GIVEAWAY: March LA.B AM3 Marron Watch

GIVEAWAY: March LA.B AM3 Marron Watch

GIVEAWAY: March LA.B AM3 Marron Watch Giveaways

Once again, March LA.B teams up with aBlogtoWatch to offer a beautiful watch as a giveaway item this September. This month you can enter for a chance to win the mechanical AM3 Marron Automatic watch. This is the 38mm wide version of the retro-styled round AM3 with the reddish/brown style case (hence the name "Marron" which is brown in French), and perforated real buffalo leather (with green lining). We like the copious amounts of detailing and green-colored font on the date disc. Inside the March LA.B AM3 is a Swiss ETA 2892 automatic movement with a custom rotor visible through the case back window. Retail price for this watch is $1,249. Enter for a chance to win this lovely watch below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you've signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment mention what you like more (with examples if you are up to it): watches with cases, bracelets, and dials that are the same color, or watches with contrasting color cases and dials.

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on September 30, 2013 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to March LA.B, the sponsor of the AM1 watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

What do you think?
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  • AndyWillinger

    I tend to like contrasting cases and dials- It adds a lot more interest.  Nothing Pops like my orange Doxa!

  • Eyfz

    I prefer Watches with several colors in the dial, I like having some contrast in my watches 🙂
    I also like watches with 2 tones in the bracelet itself. my best example is my seiko premier SNP004P1

  • YoniAlon

    Every watch needs a bit of contrast, colors are always fun. Think Rolex Sub Pepsi bezel

  • chrisyen

    Always love no lug design case
    Fit big n small wrist better
    The green see through case back is lovely… Well matching the strap as well!
    Wish to get one

  • tivo

    depends during weekday I love it a little more decent with a my steelwatch and with steel bracelet. On weekends and for sports I love wearing on of my “vintage” swatch watches from the nineties in various colours.

  • SeanOng

    I love contrast usually, in doses small or large, as long as they’re complementary.

  • FK81

    Great looking watch with a perfect amount of flair! The beautiful leather strap fits this watch perfectly and makes it just as sporty as I like it.  Could most definitely be my everyday piece! On watches on the sporty side I like slightly modern style watches with contrasting color cases and dials, as it makes it stand out a little more, and that´s allowed!  Classics dress watches however, should be just that, classic.

  • I have a Omega Speedmaster with a panda dial with a Cordura strap and I love the contrasting colours.

  • EranR

    Same, similar or contrasting – depends on the particular watch and design. Any option can look good if the designer does their job properly. I have a lovely FC with matching (not same, not contrasting) colors which looks great – gold & brown; i have a Shorokhoff with quite contrasting colors (baige, yellow, white and slate) that looks fab thanks to a designer that knows how to work with colors. I also have a couple of watches that are same color (one all metal and silver, the other almost entirely black) that also look great. So – no rules except “make it look good”!

  • yingyug

    I generally prefer contrast but the color scheme has to be appropriate. Black/white, brown/gold, etc. Contrast for the sake of shock factor isn’t really my taste.

  • Saddler_

    If a watch is grey or silver, contrast need not apply. Most everything else I like contrast with.

  • Grinnie Jax

    I do like bicolor watches

  • molecule

    I generally prefer contrast. Used to have a zenith rainbow diver chronograph with a mango colored dial. Loved it! Another example would be my tudor heritage chrono, especially when matched with the contrasting strap.

  • mesa13

    Cool watch . Understated and classy !

  • jangeboers

    Very nice watch! I like contrasting materials in a watch! A nice brown leather strap on a blue sunburst dial… Or a black strap on one of my vintage Seamasters with silver dials.

  • AtomicPanda21

    I like watches with nice clean lines – not too busy and distracting. There doesn’t always need to be a contrast between different parts of the watch, but it helps provide depth and helps differentiate the different parts of the watch. 
    Leather bands always make a watch look smarter, while metal bracelets are neutral. Coloured bands make a watch appear more casual.

  • orientsan

    I like blue and orange mixed in a watch, just like some Omegas. I love the March LA.B watch too 🙂

  • naftizin

    I like contrasting case/dial watches. It gives a better readability. Bracelets are really conservative, so I like straps – you change one and it feels like having a different watch 🙂

  • novacastrian

    I go for monochrome as much as possible. clean lines, classic simplicity.

  • frips1000

    i like clean watches not to busy and i prefer a leather strap i like when the watch is a clean color then have a small detail that pop out for example a white dial with black numbers and a small red marking somewear.

  • amorbavian

    In general I like the watch, bracelet etc. to be in same or similar colors. But occasionally, you see a beautiful design with contrasting colors like the Lapizta Audax that was recently reviewed here.

  • kapitanshaun

    I prefer watches that are designed conservatively. Thanks for the chance to win the March LA.B watch.

  • ChrisMcPetrie

    I enjoy a bit of contrast, I think one colour for the whole watch can be a bit much (ie all black ‘stealth watch’ or all gold watch).

  • All the same color/tone plus one contrasting feature – usually the dial – is my preferred formula.  For example, the classic Omega Speedy Pro, 3570.00.

  • edwin2000

    Something understated, simple with 2 colors at most. It should be wearable on most occasions, that only the discerning will recognise…The AM1 falls into this list, keep up the good work

  • imachucas

    I like both, conservative like my white stargate, and contrasting just like this Maroon from March LA.B

  • mariuspa

    Contrasting colors definitely… this watch looks great!

  • nickjorge

    I’m a fan of unique colorways, and even more so a fan of straps rather than bracelets. I’m not wild about all linde werdelin watches, but certain model’s, like the oktopus 2 ,(also, I forget the exact model and whether or not it is an okto, but I believe it was a rosegold with green textured dial) are very appealing due to the color scheme. As long as it is not to flashy contrasting colors is my preference. I’ve always found a rose gold case with a black dial and black or brown strap to be attractive. Panerai is one of my favorites, the rose gold/gold or a bronzo with different color dials on a strap is just so clean and slick. The patek nautilus with all of its different color schemes (although the case and bracelet are not contrasting) are lovely as well. And yet, although I’m not a major fan of bracelets and mono color schemes, certain rolex’s I have seen, but dont know the reference for, are lovely. I recall seeing a platinum band and case with a white face which I think they referred to as the albino; lovely watch.

  • Cosmograph

    This is a really classic looking piece with a great design.

  • I think the issue of contrasting dial vs case colour is related to whether the watch is sporty or not. For example, the iconic orange dial of a Doxa or a Orange monster is more appropriate to those watches than the silver dial vs white gold case of a AL&S.

  • Dan_N

    I love watches that have a casing that is a different colour that the dial of the watch. The TAG Heuer Carrera with a black dial, and the Panerai Submersible Bronzo are both two beautiful examples.This watch too is beautiful and timeless, (and if I didnt know better it could have been a unification of the Carrera with the finish of the Bronzo!). And the Marron even has a leater strap, which is a huge pluss.
    What a delicious giveaway!

  • chiker00

    I like watches with similar, complimentary colouring.

  • Patmore83

    I prefer contrasting dials and cases as apposed to sames colours and finishes, purely for the reason that it creates more of a visial impact and interest. The only watch that i like that is basically one colour is the Hublot Big Bang Black Magic ceramic. The way that the different surface finishes play in the light is awesome. But that is one watch versus a multitude of watches that have contrasting cases and dials that i love.

  • Oetang

    I prefer contrast when it comes to straps and watch case, even more so on dive watches with a bright orange strap. Otherwise it would be different for every watch I believe.

  • Gumball

    Personally there’s a time and place for both. You can have a versatile matching case/bracelet/dial RO 15400 (gold if you want to be versatile and show off), which will suit you in almost every situation, or you can go contrast case/dial for casual use, like a Seiko Monster, or a ROO Panda (I like AP). 
    In the end, to each his own. Just gimme that Audemars (;

  • LapYoda

    I love watches with contrasting cases, dials, and straps.  If the watch has a bracelet, the dial should have a contrasting color for some visual interest, as the single color for the case and strap (unless it’s two-tone, of course) can get monotonous if the dial is the same color as well.  When on a strap, I like a watch that has contrasting stitching that picks up a featured color in the dial or case.  And I especially like colorful dials or features on the case, too, like the Pepsi bezel on a Rolex GMT Master II, or the orange and black dial on the Oris Chronoris, or the blue bezel with orange numbers on the Omega Planet Ocean GMT.

  • ChrisCoteti

    I’m all for classic look watches and lately more and more into vintage/retro with a simple and classic look,leather strap it’s a must,sometimes thin case they used to do them back in the 60-70’s(longines,doxa etc).this watch falls into that category especially with its case shape and the markers on the dial..on top of that the green color of the movement or the see through glass it’s of that era too.This piece wouldbe a nice addition to my collection.

  • Ej214

    I generally prefer watches with contrasting colours (and preferably also textures) but there should definitely be space in a balanced collection for one or two pieces which are as simple and understated as possible. Two very classic watches which use minimal contrast are the rolex datejust in steel with a white face and the rolex daydate in yellow gold with a gold face – subtle, yes, but by no means boring watches.

  • ThomasTJ

    I love when you can get a choice of colour contrasted bezel. It’s currently available on a few boutique divers.

  • Sotirios

    Contrasting colours for sure. I have a Magrette Moana Pacific Professional with a rose gold case and grey face. Looks great!

  • aslogar

    Contrasting colors is most pleasing to me.  I have a LumTec M6 that is a good example.

  • wajih

    Watches with no lugs always strike me more. Colors scheming depends on how they compliment each other. I personally prefer watches having contrasting colors.


    I like simple watches. This watch is really simple and green color is awesome!!! hidden lug design, crown position at 4o clock.. wonderful

  • NagyDavid

    I prefer contrasting dials and straps. So on a steel watch the dial should be black or some dark color, and the strap should either match to the dial or be some popping color like orange or red. Right now im wearing a steel dive watch with black dial and bezel on a red nato strap and it looks awesome, its a simple accesorie but it can give so much to an outfit. Since we are talking about March LA.B I would like to encourage you guys to do something with the wild colors of the AAR Cuda, im thinking of the sassy grass green and the vitamin c orange, i love those colors, i would love to see them on a dial or a strap, maybe with pvd black case to remind us more to the matte black glassfiber hoods.  I could go on, musclecars and watches are two loves colliding for me, wish i could afford any of them 😀

  • dogdoc89

    I like watches with dials and bands that complement each other.

  • Envino

    I haven’t seen watch like this before. The green display back is really eye-catching. I would definitely purchase an awesome watch like this one with contrasting colors

  • vferrava

    I like this watch. Not a fan of mixed metals, Rolex date just, Cartier tank, etc. however mixed materials like steel and liquid metal can be interesting.

  • JamesSemaj

    I like watches with the same color theme.

  • Kar Wai Law

    I have no particular preference on what works and what doesn’t. Most of the time I just put on a watch and if it feels and look right, it’s deal half done. That said, I quite like the idea of a Sub in rubber/silicon strap or a fatstrap. Variety is great this way.

  • xyzzeal

    Watches with the same constant theme suits me best.

  • orzano12

    I love a steel case, on black, on black. Watches with different color dials you can really mix and match different kind of bands.

  • Ulysses31

    If it’s a metal case and bracelet, I prefer similar colours but different finishes.

  • tlu

    I like quite uniform watches or bi-coloured watches, like the Omega Speedmaster Pro or a classical Rolex.

  • fabala

    Hi everybody,
    Nice watch. I like rose gold watches with brown dial and Havana strap. I think it’s for me, with rose gold hands, the best combination.
    But more simply I like diver on NATO cause they are like Barbies you can often change the look.
    French guy from Martinique

  • Bob Sebastian

    Most of my watches are contrasting themes, an extreme example being my vintage Tissot Sottsass with red leather strap and two-tone gold and brushed steel case. But I also have and appreciate more understated pieces such as my Dunhill Facet with all stainless construction and silver face.

  • ianjoyce

    I favor watches that feature contrasts between case and dial, or case and strap or bracelet.

  • jasontstong

    I love watches that have an open case back. I just love watching all the parts ticking along to make the watch work. It’s like being able to see the heart of the watch and be able to hear the heartbeat.

  • luciendc

    I’d have to say that I am a fan of watches with continuity in the given color scheme. A different colored dial is nice for contrast, but not in a audaciously clashing color.

  • nealdives

    Really like the look of this watch. Has a nice classic look and nice choice of colors. Also love watches with display backs. Nice watch.

  • Love this one, the contrasting way! Green exhibition case back? YES!

  • OmniRak

    I generally want some color contras in the watch I’m
    wearing.It’s why I tend toward the
    darker dial colors for steel, W. Gold and Platinum type cases.I’m also one who doesn’t want the bezel to
    exactly match the dial face perfectly in color, yet I do like them to be relatively
    close unless the case is red or yellow gold.It’s why I like the modern ceramic version of the Planet Ocean watches
    with a grayish black bezel instead of the orange or liquid metal blue
    bezels.The grayish black is just slightly
    different to the black face of the watch.Oddly enough on the unconservative side of thing I do like two tone Gold/Steel
    watches.Especially if they have the
    right shade of blue dial that I like.It had been a long time since I saw a watch like this that I liked…well
    up until now.I just LOVE the new two
    tone Patek Nautilus 5980 chrono that was introduced at Baselworld this year. I know, a bit loud and gaudy but it has that
    perfect shade of blue dial I like. If I could buy it, I would definitely do so and wear it.

