Barcelona.


    I usually like watches with digital and analog readouts and when I buy for friends I tend to do the same, so I look into Citizen, Casio etc. In regards to buying a watch for family, I will get a cartier for my wife as soon as I save the money.

  • Aleksey B

    Magrette, Tsovet, Panerai, Tag, Zenith

  • Stu

    Bought my wife a Breitling Navitimer. Bought my dad a Breitling Aerospace (Titanium).

    Looked at Rolex, Omega, Michelle, Ball.

  • Scot

    I would wind up looking at Seiko’s and Orients as gifts generally, and maybe a Momentum dive watch as well.

  • Scott B

    Tag and Swatch

  • Jesse

    looking at Tags, Seikos, and Victorinox for me this year…or next.

  • Mr. Creeper

    I’d would most likely look into getting a Swatch or a Casio for a friend of family member. Those Phosphor watches are real nice, too; and quite affordable.

  • steve

    lum tec

  • Jeremy C

    I will always be a fan of Tag Heuer, but they are, for the most part, out of my reach budget-wise. I recently purchased an Aeromatic and like their stuff (very chunky). Nooka and 666 make fun watches that are pretty affordable. And I am partial to Citizen as that was my first grown-up watch back in the day (a 1990 Promaster World Time if I recall correctly). I say grown-up watch because up to that point I mainly wore Casio, Timex or Swatch. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • Kyle Huff

    Gift watches are tricky, because I am not rich.
    Depending on the person, I’d look at Victorinox Swiss Army automatics, Casio Pathfinder series, or one of the fancier Citizen eco-drive models.

    I recently gave a Seiko quartz chrono to a family member. He’s not really a watch guy, so it makes it hard to justify splurging on an automatic model.

    And then there’s always a G-Shock of some variety waiting for you. Just make sure whoever is getting it will tolerate a plastic wristband.

  • Great contest, thanks!

  • Ian

    I check out Citizen’s eco-drive models, Hamilton and Longines when shopping for amigos and familia.

  • Keny

    Timex and Casio are all I can afford

  • hs Ted

    i’ve long been fond of Magrette … really nice

  • Frank Forte

    Currently im looking at a Xetum for a family member, but if it were a little bit more expensive, I would go for a Frederique Constant, because I love the open heart design and they are relatively underrated.

    Happy Holidays.

  • Dave Jennings

    I found this website from a link from Watch Collectors Unite on Facebook – I’m a huge watch fan and have quite a collection now. My young sone are getting into them too, but I’m building them up to the Breitling and Omega ranges I prefer! I’m looking for a few watchs for presents, from cool Casio workhorses to ultra smooth, very stylish divers styles . I’m very impressed by the look of the Vittorium and Tsovet brands, two makes I wasn’t aware of before reading this blog.I’m always on the lookout for new watches, so I appreciate the heads-up!

  • dennis

    I’ve been looking at the Suunto watches for the altimeter,barometer, compass features

  • Juan

    Seiko, Citizen, Orient and Casio.

  • I gotta say I would look at Tissot and Swiss Army if I was buying someone a watch. I like the quality of each brand and the styling. Tissot especially is to me one of the best watches for your dollar. Great look, swiss movement, sapphire crystal, and their newer mechanical watches are beautiful. The Sea-Touch is pretty nice as well, and I normally don’t like big thick watches.

  • Jerry

    Im looking for a new outdoor watch…like the pathfinder here. I like Suunto a lot too though. Its a tough call between the two. The Suunto Core looks a lot nicer though

  • Lance

    Some of my own favorite watches are Casio, Seiko, and Citizen. So I would start there if buying for someone else.

  • Oetang

    I’d look into some fashion watches like Armani and Fossil, they are affordable and most of my friends would enjoy these a lot!

  • Jomar

    This is a great giveaway. My brothers and I gave our mom a vintage Omega Ladymatic for her birthday this year. I gave one of my brothers a Xetum Stinson after purchasing a Xetum Tyndall for myself. Ariel’s review of the Tyndall was a big influence in my decision to buy it. Both of my brothers have received Tissots from me in the past. I’ve given a Seiko, Orient and ESQ watch to a couple of close friends. I’d love to give my dad a Rolex Submariner as he loves the look of it but, that will have to wait for a while until I can save up (or win the lotto.) Happy Holidays to everyone!

  • Nixon, Sinn, swatch and timex are watches I look at for gifts. Most of my friends and family just do not understand watches. If I could only get them to look at Bell and Ross for me!

  • Leo

    My watch’s battery recently went down. So… HOOK IT UP!!

    I’ve never really been a big watch wearer, but my cousin has a hobby of collecting them and my interest has grown again recently. The extent of watches that I’ve looked for him are Fossil and Movado.

  • Brandon Powell

    Oakley, Sunto, anything quality with a Military look and feel.

  • Vinnie

    Maybe it’s nostalgia, but I’m loving this big comeback from Casio. Considering their retail price, I’d definitly look a G-shock or Baby G to give as a Xmas present. Within the price range, can’t go wrong with Seiko or Orient!

  • Aranea

    I got Lacoste and Guess watches before as gifts. Casio and Seiko are the other two I’d look for when I’m giving a gift of time piece.

  • Guy cozzi

    I always look for Omega, Rolex, and vacheron for my relatives and friends.

  • MayHeM

    The watch gift depends on the recipient. Colorful analog Timex’s for the younger ones, indestructible Casio G-Shock for my brother (he already destroyed one), Seiko for Mom or Dad, perpetual Timex for friend, not sure which watch for me…maybe one of them will be a surprise?

  • Matt Carrier

    If buying a gift, I would go with reasonably priced, but mechanical, so probably something from Christopher Ward, or perhaps Prometheus – If I want to put in some real effort I would probably go with vintage Longines, Omega or something of the like.

  • Jonathan Wiest

    I tend to stick with Swiss when gifting a watch. I usually glance over Tissot (nice price point and selection) and will even thumb through Raymond Weil and Hamilton as well. I want gifted watches to be classy but none to expensive. The gift of time is a gift indeed.

  • Val

    Into divers right now, so def looking at Doxa, Zixen, and vintage Seikos.

  • Matt Carrier

    For a gift, I would go with reasonably priced, but mechanical, so probably something from Christopher Ward, or perhaps Prometheus – If I want to put in some real effort I would probably go with vintage Longines, Omega or something of the like.

  • ArifandyA

    1. For my nephews, I usually look for swatch or Casio
    2. For my father, a nice timepiece from some good german brands like Stowa or Sinn would be good.
    3. For myself, I have always wanted a Nomos for quite some times.
    4. For the missus, some fashion brands.

  • Richard

    I’ve been looking at Tissot and Longines women’s watches for the lady. Sinn and Fortis for myself…

  • a.j.

    I’m loooking at Glycine, Oris or the odd Baume & Mercier as perfects watch gifts.

  • Magrette & Tsovet are definitely two that I’d love to get. The Phosphor is probably something I’d be happy to get, although might never buy myself. When I’m shopping for watches I consider a very broad range, including Tissot, Omega, Brietling, and many others. Meanwhile, I’m wearing Anonimo’s why writing this. Thanks!

  • Bruce

    I’ve been lusting after Movado & Patek Philippe. I’ve been looking at a Piaget for my wife…

  • William Stepler

    I’ve been trying to find a watch for my wife been looking at Raymond Weil, Rado, Tissot

  • Andres R

    For a gift, I usually go with swatch or tissot.

  • Steve T.

    I usually look for Seiko watches. Those seem to be reliable and have great looks…But that tends to be my personal style. lol. For my family, I keep it on the lower budget side since they’re not into watches (blame those darn cell phones and they’re pesky digital clocks on the screen!). So I look towards the lower end Casio or Geneva’s.

  • Stephen

    For the most part I check out Casio primarily because there are so many different styles and types. On the higher end, I never hesitate to check out Kobold (since I’m from Pittsburgh) and also Tag .

    Thanks! Happy Holidays!

  • Stephen

    For the most part I check out Casio primarily because there are so many different styles and types. Medium priced – I check out Tag. On the higher end, I never hesitate to check out Kobold (since I’m from Pittsburgh although they are outside of my budget) .

    Thanks! Happy Holidays!

  • Don

    Hmmm… watches are more jewelry these days than an actual timepiece. I look at Casio, Seiko, Diesel, Omega and Fossil though if I’m shopping.

  • Frank deBros

    Citizen, and pretty much anything Swiss. Gotta say to loyal to my roots, after all…

  • Geoff Matt

    I really like the small production nature of Magrette watches, strikes me as a personal gift. Otherwise I’d go for something original like a Chanel J12, or maybe a vintage Omega Speedmaster or Rolex, something which, whilst not unique, may be quite rare in today’s market.
    For cheaper gifts I really can’t go past Tokyo Flash, novelty maybe but very original too.

  • Alfisti

    Honestly, it depends on the person I’d be buying for. Since I don’t have a huge amount of cash to drop on watches, and given my own head, I’d be straight to Christopher Ward or Magrette. Slightly more upscale might me Xetum or Mido. By the same token, if someone is more likely to appreciate something with more computer functions than an Apollo lunar capsule, then Casio or Suunto would be the first stup.

  • Moshe Y. Gluck

    Money is the qualifier here – Skagen, nicer Seiko watches, and Victorinox really cover almost all recipients’ needs, and are within my budget.. 🙂

  • CAA

    G-Shocks would be my first choice in gift giving for men (I already bought two for my two sons for X-mas) and I bought a Fossil for my daughter. I would also look at Citizens and Vostoks. Buying a gift for myself I would look at Steinhart, Tissot, Christopher Ward, and Hamilton.

  • Pablo

    i usually look at casio, seiko, orient for gift

  • I always buy Swatch . Their quality/price ratio is very very high. Their watches have style and they are affordable. On this page Phosphor World Time watch grabbed my attention. I like the display on it, a lot. Another one is the Casio pathfinder. I had a G-shock and a baby-shock from Casio before and they were awesome when I was younger. Right now I’m thinking about buying a Puma watch for $60-70 on Amazon. I’m undecided which color to get though.

  • Mike Earley

    I’m still learning about watches above/beyond the Casio, Swatch, Movado, Swiss Army, and other common brands. So I am not sure I have the best answer. Diesel, Torgoen, Vanne and Vestal seem to be pretty cool to me. I prefer watches in the sub-$500 range. I tend to have other things I want to buy than 20,000$ watches 🙂

  • Greg

    Just purchased a few Tissots as gifts but also looked at Hamilton and Victornox.

  • Anthony

    it would have have to be lum-tec. I already have one and it’s honestly one of the best buys of my life.

  • Tristan

    If I had the money to buy someone a present so expensive, perhaps something different and individual from a company like Bremont or Linde Werdelin.

    But since my budget is unfortunately no where near that high, I’ve bought nephews and neices some colourful Swatches before, and would have to look at Maurice LaCroix or similar for dress watches for someone, or a G Shock for the adventurous.. Everyone needs a G Shock!

  • Tony

    swiss army victorinox is really beefing up their collection and I’m very interested. I’m all about value.

  • Mike Earley

    So far, I’m really enjoying Diesel, Torgoen, and Vannen watches. They seem to fit my style pretty well.

  • Rodrigo Vera

    I think I’m buying a Cristopher Ward for me and a Chanel for my wife.

  • Eric G.

    I picked up a Casio for my mother, gave my brother a Movado from my collection, and was looking at the white Michael Kors for my girlfriend. If I had the money I would be buying myself a Bell & Ross Military Ceramic this holiday season 🙂

  • Jeff S

    I’m looking at a Hamilton Viewmatic, Casio G-Shock, and also a couple Lum-Tecs for some holiday gifts this Christmas (and of course a little something for me).

  • Sam H


    Great competition idea!

    I think what I would consider would very much depend on whom I was shopping for and what age bracket they are in.

    Younger folks – nephews and teenagers
    Swatch, Seiko and Casio

    For a good friends:
    More active and sporty friends I would look at Swiss Army (Victorinox), Oris, Marathon or Lum-tech

    For the more leisurely and intellectual friends, Tissot, Xetum, Longines, Nomos

    For my family :
    Dad – Omega or Rolex – he’s super old school luxe.
    Wife – Ulysse Nardin, Rolex, Omega, Hublot, Rolex

    For me (self present) 🙂
    IWC, Panerai, Glashütte Original, Jaeger LeCoutre, Speake Marin, Moser, Bremont and Devon works

    Finally – ironically out of all the pieces your have listed in the competition, I would love to win either one of the digital timepieces which I am dearly lacking in my collection… The Phosphor looks super interesting and the Casio is a tour-de-force of features….



  • Gord

    Looking at Tags, IWC, and Oris. On the more affordable utility side, Victorinox has a few nice models out too.

  • Bill Jones

    I think Seiko makes a great universal gift for just about anyone. Thinking of getting my lady a Chanel. And, if I wanted to give a cool, unique watch, I’d look real hard at LumTec

  • Gord Hnidy

    I discovered this site while ago and really appreciate the reviews
    I think the Casio is one cool looking watch – winning it would be great

  • Jeff F

    For gifts I’d love to say I was looking at Omega and Tag Heuer, but if I’m being honest, it’s more likely Casio and Fossil (still awesome brands though, but much more in my budget).

  • Gordon Chen

    I’d probably get Seiko watches for gifts!

  • Chris Setter

    Looking at Hamilton, Toy, Rugeri, Technoswiss, Tag Heuer and Omega.

  • Matt

    Glashutte and Omega.

  • Sam Zaydel

    Pathfinder is definitely an outstanding timepiece. For the price, Seikos are generally a great value.

  • Andrew Kopp

    I usually look at Casio, Timex, and recently some of the nice Guess watches. These watches all look great.

  • Vic Mabus

    I have a Casio and a Timex, but long for something more…

  • Ryan wierenga

    I am looking at Christopher ward, Marvin, limes, and rgm. This blog has really proven to me that there are great well-made watches for everyone’s budget. There are also plenty of brands out there that cost less, and are doing a better job producing interesting watches than the typical highly advertised brands.

  • Sean Lorman

    I just started my admiration for watches with a gift from my mom in the form of an Invicta watch (but I can’t have it till Christmas) and it was the nicest watch I had ever seen until I found this site haha. But to get to the question, if money wasn’t an option I would choose the brand based on the person in question. I would get my girlfriend a Casio Pathfinder because she is REALLY into outdoor sports (I never heard of a 14er before I met her). I would give my parents his and hers Rolex’s, so as to try and repay them for my entire life + college. For my brother I would give him one from Omega because we are in the same fraternity and he pledged in Omega Class (I was in Upsilon). As for my friends I would get them a watch from Nixon because they have some cool watches for not a lot of money. FINALLY, I would give my Grandmother a digital watch with the BIGGEST screen possible so she could actually see it, which many brands have good sized ones, but since I love her I would get her a Casio. Others on top of those I would say Tissot and Seiko.


    My wife likes old manual wind Timex women’s watches from the early ’60’s. I’d like her to buy me a vintage Zenith chrono, or may be a Heuer Monaco.

  • Mer

    If I were shopping for my sporty girl friends, I’d check out Chopard, Perrelet, Chanel.. for someone a little more classic, maybe Piaget or Montblanc.

  • Phil Lee

    I’m looking at Swiss Army, Tissot, and Christopher Ward this year.

  • Pavel Voler

    When I look at watch’s for family and friends I like to stick to the basics that everyone enjoys. Rolex, Brietling, Omega, and Tag. You can never go wrong with that.

  • Toly

    Well, I like Perrelet a lot. I already one of Perrelet timepieces, and I am looking for another one for my wife. As a gift, I also like Longines – they make really nice watches that a lady can wear. For my daughter, I will probably get some noname watch in $50 price range – something pink and girly. She is 5, and really appreciates pink and girly stuff.

  • Jared

    If I could afford it I would buy Oris watches as gifts. I think Seikos and Casios are much more practical as gifts.

  • Tony

    I’ll be looking at Seiko, Casio and Vostok. But if someone’s really lucky, they’ll get a Magrette.

