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GIVEAWAY: Go Skydiving With Your New Formex Essence Leggera Chronometer Watch

GIVEAWAY: Go Skydiving With Your New Formex Essence Leggera Chronometer Watch Giveaways For December 2019, the annual aBlogtoWatch experience giveaway sponsor is Swiss Formex, and they are going to take one lucky aBlogtoWatch audience member (along with ABTW founder Ariel Adams) skydiving in California. The winner will also receive their own Formex Essence Leggera Automatic Chronometer watch — the latest in lightweight technology and style from Formex.

Building on the popular Formex Essence Chronometer watch platform, the Essence Leggera Automatic Chronometer is built using an ultralight carbon fiber composite case in combination with a highly scratch-resistant ceramic bezel. Sitting 43mm-wide on the wrist, the Essence Leggera uses Formex’s patented case suspension system and houses a Swiss-made STP 1-11 automatic movement which has been officially certified as a Chronometer by COSC in Switzerland.

GIVEAWAY: Go Skydiving With Your New Formex Essence Leggera Chronometer Watch Giveaways

The Essence Leggera Chronometer features a handsome black color palette that is mindful of style. Paired to the carbon composite case is a forged carbon dial, which offers an attractive aesthetic against the legible hands and applied hour markers. The durable case is water resistant to 100 meters with a sapphire crystal over the dial, and the Essence Leggera Chronometer case comes paired with a leather, rubber, or nylon strap with Formex’s tool-less strap removal system and high-performance carbon fiber deployant clasp, which includes a micro-adjust sizing system. Retail price for the Formex Essence Leggara Automatic Chronometer watch is $1,880 USD.

No previous skydiving experience is required to participate in this giveaway, but entrants should be willing to jump out of a plane! Formex is no stranger to skydiving. Current Formex CEO Mr. Raphael Granito is an avid skydiver, and the brand even has an official ambassador who is a record-setting skydiver. That is Mr. Marc Hauser who has set a record for reaching the fastest horizontal speed during a free fall, while also being the subject of an award-winning documentary regarding Hauser as the first person to jump into the planet’s jet stream to promote high altitude window power as an energy source.

GIVEAWAY: Go Skydiving With Your New Formex Essence Leggera Chronometer Watch Giveaways

Formex watches are tough, attractive tool watches with style and purpose. Formex fans include plenty of aBlogtoWatch audience members, and now the brand offers one of them the chance to “live the Formex lifestyle” by skydiving with Formex and aBlogtoWatch. This special experience giveaway is open to anyone, but Formex will only be able to pay for travel expenses within the United States. The winner must also be available to join Formex and aBlogtoWatch for this skydiving experience during the May/June 2020 date window. (Specific dates will be selected in early 2020 after a winner has been announced.)

Question to answer in order to enter giveaway: Formex is currently developing a new diver’s watch model and is interested in the community’s opinion. In your comment below, please share with Formex what you’d like to most see in a Formex dive watch from a functional, material, and style standpoint. Also try to mention whether or not a helium release valve in such a watch would have value to you.


GIVEAWAY: Go Skydiving With Your New Formex Essence Leggera Chronometer Watch Giveaways

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid email address where required. (If you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there.) In the body of your comment, answer the question above.

2. Be a pal. If possible, “like” or follow all or any of the following:

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on December 31, 2019 for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-U.S. entrants may apply, based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

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  • Zil

    I would love to have a Carbon Dive Watch. Something tough and resistant. May be around 43m.

  • j4m3z

    I would like the dive watch to be light, robust and sturdy with great luminosity plus a helium release valve.

  • Vino

    Would love a dive watch that would be tough and thin and under 42mm, a texturized dial with big markers, open case back, interesting case design that makes a technically adequate watch, but with a small footprint. Oh and an impressive bezel! No helium escape valve needed!

  • VladimirRPetreski

    No helium release valve. Combination of both clasic lume and tritium. Make a full lume dial with tritium tube markers on dark printed indices.