  • Snoprojman

    Awesome giveaway yet again! I prefer contrast with the straps, usually going with a color or the opposite tone band than the dial or the case. Given that, I generally love monochromatic watches that go incognito on your wrist!

  • MathieuRobert

    I prefer watches with contrasting color band/case/dial/strap, as long as it stop at 3.

    If it’s in all metal, I like when the dial is in another color than the case/band but I don’t like 50/50, left/right, dual-color band. I like having “inlay” ( like Nixon Rotolog, which I own ) or  2 borders, which is similar to having a colored stitching on a black strap, or 2 fine lines in 1 color and 3 in another one, which is similar to dual-color nato strap. ( i like these straps )

    If it’s one with a strap, like this one, I prefer having 1 color for the dial and strap & another one for the case and decorative elements/markers, because the last 3 elements pop-out. I like the green date and that it’s also used for the strap stitching. I like colored/white stitching on black strap but not on any other colored strap.
    But on watches like the Ka La, it doesn’t matter as much if the band/dial/strap are in one color since the lugs already pop-out so much ( in a good way ) & I prefer the black dial.

    Another example : Recently I bought a LED watch  that have a black dial and leather strap & silver case and a dot in the middle. I could have chosen a all silver or black, in SS, but nothing pop-out when the lights are off. ( I might buy a nato black/blue straps since the LED’s are blue )

  • JacobFeldman

    I would love one of these, looks like a great watch.

  • falon

    I prefer different colors like a Pepsi red/blue. All black watches are a fad.

  • paigemont

    I like both, but generally prefer the band/dial/etc to have some kind of subdued contrast.  That’s vague, but it’s tough to make really general statements like this.

  • hab72

    I like watches that have a slight different colour theme

  • webmichl

    I prefer both styles – in my collection there are two all-black-Fortis just beside some colorful Seikos and other brands. The design itself is the main point in my eyes – no matter if there are only one color ore five…

  • manivelle

    Steelers fans go for black and gold.

  • Trythisonyourpiano

    I tend to prefer watches with a slight contrast between the elements.

  • Sherif

    Another great giveaway. Thanks Ariel!

  • bnabod

    this one i really would not mind owning 🙂
    vintage look in modern body, very nice

  • stevenkelby

    I like this more than any other giveaway this year, thanks for the chance!
    I definitely prefer watches with matching cases, bezels, bracelets, and dials, but not necessarily in the same color, as long as the style and finish is the same.
    Too many different colors or finishes can make the watch look too DIY so I do like the homogeneous look of a watch with all parts in the same color and style.

  • DamianGentry

    I love understated watches. Matching straps and dials or case and dial are killer. All three though seem like your trying too hard. All black stealth watches with unreadable numerals? No thank you.

  • ammarmon

    I prefer watches that are unique. Contrasting styles or unexpected details. That being said, I also love the monochromatic look on some watches.

  • RobertSch

    The contrast between the three make it easier to read, and in many ways more interesting.

  • ilovesandwiches

    Super classy while still being unique.  40mm is my perfect size!

  • Dharmik Mehta

    what i love most about this watch is it color which i very unique and the chassis  i hope i win this watch i always want something special in my wrist,thank you for doing this giveaway

  • johnro6659

    I don’t have a March LA.B in my collection I would love to ass one especially if it was won in a contest! 
    I like large watches and watches that are out of the ordinary. I am not a fan of cookie cutter designs, the more original the watch the more I am likely to purchase the watch. I really like the March LA.B designs they are on the verge of classic but with a taste of originality.  As far as watch straps or bracelets I don’t have a favorite but I would not own a NATO strap at all they look cheap and cheesy! Nothing like putting on a piece of nylon to make your Rolex or IWC look like it was bought at Wal*Mart.

  • mikesnow

    Great looking watch…   I used to definitely prefer solid color schemes, such as most of the Rolex lineup, and I guess most dive watches for that matter usually in full stainless steel.   After owning several watches of this variety, (Seiko, Victorinox) I am now much more interested with watches with at least a tiny amount of ‘pop’.   Examples could be as subtle as the new Dark Side of the Moon, with just the tiny bit of red font on black, which serves to set the whole watch off for me.   I do really like the new Tudors on Nato straps with patterns very coordinated.   So I guess I have my limits, but if the colors are chosen well then I really do enjoy it.   I think the next watch I pick up will hopefully have some color, as I am growing bored of full stainless these days.   Thanks Ariel.

  • brava

    Two of my favourite watches, one vintage and one modern are the Universal Genève Polerouter and the Omega Hour Vision. Both of these make wonderful use of light and dark on their dials.
    I think this answers the question.

  • ZL

    That looks like a really phat watch. Monochrome or contrasting colors? Man, that’s really going to be a case by case decision. For example, I have a Tag Heuer Carrera that I love to death with steel case and bracelet and a white dial, so essentially no color contrast. Just the arrow tip of the GMT hand is a kind of a turquoise. It’s great. Contrasting colors seem to be more common, and there’s a lot more possibilities with even two colors, but must be an artistic choice made with taste and restraint. I guess, if I had to say one or the other, lately I am attracted to more watches with contrasting colors, as I’ve been looking for something more bold and sporty Example: Oris Williams F-1 (the Chronograph maybe), with black and silver dial and this really cool blue for the numbers. Check it out. But in the mean time, I might just buy a monochrome g-shock of a bright color to tide me over.

  • Oelholm

    I do like a bit of contrast – if there isn’t any, the dial gets a bit lost, I think. However, on some jewelry-like watches (mostly ladies watches) this can be a good thing, as it makes for a better piece of fashion jewelry. However, on regular watches, I, like mentioned, prefer contrast. Take for instance the various Speedmaster models. The ones with light metallic cases and silver/white dial seem a bit gutless compared to the more classic variants.

  • joel f

    I have a Lum-Tec M-17, which is black on black, on a black bracelet.  While I still like the watch, I find I prefer the high-contrast of a white face with dark or gold case, like the IWC Portuguese Chrono.  The AM 1 Marron is a handsome watch with just enough contrast to make it eye-catching.

  • AtotheG

    I like my watches to have a little pizzazz one way or another.  Contrast is great, as long as it isn’t garish.  I’ve never much liked two-toned bracelets.  The perfect level of contrast for me would be that of a Milgauss (the one with the green tinted crystal).  And my favorite monochrome watch of the moment is Journe’s Chronometre Bleu (although some could argue that it is contrast-y, I suppose).  BTW, I only enter the giveaways when I genuinely like the watch and know I’d wear it.  I really like this one.  I’ve seen March LA.B watches at Barney’s here in Los Angeles.  In fact, I got my sister-in-law to buy one for her son as a graduation present two years ago.  I love the green in this model.  Like wearing a Milgauss upside-down.  The green date indicator is great.

  • olliesanderson

    It’s a toughy.
    I have a small, varying collection, and I tend to like both really. 
    I know that’s a bit of a non-answer, but as well as choosing interesting and quality timepieces, I like to have a watch for every occasion.


    I just went to the March LA.B. website and took a look at the March LA.B.AM1 and AM3 watches.  Very sylish and elegant.  Very nice look but I didn’t really associate the look to a muscle car.  Regarding your question, I like watches with cases, bracelets, and dials that are the same color AND watches with contrasting color cases and dials.  Some examples, I own a Tissot Seastar 1000 Chronograph that has a contrasting color case and dial, in my opinion, and I own a Tissot T-Trend Couturier white dial and white and silver hands with SS case and SS bracelet.  I also really like the look of a black dial watch with a brown strap.  I am a person who likes variety and the occasion determines the choice.  Something formal and it is less contrasting colors on the dial, case, bracelet.  Something more casual requires more contracting colors on the dial, case, and bracelet.  For the purpose of answering your question though, my preference is the contrasting colors on the dial, case, and bracelet because I think it draws more attention to the watch.

  • sjoconn

    It is a tough call. For bracelets I think I prefer that the bracelet match the case. I don’t much care for 2-toned bracelets, however I have seen some nice ones that mix polished links with brushed links. As for the dial I like something that is easy to read and “goes with” the rest of the watch.

  • mozjo33

    Absolutely beautiful! I prefer a little contrast. What I don’t like are colors that are so bold it takes away from the watch itself. Al little contrast goes a long way.

  • pdij

    A great looking watch! I think variety in watch design is good – tasteful color contrast works well in many watches  – especially if the strap is matched to the dial or the case. I like white dials on formal watches and colored dials on divers.

  • Fraser Petrick

    If the March LA.B is, as advertised, for the Muscle Car set, then, as a former owner of a 1972 Datsun 510, I’m your man. If, as advertised, it is predestined as a staple for the fast and fashionable man, then, eat my dust, Vin Diesel, and I never wear white after Labor Day, Piers Brosnan. Clearly, the March LA.B was made for me.

  • MenachemSelent

    I don’t particularly like watches that have all the colors matched. Even on the iconic B&R BR01/03 I think the steel case looks better – it just pops a little more. I’m not a big fan of PVD or DLC – both scratch. I think that’s a bad solution in order to achieve a solid color look. I think contrasting colors are always a plus but dial design is where the magic really happens. If you have an awesome dial it doesn’t matter if the case/bracelet are high polished brushed or you have a standard leather strap/croco/contrast stitching etc. Awesome dials make awesome watches and the converse is also true – bad dials make unpleasing watches. The LA.B AM1 Marron has a nice case design and a clean dial making it classic but still standing out from the crowd. Job well done.

  • DivideByGyro

    I love having contrasting colors on my watch so I can accessorize things (tie, shirt, socks) to match the watch and be a bit more bold when I’m out and about! As long as they’re not bold, I often find myself buying watches that match my skin tone and use the other materials to guide the rest of my wardrobe.

  • Tank

    I really admire March LA.B watches and their designs and the fact that they are inspired in muscle cars, another of my passions.
    For a more formal wear watch I’d prefer a more discreet watch, if any contrast, it must be of the same color, just different tones. 
    For informal wear, depending on the occasion and clothes I’m wearing, I could go for some contrast, but without highlighted or neon colors, I prefer people looking at my face rather than my watch while talking to me.
    On the other hand there are informal watches that are without color contrast and are really good looking too, mainly built with silicone/pu/plastic, but personally, these usually stand out too much for my liking.
    Congratulations and thank you March LA.B and ABTW for your great contribution!

  • jsementi

    Has to be contrasting color, but there is a fine line to it. I want a watch to grab a little attention, but it shouldn’t be gaudy.

  • jmjones29

    It always depends on the style, t works both ways (and all ways)

  • wilson_smyth

    Very original, nice to see something creative.

  • tobygilles

    This is lovely. March LA.B are doing some good stuff at the moment! I tend to want a level of contrast between dial and watch case – silver dials on steel cases/champagne dials on gold cases aren’t really for me. That said I do quite like some of the dark-on-dark watches that are around at the moment – so I guess it’s mostly to do with the particular watch!

  • KvksKumar

    I like watch with a single color or the ones that look more decent, those that look elagant

  • medaze

    Definitely a unique look, I really like the green date wheel

  • ntawakk1

    Firstly, a March Lab watch will one day be in my collection whether through this or via a purchase, such great design. I prefer a watch with one unified/major color scheme but do appreciate when the seconds hand or strap complement the design with a different color

  • rogerdude

    I tend to think that some contrast is needed. But this one is pretty too.

  • Phillyfilm

    My first watch-love was the black-on-black-on-black Swatch GB105.  Every single part of it was black–band, case, face, numbers, hands.  It was awesome.  (Ironically, I got that watch in exchange when I returned the wildly-colored GJ700 I got as a gift from my then girlfriend.  She understood.) Since then I’ve come to appreciate watches as a whole, and I have to say that I don’t prefer all-matching over contrasting, or vise versa.  Watches are too unique to pigeonhole like that.

  • azrml

    It depends on the watch.  sometimes contrast works,  and sometimes it doesn’t.

  • Love the green transparent back and the green date. A bit small for my personal taste at only 40 mm…

  • BrianSchiele

    I like contrast…  Black face, white numbers for example…

  • joshuasaji123

    I like a snazzy bright contrast watch bracelet and multifunction dial and a sexy looking front face and most of all a multifunctional watch

  • larrybarry

    Really depends on the style of the watch to me. My personal favorite watch right now would be the Tag Monaco, with the blue face and a blue leather strap. Then my JLC Master has only one blue accent (the second hand) which at first I thought I wouldn’t like, but have grown to enjoy very much. Final thought? I will almost always go for a calmer watch, with very few colors, preferably a white or black face on a plain bracelet, or black or brown band. Though it can be nice to have one piece that’s different than the rest..

  • diwali84

    That green theme is beautiful man, a great French watch too!