  • Dan

    Would love to get my father a nice gold Fanck Muller, or maybe an Omega. Definitely his style.

  • Michael Walters

    This year I’ve already given out a Seiko chrono, a Fossil Tic Toc, A vintage Sicura ladies diver, an Alba Mickey Mouse diver and I just tonight gave away a Citizen chrono. Other brands I’m looking at as gifts are Swatch, Tissot, Orient and Casio, but am also open to just about any vintage watch as I’m a collector that likes to tinker. I’m usually on a budget, while also trying to feed my own collection of Auto divers (vintage and new).

    My 7 year old daughter likes the Mickey diver I bought her brother, so now I have to find a Minnie diver for her!

  • bernardo

    I’m looking at some Hamiltons for my dad. Not really looking at anything fancy since my budget is 1200 or less.

  • Rogelio

    Thanks for this opportunity. I am looking at Mondaine watches, the Sport Gent II with a leather band, black dial. I also like Seikos and Tissot as well as Swiss Army and Lum Tec. I’ll be looking at a Casio as well for my father, I own and often gift G Shocks.

  • Thanks for the great giveaway. I usually leave these for others, but I figure if I can win something this time, I’ll give it to someone that deserves the watch and isn’t fortunate enough to be able to purchase one this holiday season. This Christmas I shopped for Hermes watches for my mother, and I helped my uncle purchase a Rolex for my Aunt.


  • Krasimir Obreshkoff

    Merry Christmas to a blog to read and all the readers I found out about MAGRETTE here I loved it too bad I can,t afford to spend any money now for a watch. Happy Holydays MAGRETTE 😉

  • Duo

    You can’t go wrong with a Seiko Monster for a reliable mechanical or the ever popular G-Shock line. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  • alexis

    I really love the Tsovet SVT-AT76. It’s just a great looking watch I would definitely buy. In my travels I would also check out some gray or white swatch watches. I also like the Casio Pathfinder which looks great while maneuvering through the concrete jungle.

  • dugFresh

    I was looking at tech40 brand for my brother, or maybe a casio, or suunto, little spendy but worth it for him.

  • Mark Smits

    Depends on who it’s for:

    Sharp me – Xetum, Baume & Mercier, Stowa, Magrette
    Work me – Rogue Warrior, Lum-Tec Combat, Casio
    Fiance – Emporio Armani
    Pops – Christaan van der Klaauw
    Best man – Phosphor
    Best bud – CX Swiss Military 20,000 Feet Diver, may just be the watch he can’t destroy.

  • Jeffrey

    You need to have a look at Luminox, Bulova, Seiko or swatch if anyone is going to get their family or friends a watch!

  • Vince

    GShocks for the men, maybe some with atomic receivers. Skagen for really thin, elegant ones.

    Tag hauiers for the ladies.

  • monty

    so far I have acquired a Victorinox Dive Master Mecha 500 for by brother and a pair of Lum-Tec’s Bull45’s A-13 and A-14 for the nephews…hoping Santa (hint hint sweetie !)will be nice and bring me a Dievas Vortex or maybe their new GMT…cheers !

  • john

    Depends on the person… timex, nike, oakley, hamilton, oris, swatch, bell & ross, a. lange, patek…

  • oh thy the festive season…
    why cant i be so selfish…
    and spend all money on getting all the wish list
    and how can i be honest to tell all i ever wanted….
    for the list longer than what you could ever needed…
    guess the top ten shall do the trick
    Citizen Ecozilla, for being bold and strong
    Citizen Orca fro being under rated queen
    Orient Mako for being majestic whilst affordable
    The G-Shock GW3000 for i can always turn you round and round
    a Magrette should do well for my art collection
    A Casio pathfinder to help find my path
    A TSOVET for a reason unknow
    A Perigaum Predator 1972 for i dont care you origin as long as you look as good
    A seiko monster for my perfect beach holiday partner
    and then the list couldnt stop at 10
    a Jorg Gray, remind me of the president
    A seiko mile marker for really i want to measure my distance
    An INvicta 6250 for i always love the stealth look
    A louis erard regulator so i could lose my mind reading the time
    An epos dual timer for i could travel at ease
    An Issey Miyake TO…awesome and hot…like a hunk hot
    A Ball Hydrocarbon II for not am i an ingenieur??
    A Jacob& Co EPic for the grandeur drama
    A Panerai…what ever panerai…so i could satisfy my lifetime need
    a Graham Oversize Diver Turbo…for OMG i am so much in love
    A Corum Golden bridge so i can nice and easy……..
    for…the list would never end….thus i better end it myself…….
    oh dear blog to read…and i do read you………so , be kind…this festive season….be nice…be gentle and be lovely…..and give me one of those……………

  • Nje

    I would definitely look at a citizen ecodrive or a nice swiss army victorinox as these are solid dependable brands for gifts. recently jorg gray and orient have piqued my interest as well.

  • Ivan Martínez

    Been eying these for myself or loved ones:

    NOMOS – Because I love that they’re making the movements while keeping the watches affordable: their most basic the Tangente or its upcoming world-timer the Zürich Weltzeit.
    MAURICE LACROIX РBecause seeing the square gear rotate baffles me: the R̩gulateur Roue Carr̩e.
    BREGUET – Because people mostly go for the Royal Oak or the Nautilus: the Marine Automatic Big Date.
    ZENITH – Because you gotta love the El Primero: the Chronomaster XXT Open Grande Date.
    JAEGER LeCOULTRE – Because few watches look as good while in a tux: the Grande Reverso.
    BALL – Because I’m a night creature: the Engineer Master II Diver TMT.
    EBEL – Because I’m not a fan of the club, a fan of the game: the beautiful 1911 Tekton FC Bayern Chronograph.

  • Ivan Martínez

    Been eying these for myself or loved ones:

    NOMOS – Because I love that they’re making their movements while keeping their watches affordable: their most basic the Tangente or the upcoming world-timer the Zürich Weltzeit.
    MAURICE LACROIX РBecause seeing the square gear rotate baffles me: the R̩gulateur Roue Carr̩e.
    BREGUET – Because people mostly go for the Royal Oak or the Nautilus: the Marine Automatic Big Date.
    ZENITH – Because you gotta love the El Primero: the Chronomaster XXT Open Grande Date.
    JAEGER LeCOULTRE – Because few watches look as good while in a tux: the Grande Reverso.
    BALL – Because I’m a night creature: the Engineer Master II Diver TMT.
    EBEL – Because I’m not a fan of the club, but a fan of the game: the beautiful 1911 Tekton FC Bayern Chronograph.
    THOMAS PRESCHER – Because I can dream: the Flying Triple Axis Tourbillion.

  • Fidza Hamdan

    I’m looking at Swatch or DKNY watches for my sister and Krug Baumen or Fossil watches for my brother. Their birthday is coming up next month!


  • Ha

    I’m not really made of money so I’d look at some of the more affordable brands. For the general people I’d look at orient and casio. If they’re hipsters then Jorg gray and if they’re techy hipsters I’d definitely look at Phosphor. I’d go with either lum-tec or luminox for the military buff friends that I have.

  • Chris Te Nyenhuis

    I have couple in my list right that I’m surveying like Movado, Casio or Rotary for this coming Christmas gift.

  • Babookie

    Just found this site as a newbie to watch obsessiveness, so very very cool!! At this stage I always check out Tissot, Skagen, Seiko, Citizen, Obaku and Burberry if I have someone in mind for a gift. Normally quartz models due to budget (found cheap on eBay so far) although I own a few Autos as well as Quartz (yet again not of great value, but I love them). Just dig watches – keep well everyone

  • Jfen

    I love the look of that Tsovet. Also, I think Bathys has some great looking time pieces. Unfortunately, as a student, both are probably out of my price range, leaving me to shop in the not quite so fashionable categories (which is okay, since dad prefers the Ironman anyway).

  • Charles Eldridge

    Lately I’ve been looking at the TSOVET brand for gifts ’cause I enjoy their style imensely.

    For myself, I am currently stalking Magrette watches. The moment they create an engraved case with a white dial I will be converting my money to NZ dollars.

    Also, I constantly look at the Russian brands for unique gifts: Poljot, Aviator, Vostok, etc. For friends who are not die-hard watch enthusiasts, the uniqueness of a Russian watch goes a long way.

  • Gabe

    For gifts for other: gucci, movado, burberry, nautica

  • Lloyd

    For my budget, I like Swatch, so if I were to gift a watch to friends and family, I’d probably look at those first. The Deep Diver looks awesome though I’d totally love to win it.

  • Alan

    I have been lusting over ball, graham, seiko, and victorinox watches lately

  • Jasha

    Based on how much money i want to spend, Swatch are good gifts since they’re not so expensive! Tsovets are really attractive though! But i’d rather buy a Tsovet for myself! 😛

  • Chris

    I always look to Timex. They actually have some really nice watches, especially in the SL line. For something a bit more upscale and unique, I check out They usually have a great selection of vintage stuff and their custom work is amazing, if you can get your hands on one!

  • Ribby McRibberson

    Hello. I am quite passionate about watches, but I only own one watch. If I had the money, I would look at such brands as Gucci, , Nomos, Casio, Seiko , or that sick new chocolate frog watch ,son. kbye.

  • Frederique Constant Geneve is a nice brand,
    I also love Tsovet, a brand that I found out recently.
    Uniform Wares are cool.
    I’ve got personnaly a Vitorinox ;).
    One last brand, which is one of my favorite : Stowa watches. A compromise between retro and modern watches.
    Keep up the good work 😉

  • Rob K

    I look at Casios or Tissot

  • Rob K

    low end Casios higher end Tissot

  • om-4

    A jeweler near me is liquidating his business. I’ll be shopping there.

  • Esmail

    I like Lum Tech watches (and actually the Casio Pathfinders are pretty cool too now that they are getting smaller . Atomic sync in all 3 global regions is a requirement)

  • Ivars

    Seikos, Casios and Swatches.

  • Peter Levy

    I like Hamilton and Omega watches.

  • Hubert

    I’d buy Swiss Army Victorinox, Tissot, Citizen or Casio for family, colorful Swatch for daughter.

  • Nate Gaddis

    Hello Mr. Adams. I am considering a Victorinox Chrono Classic for my father, a Timex or Swatch for my little brother and possibly Casio G Shock for myself. Thanks for the contest.

  • Hubert

    I’d buy Swiss Army Victorinox, Tissot, Citizen or Casio for family, colorful watch for daughter.

  • Gérard Falzaron

    Top 5 this year: Christopher Ward, Swatch, Poiray, Casio and Oris

  • Cool contest.

    I look usually buy Orient or Casio watches as gifts for friends and family.


    My wife likes the old manual wind Timex women’s watches from the 60’s, so I’ll be browsing Ebay.

  • Philippe Boutié

    For XMas, I am hesitating between a Tag Monaco and a Longines Legend Diver

  • I usually look at Seiko and Casio when I’m buying for gifts but I will always look at those clunky Soviet Era Vostok watches. When I find one at a good price, they’re a great gift and stand out in a crowd of the ordinary.

  • Matthew

    I look at Casio, Seiko, Invicta, Croton, & Android. I also look at websites like Ewatches, & WOW for other great deals.

  • Chad

    Have typically stuck with Citizen for the spouse, Sturling and Casio for myself.

  • mako

    Actually, the “economy” has given me a chance to take inventory of my watch box a “gift” a few of my babies to my brother and a friend or two. My brother will be receiving my Magrette Moana Pacific PVD, a friend is on the list for my Seiko Orange Monster and another will be getting a Blue dial Orient Mako. All are perfect , will come in their original boxes and the recipients will be told they are from my collection.

    The wife, on the other hand, gets a BNIB Suunto for her workouts. A win of any of these would be a great gift for me HA HA:)

    Happy holidays and thanks Ariel and sponsors for this opportunity.


  • As a disabled American I sure could use this, or even a Seiko
    watch on my long hospital bus trips to and fro!

  • Natron

    Watch blogs are the best and worst things about my day. Best: so many cool watches that I would never see any other way. Worst: lusting after watches I can’t afford.

  • Jose

    Hello Ariel,

    I have a CV331010 Tisovet is a great watch and looks great on your wrist. But I would love to have a Magretta.

    Congratulations and happy new year everyone.

  • When I’m asking for gifts I stick to Victorinox or Tag Heuer, but if I’m buying gifts it always seems people like my father just want something that he can wear on the farm that works and he doesn’t have to be too protective of. Brands like Timex, then Casio.

  • Nate

    Casios are always great gifts: utilitarian, functional, tough, and everyone should have one.

  • Mitch

    The giveaways keep getting better!! I always like to look at Magrette, Bathys, and Hamilton. These always seem to give a lot of ‘bang’ for the buck.

    Thanks for the great blog. Happy Holidays!

  • Blake

    Hey, these watches look awesome. Typically, due to having to pay child support for four kids and all the debt I inherited from my divorce, I have to shop for watches at places like Wal-Mart and/or Target. For work I received a decent Armitron watch, and I was able to snag a few more Armitrons for two of my kids, but one day I’ll buy them some cool watches like those in this post. I’d prefer to get them some of those Swatches–it’ll give me the opportunity to tell them another lame dad story about how things were better in the 80’s.

  • ivana

    All of the above!

  • kevin

    Invicta, Casio G-Shock, Fossil

  • Mayel

    I always start to look at the swatch collection (especially the mechanical part of the collection), then I’d like to see Tissot, and for a more specific gift, Jaeger-LeCoultre.

    Best regards

  • JC

    I honestly couldn’t narrow down a list of watches that I specifically look for, for gifts. I love watches! Cheap ones, expensive ones, technical ones, low tech it really doesn’t matter. I usually just find a watch and then try to determine who on my list would appreciate its beauty the most.

  • ben

    would look at the new suunto elementum, tag heuer, Garmin GPS watches, omega.

  • Michael John

    Any watch would be nice.

  • I love to give watches to my family this year I’m looking at TW Steel, MTM special ops and Tag Heuer. I love giving watches to inspire watch collecting. Merry Chirtmas and happy holidays to you and the viewers of Thanks

  • Darcey

    For a gift I think I would go either with Dievas Vintage, Marvin, or Lum Tec.

    I find for the price, these brands have great style, quality, and uniqueness that everyone can appreciate

  • Eric Juillerat

    My family tends to lean toward the Casios. Personally, I wear a Tissot Touch Expert. Love all watches though…

  • With my limited funds, I would go for a couple of Sandoz submariners. Sapphire crystals, ETA 2824-2 movements, good watches. Second choice would be the Invicta 9937 . . . with reservation.

  • I wear nothing but Wenger watches though I do have a Seiko quartz for dressing up.

  • I have always thought about an Omega – but, I’ve recently checked out Achimede & Tsovet. There is just something about low profile watches.

  • Björn Gestsson

    I think for my dad I would must likely go for Seiko, Sinn or a vintage Omega. For the ladies maybe a new strap stingray or alligator.

  • Vince Wong

    I get bored easily so I change up my watches frequently but not with super expensive ones. I have a few from Casio, Victorinox and Kenneth Cole. Love that Phosphor watch you posted!

  • Vince Wong

    I get bored easily so I change up my watches frequently but not with super expensive ones. I have a few from Casio, Victorinox and Kenneth Cole. L

  • Thanks for a great blog. Two watch brands I love are the Casio Waveceptors, especially the dress versions, and Tissot. My current favorite watch is a very simple Tissot, the PR 50.

  • Lynne Mann

    Just found your site! I will be back for sure.

  • Maurice Wenneker

    If I win the lottery this year I’ll buy all my friends a vintage rolex!
    If I dont I think those new Swatches look pretty smart.

    Grtz M

  • Spencer

    I would look at Seiko, Casio, and Timex. I’d drool over the Tags and Omegas, but know where my priorities are.

  • Santiago

    Hamilton viewmatic for me and Michele watch for wife..still looking for the right watch for my kid..maybe a spiderman watch or mickey.