  • John

    Very nice! I didn’t care for Carbon Fiber until recently. I got a few watches made from CF and I got used to how light they are so now I do not pass on a watch because it’s not stainless. Love the looks of this watch wish it was a shade larger but 43mm is the smallest size I usually buy. As far as a new dive watch even though I gave up diving years ago I would expect it to be available with Helium release valve, large enough 45mm + easy to read dial, highly visible hands, lots of lume or tritium tubes maybe a combination of both! Additional large strap so you could wear it over a wet suit, a nice lumed 120 click ceramic bezel. Hopefully you would be able to keep it affordable! I have to say I haven’t jumped out of a plane in years either, the few times I did I was strapped to a pro skydiver. Was trying to work my way up to solo but it got too expensive for me.

  • Steven Servantez

    A dive watch would need to have a large clear dial. A titanium case would be great. Obviously, good rubber seals are a necessity. A textured bezel would be a bonus. The helium escape valve should be optional.

  • mufaddal

    Would love to see a watch with lightweight material, longer power reserve and increased readability under extreme conditions.
    Personally I do not use the helium valve but it does not hurt if you throw it in 🙂

  • Russell DeJulio

    I recently turned 66 and have never sky dived -I am in good shape and ready for a new adventure !

    Re the dive watch I would offer both black and blue dials – lume not using gas tubes – a helium valve is a nice add ( likely used by .000000001 % of divers ! ) The watch of course should have an outer unidirectional time bezel – ceramic would be nice – also a date window at 5 or 6 o clock . Thank you for the chance to enter Russ DeJulio Pittsburgh

  • cyklopz

    I like the dial on this rig.

  • Gary Aerne

    Sounds like a great watch. Dont think a valve release is needed.

  • Jonathan

    39-42mm, unidirectional bezel, steel, and high legibility! Helium escape valve not necessary.

  • Ingu Kang

    This Formex Essence is a truly beautiful piece, very under the radar!

  • Kim Wrigley

    Time for a high flying choice.

  • Jakub Lendacky

    This watch is tailor made for me. Very, very nice piece.

  • I’d like to most see in a Formex dive watch a bronze case. A helium release valve in such a watch would not have value to me because I don’t dive that deep to need one.

  • shellieclark

    I would love to win for my son!

  • If I win the watch I will gift the skydiving to someone who will enjoy it more 🙂 This sound like something Raymond would enjoy!

    • Raymond Wilkie

      Certain death ? sign me up !
      Planes arn’t meant to be jumped out. that’s why theres a door

  • Alan Lewis love to do this.. always on my bucket list…?? the dive watch would be the perfect partner

  • Brice.wgr

    I’l like to see a 44mm divewatch that would be scratch-proof and has a high legibility. An helium escape valve isn’t mandatory but nice to have. BTW that leggera would pair very well with my Formex Element 🙂

  • Varm

    In a diver, I’d like to see smart use of materials (e.g. carbon, ceramic, titanium, etc.), a high quality external ratcheting bezel (many entry-level divers have weak ratchets, or internal bezels controlled by a crown that’s impossible to use with gloves on) high visibility of indices and hands, very strong luminous paint, perhaps luminous paint on the bezel as well. High quality bracelet with micro adjustment is critical for daily wear, and if the intent is to design a “true” diver, an additional diver’s extension should be included. Interchangeable straps would be fantastic, and even better would be a quick change system to allow changing straps without tools. Ideal size is 39-42mm, 20mm lugs, 15mm thick or less. Finally, a helium release/escape valve is fine, but only if it’s automatic. A secondary crown that needs to be opened is, I think, unsightly and a potential second point of water ingress in a watch whose primary function is not to take on water. The regular crown can function as a HEV/HRV so if adding an HEV/HRV means adding another crown just for diver’s styling, my vote is no.

  • Rhino67

    The helium release valve is superfluous for most users. Ceramic bezels are desirable for their durability. I happen to think that a 12 hour bezel works for divers and gives the watch additional functionality. Both stainless and carbon fiber are great, as is titanium.

  • angela

    I’d like something thin with large markers, generous luminosity. perhaps titanium. No need for a helium escape valve.