  • pepecasas

    I do preffer watches that offer colored contrast details in the case and dial as well in brazelets or leather straps. The AM3 by LA.B is a perfect example of contrast, I really like this timepiece as it has the look of a vintage watch (1960 or there about) plus the modernity and thecnology of a very modern and very well done wrist watch. I would be a very happy man if I win. 
    Jose Casas

  • tresd

    I really like the green display back and the green date.  I like contrast on some watches.  A good example is the Reverso Sport with black face/white numbers on one side and white face/black numbers on the opposite dial.

  • robrm07

    I personally prefer a little contrast, like the colored barrel options on Bremont’s MBII line or the Pepsi bezel on the Rolex GMT Master II… I think the little pop of green is a nice touch on the AM1 Marron. It would be a nice addition to my small stable.

  • Jetman89

    I personally like watches that are simplistic with contrasting colors.  Makes it easier to read.

  • diwali84

    Jetman89 “Less is more.” Dieter Rams, applies to watches too, right?

  • KumarMt

    i like the watch that can easy to see at dark place..

  • Jatlifefyre

    My preference is black dial, stainless case with large bezel and black leather step

  • asovo

    I love the retro-styled all over the watch, and March LA.B making fine looking watch too, the only problm is 40mm size are really too small for me.
    If they can make 42mm size I think its perfect, I will buy one, but if I can get if for free by this giveaway why not? Hahaha :p
    I hope March LA.B can make diver watch too. (I wish)

  • Jttuck

    It really depends on my mood, but more often than not I am drawn to watches with contrasting case/dial/bracelet.  On a side note I want to win this watch so bad.

  • Shawnnny

    Nice watch up there. I like both same color and contrasting color watches, as long as the case is not a two tone case. I don’t like that at all. I like an all gold case with a dark rich brown leather strap. There are many other combos that look good, as long as the case itself is one color.

  • CG

    I personally like contrasting colors in watch design ala motorsports type watches. The green is very pleasing much like my Chronoris and Milgauss.

  • PhilMaurer

    I like Contrasting in my Sport watches, but for a more dress watch I go Black/silver only.  My daily wear watches are a Sieko Diver (blue/red) and Omega Planet Ocean Chrono Orange/black.  For my dress black speedmaster, or vintage rolex sub.

  • btgxcell

    Besides black on black, contrasting colors are the way to go.

  • Niicolasukamto

    In my opinion, i love watches that have contrasting cases and dials like most of audemars piquet’s royal oak collection. Because it offers more interesting details. And unlike hublot tutty fruity collections, or sevenfriday’s p1 series. Or maybe konstantin chaykin’s levitas collection that ‘doesn’t even have a dial’

  • GStuck

    Ariel & Team – Thanks for another great looking give-a-way.  I like contrasting colors on a watch.  If done right, it can really enhance the look and aesthetics of the piece.  If you look at some of Bremont watches, they have contrast within the case itself, with a black barrel with stainless bezels and case backs.  Their MB2 line also has the contrasting orange, green, and gray case barrel options.

  • ripshop

    This is a sweet March Lab model, in fact, the exact one I’ve been eyeing & hope to own one day. These guys are March Lab are putting out an exceptional timepieces…they get it. As for cases& faces I generally go for contrasting unless it’s a cool black on black.

  • lloydpark

    thanks again for the opportunity to try to win a great watch
    Always been a fan of the green crystal on the rear rotor movement view, but I did not realise that the date indicator window was also in the same green, it is a very nice attention to detail by March LA.B.
    It is also always a pleasant treat when watchmakers decide on a less traditional case shape, in this case something between a tonneau, barrel and that of a cushion, in my opinion. ecclectic case shapes do a lot to create conversation and interest among the water cooler crowds in the corporate work environment. Likewise it never hurts the occasional interest from the ladies of the office who admire a keenly accessoried guy in the office.
    Thanks again, here’s looking to accessories in green, maybe someday soon.

  • jrwenn

    I tend to like contrasting colors for easier readability.

  • JMcTavish

    I love a good black faced watch on brown strap. its a classic look!

  • manuelz

    I generally prefer watches that have a limited color scheme on the dials with a steel case and bracelet but at the same time I like military style  watches with various colored NATO straps.

  • Iskandar Mirza

    I fell in love when the first time i saw this watch, i love the hourmarker very simple, this watch is so unique and the most important is the size 40mm is perfect for me. ETA movement is bonus.
    I admire this watch great job March LA.B.

  • squashyviscount

    I tend to like watches in 38 – 42 mm range, with stainless steel case and bracelet, but leather may be preferable in a dress watch.  I tend to like a relatively restrained dial and colour scheme, with a small flourish.  That said I also enjoy a bit of colour e.g. a Seiko Pogue.

  • jyotishswargari

    Nice to see a watch like…..when worn on my hands, I will be amazed, attracted to other eyes…. Such watch won by anyone be fond to fell glory, receiving watches as a gift is very much thankful……Hope u continue to post and won by many……
    i would follow the contrasting colors u admire ….and be fame….

  • sammychong

    I really like this watch, especially the small date and the off-centre crown. I usually like a watch with a colour theme on the case and dial, but I still really like a dial that contrasts, like the 38.5 blue dial Aqua Terra

  • dp45

    Depends on the watch really.  If it works, it works!  The Speedmaster Pro is just beautiful with the silver/black and contrasting white dial features.  Some of the Christopher Ward, even Tudor, chronographs look cool.  I’m even tempted by the Swatch Random Ghost!  Very different watches but work in their own unique way.
    The March Lab watch with the green accents is beautiful and a great example of how to use color in a non standard way.

  • jcarmack

    Every watch company started out with humble beginnings.  This is a beautiful watch and the quality is evident.  As time passes this company just like the big name brands in watches will gain notoriety and the brand will build over time.  I would love to add this beautiful time piece to my collection.  I see good things for this company now and in the future.

  • neurorolex

    excellent design,mechanical,ticks all the boxes,likely to impress.

  • I have watches with both matching and contrasting dials vis-a-vis the case (and bracelet in those cases). In general, I like matching tones more for elegant/formal/dress watches and enjoy contrasting tones for sportier or bolder watches. 
    I like the green exhibtion crystal on this AM1 as it is a hidden feature that only you know about unless you remove your watch and show it to others.

  • cmwiggen

    I have both contrasting and matching. I tend to wear matching more often during the work week and contrasting during the night/weekends.

  • ChunChanners

    I like matching such as the rolex submariner.

  • For me it really always depends on both the watch and my mood. And in reality, it is all about variety – I need to have variety with cases, dials and bracelets I have in my watches. One combination is good for a while, but it is always good to have the option to mix it up a bit – either with another watch or a strap.

  • Pocho

    I prefer black dial with brown strap and steel case

  • AJayHall62

    This is a beautiful watch. I like bracelet bands over leather because of how much I sweat. I like a nice contrast between the case hands and face.


    I prefer watches with bracelets of different material.  Some of the larger watches, like Sisu, do well with the same material as the lug width is almost as wide as the watch itself which is an awesome look.

  • spepmiller

    Like many, I match my watches to my mood and the occasion. A certain elegance and consistency of materials is usually my play for work related occasions. When I am on vacation (e.g., at the beach), I go bolder and more interesting. And some contrast and visual pop is usually my play on Friday and Saturday nights. Favorites are the classic Rolex Submariner look, my quirky d.m.h. for the week-end, a bright Nauticfish when I am near the water and a cool Panerai with an interesting strap for going on Friday and Saturday night. I really like the bracelet on the March LA.B Hunter watch and think that this Marron is an interesting retro play.

  • TJClifford

    Nice piece, I like the fact that its not following the herd

  • GregHall

    Love the retro look with the crown in the right place

  • bartmanhi

    Iperfer watches with contrasting color schemes between the cases and the dials.

  • MichaelHowlin

    Personally I like different colors I feel it makes the watch more versatile when wearing with different wardrobes.  The only exception is a true dress watch. For example, I have a Rado Sintra and its all black and it looks great when wearing a suit. On the other hand, I have a Citizen Eco Drive Blue Angels Edition chronograph with titanium, blue and yellow.  It all depends on mood and dress.

  • MarkFD

    I prefer contrasting colors. I like retro look divers and pilot watches. The contract makes for better legibility.

  • MarkStorch

    I like a splash of color carried through the entire design.  In some cases, like a dive watch, the color could be carried through using a NATO strap that matches the face and, in others, sometimes a simple metal bracelet does more to make the color pop.  It depends very much on the individual design.  In the case of the AM1, I think carrying the green throughout the design in the date, the caseback and the strap is very successful and very attractive.

  • Whitesnake77

    depending on the type of watch contrasting and same colors for the dials and bracelets/straps work for me.
    example of same color – silver dial rolex datejust 2 with silver dial and stainless steel bracelet
    example of contrasting color – panerai with different color straps to fit change in mood or activity – going to beach versus wearing a suit to work.

  • estwest

    I prefer a consistent color scheme- black-silver-black, etc

  • ivan199800

    Love this watch the case and the dial is fine. And the crown is in perfect postion

  • basnobua

    I would have to say that contrast is a must for me, not to the point that it looks like a hamfisted frankenwatch, but enough that it achieves some level of style above the ubiquitous department store Japanese quartz beaters. I am tolerant of titanium cases on titanium bracelets, but Id rather see a SS case on a leather, suede, or nylon strap. Dials that contrast the case really are a must, it can be tied in with the bezel, as is often done with divers, but a single color is just a no-go for me. Typically minimalist style appeals to me, but the phantom watches just don’t, I suspect it is because they fail to meet my criteria for basic utility. 
    I actually quite like this watch, I like the front-to-back contrast. In addition to the green date I would have liked a green second hand, or a green marker at the 12 o’clock position.

  • drhrva

    This watch looks elegant and put together really well. The date font’s green seems that it could be easily read but not screaming out to loud. I prefer watches that have parts colored complementing each other. In general they look more sleek. But elements that need to be contrasting are number markers and hands against the dial.

  • RichardFrye

    From my vintage Seiko 6138-0030 (Blue Dial, Steel Case, English Tan Racing Leather strap) to my Christopher Ward C20 Lido (Optic White Dial, Steel Case and Brown Alligator Strap), I prefer a contrast between the 3 watch elements of dial, case and strap.
    My Grail Watch is a new AP Royal Oak Extra Thin with Blue Petite Tapisserie on Steel Case and Bracelet. However, my current Poor Man’s equivalent is a Vintage Omega Seamaster 120 from 1981 with Black Dial and Steel Case and Bracelet. (Again these both have differing Dial/Case/Bracelet color scheme).

  • Pugsley

    I like a bit if contrast in my watches, it helps with legibility while i’m working. That said i dont like too much contrast. The watch still has to flow nicely, with no one thing constantly grabbing attention other than the watch as a whole. My Tissot PRC-200 is my work watch and it sits nicely in my preferences with its Hirsch golfer band, silver case and black dial with white/yellow highlights. Easy to read in difficult conditions but doesnt overly stand out on the wrist.

  • I like contrast but it really depends on the watch.  With me I am more concerned w / the size of the watch. My optimum size is 41-43 but I would go a few mm bigger & 1 or 2 smaller. I’m not real big on monochromatic watches because I like contrast when looking at the time. Thank You for the chance….. do not hesitate to select my post….

  • GaryGrumble

    That’s hard to say since you have many watches for different occasions. Ie sometimes requiring something subdued like a quite dinner and sometimes something striking like when going out bar hopping or clubbing.

  • ericlikeseatin

    i think two different colors is probably the most i’d go for. e.g., same color dial and bracelet but different colored case. the important thing for me is the thoughtfulness behind the design!

  • jparks24

    I like a watch with a different color dial, case, and bracelet.

  • randomlogik

    Matching colour are nice, and especially work well with dark colours. But I make contrasting markers and hands to be a requirement for readability. Also the high contrast look usually fits in the with military inspired look I tend to go for.

  • halfacat1

    I find with steel bracelets, it is very important for things to match; however, with straps and especially natos, anything goes.

  • Contrasting colors today is the tendency; moreover when they goes into differentiating a time piece. A black background with metallic details and changing the case makes more dramatic the contrast, the view and inciting the customer.

  • German L

    i like the look of both. sometimes i like wearing my brushed case dive watch with a brushed bracelet and othertimes i prefer to slap on a khaki or green nato.

  • SecuringTheLead

    I like contrasting colors and or finishes. I think it helps to draw the eye to the various elements of the watch.

  • acknack56

    I would really enjoy wearing thisAM1 Marron Automatic watch  watch

  • kristroxell

    I like metal watch faces with leather bands.  I like the  contrast of the metal and leather.

  • br pk

    I like steel case watches with same color bracelet, and dial should be different color!!!
    I prefer black dial watches!!

  • tcr0

    Good question. My preference truly depends on the mood and attire. While I do like my phantom, I think that I generally prefer watches with contrasting color cases and dials. It keeps things interesting.

  • lionstan

    I like contrast, but it should be subtle.

  • DonovanT

    I would say that I like contrasting colors and materials done in a complimentary way.  It give a watch a more complex look.