  • Nat

    For my gift-giving needs: Casio and Seiko.

  • Mike

    For the holidays I would look at Hamilton, Tissot and Frederique Constant.

  • Ural

    I prefer Japanese watches: Casio and Citizen)
    Happy Holidays)

  • Magrette, Tissot, Nixon

  • Drew Pflaumer

    I was only looking at Seiko, as a gift to myself. No one else I buy for cares a thing about watches.

  • Corey Fong

    I’ve bought my wife 2 Casio Baby-Gs already. Mostly because she is highly allergic to stainless steel. It’s funny because at first she didn’t like how “big” they were, but now she wears them everyday and I think they look great on her wrist.
    I wish Eink had more feminie designs. The technology is super easy to read and I would love to get one for my wife as she is always complaining about readability on her watches. But she doesn’t like the designs. Once they come out with more traditional designs for women, I’m buying one for my wife.

  • Corey Fong

    I’ve given my wife 2 Baby Gs already.

    I would love to give her an Eink, just that their designs don’t suit her tastes. If they come out with more traditional designs aimed at women, I’m buying one for her.

    • Corey Fong

      sorry for the double post…something went wrong with my browser and when I refreshed my first post didn’t appear, until i posted the second time.

  • Krasimir Obreshkoff

    I like Phosphor World Time watch and Magrette watches a lot, too bad I cant afford to spend any money on watches right now. Merry Christmas to A Blog To Read and it’s readers!

  • Eddie Puente

    I have owned Citizens, Swiss Army, Timex,Fossil, Casio, and Seikos, but all seem to come standard with bands too small for my wrist, any suggests for watchs that run big in the wrist?

  • Paul Norton

    Budget restrictions mean I check out Seiko or Casio for reliability at a price I can afford.
    Preferably I would buy Omega or Tissot automatics in classic styles.

  • John C

    Nice giveaway! I like that Magrette for myself.
    I bought a Luminox for my wife several years ago. For her, I would probably look at Casio next. For my 4 yr old son, probably a Timex. Friends would get Seiko, Invicta or Orient.

  • Mark Heftler

    Not that I have the money to buy anyone a watch anytime soon (being a grad student), I do find myself exclusively focused on Citizen’s these days. Any watch considered would likely be such an Eco-Drive. I’ve also purchased in the past a Skagen watch that went over quite well, but it didn’t age nicely and that brand is off my list likely forever.

  • Adam

    A militray Seiko 5 or Seiko Diver paired with a NATO strap would make a great gift. For myself I’m looking for something with a moonphase or a Bathys 100 fathoms UV if I can find one that is…

  • Alex Morrow

    Sadly enough, between my friends and family I am the only watch fanatic. For the most part no one close to me wears watches. If I were going to though, it would be something I like yet moderately inexpensive i.e. Hamilton, Citizen, Michael Kors (dont hate). More importantly my girlfriend is shopping for a Oris diver for me.

  • Esmail

    Lum Tech watches are nice, but not that cheap. Casio Pathfinders are pretty cool too now that they are getting smaller . Atomic sync in all 3 global regions is a definite requirement

  • Doug

    For friends and family I look to Hamilton for good value, Sinn and Damasko for superior engineering, Omega for reasonable price and name recognition, and Citizen for quartz movements. I am also not usually into Panerai but their new composite material on the 1950 luminor marina looks pretty good.

  • Jeff

    Awesome giveaway. Here are a few of my favorites: Seiko, Vostok, Stowa, Omega. When I give watches, I stick to the Vostoks, Seikos, and some Casios.

  • Matthew

    I would look at ToykoFlash or Diesel for something really different.

  • Matthew

    I would go with something from Diesel or ToykoFlash for something really different.

  • Cliff Kline

    I like the Tsovet. As for gifts, I like Rolex, Victorinox, Oris, and Omega.

  • Jason

    I’m interested in Seikos for family/friends, Christopher Ward for the wife and Magrette for myself.

  • Marilyn Ceranski

    Seiko, Casio, and Swatch are mainstays for gift giving, especially. I am not familiar with the brands of Magrette, Tsovet, Phosphor, Jorg Gray, and Vittorium, but I sure like what I have seen! The Magrette is especially striking! My wish list has Omega and Tag Heuer, and a Tag Heuer for hubby, as well.

  • James Johnson

    I always appreciate the thoughtful reviews and articles on as it has expanded my knowledge of watches and watch design substantially. What I love about this blog is the introduction to new brands that I never would have considered before. For example, the Magrette brand is really a great boutique brand with some really great brand distinctives: “New Zealand” branding (who would have considered that one would put ancient Kauri wood into a watch? Brilliant!) and the watches are just beautiful. Their diver watch is just gorgeous.

    I’ve also taken another hard look at Casio Pathfinder watches. Being more of an analog watch guy, I’ve always tended to overlook the Casio offerings. However, reading Ariel’s articles, I have come to appreciate Casio line quite a bit. Their ‘tough as nails, does everything watch’ is actually appealing to me now, but it wasn’t before, because I never really took the time to understand all that was packed into the watch.

    Dive watches, however, are where my true “WIS” leanings take over. Who would have thought that so much care and consideration went into dive watches, like the Vittorium Deep Diver? The concept of a watch that you can take snorkeling and diving and still look great with t-shirt/jeans or a suit and tie seems to me to the epitome of the ‘do everything’ watch.

    I would look at all three of these brands (and actually am, for that matter) when shopping for friends and family, and I would also look at Christopher Ward (good pricing, some very elegant designs), Marcello C (great workmanship), Orient (especially the saturation diver! What a great watch – chunky and lots of great complications), Prometheus (gotta love the Ocean Diver and especially the GMT!) and finally the UhrMechanik (what a non-nonsense German look) series. Great marques, great designs, and just a lot of fun.

    Thanks for listening,


  • Dave

    Have been eying Seiko & Citizen chrono watches for sometime. Winning any of those contest watches would make for a very very happy xmas!

  • Videlina Savov

    I love the Phosphor and Magrette. Merry Christmas to all

  • TS

    My dad loves Seiko brand watches; he’s had his same one for over 40 years until he broke it. We replaced it with a similar version. Of course I’d love to be able to gift Rolexes but can’t quite afford it yet!

  • Robin W

    Have a new Casio AMW-S320 which I love. wear my Rolex President when dressed or for business. My Citizen world time chrono with stainless steel band that I loved has died so I’m looking to replace it with a new solar nuclear model. Also would love to have a Swiss divers watch. Love the new iPod watch as well.

    One son wants a basic gold Omega dress watch with leather band and black face for Christmas and the other another sport watch. Daughter and wife loves their white gel watches like in the Blind Side movie.

  • Videlina Obreshkova

    I love the Phosphore and Magrette watches. Marry Christmas to all

  • Dan

    To give a watch as a gift, the answer depends on who was getting it. For somebody who doesn’t know much about watches, the battery-powered options are very nice and easily appreciated. Junkers (unfortunate name, and all) seem to make some nice quartz pieces for reasonable prices. For somebody who might appreciate the gears, I’d go for a Russian-made manual winding watch, many of which are under $300.

    Of course, if I was swimming in money, it would be MB&F for everybody…

  • zhen hai

    For the non watch enthusiast, looking at christopher ward, casio g-shock definitely and probably a seiko, all decently priced.

  • Ryan Lannom

    Such a kind contest from my favorite watch blog! This year, I’m looking at Jaeger-LeCoultre!

  • Adam

    Great watches, I actually own that Magrette, it’s basically the only watch I ever wear now, I love everything about it. As far as shopping for watches for friends/family, I’m currently on the hunt for my wife. Looking at Tissot, Omega, now Paul Picot after Ariel’s review the other day. Otherwise I look at less expensive brands Seiko, Christopher Ward, Orient. There are too many to list.

  • Andrew

    I am looking at getting a LUMI NOX watch for my friend this year. Bought mine when I was bored on a flight and love it. Feels great on the wrist when just bumming around.

  • Jason

    Not sure if I’m able to post as I’ve had some problems. I’m looking at Seikos to give to family/friends, Christopher Ward for my wife and Magrette for me (hopefully).

  • Geoffrey Lai

    Not many people I know like watches, time to convert them with buying some Casio G-Shocks. For those that do like watches, I’m looking at Seiko Divers for great value.

  • Matt Whitaker

    Seiko, for sure. That’s always a safe bet. Seiko just makes consistently good, reliable watches and people appreciate them.

    Fossil isn’t bad for a mall watch. Sadly to say I usually tend to buy gifts for loved ones at malls.

    Also, honorable mention goes to the Ipod Nano. I’m getting one with a Hex band for my daughter for Christmas and I know she’s going to love it.

  • Ryan Dooley

    I love Casio’s G-Shock line. They’re quite affordable and are gluttons for punishment — perfect for the more rambunctious relatives in your life.

  • Geonex88

    As gifts:
    fossil, seiko, timex, swatch

    for me:
    rolex, a lange & sohne, glashutte, breitling, tag heuer, omega, bell & ross

    Great giveaway & great blog! that TSOVET is phenomenal.

  • Kent Piotrkowski

    always love IWC and Ulysse Nardin.

  • Tim

    Citzens, seikos, casios, and fossil have been standbys for the fam. I would like to move into an automatic skeleton watch or perhaps a Jorg Gray. I am usually taken by technology or military styles: suunto, luminox, g-shocks. Bell & Ross or Hamilton od Cartier would be a dream watch.

  • Jeffrey Chan

    For gifts I look at Tissot, Casio, Orient and Seiko.

  • Andrew

    Now choosing movado for my wife. Also I really love MJM.

  • Ted A.

    I would check out Orient, Tissot, Citizen and Seiko watches to give as gifts to friends and family.

  • Su

    I dream of being able to buy Rolexes, IWC and Panerais as gifts for friends and family but unfortunately my budget allows only for Seiko Divers and GShocks. Not that I’m complaining. These cheaper watches are absolutely beautiful in their own way and I hope that anybody who gets one will appreciate it as much as I do.

  • George O.

    I always consider who I’m buying for first…wether it would be better for them to have a mechanical or quartz movement. Usually for the beginner mechanical I look at Seiko or Orient, while for quartz I usually just look for a fashion watch that would match their personality. Otherwise I like higher end Seiko, Hamilton and Orient.

  • George O.

    I always consider who I’m buying for first…wether it would be better for them to have a mechanical or quartz movement. Usually for the beginner mechanical I look at Seiko or Orient, while for quartz I usually just look for a fashion watch that would match their personality. Otherwise I like to gift higher end Seiko, Hamilton and Orient. For myself Magrette is interesting as well as Lum Tec.

  • Steven

    I’m checking IWC, Stowa, Steinhart and Archimede to buy a Pilot for a friend .

  • This year I’m liking watches from Hamilton, Citizen, Rolex, Omega and Victorinox for gifts and for myself.

  • Tim Cruz

    I look at seikos and citizens since my budget is limited – but all of these watches are great!

  • Tim

    Looking at seikos since my budget is limited…already convinced 2 of my buddies to buy the seiko military!

  • David Evans

    I love the style of Swiss Army, but if I were going to give a gift (or ask for one!) that really stood out a bit without breaking the bank, I’d look at Lum-Tec.

  • Craig

    I usually recommend Casio or Seiko. Just last week a friend asked what would be a good watch for her husband. He’s a hiker so I recommended the very Pathfinder you have pictured above. I can’t think of a better watch for a gadget loving hiker.

  • Rob

    I suppose, to be fair, I have to look at the same brands I would look at for myself! Those include: Omega, Ball, and Lum Tec! Except for my eight year old….he likes the Luminox and Casios!

  • Tim

    On a sensible tip- Im very happy with my Magrette MOANA PACIFIC DIVER – its great value/quality and strikes all the right notes.

    I thought that the Frederique Constant Maxime Manufacture you featured recently had a lovely classic face that would be great for a slightly more formal classic piece, perhaps a good present for my father.

    p.s congrats on the great new sound quality for show

  • Mike

    Depends on who the recipient is! But, Swatch watches are great gifts for kids!

  • Mike

    I think Swatch watches are great gifts for kids.

    • Mike

      Sorry for the double entry! First try I got a message that said the server had an error!


    I like Swiss Army, Rolex or Rado . But I like also maney kinds of military watches .

  • Rob

    For others: Timex, Nixon, Tokyo Flash, Swatch, Tissot.
    For me: Tsovet, Hamilton, Omega.

    I love a good, fun, “novelty” watch, too. For myself or to give as a gift.

  • I actually look to the midline brands: Oris, Hamilton, Tissot… they are affordable enough that I can give a movement watch, but still nice enough that they look better than the average throwaway fashion watch. The hard part: most friends and family like a brand they’ve heard of, but those aren’t always the horologically best or most interesting brands…

  • Wilson Meeks

    Nice group of affordable watches! If I was picking, I’d take the Vittorium or the Jorg Gray.

  • Matt

    For me a gift watch is that cool watch that will easily become a beater they wear with pride…Oh and its got to be cheap. I’m talking Seiko, Casio, Nixon, etc.

  • Adam

    I have a 2002-ish Breitling Aerospace which I love, but I grew up wearing Casio G-Shocks. Virtually indestructible. In fact, I have a fighter pilot friend who has a sweet Breitling (had a bunch made for the whole squadron), but when he’s actually flying he wears an plain-jane Casio G-Shock.

  • Nirav Bhatt

    I would look for the brand that best describes their sense of style and personality.

  • Carolyn Holmes

    Gosh I hope I win an automatic!

    • Carolyn Holmes

      I forgot to say, I bought a Christopher Ward pilot (black face, brown band) for my husband!

  • Rob Kriegel

    Quite the giveaway! I am always on the lookout for Omegas and Tag Carrera but can’t afford them so I usually end up with Invictas or a Seiko “Monster” if I’m lucky. One of these days I’ll be able to get my grail!

  • Manoël00

    My dad can wear only mechanical ones : I think of a Cartier Roadster for him. Otherwise, Swatch are pretty good for young nephews, and my fiancée loves vintage watches. And if Marvin is on my wish-list now…

  • D_in_la

    It all depends on how much I care! In all seriousness, I’m a huge fan of Casio’s G-Shocks, but since most of the people in my world are new to watches, I might start them off with Orient, Seiko (usually Kinetic). Lum-tec, Cristopher Ward are possibilities this year for gifts. I’m hoping someone who loves me considers a Dievas Voyageur GMT for me this year. Or a Xetum. Or an Omega.

  • siddiq

    Usually Swatch, Orient, Seiko, Citizen. Or Hamilton if something a bit nicer and feeling spendy 🙂 Big fan of the Jazzmaster series.

  • Never been massively into watches, but have been noticing them more and more. Budget constraints mean buying watches as gifts would be a the very bottom of the price range, so nothing fancy – just the household names.

  • Peter Van Loan

    I’ve been looking for a vintage Lathin for my dad, not that easy to find one in my budget, for the kids, I have my eye on a couple of swatches, I bought a nice seiko for the wife last christmas, so she’s set, maybe something a little casual, my 3 yr. old wants a dora watch! should be easy enough, I wouldn’t mind a tissot or a nixon, but I’m not getting my hopes up!

  • Greg G.

    Great giveaway on a nice set of watches! Always on the lookout for new watch companies and designs. I love dive watches. I have been keeping track of the new Movas and Praesto models.

  • Ben Mathew

    I’d look at Swatch, Seiko, Citizen, Skagen, and Suunto.

  • sm78

    I usually go for japanese watches – seiko, citizen or orient. However, casio for those who are rough on their watches.


  • Latif Zaman

    I’m looking at Seikos, Casios, and maybe some fashion watches for presents.

  • clark

    I hope I don’t look cheap, but always look for swatch and casio first. 🙂

  • Russell Dykann

    Casios are the only kind I can afford, for the military lovers I would look into MTM Special Ops because they’re AWESOME. I like that crazy Phosphor display.