  • I’d like to see a dive watch around the 42mm size that isn’t too thick. A clear and legible lumed bezel that has either countdown markers or can lick in place. Bright hour markers and an easy to read face as well as easily distinguishable hour, minute and seconds hands. If a countdown bezel isn’t an option then perhaps an additional minute hand that can be set as either a start time marker or a countdown place holder. An inner rotating bezel can also serve this purpose. A large screwdown crown with good crown guards would also be useful. I wouldn’t plan on going too deep in the water with it so a helium escape valve would not necessarily matter to me but I can appreciate its presence. A display case back would be nice but for the sake of having a better depth rating, a well decorated case back would be great. The inclusion of a metal bracelet and either a rubber or nato strap would be the cherry on top.

  • Ignacio

    Loved the watch……

  • I think titanium is an underutilized metal for a dive watch and no helium valve. Crisp blue dial and 42mm would be perfect.

  • Zoran Filipovic

    Great giveaway,

  • Tim

    I did my first SCUBA dive this past summer in Key West. Obviously, a dive watch needs to be water resistant. I also think a good dive watch should have a rotating bezel so I can see the elapsed time + hands and numbers that light up so I can read them underwater.

  • Great robust watch

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Would i jump out of a plane for a free watch…..bloomin’ right i would. This give away is eerily quiet. Is it something to do with facing death?

  • luis4gevo

    I would love a titanium watch. Light weight and tough.

  • Phlip74

    I really like this watch! Another great one for the giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to watch!

  • Phlip74

    Ok so I would like to see a Titanium case or maybe some recycled materials used to make an environmentally sound watch! It is always cool to see watches made from recycled airplaine parts, since there is a huge aircraft junk yard! Also I really like the way the Helium release valve looks on a dive watch, so I think yes it adds value to the watch for me!

  • This is a beautiful piece.

  • ray h.

    I’m in,,would love the experience and the watch !

  • Markus

    This case shape with a lime inlaid bezel will be a classic

  • Aaron

    I’d love the watch, and I’d love to go skydiving again!

  • Daniel D.

    Dive watch, 42mm with great lume

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Why would you wear sun glasses to sky dive>?

  • Petr K?ístek

    The watch is amazing. I would love it.

  • kamal rai

    Things were pretty hard for me in winning the giveaway. Hopefully this time it will be in my favour.

  • Oliver

    Really liking this new addition with the use of carbon to Formex’s line.

  • Erik Anghagen

    It looks great – the shape and color really appeals to me – Great job Formex

  • Tim

    I’m a fan of exotic materials – Carbon Fiber, Titanium, Ceramics

  • Brett Lintvelt

    A dive watch – in stainless with ceramic uni-directional bezel, super luminova indices / numbers. No helium valve.
    Also consider screw in bars. Low profile auto movement.

  • Bryan A

    Smaller on the wrist, 38 or 39MM. As thin as possible and high on the lume please. Helium release valve provides little value in my opinion.

  • Daniel Dieringer

    That’s a pretty slick looking watch. It would also look nice on a NATO strap or leather strap.

  • Kirian Yee

    A dive watch with Carbon fiber and a colourful strap would be nice.

  • Curt Thompson

    I’d like to see a simple design 100% made in titanium with tritium lume, or other innovations in lume. I think a helium release valve is a little gimmicky.

  • bib

    Beautiful watch, the dial is stunning!


    Very stealthy

  • Jon W

    I would like to see a 42-43 mm titanium diver with black dial and white (monochromatic) indices & numbers (only 3,6,9,12 please), ceramic bezel, symmetrical with no date, and definitely no unnecessary helium escape valve,

  • Roland Singer

    I think a coin edge bezel with sapphire or ceramic insert is always a winner on a diver. Thin helps, too, with diameter of 41 or less, so it can be worn dressy. Those are my preferences…and I would not pay a premium for a He valve, and don’t like them sticking out from the side anyway.

  • spotpuff

    a 40mm+ Titanium w/ lume.

  • lel

    i would like to see a smaller case diver watch, also would like to see a meteorite dial on a case like this one

  • OK Guys, please count me OUT of the competition.I’m only participating for the thrill of the ride!

    Just like the Formex Essence Leggera, meet its match, the Aston Martin DBS Super Leggera Sophisticated machining dripping of quality, Performance Driven Design,Ceramic Bezel-like Brakes Immaculately sculptured carbon fibre inspired design COSC Certified Accuracy and Acceleration from 0-62mph

  • Bob Sebastian

    While I would appreciate a bronze cased watch, I also think a case and bracelet that stands out, like blue or burgundy, could really be striking with a complimenting dial color.
    In terms of the face, I really have a thing for full luminous dials, maybe with tritium tubes.
    Add a GMT and skip the helium release valve and it would be a winner for me.