  • drkajensen

    Generally, I prefer contrasting bracelets, dials, and cases because it improves legibility. But there are exceptions where a small contrast in the dial can make an otherwise uniform watch visually striking. For example, the Bremont ALT1-B and the Seiko Ananta Automatic 8R28 have subtle accents that improve legibility and offset the starkness of their bracelet, case, and dial.

  • drkajensen

    Generally, I prefer contrasting bracelets, dials, and cases because it improves legibility. But there are exceptions where a small contrast in the dial can make an otherwise uniform watch visually striking. For example, the Bremont ALT1-B and the Seiko Ananta Automatic 8R28 have subtle accents that improve legibility and offset the starkness of their bracelet, case, and dial.

  • wbilly

    Generally, contrasting colors look better and and mae the time easier to read.

  • pcmxa

    Overall. I would say I prefer contrast on the dial though a few watches successfully use shape to create contrast enough for legibility.
    I also prefer contrasting straps/bracelets with the case I like the way it emphasizes the watch head.

  • ChrisTiradoMX

    I agree, I like contrast, gives the watch character, but it should be subtle, so it integrates nicely with the overall design of the watch. I believe that visibility and wearability should not be sacrificed just because you want contrast to be introduced. This March LA.B design is a bit aggressive on the green contrast, but honestly looks fab! and doesn’t sacrifice function or form!

  • FreshTuna

    Contrast in my opinion is what brings life/emotion to a watch. Tends to be more polarizing though.

  • Evan59

    I agree that contrast, if done tastefully, can enhance the overall impact of the watch.

  • Sumanr1

    For me, only all black watches look great with no contrast – for example the Dark side of the Moon and my next watch purchase, the Steinhart Ocean 1 Black DLC. Black with colours looks good too – like the seiko monster with black case and orange dial – great combo. However, watches with steel cases and bracelets need a contrasting dial (i.e black or dark blue) – not a fan of white/grey dials – but I have very dark skin so perhaps I am biased – white dials look silly on me. Contrasting black dials and leather straps looks fantastic on rose/red/orange gold cases as well – very classy and I love that look – can’t imagine wearing a fully orange gold bracelet (unless I was a sheik from dubai – even then it would be a stretch). I would be fan of contrasting bracelets – like a black ceramic centre link in an SS bracelet would look pretty cool too.

  • Dan A

    I prefer contrast generally, particularly between the dial and hands.  For the case and dial, it depends on the style of the watch, pilot style watches I think generally look better black on black, but only because there’s usually enough contrast between the dial and markings.

  • Oklahomaultrarunning

    Before I could answer , I had to find a watch I’d previously seen on ABlogtoWatch. I started with all articles, sifted through 185 pages of watches until I finally found it. The watch is the Vianney Halter ‘ Classic’ which has some contrasting features including the blue hands, and yellow gold screws. the process of firing the hand turns thems blue and looks exquisite .
    However, I also saw some pretty spectacular watches of non contrasting metals, which I’d also be happy to wear. As I mentioned I went through almost every article here , so I was surprised to see the Skagen 355 series, which is nonetheless a beautiful watch.
    As a runner, I mostly wear a digital Timex w GPS/ HR monitor,so this is a whole new experience for me to explore these watches. Thanks to Jim G of OKC for referring me to your blog.

  • Wassim

    The only time I’d think of a watch with same element colors is when it’s all black, I own a black Louis Erard 1931 that I love, otherwise I’d rather contrasting colors.

  • outspaced

    I do prefer contrasting watch. stainless case with black dials have always attracted me the most. As many mentioned black on black is the only combination. Other than that contrasting case and dial is much interesting and can build character to the watch. Currently in love with PAM538 limited edition wit the rose gold care with a blue dial.

  • Jimym3

    Contrasting color is ok as long as its kept to two tones, anything more for me hurts my eyes

  • Humanloop

    I’m all over the map, so it’s on a case by case basis (no pun intended). Great looking watch you’re giving away btw. Hope I’m lucky.

  • whyeshen

    Beautiful watches should not be too flashy, but should be subtle and sometimes go unnoticed. When scrutinised up close, it should leave a strong impression with its simplicity, class and beauty. It shouldn’t catch the eye because of it’s fancy colours, design and excessive size. Contrasting dial and hands (especially with quality luminescence) provide just enough that its subtly captivating. Luminescence turns me on (no pun intended).
    Okay basically I love all types of watches as long as they’re beautiful to me. I am just saying all of the above just to have a shot of winning the watch. Kthanxbai.

  • Neil C

    I love to have contrasting Dial and Strap. A Silver Dial with a black leather strap makes for the perfect Dress watch, whilst a  Black Dial on a Bracelet, such as an Omega Moonwatch, make for a great Sport watch.  These are the classic choices.
    The times I go for matchy-matchy would be say Silver on Silver, or Gold on Gold to portray a Heady whiff of 70’s Retro coolness.   Likewise all other matched colours are very now, whether Primaries, or a Black PVD watch on a Chunky Alligator Strap.

  • Stitches

    I prefer contrasting colors with the case and dial. And I really like this reddish/brown case.

  • biggish_burrito

    I tend to like watches with uniformity, same bracelet and case colors and typically a black faced watch. Contrasting colors are nice when they work with each other but as a rule, I typically buy matching things.

  • LordRandall

    It really depends on where I am going and what I am wearing.  If I am wearing a basic suit them I will go with a multi-tone watch.  I am wearing jeans with a multi-color, multi pattern shirt such as checks or stripes, then I prefer a uni-tone color watch.

  • TerryN

    I like watches with contrasting color cases and dials. An example is the RGM 160 Chronograph, It has a silver band, and silver dial but, it has a gold moon and blue for the hands and contrasting moon phase and black for the printing of the numbers stamped on the dial. The give away watch for the month is really sharp looking.

  • TomH26

    Love this watch. The green adds a touch of class. It is different yet classy, rich in detail yet uncrowded. I like watches with contrasting coloor and cases.

  • jroot

    I prefer matching colours, rather than contrast.  I had a brown strap on a black PVD watch for a while but it gave me heartburn…  Switched for a black rubber band and am now much happier.

  • danieltaylor4000

    love the slim line look with classy colour contrast. Finished with art deco handles and touch of green make this piece really stand out

  • Draeger

    For the most part I prefer uniformity in my watches especially between dial and strap. Thank you March L.AB and a ABTW for this opportunity.

  • korbindallis

    my all time favourite watch brand lots of style, well put together I’m so happy your doing this 🙂

    I like the 70’s style and nice touch of having a green 3 on the date indicator and the coloured see through back 
    best of luck to the one who get this think this would look good on the wife’s wrist 😀

    my email if you cant find it is below

  • sheared

    I prefer some contrast in the design.  In most cases I think that the case and dial should contrast and generally prefer the strap to match the dial.

  • radentze

    It realy depends of what i’m wearing, so it is nice when you can match colors, but if it is too hot outside, then bracelet is always a better solution.

  • sheared

    p.s. the photo says AM3 (as does the March La.b website) but the actual post says AM1…not sure which is correct.

  • CurtThompson

    nice giveaway.  I like the colored sapphire (or crystal) wish more brands did this.  I think maurice de mauriac does it well!

  • tmss

    I like a bit of contrast and wear a brown leather strap with my
    green-dialed Seiko Alpinist, for example. But it really depends on the
    dial. I think the AM3 above would look great with a variety of straps.

  • Untiss

    Very nice giveaway! Definitely attractive;
    I believe if you wear watches not just like a “timereminder”  you will try to make it more eye catching so a kind of contrast is required, no matter it contrast to your skin or case to strap etc. blank and white(steel) ) is timeless and I prefer this in my Omega speedmaster

  • justinkrol

    I’d say with watches on leather or cloth straps, contrast is nice; but with a metal bracelet it should match the case and finish of the actual watch.

  • GeoffW

    Having spent some time around classic American muscle cars I can see how this watch combines the classic style of the square speed gauge with the clean dial face and crisp hands and gunmetal indicators that cannot be beaten by modern vehicles. The leather strap nicely adds to the feel of the watch with its perforated leather being so reminiscent of the kinds of driving gloves worn by serious drivers of these cars back when they were not just for show. The offset winder is a great touch as it adds an edgy feel that so many vintage muscle car designers and owners need in their vehicles to make them feel just right. I wear an Omega Seamaster because of its look, fit for purpose and well-built, and because it was the watch my father chose when he was a young man. I have it on a black leather strap that, I think, really

  • I think variety is the spice of life and like watches with contrast as much as ones which match. I love the details of this watch.

  • scoobywoods

    I like a variety of watches but generally err to the diver. Christopher Ward C60 GMT and Seiko SSC019P1 are the current divers, the CW on leather which doesn’t last for more than 5/6 months before falling apart, bracelet calling I think. For dress style I have the CW C9 Harrison which has a nice clean face like the AM1 does, I prefer the crown in the 4 o’clock position though, as on occasion I find it can dig into the wrist at 3.

  • berniesiao

    I prefer contrasting straps and cases.

  • WatchWatcher

    This is a great looking watch.  It has enough contrast in case and dial to make it interesting.  The splash of green for the date complication and the crown at 4 o’clock are nice design touches.  I generally like watches that have certain amount of contrast in finish and design as after all watches these days are as much a fashion accessory as they are a timepiece.  For instance the Paul Picot Firshire Regulator uses the interesting tonneau shape and differing colour combinations to good effect.  The EXTactico Diver uses design and colour contrast to create a diving watch that is a cut about the rest, especially as diving watches can be so yawningly similar. The John Isaac One Multicolour creates a lovely palette of coloured numbers on a contrasting black dial that is eye catching.  There’s so much more to life than just a boring dress watch.

  • Very sharp watch. I’m not made of money so prefer a watch that can be worn in several settings. Contrasting colors with cases and dials limit the occasions it can be worn. That being said… there must be a contrast between the hands, hour marks and the dial to set it off. My personal favorite is the contrast between the outside of the band and the inside lining. No one may notice it but you, but it’s sure fun knowing it’s there

  • PaulHeuer

    Some contrast for me please! Dial and strap can be the same colour, but some contrast on case material and hands can still be done in an understated way. Not a fan of ‘stealth’ though. In this case the green date and underside of the strap is that little bit extra, the “olive in the martini”! Love it.

  • desben

    I much prefer when there is a strong contrast between the dial and case. And the hands should contrast nicely with the dial. Military watches being the best in this area: black dial, white markers, white hands, stainless case: perfection. A watch is an instrument and it should look like one; legibility is essential.

  • armidoro

    I like contrast, I have three Bell & Ross’ and they are all contrasting.
    However the blue and green ceramic models with the same colours looks awesome too!!!!

  • brianmazanec

    I like both, depending on my mood at the time.  Sometimes it is nice to have a simple non-contrasting watch (I have a military-style diver– Prometheus Jellyfish in white– that fits this bill).  But often I like some contrast with colors and different metals, etc.  Adds a little sophistication. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • It’s a good idea to have both options, monochromatic and contrasts. What would really make you stand out in the current market is the ability of replacing the vital movement parts that require lubrication by materials that don’t, also implementing self sustainable movements such as solar and kinetic movements for a “entry level” series. All that without affecting your retro design would mean a fantastic new product in the market that is saturated with meaningless pieces.

  • I like a watch with contrast, specifically panda or, as Ariel coined, Yemen style watches. Good luck to all!

  • Motzen

    For watches with leather straps I prefer colors contrasting to the case, but preferably colors that somehow match elements of the watchface. For watches with steel bracelets I prefer the bracelet and case to be the same color.

  • nachiketayadav

    i like braclet noy leather and contrasting colors, i also like totallly shiny blue or silver watches

  • erikdy

    Oh, how I would love to win this month…happy birthday to me…
    In general, I prefer contrasting colors.

  • Kwasi Fredua

    I like watches with a little contrast on the dial and the strap. Red detailing on the dial with red contrast stiching on the leather strap of  a watch always gives it this sporty edge and i just like that.

  • mauritz45

    good looking watch in a practical size. the browns-bronzes are handsome case colors  that contrast nicely with the black dial

  • FalconerInd

    Nice watch , noy my usual but still, i normaly prefer all same color, with a preference for all steel including the bracelet. although i have a few more colorful options 🙂


    I like contrasting faces and brackets. My dislike of a leather band cost me $500 recently to replace a leather band with a braclet on one of my favorites watches.

  • charlesnevers

    Well, I like mostly steel case watches, but no matter with dial color combinations. 
    Anyway my preferences go for black, white and blue in this sequence.
    By the way, nice watch. I like case desing, hands and the crown at four.

  • dkbruin

    I favor contrasting dials, cases, and straps for the depth and complexity it adds to the watch.  With very few exceptions (e.g. Rolex), I am struggling to think of a watch and brand that does monochromatic watches that aren’t just fashion watches.

  • Thierry

    I don’t like watches which look like a Christmas Tree, or with too many contrast. Reason why I don’t really get into Luminox watches… 
    But with the exception of Swatch, because it’s part of the fun, I’m more into “same color” watches. I like dark dials, black or dark grey.
    The green window on the giveaway watch looks really nice.