  • Chris Quan

    Buying a watch as a gift really depends on the style and preferences of the person I’m buying for. Some brands worth considering are Casio, Swatch, Tag, Bell & Ross, Cartier, Breitling, Panerai. Be happy.

  • Steve

    For friends and family, I’d think Seiko and Citizen and perhaps Orient.

  • Nick

    A nice selection of watches!
    Being from down-under originally I am interested in a Magrette (if I was buying for myself), or a vintage heritage B&R .
    For kids I look at the G-shock. TW Steel would be good for something more formal. Ideal for my wife would be a Perrelet flower collection, or maybe a B&R BRS, but they aren’t cheap!

  • for presents, i’ve looked at seikos and tissots. reliable timekeeping with timeless design!

  • David Plumlee

    Casio, Magrette, Tsovet, Swatch, Phosphor, Jorg Gray, and Vittorium of course. Oris as well.

  • MikeE

    i am hoping for a Magrette Moana Pacific PVD

  • Sushruta

    I often look at Tag Heuer , Casio & Swatch for my friends & family. 🙂

  • BA

    Depends on who’s on the receiving end. IWC, Stowa, Zenith and Omega are brands that will be considered.

  • LarryF

    I’ve bought several Victorinoxes for friends and relatives.

  • Dave

    The exterior designs on Swiss watches seem to be getting nuttier each year in my opinion. I’m overtly generalizing of course! Instead, I gravitate to the cleaner looking, minimalistic and classic looking German designs instead. I’d love to own an A. Lange & Sohne, but when they are priced the same as new BMWs, they are hard to recommend even to my well to do friends. Instead I’m looking to add a NOMOS Glashütte or two into my collection, especially if they can increase their case size on a few more models. They will probably be rather high on my recommended list. The Ickler family of brands also have quite a few appealing models at very reasonable prices. My prior dealings with the Ickler family have been quite rewarding allowing anyone to get a model customized to their tastes.


  • Chris

    I’ve given only a couple of watches as gifts recently but am thinking about more. In particular I am looking at a Swatch for a young person just starting to think about their own watch, and a Seiko or Citizen for a nice looking, all-purpose watch for someone I know without a single watch at the moment. Some day I’d love to be able to buy a Rolex or perhaps a nice Oris for my father.

  • Jacqueline L.

    Bell & Ross, Michelle, & Swatches for the kiddos are my list =)

  • well, I suppose I migh be looking athese brands for holiday shopping! I’m also lookinga at a marice de mauriac for myself… love the chronograph modern, but I’m also interested in the 7751 movement like the limes and baum &mercier… buI agree with concensus that it’s hard to make a watch that looks good with that movement, though I love the functionality. also will be buying a nixon for the wife, and MAYBE an ingersoll bison for myself too. PS I love this blog!

  • Vadim Zamfir

    “Budget” Seikos (maybe even pulsars and lorus), swatch, SECTOR (extremely good looking italian watches)

  • sammy

    what awesome timepieces! i especially love the swatch watches, because they are cool yet petite & thin. although the jorg grey is simply remarkable with its rugged look & chiseled features. i hope i’ll be the owner of it.

  • EHamilton

    I think Swatch, Tissot and Phosphor are great for younger people. For the older folks I start looking at Omega, Rolex, Hamilton and AP.

  • James Duhe

    Watches are the Greatest and unique way to express to your loved ones How you feel about them at Christmas, as well as all the styles I have seen here like: Casio Pathfinder PAG-240B-2 ( I Can see Me Getting for my Son ) Or Even a, Tsovet SVT-AT76, or Vittorium Deep Diver, or Tag Heuer Men’s Formula 1 Just to name a few… as well all Know Watches Have personality and Finding One Here on your Website I Have been able to see All the different peoples Personalities that would Fit them! Making decisions are tough here. I would Love to Have them All Myself! all the styles are so pleasing to the eyes. Great Site!!

  • Evgeni Krumov

    Magrette Moana Pacific PVD & Jorg Gray JG9400-21 – unique watches and not only watches they are a part of the history and could become a part of our history if we receive one of them. Great brands, great quality and one more thing witch is very special for me the Magrette is from New Z. with this wooden peace in it – i haven’t seen anything like it, also i haven’t seen that brand in Bulgaria… and for the Jorg Gray i thing that B. Obama wears one – no comment (bow).

    Thank you for this opportunity.
    I Wish to you all from the very best !

    Evgeni Krumov

  • Richard Wagle

    I’d look at Lum-Tec watches as well as the Ingersoll Georgia, the Obaku Harmony V108g
    and the Marvin: Malton 160 cushion. Really nice designs all.

  • Richard Wagle

    I’d recomend the following watches:

    LUM-TEC m24, m6
    Ingersoll Georgia
    Obaku Harmony V108g
    Marvin: Malton 160 cushion

  • Jeffrey Hansen

    Would love one of the Bathys watches. They remind me of Kauai–one of my favorite places. Unfortunately out of my price range at the moment.

  • Josh Sauve

    Love the holiday season, great giveaway. I’m looking at a casio pathfinder for my brother who the extreme outdoorsy type. Also looking at a citizen silhouette for the girlfriend as a gift.

  • Alon

    Looking at a Ulysses Nardin Michelangelo for my father.

  • Steve

    A G-Shock would be nice…for hiking

  • Arash

    I have bought an oris for my bro, a seiko for my dad, and an esquire for my mom, and a swatch for my girlfriend. I have bought a margretta, tag aqua racer, super dry for myself. My mom got me a tissot psr 200 for my highschool grad…I really want the yemen omega speemaster next and panerai not sure which but something classic. a 1960#s consetellation would be cool and maybe a raymond weil nabucco on the expensive list. Oh and definetly an Glashutte original sport evolution. Maybe get my girl a new watch a classic cartier or maurice lacroix

  • Martin Kastenbaum

    I would look at Tissot, Christopher Ward, Seiko, Traser, and Citizen.

  • Paul Danielson

    I would look at Christopher Ward, Hamilton, and Xetum.

  • B

    Sieko and casio.

  • I love the Meistersinger Perigraph I got recently.

    My next time piece will hopefully be a Nomos Glashütte Zürich Weltzeit S, but that will have to wait until until next year.

  • Nicholas Dinsmore

    Tag, Omega, Rolex

  • Jorge

    The Casio Pathfinder would be a great present for my father.

  • Ross T

    Given that I am on a tight budget, especially around this time of year I would definitely be looking at some classic and lesser known affordables to give as gifts for family and friends. The ones on the top of my list include:

    Seiko SKX007 (classic diver), Seiko Orange/Black Monster, Citizen Nighthawk, Citizen Eco-zilla, Casio G-Shocks, Orient Mako/Mako XL, Debaufre/Steinhart Submariner Homages, MoVas (chinese movements with a nice modern look), Steinhart Pilot, and one fo the many Micro Brand Divers from Deep Blue, Ocean7, Boschett, Benarus, etc.

  • James Russell

    I have suprised a lot of frends with various watches from Orient. Its a brand not everyone has heard of. Also, can’t go wrong with any number of seikos.

  • SRW

    Let’s see. Buying watches for other people…hrmmmm….(I do get one for myself first though !!).

    I would seriously look at some of the nicer Citizen & Seiko models out there. Both brands serve up some quality at gift-giving price point. For a child of a friend’s, I would seriously consider a SWATCH because they make decent watches, a good price and the outrageous colours can be a blast.


  • some enzo mechana 🙂

  • Matthew

    My go to is Seiko, if I could afford it I’d look at Baume & Mercier or Jaeger LeCoultre. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Nenad Volaric

    Wearing Rolex Submariner for long time it was hard to find watch that can compare with it. But after reading your review on Techne , I have bought one and I love it. Retro look is great and I had few good comments on it. Buying watch as present I would always look for mechanical watch ( must say that this site has helped me to learn about some less known but great looking watches ). Just bought TAG quartz for my wife but she is not “watch person” so that will best suit her.

  • Yong

    Mondaine, Swatch, or Tan Heuer for friends and family.

  • Jack

    I’ve been looking at buying TAG and Michelle for gifts. I also think that Tissot makes a nice gift watch.

  • Cameron Haun

    Seiko and Casio both offer great, cheaper options for watches as gifts. I have purchased a Christopher Ward dive watch for my GF and a GShock for my dad. I always look for rugged watches, typically with some sort of water resistance, that can take a beating.

  • Cameron Haun

    Seiko and Casio both offer great, cheaper options for watches as gifts. I have purchased a Christopher Ward dive watch for my GF and a GShock for my dad. I always look for rugged watches, typically with some sort of water resistance, that can take a beating. For those unsure of what to get, go with a Seiko Black or Orange Monster…the best “bang for the buck watch” in my opinion.

  • Cameron Haun

    Sorry, had a server issue on the first post…

  • Mike Bookhardt

    Happy Holidays all! So watches I would look at for friends and family? Three brands that spring to mind immediately would be, Bathys, Lum-Tec and Ball. All three have their merits, and all three are unique in their own way.

  • Ed Hoffman

    I like Seiko, Citizen, ESQ/Movado and TAG. Super watches @ reasonable prices for the quality. Happy Chrismukkaquanzarammadan to all!!!!!

  • Pablo Navarro

    I heard from u just this week, and the reviews on Magrette are formidable. I will look on magrette, porsche and Seiko for this Christmas. Tks.

  • When purchasing timepieces as gifts for friends and family I always look at Seiko, Orient, Tissot and Citizen. A good solid affordable group.

  • Irvin Walser

    I’ve been looking at Casio, Seiko, Movado, and Christopher Ward

  • David

    I would look at Citizen and Seiko, if I was buying a watch for someone.

  • Norman Basch

    Seiko, Timex, Hamilton, Movado,

  • Norman Basch


  • Derek

    I’ve always loved Swatch watches and I actually bought one for my wife as part of her Xmas gift, love the new Gent Rebel in this post for me. I’ve got Nixon and Tauchmeister on my wish list this Xmas.

  • Adam

    Boccia for my daughter, Vestal for my son and Perrelet for myself.

  • Sumit

    I would look at Seiko, Citizen and Movado when buying gifts.

  • Alex

    I think brands like Omega, Tissot or Oris would make good, meaningful gifts. My dad used to have an Omega, but it broke, so it’d be awesome to give him a new proper diving watch. If I could give my three best friends any watch they would get a Kobold or a Sinn. For someone who knows watches I’d definetely look at Xetum or Nomos, I know I’d enjoy being given one!

    Thanks for writing honestly about everything watch-related!

  • Tony Ball

    I know my Wife has been eyeing up a Rado Cerix, for a while and thats no worse than me dreaming of a Glashütte Panomatic Chronograph. No watch gifts this year. All we need is love! Merry Christmas to all!!

  • Alexis

    This Christmas I’m asking Santa for:
    Devon Tread 1, or a TAG, or maybe a Jeager-leCoulre DBS special edition. I love the Thunderbolt by MB&F it is quite something. I used to have a Storm watch and loved it and I love designer, cleaver watches. I must say that I would love to have a Hublot Big Bang Carbon with the ceramic band, now that is classy. The new Ralph Lauren 2011 sporting watch based on the Bugatti dash is fabulous!

  • Chris Lanfear

    I am looking for an Rolex Air King for my wife for here next watch. I was thinking about an Omega for her but I think the Air King is the watch…

  • Sara

    I’m looking at Tissot and Cyma for my husband this year.

  • Tissot make really nice watches. Also a modern look of watches comes from the watch maker Toy Watch. Technomarine watches are also cool.

  • Vaidas

    Seiko and Casio G-Shocks

  • Stuart

    Too many to mention heres a few to start…
    Nomos, Ball, Maurice de Mauriac, Bremont

  • SYD

    For xmas gifts I’m looking at Seikos, Orients, Citizens, Tissot, Hamilton, Swiss Army, and Omega.

  • I am a broke dude just getting into watch collecting. I have a Seiko, Citizens, Rotery and an Invicta. If I had the money I would have an Omega, Rolex, and a Patek Philippe.

  • Dr4

    Hmmm… as a gift for others… well…

    For Dad, a Seiko 6105 (used) with a Nato strap; Mom has passed
    For Brother (a pilot for UPS) maybe the Chase Durer Warhawk (mechanical) or a Fortis
    For Sister (a scuba diver) a Dievas 500M

    For girlfriend and likely soon-to-be fiance… maybe one of those different blinged N.O.A.s
    For my two good college guy friends Invictas (but only models that wouldn’t contribute to their inability to hold their liquor)

    P.S. Dr4 refers to my basketball nickname when I was a kid (I had glasses among other limiting factors) so don’t hold that against me.

  • David Crouch

    i really like the Vittorium Deep Diver

  • Richard

    grand seikos

  • marko

    Raymond Weil or Movado

  • Frank

    TaWaTec or Omega
    Sometimes Ball

  • Phil Crisp

    Seiko or Casio would certainly be up there in potential candidate for a present. If I was looking for a bit more money I would think about buying something a little different like an Orient or one of the “boutique” brands.

  • Been looking at some orient divers watches and some vintage Omega,s for my xmas prezzy.

  • Steve Lewis

    I am looking to purchase the tungsten Roberto Bianci that I found reviewed on this site. It will be a gift for me. Thanks.

  • Shtiliyan Djinovski

    Seiko, Casio, Omega, whatever catches my eye on the moment.

  • Mircea Barbu

    Swatch, Casio, Tissot (for myself) and Certina (for myself).

  • K Tompkins

    Mont Blanc, Breitling, Breguet, Panerai ,all make nice watches. However, I always keep a Seiko handy, since the annual / bi-annual cleaning and rejeweling can take up to 6 mo. (Thank you GP!)

  • David

    My appreciation of timepieces is a new found joy. My wife gave to me a Tag Heuer as a birthday gift, and it sparked my interest for quality watches. I have been scouring the Internet in search of information to enhance and influence my future watch purchases. During my online travels I stumbled upon this site. As a gift, a watch is a grand gesture of adoration towards the recipient. Meaning my wife, Anna. She is beautiful, but very petite, and it takes some time to find something that doesn’t look massive on her small frame. But I do like shopping for and learning about the different brands while I search for her gift. I have found some nice dainty Tissots and I just bought her a pre owned Omega Constellation. I can’t wait for her to open her gift!

  • Jason Manternach

    I just had my Dad’s girlfriend buy a Citizen and I have had my eye on an Archimede or Stowa Pilot’s Watch for quite some time (a gift to myself, I guess).

  • Ric

    Looking for a watch that will work for me on a long sailing trip. Don’t want something too big.

  • I just love watch’s, and like the Phospher World Time model, The Casio Pathfinder is a beauty a rugged and functional outdoors watch, and the Swatch New Gent Rebel a well price pointed and sharp watch and the Margrette Moanna Pacific PVD looks fabulous , a full package. A Fine Contest I must add!

  • Sean

    Seiko Dive Watches, Christopher Ward of London and possibly Oris (maybe a TT1) if someone had been very good!

  • Peter MJ

    This Phospher watch looks fantastic, my old Seiko wil lbe 30 yrs old next year , was a wedding present and has survived two runs through the washer and dryer , getting lost once (was returned as my initials and wedding date were inscribed on the back) and many drops hits and scuffs.
    It would be nice to retire for use on special occasions only

  • Andy Waltz

    I’ve wanted to get my dad a Speedmaster for years.
    For a less expensive option I’d recommend a Swatch or Tokyo flash for cheep fashion; for a little more serious gift I’d look at a Seiko.

  • Gary

    Skagen and Movado

  • louis martinez

    I like, swiss army, and luminox, and I still have a working “acutron” by bulova.

  • Andrew Lauer

    I would look at vintage Omegas or Christopher Ward.