  • Gregg Turcich

    The Essence is quite a handsome watch. It would look great on my wrist during a skydive!
    As to a dive watch; it needs to be clear and uncluttered, and meet ISO 6425 standards, helium release valve not so much.

  • Harold

    Very nice watch, thanks for the review. My preference is for a thinner case with larger markers, excellent luminosity. Titanium would be good. Helium escape valve not required.

  • equinoctialgale

    40 mm, titanium, no helium release valve.

  • Flavio Aleixo

    I would love to se a 40-43mm dive watch, with a chronometer movement, tough bronze case and perhaps a blue or green dial! 300m water resistance, but no need for he valve!

  • Humphrey Mar

    Helium release valve: not needed because I don’t actually dive. Dive watch elements that I’d love to see would be high visibility, durability, reliability; skeletal back; date window; matte black stainless steel finish.

  • Seth

    Stylistically: I’d _love_ to see Formex create their upcoming dive watch with a California dial, as this is a really striking way to stand out from other offerings.
    Helium release valve: unnecessary and somewhat overdone, frankly.

  • TKoren

    I feel the perfect dive watch would be 40-42mm, very rugged and elegant, great lume and easy to read, a separate single hand that can be used to mark hours or minutes, and a rotating bezel for marking time. I spend a lot of time in the field going from land to water and need mark two different start times. Or maybe you want to mark your parking meter time and a time your meeting a friend or family member. No escape valve needed.

  • Maria Katie

    The Essence is awesome !

  • Jay Rothman

    I love the Formex essence and the carbon leggera is certainly a unique addition to the line! My idea for a dive watch is a titanium watch with a sapphire Bakelite style bezel and a bracelet with easy micro adjustment you can do by hand without a tool, a helium valve isn’t of use to me so I’d say it doesn’t need one, it’d only add to the cost and only a deep sea diver would need one. Also it would be cool if Formex could include a nylon strap with the carbon buckle with the diver and a special watertight box.

    Ps. Thanks for the opportunity ablogtowatch id love to get the watch but I don’t know if I’d go skydiving 🙂

  • Emre Bülbül

    Helium release valve: overkill and not needed in my opinion. A good lume and small case size, I think, is what everyone wants, including me 🙂

  • Low~Rotor

    Needs to be 42mm. No more than 16mm tall, Stainless Steel with matching bracelet with micro-adjustment. A choice of 3 dial variants please (any more and things get expensive!) Classic looks but not a heritage re-hash please.

    Helium release valve: not necessary. I view this as a gimmicky and non-functional selling point only. I’m not going down 30 atmospheres of pressure.

    (Can the winner choose the grey dial variant?? love it).

  • Christopher

    For a dive watch I’d like to see something right around 40mm and not thicker than 12mm. To carry over some of the Formex DNA, keep the case lightweight and strong by using titanium. Preserve the aesthetics by pairing the case with a carbon bezel (unidirectional, of course) insert. Keep the carbon dial, but up the legibility factor with broad hands and painted/lumed hour markers. No date for simplicity and no helium escape valve because I’m not planning to saturation dive anytime soon.

  • Sagi Yogev

    gilted face panels, or at lease panel ring, will be more than welcomed.
    42 mm will be well respected as well.
    Helium release valve is not necessary.

  • Tony G

    Bright lume, 120 click ceramic bezel and both rubber and bracelet included in the purchase. A Helium escape valve makes no difference to me and 99% will likely never get used.

  • Alan

    What I would like to see in a new dive watch:
    42-45 mm case
    Lumed unidirectional ceramic bezel
    Lumed Arabic numerals, 12, 6, 9 to be different from traditional diving watches
    Day – Date
    Black, White, and Blue dial variants
    Bracelet has diving extension and micro-adjustment
    22mm lugs width with drilled lugs
    Minimum 200 meter certified diver, additional depth is only needed on commercial diving watches
    I only see the need for a helium escape valve on commercial diving watches

  • Manzur Dan

    Helium escape valve is not a must for me, I would like to see a Titanium, 40-41mm , day date very legible dive watch with a high titanium bracelet.