  • DanielCabalRamirez

    Color contrasts are okay so long as they are not too sharp. I prefer my watches to have just two colors at least. Monochromes are just boring.

  • JamesTan

    Nice vintage accent with a modern touch

  • temfyg

    I like contrasting colors that give a nice playful feeling.

  • carolyn h

    I like the case, hands, and bracelet to match but with the face a different color, a la Omega Ladymatic.
    Or I like an accent color (usually on the face) that matches a strap in color and everything else is low key.

  • benny801

    Watches with the same color, mainly black, are the better looking, for example the Omega Speedmaster “Dark Side Of The Moon” is all black and, in my opinion, it’s the best looking Speedmaster out there.

  • ddowns333

    LOVE IT, gotta have one !!! Beautiful build and design…

  • Duchead

    This March LA.B Marron is a beautiful watch – I really like the case color.  Normally I prefer the case and bracelet to have the same color with a contrasting dial.  However some watches, like the Marron, look great with the case and strap in different colors.  If I ever get around to getting an aviator, I really like the models with a brushed case, black dial and brown leather strap.

  • Twinbarrel

    While checking out the collections on its website the style of this watch explained itself more. The idea I get behind the designs are very americana and sexy to the point it provokes a sensual lust for subtle approach where time is not really essential for a brief moment. As such, my attraction to this watch isn’t mere monogamous within the collections but leaves me with desire for more after seeing the other designs. The colour combinations are carefully put together, just boisterous enough for being asked if you know what time it is or if you have a little time 😉
    Who wouldn’t want to try on this watch?

  • go2garcia

    This Marron is a nice throwback to dial and case designs of 4 or 5 decades ago.  There is a bit of that old ‘Jetsons’ TV-screen look to this case, but it’s nicely counterbalanced by the (also old-school looking) minimalist, perfectly round dial.  I’ve found I prefer wristwatches with contrasting faces, cases, and bracelets.  Whether the bracelet is a multi-color NATO strap, or stainless steel, or any color leather – or whether the dial is colored or just plain white – I just like to see the interplay between different colors across the face, case, and strap.

  • NWP

    That is one beautiful watch, thank you for the opportunity to win it. I much prefer cases and bracelets that match with contrasting dials. For example any stainless steel case and bracelet with a black dial.

  • Wagawa

    This watch would match my Father in Laws classic Firebird. I would love to match that car. In case nobody realized it yet, I’m a fan of contrast in watches. No more than 2 primary colors tho excluding hands and markers. Gonna get hate, but the zenith tri-colored doesn’t do it for me.

  • damdam

    Beautiful watch! I prefer watches with a few different colors. Not too many and in a nice combination. At least the face should have a different color than the rest of the watch.
    Good luck everyone

  • LordotU

    Watch with very contrasting details – for summer, like monocolors watch – for winter.

  • DanFrost

    I depends on the watch, but generally I like matching color schemes over high contrast. This watch looks very stylish and I would love to wear it.

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  • Fraser Petrick

    LordRandall “Oh where ha’ you been Lord Randall, my son, oh where ha’ you been? I been to the wild wood…” Not the Lord Randall?

  • sgerard

    For me it goes the same with clothing. More contrasting/bright for spring/summer or sunny days and more monocolor/complimentary for fall/winter and darker days or nights.

  • Smudger

    Generally I prefer contrasting watches with either leather or NATO bands. With the right case, it allows for more flexibility and can change the style of a watch easily.

  • BlackMastedGhostShip

    Wonderful timepiece!
    I personally prefer dials that are the same color as the case… 
    Old school, I guess 😉

  • Contrast, contrast, contrast — I want my pretty accessories to stand out.

  • CBM

    Watches with contrasting colors are more vibrant IMO/

  • ericmarcos

    Great timepiece this March LA.B AM1!! Beautiful! 
    Also love the combination on the new Tudor Fastrider Black Shield! Specialy the black and brown one with alcantara leather!

  • Mattothepeerless

    I’d love to add this to my collection! Love the green contrast

  • dbakiva

    Some interesting touches to this watch. As for contrast, there should be enough to provide easy legibility. I find the black on black on black designs to be ridiculous and contrary to what I think a watch should make easy for its wearer: telling the time. Good contrast and a little zazz are what I prefer.

  • NoleenELT

    I like watches with various colors, but looking at my collection, it seems that the watches that I actually shell out money for tend to have stainless steel cases with black dials and just a hint of color. I do have a few with funky colored straps though.

  • peetee3

    Tough question…I guess it depends on the situation.  For a dress watch I prefer the same suit like an A. Lange & Sohne.  Or maybe a Hamilton Jazzmaster for a more affordable choice.  Classy with a suit.  For casual I love the contrasting elements.  My favorite contrasting guy with funky elements is Alan Silberstein.  He is great at contrast with artistic features.  All in all I would prefer contrast to the solid color.  I like my watch to be noticed, not blended into the background.

  • stonedatabase

    I think the spice of life is contrast. In fact, I’d be hard-pressed to think of a watch that doesn’t incorporate contrast in at least some way.

  • punzyk

    Contrast can be a wonderful thing if executed right. Personally I prefer more subdued pairings but with little bits of contrast that make the design really interesting. This contrast doesn’t necessarily have to come in the form of color, but can be done with shapes and textures as well. For instance, brushed and polished combinations can work really well.

  • Jackmoo

    Love the green. Love the brand. Definitely need some colour in my life!!

  • jhanlon475

    I love the color of the case. It looks good with the black face. The green in the date window makes it a bit more casual/sporty looking. What makes it cool is that the green then carries through to the case back and the underside of the strap. Very nice details. And if you’re going to have a contrasting color, I like the green. Same reason I like the Rolex Milgauss with the green crystal.

  • NickoT

    Recently become a big fan of March LA.B, I like watches that look a little bit different and have a unique style.

  • roblloyd23

    I think it comes down to each watch.  I am not a fan of monotone watches (black markers on a black face in a black case with a black strap) but I prefer that the differences are complementary.

  • sixtysix

    I hadn’t really thought about this much but I have noticed that on black watch cases with black dials and straps I usually end up changing out the strap to a contrasting color.

  • stevej2001

    I prefer contrasting colors (within limits, of course)

  • Dan Baxter

    I wouldn’t like a completely monochromatic watch.  There has to be some contrasting colors.  I especially don’t understand the  current fascination with all black watch faces.  I need some contrast to be able to read the thing easily.

  • nmorse

    I prefer everything to be roughly the same color. Watches with light bands and cases but dark faces just seem odd to me. On the other hand, low contrast can also seem to pop out too much. The watch up for draw here is really nice because it is all roughly the same color (black, dark gray) but there is neither too much nor too little contrast.

  • mackbakker

    I prefer to have contrast on the face in order to more easily tell the time. Even if it’s just the hands that contrast with the face, I definitely like at least a little bit.

  • Absolutely stunning watch. I prefer watches that look serious and old school. The color doesn’t really matter but too many of them is distracting.

  • evander40

    I generally prefer contrasting colors and/or materials.  Those March LA.B watches are quite nice looking.

  • grahamd3

    Magnificent watch. I like contrast in a casual watch which is why my collection of watchstraps outpaces my watches by about three to one. Color and contrast brings out the personality of the watch and allows me to express my own style. I also appreciate watches that are complimentary in their colors, they allow for a more sophisticated and dressed up watch. When everything matches (monochromatic, hands, dial, case, band), it seems more like an accessory than a timepiece.

  • TyPhilips

    I like watches with contrasting dials or elements.  I have an LE Bell & Ross with Blue numbers which I absolutely love.  Unusual colors or color pairing in a watch face sometimes makes it more unique in my opinion compared to the sea of similar looking timepieces many people choose to wear.

  • Bengalman

    I prefer all stainless steel normal finishes but if the look is right I will grab it. Great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • ehansen42

    Definitely some contrast for me.  Both in the dial as well as strap/metal combinations.

  • cableman

    I like having some contrast. The case and the bracelet should match, but the dial needs to “pop up”. If there isn’t sufficient contrast watches lose their uniqueness. 
    Great giveaway, I hope I can win this time 🙂

  • AshleyPreston

    I definitely prefer a watch with some contrast between the elements, but it must be well balanced contrast, not just a clash of colors…

  • Alexthemonster

    I like some contrast between the face and the strap or case. a nice blue face with a silver case or strap looks very nice. (a la Submariner)

  • nilsalb

    I used to like contrast but then I saw a friend’s white on steel rolex and I think it looks fantastic!


    Recently getting into to different dial colors. Was usually about the plain black dial with maybe a white from time to time. Now seeking Orange, Yellow; is red next?

  • poetryor

    Great idea … personally i prefer blue dial on white cases .. its much more alive …. likeone of the the grand seiko …

  • EvanBrom

    Will this be my month? It is my bday month!

  • EvanBrom

    PS some contrast is needed.

  • theowtt

    Lately I’ve been looking at watches with stainless cases and bracelets with classic dial layouts with subtle color accents. If I could only get my hands on the Seiko 5 commemorative edition SARZ049, unfortunately I think its only available in Japan, so I got the SRP409K1 instead!

  • 1bigfish30

    I think you need have contrast between the hands and dial.  I prefer at least subtle contrast between indices and dial.

  • tchsiao

    Vote for contrast.

  • DanP

    I like a clean watch and a bit of contrast with the bracelet.

  • kennydeconinck

    I like some contrast now and then, in the summer for example. But i do
    prefer a white dial, black strap and SS case, a clean and classic look.
    This AM1 is gorgeous, great design.

  • cheolsu

    Contrast all the way. By choosing colours, materials and tones that compliment each other, it shows that thought has gone into the design. It also gives the eyes something more to look at.

  • IG16

    I do not like contrasting colours, prefer the same colour for an elegant look.

  • locorojo

    I love the subtle green contrast on the date disc and the pop of green on the back case window. Very well thought out design with a clean face. I have a chronograph Citizen that looks ‘complicated’ so a simple yet fashionable dress watch would be a nice addition.

  • GonzoSamaniego

    Definitely not an usual watch, that’s what I like about it. The case back is risky, but I somehow like it

  • ratchet

    I have some watched that have matching colours, and some that use contrasting; to be honest, I don’t have a preference.  I have watches on both sides that are frequently found on my wrist.

  • mikeymusic

    Great looking watch. Shape, size, colour everything works well together.

  • spsall

    I like the style of this watch. I like contrasting case, dial and strap. I’m currently wearing an older Swatch automatic.

  • MatthewHofbauer

    It depends on the color combination and watch style. I typically like black or rose gold cases with any number of face colors. I don’t care for metal bracelets, opting instead for leather and even then I like a variety of colors.

  • TinH

    If done properly, contrasting colors could win the deal!

  • Hacker4748

    I guess the colors must match visually. Thinking about it, I prefer watches that are of one color overall with some contrasty elements, say, markers on the dial, or the stitching on the strap.

  • Jmruppert300

    Contrast of the strap, case and dial can make a watch beautiful or absolutely gaudy. Many fashion brands use the same colour for the entire watch and I think that it makes the watch look cheap. I am sure there are examples where all one colour makes the watch look sharp, however I prefer contrast. A watch such as a Ball Fireman Storm Chaser looks very sharp, using several different colours to create contrast.

  • SeanDJ

    The success of contrasting or similar colours between the band, dial and case is really determined be the colours chosen that the extent of use.  Understated accents tend to be more successful from my standpoint.  These coloured features can also make it difficult to use the timepiece as a daily use watch as it can create poor contrasts to clothing.

  • sobrnola

    I really like when the face and hands contrast with each other. Mainly for readability but also aesthetics.

  • Kris C

    I like both. In sports watches, take G-shock – where the band, case, and design elements are all complimentary in colour. The execution is usually awesome. But then, think of a nice white metal case and maybe a blue dial with a brown-scale colour strap – lots of contrast there, but it just works so beautifully.

  • For the most part I like cases and dials that contrast, but aren’t drastically different.  For example; my Ball master engineer ii officer has a white dial and light orange numerals. The leather is a light brown; but it all flows nicely together.

  • JDurocher

    I like it when there are subtle similarities such as the bezel matching the strap. I can’t stand when the watch, face, and strap are all the same colour, all the fine details of a nice watch get muted that way.

  • mgoldbergliu

    Contrast is always important for me, but it can be as simple as white applied hour markers on a black face. Little accents are also a great place for color contrast, like the orange seconds-hand tip and seamaster logo on my Planet Ocean.

  • nmcan1306

    I like the style of this watch. I like contrasting case, dial and strap.  I really like when the face and hands contrast with each other. Mainly for readability but also aesthetics.

  • sdeyer

    Love contrasty looks.  The Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue is a great example.  When everything’s the same, it gets lost and all of those beautiful design elements become worthless.  I specifically chose my Christopher Ward Trident GMT because of the orange dots on the black face.

  • amarzban

    I really enjoy watches with contrasting components, they still need to complement each other, but it takes much more effort to design a contrasting watch that works than a plain design.