  • Paul Bates

    I really like the Tsovet SVT-AT76 model AT311510 watch. It is both contemporary and and militarily minded at the same time. Cost for quality offered seems top shelf as well. As one who has many watches in my collection from many different manufacturers, several have risen to the top in terms of quality for dollar spent. All of these factors must be considered when gift giving. Several in this category are Swiss Legend, Jaques Lemans, and of course the staple manufacturers of Seiko and Citizen. A brand that has really impressed me in the $300-1,000 dollar range in REACTOR. I now own three of their timepieces and the fit, finish, and style are rugged and contemporary. I am most impressed with their customer service which seems to be a dying virtue in all facets business. NOT WITH REACTOR! My favorite Reactor watch is the watch that one me over as a devoted customer. My first “Photon” arrived to me “sized” perfectly for me. After charging the lume I noticed that four of the hour markers had no lume at all. Completely dead. I was brokenhearted. I called the company and was assured everything would be fine. This part will blow your mind. I live in Georgia (USA) and had to ship the watch to California. Lacking patience I paid overnight shipping from the Right coast to the Left coast. THE WATCH WAS ON MY WRIST WITH A NEW DIAL DELIVERED IN A VELVET DRAWSTRING BAG WITH A NOTE FROM THE COMPANY PRESIDENT IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE, BUT TRUE!!!!

    I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase or give these watches as gifts for the sports oriented individual in your life.

  • Brent Turner

    For myself, I’m looking at Oris, Archimede and Magrette. I think my wife would like a Jorg Gray.

  • Gabriel

    Always love the Ernst Benz, and looking for a Tissot Silen-T…

  • Scott

    Tissot and Casio for my friends.
    Tag and Omega for me!
    Great watch selection.
    Happy Holidays!

  • Red Wolf

    Looking at a Tudor for partner and a Tag Heuer for me.

  • Duncan

    On my wish list to Santa’s would be a Hautlence. The HLs is great or even better the new HL2 prototype is incredible! Being realistic, I do like the Vittorium Deep Diver and the price is good too.

    As gifts I would go with G-Shock.

  • TT

    I would look at giving the following Casio, Seiko and Swatch.

  • Greg Jansen

    Omega and Longines work well round this time of year. Watches are a perfect gift for Christmas.

  • Ronald Lane

    I have purchased the Magrette Mona Pacific from a review from Very unique and smooth movement. It was a limited edition and I get comments every time I wear it. I also purchased TX 600 all black. It gets a ton of questions every time I wear it. I have given to my brother a Citizens Signature which I loved but he made so many comments about it that he basically hinted his way into it. My family seeks me out for watch recommendations and I love it! I also refer them to this site!

  • wow. good watches up there, especially that Phospor World Time.
    mm.. I like Rolex and Seiko, by the way.

  • John Fierst

    I would look to purchase a Bulova or Fossil.

  • david

    looking at seiko and orients – good values for the money

  • david

    i look at seikos and orients – good value for the money

  • Tom McGuire

    happy holidays. this christmas – breitling, sinn and bell & ross made my shopping list. fun stuff!

  • Jon

    I would never buy my non-WIS friends/family an automatic watch. Since most of my friends/family are non-WIS, I would look at buying them something Quartz. I would look at Citizen, Casio, or Seiko’s quartz offerings.

  • Don

    I would consider Hamilton, Seiko, or Victorinnox

  • Vladimir

    Thank you for the great holiday giveaway!
    The brands on my shopping list are Casio, Seiko, Phosphor, Orient, Swatch and Tissot.
    Happy holidays!!!

  • Dan

    I was looking at Magrette, Christopher Ward, Seiko, Tissot, Citizen for the family.

  • Brant

    Orients or Seiko automatics. I’ve got to admit that I’m eyeing one of the new Bulova “precisionist”.

  • Krishnan

    After quite a bit of research on automatics I have finally decided to go for the orient mako black, seems the best bang for the money ( inexpensive ). My child has been wanting a casio for a while now and I am a big fan of casio’s too.

  • Nathan

    I’d be interested in seeing Uniform Wares and Alessi. I love ‘design’ pieces.

  • Gifts for others are a Citizen Eco Drive as they have a wide range and they remove the excuse that the battery stopped working and the watch left in a drawer. Barring that Casio ABC watch if I knew it was getting used seriousl.For the kid ,a lego watch.

    Gifts for spouse included a choice from NFW , Tag,or EDOX which I hope to borrow from here should she be that lucky:)

  • izybit

    I’d look at Seiko, Tissot, Citizen for my family.

  • Justin

    I’d really love to win that Tsovet SVT-AT76. As far as watches I would by for friends, family and *cough” myself? Well, I love Welder, Mondaine, Lip, and basically anything german industrial or swiss modern.

  • Mantas

    Swatch. Good quality and perfect price!

  • Donovan

    would love to win any of these watches!!!

  • Igor

    I’ve always been a fan of Orient, Hamilton, and Oris. Solid watches for the money.

  • JRacela

    My wallet only allows Citizen, Seiko and Orient for family 😉

  • Paul

    Seikos and Casios

  • Anthony

    Was looking at montblancs and cartiers for the wife. Ended up going with the Cartier

  • Andrew

    Sadly no one my Christmas list is a watch lover. I’ve tried but they all point to their cellphones. Otherwise I’d probably look at Hamilton and zenith.

  • Peter

    This year for my dad a no-nonsense, easy to read three hand casio with tough solar and waveceptor.

  • Looked at Citizen Eco-Drives and Seiko 5 automatics as gifts for non-WIS family.

  • jww

    Looking at a couple of ESQs, Cartier, a Breitling, and a Seiko.

  • Hadi J.

    If I’m shopping, I look at Lip, Diesel, Tissot, and Swatch, usually.
    If I’m just looking, then it’s Hublot, Concord, Zenith, and Audemars Piguet!

  • Greg Brown

    Was looking at vintage Rolex Explorer or a PAM 338 for my wife. . . but waiting on the 338 to come in to decide.

  • Chris

    Have been looking at Tissot and Omega. Would like to give my brother a Bell & Ross – still looking!

  • Carlo D’Angiò

    that TSOVET looks terrific!!!!

  • Dan

    Looking at Orients and Seikos this year as gifts.

  • Neil

    I’d look at Swatch (for affordability and range of styles), Michael Kors Watches (great styling and still affordable), and Omega (for that special someone).

  • kenneth s

    I look at doxas, sinns, and lately ball watches which I think offer quite a lot of bang for the buck

  • Marc Marcus

    Thanks for the great website.
    I’m jonesing for a Bell & Ross Type Demineur (black dial), an IWC Aquatimer Chrono (all black), and a TAG Heuer Silverstone Limited Edition.

  • jeffrey peldon

    I looked at Orient, Sandoz and Vostok automatics. Decent value and quality for the price.

  • Joshua

    Wooo. I’m into Lum-tec, Laco, some Marvins.

  • Gifts for others are very different than gifts for myself. Since I don’t expect my family to truly appreciate a fine watch I look at Seiko or Swatch watches.

  • edward dailey

    This year, I gave a Citizen, a Seiko and a Timex as gifts.

  • Chema González Andrés

    Happy holidays!!!
    To my father: Omega
    To my mother: Cartier
    To me: Stowa, Tag Heuer and Swatch
    To my brother: Oris

  • Howard

    Bought a seiko 5 series automatic recently thanks to this site. I’m becoming fascinated by mechanical watches. I would love to receive another!

  • Robert

    G Shock would be a great christmas gift watch that or a Suunto……

    Really diggin’ the MINIMAL stuff made for the ipod though…. Luna-tik!

  • Jay

    Brought a Techne Goshawk fitted with khaki canvas strap for myself:)

  • Marcus

    In looking for my kids, I go to Seiko, but also to Bulova and Citizen for nice quartz watches. Hard to pick for mechanical movements, but I would look at Dubey, JeanRichard and Armand Nicolet for sale items; otherwise a Longines is always nice.

  • Ian

    For gifts, I look at Tissot, Seiko, Swatch and Casio.

  • Franky

    I was looking at a Pierre Laurent ‘Cadrage’ for the missus, but ended up getting her a Swatch instead, go figure! Also looking at the Tissot Silen-T for a deaf friend, but it’s a hard one to find.
    Nice set in this giveaway!

  • Tony Alexander

    Watches as gifts is an interesting and intriguing thought. For my wife I would choose a Cartier and for my dad I would choose a Panerai and for my best friend a Armin Strom and for myself a Rolex

  • Ryan

    This holiday season, I bought a Luminox for my father-in-law and a Seiko Sportura for myself. IMO, Seiko and Citizen are always a great value.

  • Rich R.

    Sharp looking watches…all of them. I would love to add the Magrette or Tsovet to my collection. For 2011 I will be looking at a Bathys and a couple new Lum Tecs. The Omega Speedmaster is always on my wishlist too.

  • Licaon

    I tend to recommend Casio watches as many want a watch that just works in any condition and luckily Casio makes a lot of watches to suit any taste.

  • jww

    Looking at a couple of ESQs. Also liking a Breitling and a nice Sieko. Would love picking up a Bulova too.

  • James

    I was looking at Oris this holiday. Nixon is fun to check out as well. But truly, I love them all.

    “God didn’t make me rich because I’d spend it all on watches.”

  • Warren Sun

    Watches as gifts for family members can be tricky; they have got to be well suited for the person’s age and wrist size.

    For my father, I would buy him a Glashutte Original Senator Sixties chronograph. This watch is great hybrid of retro and modern look.

    For my brother, I would buy him an Omega Speedmaster. It is a classic watch that will grow with him.

    For my fiance, I she is a fan of the bling. I believe any choice from the Chopard Happy Diamonds collection would suffice.

  • Len

    Recently, I’ve been eying Tissot and Seiko. Ever since receiving a Tissot as a gift a few years ago, I have been a fan and pay more attention to what watches are out there.

  • Federico Iossa

    Seiko, Jorg Gray and occasionally Maurice Lacroix .

  • Big Mongo

    My, what I lovely array. I’ll have one of each please. A watch for every mood and a watch for every person on my naughty/nice list with a few left over for me!!!

  • Umar

    I was into vintage military watch this year and no luck in getting one so far 🙁

  • Big Mongo

    Sorry, forgot the mandatory name dropping of my favorite brands: IWC
    Portofino. Rolex 1803 President. CWC G10. They would all look good in
    stocking and would make the perfect addition to any serious watchnista’s
    Xmas wish…..

  • VKola

    Seiko and Tissot never disappoint. Nixon will do the trick for anyone younger than 18.

  • Chris

    tool watches for the men (usually Sinn, Ball)…and pretty much anything with a mother-of-pearl dial works for the missus (last one was a TAG Heuer Mini Link)

  • Todd

    Looked at Christopher Ward, Hamilton, Omega & Tissot for my son and wound up getting him a Tissot Automatic, which he loves. As for me, I’d love to get a Breguet Classique someday.

  • Bruno Resende

    Dificult choice ….. As an Economical choice i´d buy a seiko diver for a man, swatch for a ladie. Loveing the person in question (and having won the lottery) an hulbot or panerai for a male, a tag heuer or omega for a gal.

  • Bruno Resende

    Dificult choice ….. As an Economical choice i´d buy a seiko diver for a man, swatch for a ladie. Loveing the person in question (and having won the lottery) an hulbot or panerai for a male, a tag heuer or omega for a gal.

  • Brandon

    I actually got my dad an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono this year (orange dial.) It’s his first “nice” watch, and he was so excited about it. I’ve had my eye on the Magrette for a while and considered it briefly. Happy New Year everyone!

  • Jan Benak

    im still considering a watch… but seriously thinking about Seiko and Spring Drive… Amazing to watch the continual movement 🙂

  • Chad

    I always like looking at Invicta for family and friends. They are a great watch for the price.

  • Sean

    I have been looking at Military styled watches for my girlfriend this season, looking at vintage Elgins and some new timex and Victorinox models for her. Looking at Sinn and Omega models for myself. =)

  • Armand

    When I look for watches for friends I try to pick a brand and design that
    best fits their lifestyle. For the office I suggest Rolex or going custom. For the trails and outdoor a luminox or Dievas

  • Looking at Mr Jones Watches, who make some really cool ones (

    Other than that, Omega has some nice models as well, that I’m considering 🙂

  • Chun

    For my dad, rolex, omega
    Mum, Longines, mont blanc
    Sister, fashion watch
    Wife, she wants a van cleef, I can afford a cartier…

  • Paolo

    I got my first all steel Submariner in 1992. I sold it three years later to fund my first company, it was like having a check on your wrist, the way Rolex keep their resale value 🙂

    Since then I got a bunch of watches that are in my usual rotation, like Swatch Irony chrono, Suunto N3i, Citizen Navihawk and, for special occasions, a fairly rare Tissot Sottsass in gold and steel.

    I’d like to go back to mostly automatic movements and a super-rugged piece for hiking out in the Pacific Northwest. That Magrette and that Casio are looking for a new home… 🙂

  • Brian

    Any one of these would make a great addition to my collection. Was hoping to give/get a Longines for the holidays, but it didn’t work out.

  • Cristian

    I would say FOSSIL, good quality/price relationship.

  • Eddie

    Blancpain and a vintage Panerai are my next purchases.

  • gsxrboy

    I’m planning on my first nice mechanical watch. One the list are lovely watches like ARCHIMEDE Pilot Chronograph, (or Limes), Grand Seiko SBGM003, maybe even a Tissot LeLocle

  • Chris W

    I’ll definitely check out Seiko, Citizen and Casio for their budget friendly watches. There’s always something there for all age groups.

  • Fedor

    These are all great watches. I’d also recommend Christopher Ward to anyone looking for a nice and inexpensive watch (and I’d love one for myself as well).

  • Tom

    Next watch is probably a Linde Werdelin or a Sinn.

  • Laurier Tremblay

    Some brands I would consider: Omega, Tissot, Tag Heuer, Swiss Army

  • Since I live practically in BFE – I never have a super assortment of watches to look at in local stores other than a couple of mall stores with limited mass production brands. I did buy my wife a Coach ladies watch for Christmas – but she likes very small timepieces, and if I were to buy more for family and friends I would definitely check out the Luminox models for my sons cause they seem super durable and useful. For myself; I’d love a nice automatic – like the Hamilton x-wind Pilot – or if budget were not a factor a Jump Watch from Chronoswiss – I think those are the coolest ever. On your giveaway here I love just about all except the Swatch stuff – it seems a bit outdated, but that’s just cause I wore them two at a time in high school and can’t seem to take them seriously. The TSOVET brand really seems attractive – I love the square shapes – it seems to be more than just a timepiece! Thanks for hosting the contest – look forward to the blog and hope you have a happy new year!

  • Carl G

    Thanks Ariel,

    Most of my family and friends are not watch buffs so I would get something reliable and functional – probably Orient, Seiko or O&W. That said, I arranged for my brother to get a Halios Bluering and he absolutely adores it.


  • zhen

    I myself have been looking at Stowa and steinhart, though still haven’t decide yet.

  • Benedict

    For watches as Christmas gifts, I look at casio or swatch since they have lots of designs to choose from at affordable prices

  • Adrian Lee

    I’ve always been a Seiko fan but recently have taken a liking to micro brands – Magrette, Benarus, Prometheus, etc. I do own a Magrette and like the philosophy behind their watches. I’m looking forward to their upcoming Regattare.

  • Grant Clarke

    I think Magrette is a great one for a gift with what you get for the money that’s unique. Swiss Army Victorinox and Nixon are also great choices for the everyday. I myself am saving for a Paneari! I wouldn’t mind that free Tsovet though! 😉

  • Douglas

    Wife got me the Magrette Moana Pacific Diver for Christmas. I am looking at something from IWC for her.

    I really like my new watch. Great review done on ablogtoread.


  • Peter Jones

    i would love to get anyone of these great watches, my 30 yr old Seiko is showing it’s age.

  • Robert

    For gifts Seiko and Casio are good go to brands. Timex might not be high on the list of many watch enthusiasts but they make an economical choice for the lay person. I’m thinking of a specific friend who’d love a Marvin. And I couldn’t buy a watch as a present without considering a MKII or Marcello C. Thanks for running this great give away.

  • Tommy

    I’m currently into vintage divers from Seiko, Omega, and Heuer.