  • 40-42 diameter, 120click bezel, lots of lume. Helium valve? Not for me.

  • Alec Barrett

    A helium escape valve I think makes little to zero advantage because anyone who is going to legitimate depths is working on a level of professionalism that…well a dive watch is for redundancy dive computers exist for reasons.

    I think the the most commonly overlooked element in a dive watch is the actual design of the bezel. It’s virtually universal that the bezel has basic hashes and spaced numbers when there’s quite a lot of design space that can go into colours and shapes to make it legible at a glance without having to sit and reference, which aids everyday usability to check on something “in fifteen minutes” in the air that dive watches exist in most of the time.

  • Sathya Silva

    It is the best !!

  • llutomski

    It’s beautifull

  • Ramon Costa

    Awesome piece! I looks great!

  • SPITX206

    A dive watch must comply with ISO 6425, have a diameter of 40-42mm, come on a bracelet and include a rubber strap. The watch and bracelet should be constructed of titanium. Various colored dials should be offered, including orange. It would be very nice if the watch was approximately 12mm thin.

  • Gregg

    Not sure I want to go skydiving, but I like the watch.

  • Amanda Kline

    I don’t think that the helium release valve is necessary. The elements in the dive watches I would like to see are durability, easy to see, and a black finish is nice.

  • Randy Bradford

    I need a watch that can be read with out a heavy reading glass. plus a good lighted dial

  • Dan Baxter

    While the HE release valve lends a certain cache, it’s not necessary on 99+% of dive watches. That being said, I’ve got several models that have one. High visibility is far more critical, as well as the unidirectional divering. I am a fan of the internal timing ring as in the Christopher Ward Makaira, among others.

  • Jordan Rausch

    I don’t think the helium escape valve is a must, instead focus on the legibility, lume, and offering several dial colours and strap options. Gotta keep the bracelet and rubber band camps happy!

  • Joshua

    Formex’s foray into dive watch territory should focus on their strength: shock resistance. I would like to see a titanium case with ceramics or other advanced materials utilized for crown/bezel/bracelet/etc to make it ultra sturdy. Leave out the helium release valve – it offers zero functionality for 99% of wearers and only adds one more point of failure.

    I would also like to see a more aggressive handset for better visibility, but stay away from the common dot&dash markers – just evolve your current style with more prominent indices. Good luck!

  • Christina Jensen

    I would love to see more colors available.

  • Zaskar36

    AWESOME giveaway!

  • Peter Benkmann-Photography

    Looks great and functions superbly. Too bad, that this time the give-away does exclude most of the watch enthusiasts as it does with me …

  • DaveDRanged

    This would be a very nice gift to myself. Looks great.

  • AH

    Amazing. Looks like a beautiful watch. Thanks for the oppotunity!

  • Leland Williams

    I like the styling and functionality of this watch. The helium release valve is not something that I`m I used to as most of my diving has been sport. I can see were it be functional for saturation diving.

  • D.C.

    Great lume and maybe a depth indicator? Helium valve not important for most divers.

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    Orange dial option, ceramic bezels, 300m, and good lume. Helium release valve not necessary, but fine if discrete.

  • Mickey

    Awesome dial, rotor shape reminds me of a Miyota, so I would change the cut-out decoration, otherwise a great looking watch!

  • roland monkman

    amazing watch giveaway thanks for the opportunity to win it!!!

  • Tony Platz

    Awsome watch great functionality.

  • Eric Thompson

    Thank you for introducing me to the Formex brand. Maybe this will be an opportunity to add one to my collection.

  • heatherswanson

    Perfect for my boyfriend.

  • Calvin F.

    A helium release valve would be a neat feature, but certainly not necessary for my lifestyle. What a well built masterpiece.

  • Erin N

    Awesome watch and giveaway 😀 Happy Holidays and thank you!

  • Claus Hoerandner

    Would love to see something slim. All the divers coming out are all chunky. Something slim would really be something unique in the market place.

  • pawel debik

    Don’t really care about Helium valve as I don’t actually dive with dive watches. I do like em for their sturdiness. For a new model, bronze case with blue dial would be cool.