  • mattsh

    I tend to gravitate to PVD cases, so unless I want a stable full of black dials, I am going to have some contrasting colors.

  • Cmartin26

    This is a beautiful watch!

  • watchman323

    I like a little bit of contrast.  I like the contrast for ease to read.  I like the theme to be similar in color and with a little contrast.

  • UofASouthpaw

    Contrast is the way to go.  All-black, especially a flat black, can be really nice, but even then at least the hands need to have a contrast or it’s too hard to read.  I especially love rose or red gold cases.  I don’t normally like Breitling watches – I think their dials and cases are too busy – but I really like the Transocean Chrono GMT in red gold (.

  • DavidDrecktrah

    I’ll weigh in on the side of contrasting colors with the caveat of them being tasteful. Personally, I love the subtlety and elegance of a well thought-out color scheme.

  • AndrewBistak

    I  am going to have to lean towards the contrast side of things when it comes to my watches.  As much as I can appreciate a good monotone case and dial for a dress watch, I like my dive and sport watches to have some contrast to them, especially if it involves complimentary color schemes.  One of my favorite color combinations on watches is Blue and Orange, so I love to slap a corresponding blue strap with orange stitching onto any of my orange faced watches, such as my Doxa Sub 4000t Professional.

  • felixneo

    I am more in the middle. If everything is one colour can be hard to read, and too much contrast is tiresome when you admire your watch a couple times a day. A current favourite of mine is

  • turboscott

    I am not generally a fan of monochromatic watches unless the watch is meant to be hidden like a Luminox.  A contrasting color scheme makes the watch easier to view and handsome to look at.  Even better when one of the colors really pop like a Doxa Professional or a Tag Heuer Monaco

  • tegart

    I am a fan of contrasting colors.  I think it keep things from getting boring, and make the watch stand out more.

  • AdamFunk

    I love the look of the contrasting case and strap, it is uncommon in the watch world, but here its done well. I like what Rolex did recently with the day/date, although the dial and strap match, the cases are contrasted.

  • zlabbit

    I tend to be a fan of a 2-3 tone watch case & dial person.  The band itself: black, tan, or silver.  Keep it simple, keep it classy.

  • raylantz1

    This watch is very cool. Love the colors, minimalist feel and classic automatic font.

  • donato21

    Murdered out watches all the way….

  • ccurryf3

    Nice looking watch for sure. Loving the unusual case color. As far as the question: I think the contrast of a black dial against a silver case can’t be beat (for example every aviator ever). There is a place for all silver, all gold, or murdered out all black, but for my day to day I’ll take a contrast dial before any of the others.

  • mktcrasher

    I tend to like a little contrast to make a certain part of the watch pop in a style way.  Also, the contrast generally adds to the legibility.

  • Torben754

    A gorgeous watch – I like the contrasting colours and the green date is a very nice touch. Overall I like a watch that has some contrast – i tend to find completely monochromatic watches a bit boring.

  • Apdl

    Great give away

    I liked the all black look but i am moving towards the black face stainless case and bracelet look

  • MarkJHeftler

    I don’t want to be greedy, but I won the last March LA.B watch, and I would love to add another to the collection. The contrast is superb, and the green they use is beautiful.

  • beaudoin

    I like the split hands on this one. Sign me up!

  • tcoomber

    I like the contrast of a black face watch with a brown strap.  This watch is uniquely the oppose.  I love it!

  • Luckie

    I like watches with cases the same as the band and the dial either white or black. I like classic style watches.

  • Nuno

    That´s an interesting weird looking retro-style watch. Never thought about watches with contrasting elements… But i like this one!

  • Data08

    Interesting vintage styling, kind of reminds me of the Oris Chronoris. Personally I usually like watches with similar color tones, but I do like the contrast of a watch like the Bell & Ross Vintage BR 123 Heritage.

  • Kevinsod

    I too like the vintage look of this watch but I really like the green caseback. My favorite watches are often ones with a matching case, bracelet, and dial because I can wear them regardless of the occasion (dress, casual) and they are always in style.

  • joeprez

    Very nice, love the case shape and color. I used to love watches with bracelets, but lately I’m favoring leather bands and nato straps to match indices or the font on the dial. For example, take the Omega Aqua Terra Golf Edition and add a black leather strap with a dark green stitching to match the green font on the dial.

  • RandyTorres

    Its har to just pick a watch style and say this is what i like. It all depends on how the watch looks to me. Different watches appeal in different ways. One thing is for sure i really LOVE this March LA.B AM1 Marron and I want it!

  • ptabatcher

    I like cases and bracelets that match. But, I also really like some contrast. That is one reason I love my Laco. I love the black leather pilot strap and the blasted metal case. That is probably one reason I like NATO straps so much. They make it super easy to add some contrast.

  • dayili

    definitely contrasting colors

  • kiddmen57

    I like both, for different occasions.  The first decent watch I purchased was a Citizen Promaster in my freshman year of high school.  It was a polished and brushed bracelet, yellow main face, and blue sub-dials.  Don’t laugh, i bought it because it matched the tie I planned on wearing to the formal dance.   
    Now I have some matching, some contrasting.  each has its place.  formal dinners get the polished steel bracelet with all black dial and diamonds, daily is a Sub Homage with green bezel.  Out in the forest I have a nato strapped PVD cased pilot style watch

  • SuperDave

    The watch has appeal.  It would be nice for semi casual events.  The indices remind me of the Grand Seiko line,  The two tone with the leather strap…..I personally find complimentary and attractive.  The clear case, for those of us who have toooo much time on our hands and enjoy admiring the mechanics of a watch is a positive.  Gathering what I can from the picture and write up-description it appears to be a nice wear.

  • AlbatrossBob

    I typically prefer contrasting colors as most of my watches have white dials.  I also like the black dial brown strap combination.

  • williamvd4

    mention what you like more (with examples if you are up to it): watches with cases, bracelets, and dials that are the same color, or watches with contrasting color cases and dials.  I tend to like watches with contrasting color to them.  It can allow the dial to either stand out, or be mute and mellow.

  • PerryBolding

    I like cases and bracelets to be the same color (brushed). I do like contrasting dials and straps.

  • Yvan Gaga

    i like watches with cases, bracelets, and dials that are the same color

  • bleenhe1

    I love watches that have the same same dial and bracelet but with a different colored case!

  • AndreBraz

    I love when the strap has one detail with same color of the dial.

  • GBD

    I prefer watches on bracelets, so same color case and bracelet, with a contrasting dial. If the watch is on a strap then I prefer the strap and dial to contrast with each other.

  • NigelLewington

    I really like the syling and look of this watch

  • I do like both combinations, but I also like it when the hour markers, hands and case are the same color like the Patek Philippe Complications 5205R-010. The black dial and strap against the rose gold hour markers, hands and case emphasize the beauty of the gold materials without it overpowering the rest of the watch.

  • Psycho4watches

    I prefer same color case and bracelet (either all stainless or all PVD) with different color dials.  The dial color to me is what makes the watch stand out when matching bracelet and case.  If strap, then I will typically go with different colors (stainless case w/ black strap and/or stitching to match dial)

  • It was great

  • f15soloist

    Love this watch.  Dont know if I can wait until the end of Sep.

  • LarryGanz

    If given a choice between watches with “cases, bracelets, and dials that are the same color, or watches with contrasting color cases and dials”, I prefer some contrast.  I have many polished stainless steel watches with silver bracelets, but they must have a contrasting colored dial for me to wear them.  That includes my Submariner, Dive Master 500, or Hamilton Khaki for example.   With a silver dial too, the watch just disappears amongst all the silver and it looses character or identity, becoming a nameless piece of jewelry.  I could go for the same color dial and case if the band is a different color, so I like the look of a black or brown leather band on an all silver case/dial like with a vintage Omega or Rolex.  I’d like to win the March LA.B AM1 Marron Watch at aBlogtoWatch, which has nice contrasting elements.

  • garf

    I like silver watches with black dials. I like the contrast between the dial and the case and hands of the watch. I’ve also got a silver watch with blue dial and a gold watch with a red dial, where the colours complement each other nicely.

  • Panagiotis

    Like the watch, love the green, hate the logo 🙂

  • ivictoras

    Nice watch with great colors. I like watches with contrasting colors. In my opinion a single color watch looks like a bracellet and not like a watch.

  • modsupremo

    Beautiful and simple. The way a watch should be! I would be happy to have one to replace my old Chinese mechanical watch!

  • Jus_ad_bellum

    Speaking generally I like a good largely metallic mechanical watch that is predominantly uniform in colour with the only contrast being on the face or bezel. I can’t actually think of a watch I’ve had where there wasn’t a certain amount of contrast so I’m going to have to say I like contrast watches more.

  • ponbr

    I like both kinds, but prefer contrasting colors.

  • SparkyEOT

    I generally prefer the dial to contrast the case & bracelet material.

  • Vhough

    It depends on the watches design. For instance I love the Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue for it’s contrasting colors. As well as the Omega Dark Side of the Moon or the Omega Hour VIsion Blue with its blue dail. But if you take, for instance, the Hublot MP-06 I have to say that isn’t my cup-of-tea. So yes, generally I do like contrasting colors, but it has to fit the watch.

  • ilia

    Contrasting colors and dials……for example the white faced rolex daytona

  • 2crazy2stop

    I typically like the dials to contrast the strap.  That being said the watch I have on right now has both a black strap and dial 🙂

  • Tarheelvolvo

    I think I prefer contrasting colors to add a bit of uniqueness to my overall dress. I am currently on the hunt for a white face, blue hands, brown leather strap watch. 

    Of course, I can always use “ole reliable” for dressier occasions; black strap, black dial, rose gold hands/case.

  • Kunisman

    Well…both. 😉 I think there is a time and place for a more military B/W watch and for a more playful look at me watch

  • brunnen

    I prefer the contrasting colors, but I also like a classic look.  I love the look of steel blue on a white or silver face.

  • lscardin

    I think I prefer same color, or at least a similar palate.  That’s not to say I don’t like contrasting colors at all.  There are some watches that just strike me the right way.  I tend to be a “I know it when I see it” sort of person.  However, I think less contrast tends to be what I prefer in general.

  • about150percent

    I think your watch style is determined by your lifestyle and dress style.  I wear a lot of blue, I work in a professional office environment, I host many casual work-related events, and I scuba.  I prefer more of a solid-colored watch, but many of mine contain slight hints of the blue I love so much.  My Rolex DJII has blue lume arabic numerals (daily wear), my old seiko monster has a dark blue nato strap, and I love my citizen blue angels edition skyhawk with polyurothane band for over the top amounts of blue on certain days.  I think this advertised watch will be great in the office once I win it.

  • amb3rgris

    Interesting question, if a bit vague. I’m not sure if the question is asking about a single hypothetical watch, or all watches one might purchase.
    All the watches in my collection have a stainless steel case, with matching stainless bracelet when there is one. And while I like looking at pictures of “black out” or “white out” watches, I don’t think I would buy one. I like contrast in the dial, as legibility is something I value in most of my watches.
    As for the dial, I have a couple of white, a couple black, a blue and an orange. So there’s “contrast” there across the collection.
    I’ll assume the question is about a single hypothetical watch, and say that I like contrast. Too much of a single tone or color gets washed out, to me. It might look good from far away, as the single color probably pops more. But really, I buy/wear watches for my eyes, which are a foot or two away. Contrast keeps things readable and interesting.

  • BP75

    This is a minimalist, clear and nice timepiece. No number on dial (only date number) is my favorite.

  • mrkauffman

    Contrasting colors for me.

  • Fraher

    contrasting usually, although I have seen some nice solid colors, usually all gold 😉

  • OC_Rob

    I generally like constraining colors as I think it makes the piece more interesting.

  • ryloseven

    I just like a good clean watch, but if I had to choose, I tend to sway towards contrasting colors.

  • Tango45

    I tend to prefer same/matching colors, but I admit that I haven’t seriously looked at contrasting ones. Perhaps this watch will be my opportunity to try it out…

  • Lovely watch. Great lines with distinction and originality. Would love to own one. My preference is for great contrasting color of strap to the watch as well as unique finishes.

  • GZ

    Love vintage looking dive watches such as the fifty fathoms as well as cushion cased watches such as the Panerai!

  • tigervc

    Depending on my mood I may prefer same colours one day and contrasting colours the next!
    Lovely watch by the way.

  • BenShine

    Looks great!  I wonder if it can take a beating?

  • Gabechambers

    Usually a fan of more monochromatic pieces personally such as a classic speedmaster but really think the colours on this watch work
    Loving the Edutainment as usual – keep up the good work team!
    Cheers, Gabe

  • MikeRB

    Difficult to decide, but I guess I prefer contrasting colours in watches, as most of my watches are like this. Having said that I am a huge fan of the black PVD coated Christopher Ward watches (in fact I have one) and these look great with a black face and on a black leather band. Bell and Ross doe some great all black watches too.
    Beautiful watch by the way, I have my fingers and toes crossed.