  • Dave V

    I am on a huge Bell & Ross kick this year — that’s what I want for a gift for myself! For family — they not watch buffs — I’d go down market and check out G-Shocks, Nixon, Seiko, etc.

  • Ray

    Time Factors watches have a hold on me. Let’s us what watches 2011 will bring!

  • Greg

    I’ve been looking mostly at Timex and Casio for my immediate family this year, as my dad has always worn Casio or Timex, and my wife likes the new Timex Originals series. I’m trying to get my dad and brother into nicer mechanicals, like Hamilton, Tissot, or even some of the entry level Seiko models, but I’m not sure I can get them to see past the convenience of quartz to something more…involved. I’m givin’ it the ol’ college try!

  • Matt

    Omega, Tissot, and Tag. Nice to dream. I probably enjoy looking more than owning.

  • Pat Ryan

    Got a Tissot for my birthday this year… but still like the simple Timex Ironman. Seikos are certainly near the top of the list for my next watch though.

  • Dan C

    I bought a Movado for my dad, and (hopefully) I’ll get a tag from him. Might not be an equal trade, but still…

  • thomas mccrimmon

    Casio for friends and Cartier for family and a $6 flea market watch for me.

  • ER

    I told my girlfriend that when a man proposes and gives her a ring, she must return the favor by giving him a watch, preferably a Patek Philippe (it was worth a shot).

    I’m very happy with my Movado Luno and I would look to buy that for someone, or a Rolex, Patek Philippe, or IWC if I had a bit more cash to spend.

  • Lon Rohlfing

    Loving that last watch, the Tsovet. When buying watches as gifts I usually look for a good value for what I’m getting. That said, I typically look to Orient and Seiko, which I believe are a good value. The type of watch will vary based on the person’s style and tastes.

  • Win Ark

    I think Cartier makes a classy watch for the ladies. For the boys a classic Omega Speedmaster, Casio Pathfinder, or Lum Tec. The Magrette’s would make awesome gifts too!

  • Eric

    I purchased a Skagen Watch for my father in law this year and I will continue to use that as a gift idea in the future. My wife really likes their new white ceramic line. For teens and twenty year olds Nixon provides an attractive watch at a decent price. For a great swiss watch at a nice price tissot. For the high end buyers a panerai or hublot would be a great gift.

  • Jay Tec

    When I buy for family and friends I always get something that is pratical and reliable. I have never had any issues with gifts from Citizen, Seiko, and Kenneth Cole.

    The frist two are think are just the Lexus and Acura of the watch industry. They are extremely reliable and don’t break the bank. I’m not a huge fan of the Kenneth Cole watches in terms of great time pieces, but I have never gone wrong with their designs (these I would give to just the person who is looking for a cool looking watch to wear).

  • Jamie

    I usually gift brands like Casio and Timex.

  • Johan

    Citizen, Dievas and of course a good old Seiko – good watches in a good price range!

  • Sicktone

    The most difficult thing about buying watches for others is taking myself out of the equation. You have to buy something THEY will like. Some see automatics as a giant PITA, and are best off with a good quartz watch.
    If I’m shopping for myself, it’s usually Sinn, Omega, Seiko or many of the up and coming brands: I really like the Magrette stuff. Great bang for the buck. My only rule is that I won’t pay more for a watch than I think is fair. There are some cool watches out there that I would never buy new, just because they don’t warrant the price. Just my $.02.

  • Ismael Martinez

    For relatives always go for value for features. For gifts that may be as simple as a Citizen Eco Drive or a Seiko Orange Monster. For my spouse, I like fancy jewerly type peices like Cartier. When I want one for me I visit my local Swatch dealer for unique limited edition peices.

  • Ryan K

    I check out casio and seiko.

  • Alex

    Seiko and Citizen watches for my friends. If I’m looking to buy for one of my parents, Dad would be a Hamilton (due to working in American Manufacturing) and Mom is Movado (clean looks and great watch).

  • Zach Sylvain

    I like to stick with some of the old standbys with proven quality: Seiko, Citizen and Swiss Army. Christopher Ward and Magritte is also a great choice, and for exceptional events, I would probably want to go with an Omega. For someone who does a lot of work outside, a rugged Casio to use on the job is hard to go wrong with.

  • monstah95

    Always a good time to obtain as well as give watches as presents!
    The new giveaways are awesome, but currently I’ve got my eyes on a few Casio’s, Suunto’s, NFW’s as well as Deep Blue’s. Though I have yet to decide, I’d love add a nice pilot style timepiece to my collection.
    As far as my wishlist… I’d love to get my hands on a Bathys!
    Nothing like Hawaiian Time!

  • Richard

    I bought my Dad a Zeno GMT Diver recently and I’ve considered a Longines for my girlfriend. I’d love to see my friends wearing something like Ollech & Wajs. And I just got myself a pre-owned Fortis…

  • Jason

    Seiko and citizen make decent gift watches.

  • German watches! Laco, Damasko, Stowa, Kemmnler (solo dude), and of course Sinn. Really nice stuff.

  • Ron Green

    Very impressed with the new Rolex Explorer in the larger (39 mm) size, I have the older model,
    Really like the green bezel & face of the latest submariner as well.
    Also a big fan of the Casio Edifice.

    Citizen has some nice lower priced. practical watches for gift giving.

    Swatch is still really a great brand for adding multiple watches to your collection, my wife loves colorful watches to match up with her wardrobe,

    Still want to add an American brand like Hamilton to my collecion.

  • Damien COLLIGNON

    Wow! 7 watches …. 7 more chances to start 2011 with a smile! Brands I like : Panerai, IWC, Longines, Enicar, Gallet, Dom Watch, Techne, Marvin, …. Brands with style and identity! Happy New Year! D.

  • Jason

    Seiko and Citizen tend to be good gifts. I’ve had my eye on a Stowa Flieger if I were shopping for a gift for myself.

  • Matt Carrier

    Something mechanical, but reasonably priced, such as a Christopher Ward

  • Gusto

    You have provided a very good list of watches in you article but I would probably be looking at mechanical movement pieces from either Ticino, Swatch or Hamilton.

  • Drew M

    looked at and bought a citizen this year for a family member.

  • Edgar

    I always look at Hamilton and Sinn for their quality at reasonable pricing. Based on this blog the watch brand that is most appealing to me right now is Magrette, their style and the story make sense. But my all time favorite is IWC.

  • For my dad who wears a $7 watch, I’d buy him a Seiko. Omega is better for my brand-aware mother, and for sis, probably suunto. She’s a jock.

  • Chris Jones

    Hi there, I have a style duality, on one hand I like steampunk/victorian themed classical watches (Breguet, Vianney Halter, etc.), but at the same time, I also like modern and fresh designs. I really like designs that step out of the mold and try to do something different, especially if they try to expand our horizons on how time can be presented. I really like magrette due to the unique nature of their brand. Although the watches themselves are close to being panerai knockoffs, the fact that they’ve embraced their kiwi roots and old world engraving technique, I really respect that. If I could only have one nice watch, it would be an omega seamaster planet ocean, due to its ridiculous versatility (diving in the ocean, or going to a black and white ball, truly deserves to be james bonds watch). If I was going to war, I’d buy a G-shock mudman, a suunto core black, or a casio pathfinder. Although they arent haute horology in any way, they are affordable, and are really the most practical for 99% of what soldiers go through. I have to say that the Vittorium you just reviewed, at first I thought it was boring and unoriginal, however ( and this is the first time this has happened) the design grew on me by the time i finished looking at the pictures. I went from thinking I’d never wear something like that, to appreciating the design very much within minutes.

    Thanks for the great reviews, looking forward to the draw, hope I win. Thanks,


  • Richard Cassagne

    I gave my girlfriend a nixon. And I was hoping to get a Magrette for myself, but she got me a Technomarine instead. I still really like the new magrette that is supposed to come out in February and might get that one too.

  • Bell & Ross is one of my current favorites, but Seiko Spring Drive watches are also very sexy.

  • Brandon

    Few watch brands that I would look at when buying watch gifts for my friends and family would be Nixon, Casio, Fossil, Oakley, and Citizen. For friends and family that I am closer with, maybe Hamilton, Oris, Tag Heuer, and Movado.

  • Chris J. Britt

    I’ve been looking at Reactor watches just because they’re stylish and rugged. They’re well built and hold to active lifestyles like the ones my wife and three boys are used to. I’ve also been very interested in the Lum-Tec line, don’t own one yet but hope to soon. I’ve heard that they are also failry rugged, and from what I’ve seen they’re very nice looking watches. The giveaways this month are awesome, would love to try any of them for durability and function over here where I’m deployed. Happy New Years to all, Peace on Earth, and the faster the better!

  • Eduard

    For my brother a Cristopher Ward C20 Lido – Black Leather and for me a Hamilton Khaki Navy BelowZero or a Vittorium DeepDiver. I love that Vittorium DeepDiver.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Tom Marshall

    Looking at Magrette and Wilson Watch Works at the moment. And G-Shocks are always great.

  • For myself, I have always wanted a TAG for quite some times. I look for Tissot for my wife. And Swatch for others, maybe 🙂 Thanks.

  • Ramojus

    When thinking about watches for my friends or myself, Swatch is probably the most creative case, but of course, there are many more, like Technomarine or Swiss Army and other brands.

  • Daniel Will

    I like the modern watches from – they’re unique, kinetic, yet also elegant (MoMA and the Guggenheim carry these, so they’re tastefully modern).

  • Jeff W

    I want watches with luminosity! It makes no sense to me to have a watch , no matter how pretty or expensive, that you cannot see the time on. Aside from Luminox and Ball – both of which use tritium tubes for spectacular, consistant lumination, Louis Vuitton makes excellent watches with extra coats of Super Luminova, especially their dive watches.

    I wish that more “high-end” watch makers cared enough to make their watches visible 24/7.

    Happy New Year.

  • Daniel Will

    I like the modern, elegant watches from – they’re carried by MoMA and the Guggenheim, because while kinetic and unique, they’re also still clean, modern, minimal designs that look like high-end jewelry rather than tech toys.

  • Andrew Ward

    Watche brands I consider:
    Mühle Glashütte
    A. Lange Söhne
    Jaegar LeCoultre

  • Javier

    Well, where does one begin; Eterna Kontiki 1000m Divers, would be high on my “must have”, or perhaps in more realistic terms, a Kremke Subzilla or even a Kobold Arctic divers would not be timepieces to be sneezed at either; quality and inexpensive.

    Throw in a Doxa (any model) for close friends, or an Oris Der Meistertaucher for those not too technically challenged….for my wife, a Cartier Santos (in rose-gold).


    Here’s to a Happy, Safe, and Prosperous 2011 (…and beyond)


  • rok

    I’d look at Magrette, Tissot, Laco and Archimed watches.

  • mark

    The Phosphor World Time watch looks like an interesting design/innovation.

  • Hi. Personally, I like cheap and durable timepieces for everyday use like my Luminox 3063. I bought a Victorinox diver for my brother this Christmas. I’m currently looking at the Jorg Gray 6500 for my Dad’s birthday this January. I think the Obama watch would look great on him.

    My grail watch would probably be the Eterna Kontiki re-issue, but that would be a hard catch since its a limited edition release. Plus, I haven’t seen an actual one yet so the size of the watch could me an issue because I have a small-ish wrist. Another is the Zenith Retrotimer PVD with its flyback monopusher chronograph! Now that would be one worth saving up for if I were to buy a “manufacture” watch. =)

    Happy Holidays!

  • Francois

    For friends and family, looking at Swatch watches for colors and fun ! 😉 For myself, looking at JLC Reverso, classic, elegant and must have !

  • John Ferris

    A Japanese selection for this year:
    1. As doctors can’t wear wristwatches; an Orient pocket watch for my son – great value and bullet-proof.
    2. Understated elegance, with uber accuracy a Citizen Exceed for wifey.
    3. For myself a Seiko Laurel – beautiful and rare. (The watch that is, not me.)
    Happy New Year

  • Rob Cherry

    Well, this Christmas We’ve gifted watches by Christopher Ward, Casio as well as Full Spot, a trendy, young Italian watch brand whose sole premise is simple, take a quartz movement, put it into a sealed ‘capsule’ and then provide silicon cases with integrated cases bands in a rainbow of colours in three sizes so they’ll fit the whole family. They’ve done a deal with Disney so you can have Mickey’s ears on your dial if that’s your thing.

    Chic enough for the ‘lady around town’, cool enough for the ‘Man of the Office’ and cool enough for that fussy Teen.

    Finally, brands we’re considering purchasing in the sales include Hamilton & Bulova.


  • Timothy

    Usually when I’m looking for a watch, I’m looking for something with a larger case size. Typically I head towards Breitling and Panerai, although recently I’ve been catching the JLC bug.

  • Marisa Lorah

    I have long been a watch lover and have dreamed of owning a fine watch. If I could choose any watch to give to friends or family, I think I would choose a Tag Heuer for my son, a Patek Philippe for my mother or perhaps a Jaeger-LeCoultre for somebody very special. I can dream. In the meantime, your website has many attractive and classy watches at competitive prices. I would love to win any of the watches in this contest. All are unique.

  • Michal

    I would like to have SINN 757, IWC,OMEGA and many great watches in all ower the world.

  • Leonard

    When it comes to gifts, I usually try to find something that I know the person will love.
    Generally, I check Tissot, Seiko, Casio (G-Shock) or Timex watches for my brother or friends. This christmas, I was about to buy a Swatch white ceramic watch for my girlfriend because I really enjoy seing this materia on a woman wrist.

  • Lucius

    Coincidentally I’m researching about Casio’s PRG-240 line for my “go-to adventure” watch. From what i read on the web it’s basically Casio’s best ABC watch for the field

    But watches as gifts? Depends on the person, but usually Casio, Seiko, Orient and Mido will basically have something for everything, and all ranges of prices are also covered. I gave an Orient to my wife, and received a Victorinox for Christmas :).

  • Boaz Allon

    I love all watches

  • Joyce Jackson

    I’m a big fan of Seiko, Citizen, and Casio for myself. Definitely what I’d consider for gifts, though nobody asked for a watch this year!

  • Boaz

    love it

  • Hi Ariel,

    Being a woman, I’d have to say any vintage art-deco fashion watch from the 30’s 40’s or 50’s (like Royce for instance). Or any vintage branded fashion watch like chanel or gucci from the 80’s. Would love to see you feature some great art deco finds for ladies in one of your upcoming blogs in 2011. Thanks for being there for us Ariel and wishing you all the best for 2011.

  • WPM

    Looking at a Hamilton as a gift for my Mother’s retirement. Also, I asked for and received a Seiko 5 for Christmas; it’s nothing too special but a good daily beater.

    I have my eye on a Bell&Ross but it’s a bit pricey. I may just get a Junkers GMT that has the same look but costs far less. The wish list goes on and on…

  • david stoddart

    The next watch I will be looking at may be the lum-tec brand !!!

  • C Trinidad

    Great giveaway. I look at Seiko and IWC for gifts.

  • JF

    Im looking for a Volna or another divers watch for my dad. Otherwise a B&R chronometer -for me, but will see depending on my budgets.

    thnx for this site love it!

  • Been looking at both Edox and Fortis

  • Bruce

    It’s true, a Casio will always come in handy. Nonetheless, what’s caught my eye for upcoming graduation presents is the little dedegumo shop.

  • Sharon

    So many watches, so little…time. So if I don’t win the Magrette, maybe I’ll be looking at Tokyoflash, or, if I get real serious , a Breguet.

  • L.S.

    I got my father a Casio Pathfinder a few years ago…he loves it! Now the wife wants a Tag Heuer Formula 1 ceramic…

  • Anthony Bellamy

    I am looking to purchase a Citizen Eco Drive Chronograph for my son , my wife won’t wear anything but an Elite watch? My first watch was a Timex which I still have (50 years now) I love and research many watches just as a hobby, so to win one would be great especially the brands offered as prizes.

  • Bayardo Mejía

    When i buy i always look for Casio, Invicta, Swatch, Seiko, Citizen.
    its always good to have a Watch for christmas.