  • rismit

    styling and functionality What more?

  • I’d like to see new colors

  • Brian Kautz

    very bright Luminous markers

  • theponyhalf~

    I would like a lightweight but strong band with some flexibility

  • Grenouilleman

    Very nice.

  • Jason Kinnin

    New Colors

  • Orna Soref

    like to have it to my dad

  • nickie burke

    Awesome giveaway!

  • Norman

    Helium escape means nothing to me. Spend more time as a desk diver, so it nice if the watch is capable of being dressed up a bit, while still maintaining its tool soul. Would be disappointed with fashion color variety, but do like some design forward appeal. Lume is important. Don’t know if a combo of traditional lume and tritium tubes makes any sense. Have a soft spot for GMT lately, though not sure how that ties into a diver.

  • John Simpson

    Two words…Bright Lume for dark water diving. I do dive so the escape valve is actually useful.

  • Krishna

    I love the watch the way it is. Carbon materials add very high readability while maintaining the look and feel of the watch. Helium escape does not mean anything to me as I am not a serious diver but I would not mind having the function. It is a ‘nice to have’ function. Since it is meant to be a dive watch, I would probably prefer a rubber strap and high luminosity (probably add tritium tubes).

  • Adrian Choo Cheng Yong

    Firstly, I believe there is no need for a helium escape valve. It adds to the cost while providing minimum function to 99% of users out there. In terms of function: 300m water resistance just to match the big boys Rolex and Omega. 120 click rotating bezel, the patented Formex Case Suspension system for shock absorbance, on the fly Divers extension on the bracelet, 40-42mm case diameter to allow it to double as a dresswatch (more on that later), best grade of lume material available. Material: Grade 5 Titanium for both case and bracelet, fully lumed ceramic bezel insert, sapphire glass. Style: A dressy diver would be great Eg: Slightly thinner bezel, cleaner dials (less words), 3o’clock crown.

  • drhrva

    Good lume and easily grasped bezel is necessary. Depth indicator would be great. Helium release valve is not really necessary.

  • Chris Davidson

    Would love to win this. Thank you! 🙂

  • SJ

    Wowza nice watch! Fingers crossed on the win!

  • dr.alexandris

    For a Formex dive watch, i would like to see the following: functional: day date, unidirectional bezel, high readibility and lume, material: stainless steel, titanium / and style standpoint: something bold like the helson shark diver like. I dont think a helium valve is of any value.
    Thank you very much for adding me in the giveaway.

  • Fearless_fx

    I think the brightest lume possible would be the best feature. Also helium release has no use to me since I don’t dive.

  • Brad

    Easy to read and durable are important to me. Release valve not so much.

  • Nate White

    A formex dive watch? Nice. I still can’t find one that fits my desires, so here goes: 47-48mm and not more than 14mm tall; curved luges so it hugs the wrist; hardened, scratch resistant titanium; less bezel/more mildly domed sapphire crystal (I love big crystals and don’t love wide bezels); a power reserve is nice; an instrument-like dia, with wide, thick hands (I like zrc grand fonds oversized hands for legibility); and loads of lume, with an eye more toward long life over initial brightness. And hex screwed strap bars….now let’s jump! ?

  • Jose Felipe Garcia Vivanco

    I would like to see all in iron with some inserts of carbon with luminor for the finishing. Also some composing with seriousness about being a diver watch but with classy suit fit.

  • Utku Caglayan

    I would love to see a smaller case without a helium escape valve. It would be awesome

  • Martin Chiu

    How about a vintage inspired 38-40mm diameter for those with small wrists. Maximum lume, unidirectional bezel, Sapphire crystal

  • Andrei Mihaila

    There is a lack of small divers on the market. All divers have helium valve, 1000m water resistance and all types of gymnicks we don’t actually need. A small 38 mm diver inspired from old Tags 2000 with a combination of vintage Seiko would be a real winner. 90% of buyers do office desk diving and really use the watch in the water a few times per year in pool or seaside.

  • gtbr

    I’d like to see a titanium made with date time.