  • Niicolasukamto

    it is quite relative on what the watch was paired with. but for me, i would prefer having contrasting color rather than a monotonic watch. some details can be a bit dull with only one color. in the other hand contrasting color brings out each parts out, especially with compelling colors. either one, it is based on the mood and the outfit that you are wearing.
    ps: love the watch, fingers croosed!!

  • I like this watch, it manages to have quite a retro look but with a modern edge to it. I think this partly comes from the bold green colouring on the back panel and carried through to the date indicator. 
    My current watch collection consists of mainly steel straps and cases although have brown leather strap currently on the CW Peregrine.  I do like the coloured bezel look though of the GMT watches and the orange styling used by some Omega’s. Its nice to see this picked up on the latest range of 38mm Christopher Ward Tridents

  • SimeonWeinraub

    I think that the aesthetic choices for color in a watch depend on the watch. Generally, I like contrast and color. Steel cases, black dials, maybe a colored hand to make some feature more visible. But, there is something to just having some color. Having a watch that adds as an assent piece, in additional to its function is fun.

  • andrewmatthews

    Brand new watch nerd here. Loving that muscular cushion shape (got a Marvin Malton cushion froggy on my wrist right now). Always enjoy the contrast between the bevelled case edges & those big round shoulders of the cushion style. Unusual dimensions – 38 x 42 x 12.4 with a lugless case. Looking forward to winning it!

  • Zguy

    I’d go for watches with contrasting colours. Watches with the same colour scheme is too one dimensional.
    The bronze and black dial is interesting for this watch. However, what made this watch stand out is the green numeral date. Really gave character & life to this watch. Excellent touch!

  • wubek2k

    I’m not a big fan of high contrasting in watches, though exceptions do occur 🙂 I prefer more subtle differences in colours, materials and textures. Recently I’v purchased a Gaz-23 Vostok only for the pretty rare I think colour combination – pale brown/beige dial goes great with polished case, and again with brown croco-styled strap. What seems odd about this watch on paper, becomes an advantage in reality. Reasonably cheap watch with a great look (web pics don’t show half of it). One thing – if not the dual time inner bezel the watch would have looked pretty flat with this colour combination.

    And about an AM3 – this is a truly individual and outstanding watch, love the retro look and the green numeral date. The dimensions seem a bit small for a muscle car though, must be a reason. I can’t wait and see how it feels on my wrist 😉

  • danbouchard

    blah blah blah, contrasting colors, only 1-3…too many makes the watch too busy. blah, blah, blah, been trying to win for 3 years, no dice.

  • mindfire1

    Winding stem at 4 is very nice.The style and case are very similar to a 214 accutron model that I own.This is very clean simple and nothing flashy about the watch.It is designed lin a way ike the better Swiss house’s used to design watches,understated elegance.I would love to own this watch.

  • AndrewHochberg

    Generally I prefer contrasting dial, band/bracelet and case. Personally I enjoy changing out an original watch band/bracelet to a desired aftermarket offering to personalize the look of my timepieces.  All black execution would however be an exception to my previous preference. I hope I win!

  • Bigbandito

    I enjoy dials that contrast with the case, but prefer cases and bracelets that match each other.  Gold tone with stainless is to me a particularly offensive combination. Straps should compliment and/or pick up on dial or accent colors used in the dial.
    Thanks Ariel and March LA.B for this chance to win!

  • dkbjr333

    It really depends on the look I’m going for. I like both contrasting, and similar colors. I don’t like it when it so similar that its hard to read what time it is. There are some out there that are to wild in contrast, but i enjoy almost everything from classic to funky. The watch above is subtle funk, and i love it.

  • murloncio

    I think the best word to describe this watch is subdued.  Doesnt scream out wrist candy, but has more of an elegant vibe.  Cant tell from the pics how readable it will be under low light, probably legible enough.

  • ArthurZzz

    Franck Muller’s Crazy Hour is one piece that gets away with several colors on the dial. It is not only the colors, contrasting or not… You have to look at the whole concept what makes it. From the “normal” looking watches take Raidillon…. Try wearing a LEGO watch if you want some color 🙂

  • ivan088

    I prefer dial contrasting case and bracelet. Thanks Ariel.

  • DonNchau

    I like the dial to contrast with the band, for example light color dial with dark color bands etc, but at the end it about the whole package. It is hard to pin point which will work with which until I see the end result. It should be simple, classy and not trendy.

  • Hendra_Widjaja

    I think I prefer contrasting case and bracelet/strap , for example blue dial on tan strap, or silver dial on black strap..

  • ayung

    second hand should be different colour to the hands, so it provide more contrast (maybe green or red second hand) and maybe brown strap should look much classic. the automatic text should be in black, so it only can be seen in certain angle. but this overall this is a fantastic watch, really elegant & classic!

  • shaneberry

    I prefer a contrast. Silver on silver, gold on gold, or (shudder) black on black can look unsophisticated. The most classic designs (The Speedmaster, The Rolex Sub, The AP Royal Oak…) always feature a contrasting dial.

  • Chris88

    Contrast for sure!  If i want dull, i just leave my watch at home and stare at my naked wrist.

  • Jbzm


  • Jbzm

    I prefer a clean and sophisticated watch that has a the same dial and case with a light brown leather strap. Perfect watch for me would be stainless steel case with a brushed steel dial and light brown strap. Automatic preferred!!!!!

  • sdmgu

    I prefer contrasting color cases and dials.

  • kevng9

    I prefer a flat watch with contrasting dials and case with a black leather strap.

  • R S1

    I like – dark on dark

  • Tsubaki

    I am a big fan of watches like March LA.B ones: their vintage, refined and manly style is really unique. In this wonderful time piece I love the case: its polished and original shape that plays with the light so beautifully, and also the back where we can see the designed mouvement through a green glass. the colors give a dark and aggressive impression, yet being extremely elegant. This is the style of watch I like the most.

  • I generally like watches where their color cominations and design are a match and done tastefully not loudly.  It could be any color, no restrictions.

  • jtambor

    Contrasting  colors are the way to go…

  • smoothsweeper

    Overall I prefer watches with contrasting color cases and dials. It draws the eye more and generally allows for more options with regards to clothing.

  • wandimarco

    I prefer watches with contrasting color dials and cases. Simple example is the basic Rolex Sub, black dials with stainless steel case and bracelet or for much more complex Linde Werdelin Spido family and Oktopus II family.
    Contrasting color definitely more interesting to see.

  • lllllll77

    I like the watches with contrasting color cases and dials because more color more individual lifestyle.

  • alonr

    I prefer brushed and polished steel/titanium bracelet, case with a white dial and contrasting second hand, like Grand Seiko Snowflake, SBGA011 or blue dial like 

  • weijie90

    Watch with contrasting colours are alright, but nothing too wild, Like say the omega P.O Orange with black blends very well…

  • timbrauhn

    I’ve always been a fan of all matching and all dark colors. Like it’s a unified piece.

  • neilpat

    I’d say a little co trash in the detailing eg black face with yellow second hand or all black with an orange bezel. Offers up a classic style with a little twist to keep things interesting

  • msigman

    I would say that I like watches with matching, for example a silver dial datejust in stainless steel, but I challenge WISes to come up with more than a few examples, because to my knowledge cases are made in a small variety of colors due to materials (steel, ceramic, gold, titanium, DLC, etc) where as dial color is infinitely variable. -M

  • RayeAng

    Watches with unique design. preferably a watch that can wear in all kind of occasion. Colour of dials, cases and bracelets should match!

  • brnagi

    I love seeing something different and unique, dials made of stone carbon fiber, almost anything out of the ordinary. Rolex/Omega made a  great move toward ceramic bezels and I hope we can see the production costs go down enough that newer watchmakers can take advantage of ceramic bezels.

  • tijdzone

    What I like more same color vs contrasting colors, I would say for dial contrasting colors (for legibility), albeit case and strap should match in some way. The colors should match it style as well, for example IWC Pilot boutique watches IW388003, IW501903 and IW502903 with blue, green or red hands/indices make no sense for me, and even make it looks cheap. Their “normal” pilot line has contrasting colors in their dials, but colors that work and match the style, accent colors is also something that I like.

  • Stopat10

    What a beautiful watch it has been added to my wish list.thanks to ablogtowatch I now have a new brand to follow.

  • BoardTraveller

    I typically like one or two elements to contrast but it depends on the watch. The new Omega “Dark side of the Moon,” for example, needs no contrast!

  • charmakarmacat

    i guess i’d have to say i like contrasting elements, though i’m not huge into a lot of colour. for the most part i prefer traditional elements like a blue or black dial on steel or cream or beige on a brown or black strap. i love blued steel hands on a dress watch. i occasionally like stuff out of the ordinary such as the green crystal on the Rolex Milgausse and i quite like the colour scheme of the watch we are all trying to win here as well.
    this black on black watch craze is an abomination.

  • arzmerchant

    Beautiful Piece.! would love to own one! Hope this time I get lucky
    and thans Ariel for bringing in depth details for all the watches you cover on this blog

  • Dorieus

    Beautiful piece; no question about it.
    I’ve always been for the combination of vintage-retro elements with modern ones in watches. Makes for a feel of continuity…

  • wujuboy

    I am a fan of contrasting colors on watches, a great example is the new Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue. Watches all in one color tend to take away from the details of the watch.

  • silent2n

    Nice looking watch!   I prefer contrasting dial, band, and case.  I do like stainless steel on my watches.

  • tavv160

    For me I like contrasting colors, but up until a certain point. The amount of colors shouldn’t be exaggerated (even though on an Alain Silberstein that does look nice). It is different for every watch I guess. Should be a coherent watch.

  • Ruutzy

    The watch face has a very crisp feel to it which I appreciate. I am a very big sucker for a partial skeletonization which could have maybe looked really cool in the upper part of the face with hints of the green back casing glowing through the high contrast of silver parts on the black watch face.

  • kjagasia

    This watch is a very good example of a retro + classic look, something which I have seen in Orient Star Automatic watches from Japan. I like the clean, and what appears from the picture raised markers, overall giving the case a ‘deep’ kind of structure. But one of the most fantastic innovation that makes this watch standout is the colored date window and green glass on the back. The colored date window is not too loud, just apt. This watch can go well with Jeans or formals. Overall a very classic watch that can survive any fashion changes. I was late last time in entering the contest for this same watch; hoping to get lucky this time God willing.

  • Holly S.

    I like monochromatic. Too many metals is a bit flashy and tends to go in and out of style too quickly.

  • soreas

    I believe it depends on the look that you want . Contrast may be interesting with different clothing , and monochromatic is always great with something classy.

  • Average_Joe9

    Depending on the occasion that I’m dressed for, but generally I prefer the same color case, bracelet and dials. Or maybe the same color case and bracelet with a contrasting color dials.

  • Scoottss

    I always love to wear flashy..multicolored watches…watches are always distinct expression of me….and my mood…

  • Sever

    I like a little bit of contrast, i think orange dial and black bracelet work best, for a diver watch that is.

  • victorarmd

    I’m considering the G-Shock GA-1000-4A and the 2013 Hamilton Pilot Pioneer Chrono so it’s safe to say that I have no rule on that respect. 
    Great job March LA.B

  • rsr0109

    Enjoyed the post and great looking watches.  Like the size, too.  Unique color combos are always interesting and readability of the dial is important so I like good contrast.  And straps better than bracelets.

  • ewingde

    I prefer straps to bracelets and always prefer a little contrast.  It doesn’t need to be a big difference for me but it it just catches the eye when its not simply one colour or tone.

  • nuschk

    I prefer some contrast, be it through the use of different materials or with different colors. Really, for me color is one of the most important aspects of a watch’s aesthetics.

  • jonesjs85

    On most days, I tend to prefer things to all be matching. Over the past while though I’ve come to really enjoy the odd contrast. a different dial here, hands there etc. So a time and place for each I say.

  • jtritlla

    Strange color for a watch. I cannot decide if the color is right or not. It is always a matter of taste!!

  • gojiB

    i personally think a classic bracelet is a must have in a collection, as for the ‘other’ watch, i prefer models that allow me to change the look by changing straps to suit the season/mood etc. I want to see more interesting patterns or finishes on the dials…. guilloche/sunrays/carbon-fibre being the common ones…

  • BryantLai

    im starting to like sterile dials

  • BJS314

    Brilliant color combination. As always, love the crown placement and incorporation of the logo design in the grooves. The case color is unusual but could lend itself to some fun work outfits. I likie.

  • nateb123

    Not sure if I’ve added myself to this draw or not so might as well comment since I love this watch and March LA.B in general.
    I’m more of a contrasting dial sort of guy myself.  Otherwise it all looks a bit too matchy-matchy or very subdued.  I prefer something more bold.


    great looking watch … I want it (-;

  • ArmandVartanian

    Great looking watch, the back is awesome!

  • pet.a

    I usually prefer the dial and the strap to be more or less uniform and traditional in color, with the case being the only exception in steel, yellow gold or rose gold. In case of this AM3, though, the green date window is quite a clever touch, with the caseback and the strap’s lining having a similar color.