  • Mark Fenimore

    Hi! I hope you are doing well 🙂

    If my friends and family were lucky enough to receive a watch from me as a gift, I would have to keep it reasonable and within budget, so brands like Swatch, Skagen, and several of those listed above would be considered. I really like a lot of the funky and unique designs found on I think $500 is right around the most I would be able to spend. If money were not an issue, I absolutely love what Romaine Jerome, MB&F, and Cartier have been doing with their recent designs. I can’t imagine buying a watch that nice and being able to part with it, though!

  • CC Koh

    I am looking for a watch for myself as a Chinese New Year gift.
    Currently looking for Uniformwares or Christopher Ward.
    I hope can give me some opinions of watches at the above-mentioned range.

  • Mark Elias

    I am considering a Citizen Eco Drive Titanium for my son.

  • Rafael Zelaya

    For this Christmas I purchased a Michelle white ceramic deco for my girlfriend and a vintage Omega for my dad. My dad loves ultra thin watches so finding a nice ultra thin is always a challenge. For myself I picked up a longines master collection.

  • Jeff

    I looked at Tissot and Bulova’s for my wife this year. Ended up getting the Bulova based on her preference in style.

  • Jeff

    Looked at Bulova, Citizen and Tissot, but ended up getting the Bulova

  • Richard

    As one of the only companies that offers T100 tritium tube watches, at such an affordable price, I would go for a deep blue Day/night ops watch for friends. That, or maybe a Lum Tec tungsten model, because of their nice styling, scratch resistance and strong lume.

  • SRW

    For friends and family, I’d consider Seiko, Citizen, Casio or even a good Timex (due to budget). But if money weren’t an issue, I like the some of the more classic Omega & Rolex for the ladies and for the gents, I’m liking the Bremonts.


  • Todd Aldridge

    I love all of them! Some of the brands I would look to for gifts are Citizen, Zodiac, Swatch, Invicta, and Casio. In fact, my 10-year old son received an Invicta Automatic for Christmas; a great first watch

  • Randall Sheppard

    I just received my Phosphor world timepiece. It is an excellent watch for the money spent and it does draw many comments from those who see it. I have started a small collection of wrist watches and am now looking into pocket watches. There are some interesting timepieces in this area as well. My next two wrist pieces that I am looking at acquiring are the Movado Elliptica automatic(round dial, blue face) and the Hamilton classic MIB.


    i usually look at kenneth cole or invicta brands when looking for watches to give as gifts.

  • Dr4 (Steve)

    Hmmm.. tis the season for giving…

    For my father, a simple faced Lum-Tec so that he can easily read it and he can put it on and forget about it (as he bumps around, etc.)

    For my brother – two watches (his birthday is the day after Christmas), a Magrette in honor of our upcoming Antarctica expedition (at least Magrette is from a Southern Hemisphere country – NZ) and a Fortis (square) since he is a pilot.

    My girlfriend would get a Technomarine because she has commented that she thinks they are “pretty” and “cool.”

    And if I won the lottery then I would get myself the Linde Werdelin (two timer, red face, with the Land 2 instrument) for my antarctica marathon trip… I am also keen on a Bathy’s as I like the story and the watch design… with similar feelings toward the Magrette offerings.

    Happy New Year to all.

  • Etienne Gregoire

    I usually look at basic automatic timepieces, such as the seiko lines of 5 sports. Except now I’m looking for a retirement gift, which might involve a more intricate search.

  • Jeff

    When looking at watches for gifts I look at Movado for the classic style and Citizen for the functionality

  • Omar

    I like “basic” automatic watches. As gifts (and if I had more money), I would give Stowa, Nomos, Xetum, Sinn, Christopher Ward…

  • Jim

    Well price is a factor and that limits my choices to the less exciting watch brands. However, I do like much of the Wenger line for price conscious gifts for guys and also the Oceanus line. Good looking watches at very attainable prices.

    For more classic, expensive and a bit exotic I like Sinn and Limes. Sinn is a real favorite. They seem to be quite underrated in my opinion and I wish they were more widely available in America.

    For the ladies, Hamilton, Wenger again, Rado and Tissot. Simple, classic and elegant at very reasonable prices. Hamilton is a sentimental favorite.

  • Chris Tateo

    Talked a friend into buying the Magrette. Even nicer in person. fingers are crossed……….

    • Chris Tateo

      also lookiing at orient watches. Don’t know of better bang for the buck.

  • J-MAN

    For my purchases, I look to Seiko and Tissot.

  • Jeff Grove

    I wanted to comment on episode 49 of hour time I completely disagree with Ariel on vintage watches. I started with vintage and for a long time I thought most modern watches were just too big. I felt similar to John’s comment that at some point large watches border on “douchery”. I’m starting to come around to the larger watch look but slowly. Sure modern watches are better than vintage watches just as modern cars are better than vintage cars. That doesn’t keep me from liking both. I also agree with John on white straps. You can pull it off if you’re a woman or young Asian man otherwise give it up. Same with diamond watches.
    -Another Proletariat Listener

  • DC Lane

    Did I sign up already….?
    Did I win the Magrette or the Vittorium?
    Argggh…. Holidays!!!!!!!!!

  • Ezra

    Hi John and Ariel. I love your podcast. I always learn something new and laugh my arse off at the same time.

    For a gift for my business partner, I’m considering the Tungsten Lumtec M21 with Soprod power-reserve movement. Price is okay. But the Tungsten case is really interesting to me. It’s heavy and scratch-resistent.

    Another nice watch I’ve considered is the Bozeman Smokejumper GMT. The price is a lot more. But will it be more of a collectors piece? The amount of profit he brings to the business will help guide what he gets.

    Keep up the good work!

  • saltesnacks

    Probably Magrette for their value and style or Seiko for their accuracy depending upon the person

  • Steppy

    This holiday season I looked at JeanRichard Paramount ref 61108 and the Jeager LeCoultre Reverso Squadra World Chrono. JLC won that contest however I was comparing apples and oranges. JeanRichard’s lineup has to be a great bang for buck and they offer some very nice watches. I guess being Part of GIRARD-PERREGAUX (Sowind group) is a GOOD thing.

    kind regard


  • Jason G.

    Im looking at Hamilton and Tag Heuer for gifts to give this year.

  • Steve Ogle

    Great watches! I’d always go for the eclectic when choosing gifts. Swiss is most consistent. I’d always look at Omega first, because there’s something for everyone. After that, it’s Heuer/TAG Heuer, Hamilton, and Ball. If vintage and eclectic, it’s still Omega, but also Zodiac, Rado, Hamilton..after those, then the sky’s the limit!

  • Tharmo

    All the indie brands … why not where something unique?

    Lum-Tec (own one)

    (Hoping to win that Pacific … )

    I also like Victorinox (own two – one quartz and one automatic), kinda like buying your suits at Nordstrom – it shows you appreciate quality without being flashy.

  • Basil Maudave

    If I were to get watches for my family I would probably get Swatches for my sisters and mother, as they already have a small collection and seem to like them. For my father I wouldn’t buy him a watch, but instead send his Longines watch to get fixed in Switzerland, so that he could start wearing it again. My brother would probably like a Baume et Mercier I think.

  • JB

    Mostly I look at Hamiltons for that classic American design or JDM Seikos for their reliability.

  • JeremyGraham

    I often buy family members things like Casio watches for their durability, but I also look at more fashionable offerings from companies like Fossil, Bulova, Citizen and Seiko.

  • Marc Porlier

    How I wish I could win the Magrette. Seiko Ananta would be great as well!

  • Adrian

    I was looking for a watch to get for my nephew this year. After much research I have decided to go for the G Shock DW5600, not only is this an iconic watch, it also fits well in to my budget. Worst comes to worst if he decided to upgrade and get a more classy watch later, the G Shock will still serve well for a beater:)

  • Adrian

    I was looking for a watch to get for my nephew this year. After much research I have decided to go for the G Shock DW5600, not only is this an iconic watch, it also fits well in to my budget. Worst comes to worst if he decided to upgrade and get a more classy watch later, the G Shock will still serve well for a beater:)


  • Margaret

    Pretty swatches, but too big for me. The Phosphor is about all my overtaxed brain can deal with this year. Next year, always next year, la reine de Naples.

  • Russell Nyberg

    I did purchase a watch for a friend for Christmas. I purchased an Orange Monster from Seiko for a close friend that needed a big watch. I prefer dive type and black IP analogs. I was tempted to purchase a Nixon for fun but Christmas is not about purchasing for one self. The Magrette Moana Pacific PVD, Vittorium Deep Diver and Tsovet SVT-AT76 are right up my alley. Would wear proudly. Thanks for the chance!

  • lore

    When it comes to gifts, I usually try to find something that I know the person will love.
    Well, I’ve been dreaming of getting my boyfriend an U-Boat Classico 925 Series Limited.
    I love all!

  • Asad Abbas Awan

    I am a total Swatch group freak…I have a few Tissots and Certinas but looking to add more of Swatch group buddies to my collection..not that I’d mind any of your awesome giveaway watches 😉

  • Nuno Terra

    I always look at reliable and stylish yet simple designed watches. Love the lines of Seiko and Citizen watches and their no-battery technologies and affordable autos. Latelly I’ve been looking at brands like Prometheus, Stowa and other boutique divers so I can offer ME something that stands out of the croud!

  • John

    For my family, I recommended Jorg Gray and Tissot this year. I’d like a Jorg Gray or one of those eInk watches myself.

  • Michael Lagae

    When looking for watch gifts I first try to determine what features or style would be work best for the recipient and then try to find the perfect watch for them. Over the years I have gifted a number of watches and there are a few brands that often come up for consideration.

    For someone who was training for their first marathon in the fall and only able to do their training in the evenings, a watch that was durable and easy to read in the dark was in order. An analog watch was was also preferred as they’re a bit easier to read at a glance. A watch with tritium tubes seemed to be the best choice and a Luminox fit the bill perfectly. A basic Luminox dive styled watch was used for the initial training and was worn in a number of marathons. And since some of those marathons were in Hawaii, the watch also went diving a few times.

    Another brand that I often consider is Seiko, as they have so many wonderful, affordable, good quality watches that can meet so many different needs. Plenty of good quality quartz watches, both diver and sporty styles as well as more dress sorts of watches. Plenty of durable automatics as well, including the ever popular Seiko Monsters. That watch in particular has been very popular with it’s unique look and fantastic luminous hands and markers. They also have some nice watches with the circular E6B slide rule that’s very popular for a student pilot.

    A Yes watch was a huge hit with someone who was an amateur astronomer. Being able to see at a glance when dawn and dusk occur, the current position of the sun and moon phase were all useful features and something available with no other watch.

    Lastly, I’ve gifted a few Swatch watches to children. The colorful watches have been a hit, and it’s a nice way to get them interested in watches.

    These are some of the watch brands that I consider when looking for gifts…

    Thank you Ariel and the sponsors for this wonderful giveaway! Happy Holidays!

  • Douglas Hethmon

    I prefer classic look timepieces, not that I can afford any of them. Limes and Techne are two that come to mind with what I consider classic styling.

  • Brian

    Citizen Eco Drive for a conservative look. Invicta for a more progressive look. I avoid mechanical watches unless I know that they really want one. Most people don’t want to care for a mechanical.

  • Loren

    Love the site, the variety of price points and interest is always insightful and opens the door to other choices that I have in purchasing watches for myself and others. I do have the need to buy women’s watches on occasion and it might be addressed in the future?
    As for watches I look to buy, anything that catches my attention.

  • Andre

    If I am rich I’ll give to my relatives a Casio, Magrette, Tsovet, Swatch, Phosphor, Jorg Gray, and Vittorium to each one to wear in 2011.
    Happy 2011 from a brazilian watch collector !!!

  • Rich B

    I usually look for Seiko, Citizen, Casio, Hamilton, and Tissot. These are all good brands with great value for the money.

  • when considering a gift for a friend or loved one, I wouldn’t necessarily go the ‘new’ route. I find it funny a company like Breitling or TAG would reissue one of their classic timepieces when it can be clearly seen that the original vintage version has so much more charm and usually 50% of the price (purchased on TZ or from a trusted eBay seller) . That being said, I’ve seen a lot of great startup brands out there, specifically Resco, SISU, and Welder. I like these new startup brands which give max bang for the buck.

  • albertpost

    i would look at Rolex, Corum, swatch , casio and citizen signature

  • Phillip

    This year I managed to put a Seiko and a Casio in the stockings. Watches make wonderful gifts… always appreciated…

    Good luck all, and Happy New Year 2011!!!!

  • goutham

    i look at tag heuer, hamilton, citizen ,seiko

  • Mark D

    This year I gave some restored vintage mechanical watches as gifts, with several rare offerings from Kienzle, Bernhuf, and Waldman as well as Solvil-Titus and Longines.

  • Chae

    Thank you for this site. Used it in my decision to buy a Xetum Tyndall a few weeks back.
    I personally would recommend the Xetum to anyone asking, along with Hamilton and Sinn. If I can ever afford one, I hope to buy a IWC or Jaeger with a perpetual calendar one day.

  • Andre

    Hey! Merry Christmas Everybody, *Still with Christmas moments right? 😀
    and Happy New Year for Sure!

    I’m very very happy, at the end of this year, ablogtoread giving this giveaway for us, hopefully i can get one, i never win anything for so many giveaway before..

    Actually i would be glad with any of those watch if I Win 😀
    but i prefer Phosphor Watch or Casio Pathfinder if you want me to choose.

    This is must be the great moment, if i can get one..hehee..


  • mragosta

    Without a doubt the Magrette Moana Pacific PVD limited edition watch would top the list of watches to check out along with the Casio Pathfinder for the outdoors types like my sisters and the Phosphor Watch for my more techno son.

  • Rich

    Great watches. Great website. Hope to win as Christmas gifts were lame this year…got no gadgets!

  • skoladycz

    Looking at Tutima, Ball & Sinn mostly – can’t make up my mind!

  • Norm

    I used to match the interests of my “giftee” to the qualities of one or another watch but lately I’ve concluded that I should settle on only two traits of any watch to qualify it as a potential gift. Is it realistically priced and is it unique in some respect? Heresy though it may be to some, experience is establishing that my giving needs are fulfilled by one of the Russians, usually from Vostok or Volmax. So far there have been no complaints.

  • Fillip

    I am fascinated with automatic watches, but they are so expensive, so I look to Orient watches for myself and for gifts for friends. They have good designs and they are in my price range. If I had the cash, I love to look at Ball and Oris watches.

  • Rich West

    While watches are truly persoal , Citizen has great selections and value. If money was not part of the equation, Female recipients would receive Chopard, Males Zenith.

  • Norm

    Watch gift? Something from Volmax or Vostok. Prices are frequently “right” and their Russian origin intrigues most folks.

  • Kunchi Wu

    When looking for a gift for my friend and familyI usually look at Swatch, Omega, Rolex, Swiss Army, Longines, and Seiko. Those brands offer very reliable products. Other than the style, function and value I also consider the customer service is very important to me.

  • art a

    i would look at casio,tsovet, rolex for gifts i love most watches and would like to own as many as i can

  • Jeremy Snow

    I have had my eye on the Ball Cleveland Express for a while. Nice simplistic design. Classic. Like the Breguet Type XX and Hamilton Jazzmaster Maestro.

    I wear my Luminox Field more than any other and would give it as a gift as well as a Suunto or a nice Seiko – depending on the individual.

    Great blog. Nice variety.

  • Andy

    When looking for watches for friends and family, I look at IWC, Brement, Bell & Ross, and Tag Heuer. Best of luck to everyone and happy holidays!

  • Stephen

    My wife needs a new watch, a crappy pink plastic watch was not going to cut-it in her new job; so we are looking at some more affordable lines from Seiko and Citizen.

  • sxzx

    At this moment… Sinn, Italo Fontana U-Boat, Bell & Ross, Panerai, if only i could afford it;)

  • If one had the money a Vacheron or Girrard Perregaux is on the want list but i guess one may have to settle for less….