  • Joe in WI

    Personally, I prefer smaller cases; somewhere in the 38mm-40mm range, but this thing looks sweet. I have zero use for an HEV. I think a very high percentage of divers have zero use for an HEV. This very Superleggera would be a great basis for a dive watch! Jam an internal dive bezel in there, another crown to control the dive bezel, massive hands, and massive lume plots. Maybe throw some titanium bits on there too for a little bit less murdered-out look.

  • grandma 1

    perfect gift for my hubby. fingers crossed.

  • Danijel Tojagic

    I always prefer steel, if it is possible to install a depth gauge. big numbers, good lighting. that’s it

  • Dominic Cloutier

    Shark fins.

    And no

  • Claude Robert

    Looks like an ordinary watch at first and until one read all the details about it’s components and what this watch is designed for, making it essential for no other sport/passion that is skydiving.

    This watch also serve as “double edge sword” as it is also very fashionable for everyday use. .

  • Steve

    A dream dive watch should be 300m, 42mm w/o crown, ceramic bezel with pearl dot, brass case, royal blue dial with lume, helium is not necessary for me. The most important is swiss heart and swiss made.

  • Claude Robert

    Very fashionable with a purpose!

  • Max Attack

    I would like to see at least a minim a 200m capable watch at 40mm. It must have atomic lume I can read by at night. A 120 click dive bezel that has zero play and lines up properly with the dial markers, a ceramic insert that has atomic lume. A helium escape valve is not something I think is needed, and most often is just an eye sore. A watch does not have the following a heart or a soul, but should have a quality movement, ETA 2892 maybe. Stainless steel case, not brass or bronze.

  • Kevin Beard

    I like when they put lume into the bezel markers.

  • arthur gusowski

    Aside from the 200 meter water resistance i would like to see a fully graduated unidirectional bezel with the 15, 30, and 45 marks lumed. Other than that you cant go wrong with a stainless steel case with an crazy mount of lume and big numerals. As for the giveaway i cant jump out of a plane due to medial reasons. Beautiful watch though

  • James

    This is a cool watch. Does a skydiving adventure go with the giveaway???

  • Adam Moniz

    Nice to see this watch here. Excited to see who will win it!

  • Nick

    I would love to see the blue and red colour scheme common with luxury dive watches. Personally a helium release would not be useful to me.

  • Allen Ross

    I’d love to see it in 42mm and titanium case.

  • Yaakov List

    I would love a dive watch with a blue dial with contrasting hands in steel, very legible.

  • ijg projects

    Formex Watches are Ultra Cool and Tough as Nails!

  • Mike O

    40mm case with thickness not more than 14mm. 300 meters water resistant. Titanium case and bracelet. “On the fly” bracelet expansion not requiring tools. Additional rubber strap. Simple, indexed bezel. Chronometer certified. No HEV. Minute and seconds hands that touch the minutes/seconds track on the dial (if the track is applied/printed on the dial). Handset and indices proportionate to the dial. No “fauxtina.” Date function. Moderate sized, screw-down crown that can be operated with light gloves.

  • Michael Kopala

    Black is the perfect color for this watch. Very attractive and very functional. Add a NATO (i.e. ‘ a James Bond’) strap and you are good to go.

  • Alana LeSueur

    Great looking watch..I really like the size and design.

  • Kit W

    I’d very much like to see variants with a fully lumed bezel and option for a smaller and/or black pvd case in the upcoming diver’s range. I see very little purpose of a helium escape valve seeing that I’m not a professional diver. Thanks ABTW and Formex – truly unique design!

  • Dickson Chen

    It’s a cosy looking & stylish watch that I probably not only wear it to skydiving but also partying.

  • M. Rogers

    Definitely think a Formex dive watch would sell. Like someone else mentioned, tritium please! I have helium escape valves on a couple of my watches and even though I like the aesthetic it provides, the function itself does nothing for me.

  • Jonathan Hancock

    That is a cool looking watch. I really dig that dial!

  • whit.h

    First, thanks to abtw and Formex! I would also love to see some tritium tubes. I wish I saw them more and surprised they aren’t used more often. A 120 click bezel and around a 40-41mm case size would be ideal. I don’t think a hev is necessary but 300m rating would be great! A blacked out carbon case would also look awesome!

  • Frits van der Veer

    Very sexy design, will look great on my wrist 😉

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