  • Tim

    I always look for brands that the mainstream people know of. Casio (Gshock) and Panerai’s are what most of my family thinks and also wants for gifts.

  • J-MAN

    I shop Seiko and Tissot for family and friends.

  • Veljko Roskar

    I bought my wife a Baume & Mercier Hampton watch, my daughter a trendy Nixon surfer watch and my son a Swiss Legend PVD diver model. I have a Citizen titanium eco-drive that I love but am dropping hints for my birthday for an automatic. I like the uniqueness of the New Zealand Magrette brand and the classic styling and value of Oris.

  • Q

    As a twenty-something, I’ve been mostly a Citizen and Seiko kind of guy, but I would love to move up to Tissot in the near future. When shopping for others, I usually go Skagen because it’s not Japanese (most people think Japanese watches are cheap) and looks expensive.

  • B. Kleijn

    I always like to check out the Jaeger LeCoultre watches!! I hope to win one of these nice watches whit this contest. Good luck everybody and a happy 2011!!

  • Sean Sean

    I spent a lot of time this holiday season looking for 2 watches as gifts. I think for a watch to be a truely special gift it has to be unique and still fit the recievers persanilty and lifestyle. I chose Lum-tech this year for my father. The M-29 fit his active lifestyle perfectly and what made it really special was the fact that there were only 100 of this model made! It is a great watch and Lum-tech delivers a great deal of quality for the price. For my girlfriend I went with a white ceramic Bulova. Its a larger watch for a girl but it fits her personality perfectly. You cant really go wrong with a Bulova.
    I also looked at Christopher Ward and Techne, both of which have some seriousley cool watches that maintain a high level of quality and uniqueness without costing a fortune.

  • funkright

    Gifting is great fun, we’d love to buy a Panerai, Seiko Spring Drive, or Rolex as gifts for our more ‘senior’ family members.. For the younger generation I would love to pickup a few Nixons, Citizens, or Doxa’s 🙂

  • I love my Audmars Piguet and have gotten so many compliments on the first generation of the Phosphor watch! I’ve also been looking for a good watch for my wedding day….so who knows! 🙂

  • Pels

    new gent swatch and a few soulo sport bands for gifts this year– not expensive, but surely fun!

  • rob berthold

    I’m looking at picking up another Lumtec, and thinking of a Breitling.

  • Chris Whipple

    For Christmas I looked at Swatch and Timex for a casual friend, bought her a small Timex Ironman, for the SO I looked at Movado, Omega, and Concord. (We pooled our resources for a trio instead.) For myself, I looked at Magrette, a brand I first heard about on this blog (well, through YouTube, but that brought me here)

  • Chris Whipple

    Ummmm…..I meant to say “trip”, not “trio” – and misspelled my email address.

    : )

  • Timothy Wilshire

    For my friends and relatives, I need to stick to the following brands, due to monetary contraints: Invicta, Swiss Legend, Croton, and Stuhrling Original. I can find reliable and trendy timepieces that they always enjoy.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity to win a watch! They all are very cool!

  • Nilmergrellik

    I try to get my friends and family into automatics, so I have shopped around for automatic movements as cheap as Seiko all the way up to Stowa.

  • John P

    It was a watch Christmas. Picked up Invicta divers for the boys and Movado bolds for the girls. Sure would like to get my hands on a Tissot Seastar 1000M also would love to acquire an Omega Planet Ocean. I own a couple of Hamiltons and find them great values for the quality and price.

  • Isaac DT

    I would think of giving for a gift a Citizen Eco Drive or a Seiko, also for kids or young ones a Tissot would be a winner.

  • Isaac DT

    Orient , Tissot, Citizen, Seiko, Swatch, would be my choices.

  • Jorge

    Casio, Orient, Citizen, Seiko would be nice gift

  • Mario W.

    Worth a try for one of these amazing time keepers. Sites like this make me want to buy many more watches and drool over the ones that are too far out of range. Thank you for the opportunity hope the New Year brings you much happiness and success with your site.

    • Mario W.

      Forgot to mention that I love my Swiss Army Maverick, rock the Blackout Timex EZ read, get a lot of compliments on my spur of the moment Calderoni (nerver heard of this brand) watch in Mexico. Dream of Panerai Luminor, Omega Seamaster and so many others…LOL

  • I’d look at the following brands when buying gifts for friends or family: TAG Heuer, Xetum, Orient, Victorinox, Longines.

  • I tend to shop the affordable end of the spectrum where there are many choices. Magrette is on my short list for next watch. Otherwise, many American companies are of interest, like Hamilton, Marathon, Kobold and I definitely want an RGM in my fledgling collection because I like how Roland does everything by hand. I’ve just found Bozeman watches too, and they look interesting. The only Rolex I’d like is a new Milgauss.

  • Tyrone

    I usually just stick to seasonably wellknown brands like Tissot, Seiko, Citizen etc Although since my Dad is a watch fan, I try looking at more boutique brands for him.

  • Kevin Segal

    Well the Casio was high on the list because of its affordability. I love the versatility of the Pathfinder. Went fishing this summer with someone who had the new Pathfinder PAW 5000 and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Looked hard at the Tag Heuer Formula 1 ceramic Maria Sharapova watch for a lady friend. Its classy and sporty. Settled on the Expedition E-Tide Compass for another friend. He loved it!

  • Andrew Tran

    I don’t think I’m eligible for this competition but I’ll comment anyway. For a momentous occassion for a close loved one, I would choose the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean or the Seamaster 300M Chronometer. In the less expensive range, I would choose the Archimede DeckWatch (black strap, white face with blue hands).

  • Zack

    I really look for Seiko, Casio, and Timex mainly, although lately i have been looking at Skagen, as i have heard good things about them

  • Hector De Haro

    So I just started reading this blog (and getting into watches in general) so I’m not sure exactly where I would look.

    I just purchased a Seiko for myself and love it, so that’s probably what I would go with for friends and family.

  • Jonna

    For gifts, I look for the standard model that my father, mother or family members are use to seeing. Top ones: Bulova, Mont Blanc, Movado and Oris.
    Happy Holidays and Happy New Years! =)

  • When shopping for a gift – you can’t go wrong with a Citizen Eco-Drive. Assuming that the person you’re buying for isn’t much of a WIS, they would probably appreciate the ease of use (quartz movement) as well as not having to change batteries. And there are a lot of cool designs to choose from. If the person is a traveler, there are a few models of Casio G-shock that display multiple time-zones and aren’t too ‘shock-y’ – the buttons are a little more normal-sized.

    For someone who appreciates a mechanical movement, Seiko has come out with some really cool stuff lately. And if you’re not afraid to do a little shopping on specialized sites – a Vostok Amphibia, or even Vostok’s newer Amfibia line would make a nice and unique gift. A few steps higher and you get to really cool specialty brands like Magrette and Boschett – a higher price-point, but really nice watches.

    You’d have to dig on the ‘net for a few of those brands – but the biggies (Citizen, Seiko, Casio) can be found just about anywhere!

  • Gilberto

    For friends I choose Swatch, Casio, or Citizen, for family or myself I’ll go for Frederique Constant, Hamilton, Mido, Rado, etc… I love going to watch retailers it’s exciting to see all the wide variety and styles that exist…

  • Joel S

    I tend to like the Tags and Tissot watches but have a budget for mostly Fossil and Kenneth Cole, they usually make good gifts. I have an eco drive and now would like a swiss made watch.

  • Ian McEwan

    Great competition!
    This holiday season – Sinn, Magrette and Anonimo are on my wish list.

  • Pat

    Love automatic/non-battery watches with clean design and an analog dial. Citizen Eco Drive, Seiko and Casio come first to mind (my wife got a Citizen Eco Drive for the holiday!)

  • Greg

    I think the key is sticking to reasonably-priced mechanical watches. Tough to beat Tissot in terms of bang for the buck. Going a little up-market, my next stops would be Oris and then Nomos.

  • Elena

    An analog mechanical Seiko or a digital quartz by Casio and I have all the angles covered 😉

  • Xander

    Having fun with a Lum-Tec B15 x-mas gift. Always eyeing the JLC Master Compressors…one day.

  • Andi S

    I have purchased Fossil, Relic, Kenneth Cole, Swatch, Casio and other watches as gifts.

  • Xander

    Having fun with a Lum-Tec B15 x-mas gift. Always eyeing the JLC Master Compressors…one day…

  • lore

    I’ve always been dreaming of getting my boyfriend an U-Boat Classico 925 Series Limited, he love it.
    I’ve been looking at Casio, Seiko,Hamilton,Swatch.
    I love all!

  • Dennis Cheng

    Well, I know my friend, who is a watch enthusiast always loves looking at Fossil watches. 🙂

    Personally, I think a gift of Oris is very appropriate.

  • thierry

    I just found this site ! Amazing !
    Well, I was looking first for a Diesel DZ7111 (I know, it’s a blasfemy). Then I read about the Citizen Alterna Pilot Eco-Drive from me to me 😉 then… heard about Stowa Airman… so I’m confused. No idea yet what I gonna get, but I’m still looking 🙂
    Thank you.

  • Jason M

    For men, I would look at Maurice de Mauriac, IWC, Franck Muller, and Ball.

    For women, I would look at JLC and Cartier.

    For me, VicenTerra!

  • Roger F

    For my wife I’ve purchased Omega, Girard Perregaux, and Corum; for myself: Panerai, GP, AP, and Omega, and for my brothers Seiko, Rolex, and Sinn.

  • Ovunc

    Iam interested in casio,seiko,tag heuer and omega watches.

    Good competition btw.


  • Laurens W. Floyd, Jr.

    A watch for friends….I have never bought one for a friend before, just a family member and myself. It would depend on the budget I had for the gift, the personality of the friend, and opinions of watches I read about on blogs and forums!

  • Dan Martin

    I love watches, probably more than most of my friends. They’re mostly content to use their cell phones or random area clocks for the time. For me, watches are not just a tool but also an expression. That’s why I own so many. On one recent project, I resolved to wear a different watch to each rehearsal. I had fun quietly showing off my collection. I never mentioned them, but just waited to see when there would be a reaction. That happened the day I wore my diamond Bulova, a beautiful piece. Naturally the ladies noticed it first.
    The last gift watch I gave was a Swatch to my brother (not really a watch guy, but WTF). I once gave my Mom a delicate gold Lucien Piccard. She wore it until she passed, and I will pass it on to my daughter. My son will get my Omega, hopefully many years from now.
    For myself, I have my eye on a Jorg Gray “Obama” watch, that I’ll probably get soon, and also on a Maurice Lacroix, that I’ll have to save for for a while.

  • Damon Mc

    I usually look at many different brands for gifts for friends and family. I will consider almost anything of quality such as Seiko, Citizen, and Omega (as far as brand names go..there are many many others as well that I like). When I am looking at boutiques I like and have given Zinex/Zixen, Bali Hai, and even Halios. Most recently I purchased a Seiko dive watch (BFK) for my brother who is in the infantry in Iraq. Thanks for doing the many giveaways and who knows..maybe I will win something!

  • John

    Happy New Year!

    My wife would really love to receive anything with gold and diamonds, so I’m thinking an Omega Constellation or Rolex Ladies President. I also like some of the Brietling women’s watches, as well. My brother would love the Bell & Ross BR-01 Phantom.


  • Jay S.

    My brother & father like Seiko watches quite a bit. Perhaps its the Japanese build/design aspect. My mother likes small watch styles; feminine styles by Bulova or Skagen. Kind of ‘standard’ well-known brands, but they like what they like & aren’t as endeared by the idea of unique watches as some of us.

  • Isaac M

    I am new to the watch game. I have started my collection with a few automatic watches but have recently had my eye on a Sinn U1. My dad also is into watches and wears an Omega Seamaster so I would keep my eye out for something similar as a gift. Anyways commenting FTW.

  • Andrew W

    Getting into the watch phenomena now that I’m a bit more established. I had a great Festina, but am looking for a Glashutte, Panerai, Maurice de Mauriac or an Audemars Pigeut (in my dreams!!). Fantastic website, look forward to it on a daily basis.

  • Looking at these watches, have not seen any in Australia. Looking for a Panerai.

    Wayne Wood

  • Kathryn

    I’ve got a Timex, Casio, and Fossil watch. Looking for something a bit higher end now!!

  • Ricky Koo

    I’m looking at Xetums, Rolexes and Cartiers for family members.

  • I mostly look at classical brands, such as Omega, Longines and Tag Heuer.

  • Wayne

    For me the essence of the watch is the functionality for the intended purpose.
    If it is purely telling the time, then simplicity and elegance of design is key.
    If it does more than tell the time, then sophistication and utility of function come next.
    Personally, I see the ultimate expression of the above is mechanical complications, but it must be unique and not seen on everyones wrist.
    This is why I am glad I have stumbled across your site – there are plenty of unusual watches here which I will enjoy learning about.
    Looking for gifts – items that meet the above and that will be “used” by the individual who will be the recipient.
    Mates who are adventure racers – the Casio would be ideal.
    For and appreciative executive who gets outdoors and has a military background – the Tsovet
    For a friend in motorsports – the Jorg Gray
    For a mate in advertising – the Phospor World Time
    Brands I have not seen before visiting your site, but are piquing my interest – Archimede, Limes, and Techne – thanks.

  • Aaron

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

    For her: Hermes.
    For him: fortis, sinn or bell & ross.

  • I looking for Magrette and Seiko.

  • Adil

    I like Citizen, Omega, Casio and Swatch depending on model.

    Happy New Year

  • Jordan Silver

    Right now I’m looking at the Rolex Day Date II and considering a black ion plated watch of some sort.

  • Tuncer

    i dont have strict choice for brand, i usually prefer the one which looks good to me.


  • Bilgin

    i usually look for leather strap watches. with good stitching and quality straps. analog ones.

    Good new year to all

  • Sandro Verrelli

    Was looking at the Timex WS4 for my brother, but he’s extremely difficult to shop for, so he got a GPS…

  • lnci

    watches like tag,bell or casio water proofs…

    omega and so for business..

  • Bob Cramer

    My last purchase was a Magrette MP PVD and I love it. My next is likely to be a Stowa Chrono. Simplicity of design is the current appeal and both of these fit into and contrast with the Chopard, Rolex and Bretilings currently in my colletion.

  • Sandro Verrelli

    Was looking at getting my brother the Timex WS4, but he’s very difficult to shop for…
    I tried posting earlier today, but don’t see my post. Not trying to double post.

    • Sandro Verrelli

      Please delete post #925, ( and this too…) sorry about that. a “control F” of my name came up empty when I started…

      • Sandro Verrelli

        926, not 925, sorry…

  • Terry Waterfield

    Casio GA100 Series / Jacques Lemans Geneve

  • Maria W

    I’m looking at Gshocks watches for my husband. That Casio pathfinder looks great.

  • Mike S.

    I really like my Orient Hogrider. An Orient watch would make an excellent gift, as would most of the seiko divers.

  • David Fleischmann

    I like to look at IWC and Jaeger LeCoultre. Anything with a bit of a military feel or something int he Master Series for the Jaeger.

  • Jerel

    For friends or family id make sure to stick to trusted brands. Omega, Tag, Casio, Tissot.

  • Ray

    For gifts, I find myself looking to Seiko or Orient. Always solid choices, and many options in various gift price ranges.

  • Andre

    Heeeeeeeyyyyy!! Where’s The Winner?!!!!! hhhhh….

  • Dale Taylor

    when considering gifts of watches my first choice is Casio in either the Baby G or pathfinder range then either citezen oor seiko

  • Dale Taylor

    when considering gifts of watches my first choice is Casio in either the Baby G or pathfinder range then either citizen oor Seiko

  • edeverges

    i already own a casio pathfinder, but also like the Vittorium Deep Diver.

  • fearlessleader

    When buying gifts I always would look at the following brands… Casio, Seiko, Stuhrling, and Wenger.