  • koningfelix

    I like matching cases, bracelets and dials more.

  • placibel

    I am a big fan of steel cases and bracelets.I like the contrast in a watch,without the contrast the watch looks a bit flat and boring,infact the contrast,makes the watch looks attractive and attract’s attention.This March LA.B,is a real stunner,it immediately gets your attention and has a perfect contrast matching it’s design…’s a winner.

  • robertbrkljaca

    I like watches mostly in same/matching color tones. I prefer steel bracelets, but I don’t mind the leather bands.

  • markus1711

    I prefer contrasting tones, when everything is in the same color the watch looks a bit boring. On the other hand, I don’t like when the watch screams “look at me”, so steel bracelet with steel case and black dial, or brown strap with brown dial and case in yellow or rose gold are perfect examples of my tastes.

  • I personally like watches with leather straps even though my favourite watch, a Tissot PR50 has a steel bracelet. I like watches which are simple and elegant (the vintage look) , like the March LA.B AM3 Marron Watch here. I have worn a few colourful watches, including ones with red cases and I do not mind contrasting colour cases and dials as long as they colours do not clash.

  • Kevin Hng

    Personally, I prefer watches with contrasting colours and dials. By having the ability to customise watches, it allows me to fine tune a timepiece colour combination that will reflect my individual style. I believe a watch is very much like a high end automobile. I find that selecting the correct colour combination between exterior paint and interior leather is very much a similar experience to selecting a case colour and a complementing band colour. Also while analysing the interior of an automobile, I pay special attention to the simplicity of the instrument dials in the same way that watch enthusiasts will closely analyse a watch case. Fine details such as the Green date disc on the Marron AM3 are very welcome, complementing the exquisitely designed watch face perfectly. Of course too many colours can prove to be distasteful. Thus, limiting the amount of colours within each of the main components of the timepiece is essential.
    KH ’13.

  • SGStoned

    I am a pretty active person and most of my collection is made up of sports watches, particularly divers, that reflect my lifestyle. I prefer sporty looks, and I think contrasting colours, dials and bracelets/straps really lend a watch that extra zing and zip to complete an outfit. However, I also believe in moderation and balance when it comes to design. An ideal example for me would be the Rolex Milgauss, with the quirky hand setting off the rest of watch rather nicely. Not too much, not too little; balance.

  • iDolo

    I would say that it depends on the watch, in a sporty watch I like contrasting colors and a bracelet and or a rubber strap, on a dressy watch, I like leather.

  • BootsAndPants

    That’s a nice looking watch! I like the green date; just a splash of color to be interesting.
    I definitely prefer some contrast, although not too garishly so. Just enough to draw the eye, but not too much to scream “HEY LOOK AT ME!” Two tone is a different story though I feel, and very few can pull it off.
    For example; take the Rolex Yachtmaster. The platinum dial version looks nice, but the dial, case, bezel, and bracelet really all blends together on the wrist. In contrast, the new blue dial version looks fantastic when worn. Not a lot of overstated blingy crap, but understated eye catching elegance.

  • Stokpot

    I prefer watches with steel bracelets that match the case. More of an understated elegance rather than look at me.

  • DoctorB

    The older I get, the more I prefer contrasting colours, especially on the dial itself. A black dial face with raised light-black numerals and blackish hands? All I see is a black blob. I might as well tie a rock to my wrist. In fact, I have by mistake a number of mornings. So yes, please, contrast. In fact, if I win the Marron watch, I will take off the dark strap and replace it with something yellow.

  • Khur

    Not a bad looking watch.
    Liking the green tint of the back crystal.
    If I may dare to say so, kind of reminds me of an Aquanaut and has the whole Genta look to it.
    I like that the date is still at 3 while the crown is at 4.
    Usually, from the watches I’ve seen, the date would have followed the crown.
    Feels refreshing yet traditional.
    Not bad, not bad at all.
    Can’t imagine using this as a daily but maybe special occasions where I want to dress up as the Hulk, Green Lantern or the Grinch.

  • nadroj56

    Finally a watch suitable to wear at my Bris!

  • Luis Guilherme Menezes

    I’d rather watches with steel bracelets that match the case.

  • Xnode

    This is clean looking dial. My favorite non contrasting dial would be the platinum yacht master.


    I think the MARCH  LA. B AM3 is fresh, not stuffy, but not loud. Very smooth to look at.
    I’m 61 year’s old and i like what i see.

  • soundfanz

    I love it.  I love the simple and clean dial, and that sexy slim case and caseback.

  • pedropontolima

    A fantastic looking watch! A true representation of a lifestyle and era, the 60’s and the 70’s, the last decades to have that mistique and feel to the hole “owning a car” thing. There’s no longer that mistique in the car making business.

  • geeno

    What I like is color contrasts between the dial, bezel and strap.
    By example : the Rolex Daytona in rose gold with the chocolate dial and ceramic bezel and the croc strap !

  • Pedrosilva1979

    An amazing and unique masterpiece. I wonder if the mechanical AM3 marron can handle the sensations of a sport motorbike… I will surely try!

  • da_alias

    I like the understated style and green date marker

  • mpm118

    Beautiful piece! Love the green date window!

  • egalogs

    Brushed metal grey is the best for a perfect watch. I prefer watches which don’t jump in right into my eye. However for the real perfection you need to add some small, but interesting detail or element like on Moon Phase Watch From Ochs Und Junior. This particular AM3 reminds me my dad’s watch from 70’s. So nostalgic memories about the time which I can’t simply turn back as time on my watch..

  • albinhultman

    You can’t dislike the contrasts of say a panda dial.

  • 02tones02

    I prefer a subtle contrast – grey/white face, on steel or white gold with minor accents here and there (i.e. hands, sub-dials, brushed vs polished).

  • eric13488

    I love this watch. It seems to be of excellent quality and very interesting color choice. I enjoy the use of color in a watch as long as it is tastefully done. A perfect example of this would be the Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue.

  • SwetaKanguriSonulkar

    I love this watch and would love to win this for my husband as he has broken his previous watch and he goes outside without a watch and I feel very sad as he cannot afford new luxury brand watch .I like the retro-styled reddish/brown style case (hence the name “Marron” which is brown in French), and perforated real buffalo leather (with green lining).green-colored font on the date disc .This is automatic and perfect for my husband and it looks similar to RADO swiss watch with similar dial

  • SidhartaGT

    Depends on what’s aesthetically better for the watch. An understated monochrome or deeper hued contrast works well.

  • rlv

    I think it depends of the use of the watch.

    For more formal occasions a matching watch is probably the best. Colours can varie as long as they dont stand out from each other that much.

    For more sportier use a colorfull watch can be used without a problem. The common sense here is the measure. Some watches are just crazy ugly.

    The AM3 Marron Automatic watch is not matching all the colours but at the same time they are not flashy, so the watch can be used at a formal situation (even more because of the size) and to a casual situation. The green caseback is a touch to amuse the owner and does not stand out in use. I liked it.

    Watches with some contrast, at least in the dial color are preferred personally. But it depends on the whole overall aspect of the package for a final determination to be made.

  • Kelevra77

    Contrast can be tricky to manipulate, but when done right, it can do wonders to make a watch stand out. And i’ve never seen a green display back glass… Strap should compliment the watch, not the other way around, and the watch should compliment the wearer, flowers or chocolate box work best. But crazy can be good, a flair of colors, on a maniacal spree, why not!

  • stephenea

    Beautiful timeless style with a touch of modern.

  • ericez

    I like some contrast in a watch. The dressier the more monochromatic and the sportier the more contrasty.

  • austin24

    I like a simple watch with similar colors.

  • jozz

    I love a watch with the same color for case and dial such as the Rolex Submariner.
    It looks elegant.

  • mcv1973a

    My tastes tend to run to the monochromatic, and while I have quite a few sports watches( mostly G-Shocks.), they also tend to be on the subdued side. The only colorful watch I own is a Doxa 1200T Pro model. I don’t believe in watches as a fashion statement.

  • jyoo1981

    if a watch has many different colors it’s ok if the colors work together nothing too crazy you know.  else i prefer a watch with one color or similar tones that work together throughout the entire timepiece.  then again the only watch i have currently does have three different colors: a cheap homage watch to a more expensive one – try to guess the brand.  i honestly don’t hate this watch and think the colors: blue, silver, gold work together nicely.

  • RainMAN777

    The watch is very different, I like it. Not sure if I like the black dial or black band , especially with that unique looking case color.
    Love the green see through back. The green theme is very nice it pops with the black. ( the green date)
    Thank you

  • rmboy86

    Coming from being an industrial design I believe it does not matter if a watch has a singular colour or a multitude of colours ( finished ) Its about how they are executed at the time and place.
    Example; Swatch 80’s watches had bold bright contrasting colours. Fitted the time and place, we all look back at them with nostalgia and the colours are a crucial part of that memory.
    Example; Now minimalism seems to rule (not all cases) and perhaps in 20 years we will look back at the clean silvers and matt blacks that we use and this will define this era of watches.

  • pb03elcid

    I prefer either similar colors or setup with a mild contrast.  If a watch is going to go for something with a wild contrast, it better be well executed.

  • RHF

    Subtle contrast of course. Although a recurring colour (i.e. strap stitching, chronograph rings) comes across as attractive.

  • Gregariously

    I am generally not a fan of bracelets, they always get caught in the hair on my arm.

  • I think contrasting cases and dials make for amore legible watch, in general.

  • the8thbit

    I’ve always been a huge fan of MARCH LA.B and what it’s doing by creating watches of fantastic quality with a stylistically unique twist that’s not overtop. I enjoy the classy design that’s reminiscent of the 70’s while remaining masculine and elegant. The strap itself reminds me of old finger gloves synonymous with racing muscle cars and I’ve always had my eye on just such a watch as it would go perfectly well with my old Chevelle SS 396. Similar to muscle cars, it solidly built under the hood using movement that the Omega 1120 is based off of and ofc they show it off wonderfully with the unique green tinted case back like you should show off a musclecar’s engine. Simply a masterpiece that deserves its spotlight.

  • Danartin

    I a sucker for watches in general so I like them both.  However, I am not a fan a bright colors in contrasting watches.

  • evandowen

    I personally like both types so as long as the design of the watch is pleasing to the eye and the design/ DNA of the watch makes sense.

  • Sragland

    Prefer contrasting faces and cases as a rule of thumb. The Tudor black bay comes immediately to mind as a great recent example of using contrasting colors in a great way..

  • DavidRainey

    I do like it when a watch face is the same color as the band, such as in a Panerai Men’s Radiomir Titanio.  If the case was also the same color, I don’t believe it would look as nice.  Another similar combination is the  Vulcain Men’s Aviator Watch, also with a stainless steel case.  That being said, there are certainly lots of watches out there where the watch face is a different color than the band that I would love to have.  A Paul Picot Men’s Technicum Watch comes to mind, with a white dial and brown strap.

  • larsgrafik

    Well I’m partial to complementing colors, like a PAM 339 or 351, but there’s lots of great examples of contrasting colours, as the Heuer Monaco blue/white, or AP ROO “panda”. But thats the great thing about watches. You really do need to have a different one for every mood or occasion. Sadly my wife don’t get this. So I’m stuck with a very small collection, that needs companionship 😉

  • Redline2007

    I enjoy elegant design with good visual contrast in key areas, such as the hands against the dial. I have had watches that require you to move your arm around in the light to discern the time, and it somewhat defeats the purpose. I like some detail for visual interest, and the use of color lends itself to providing this. I actually like the use of texture and dimensioning as much or more than color. The March LA.B piece above uses all of this to good measure, without being gaudy. I would prefer the date have a bit more contrast with the background for legibility, but the overall simplicity and contrast work very well. I applaud the use of less mainstream colors while keeping it elegant. Good job!

  • syl89via

    It depends on the watch. I like some contrast (but not too much!) – eg. white dial, silver case and black strap. But this one is stunning! It looks perfect 🙂 I really like this style.

  • DaTruth52

    I prefer contrasting faces, otherwise it looks to boring unless the watch is classy enough to pull off something like this watch.

  • MMdy

    I like 70’s style. Bold but simple. Watch should not be like crown, it should be useful every situation. If watch doesn’t fit on my wrist it won’t be my watch.

  • JamesChesterAnders

    My preference is typically a high contrast facing.  I prefer a cobalt or black but other darker shades can likewise be appealing.  Just so long as there is a decent contrast between the facing a dials.  Rounded designs over square.  Metal band over leather typically, but exceptions have been made in the past.

  • bentleyspotter

    I prefer a contrast between the color of the strap and the face of the watch, because it allows for you to work in more colors with your outfit.  i think wearing a monotone watch is too bland most of the time, and life it to short to be bland.

  • userengel

    My personal favorite style is a dark strap, dark or matching face, and light hands. The AM3 Marron is actually a perfect match for me when it comes to my style.

  • bentleyspotter

    userengel i should have made my opinion clearer.  I love this watch, its a black face watch with black hands and a black bezel and black strap watch that i do not like.  I also should have mentioned I am more conservative with my colors.  I wouldn’t wear a watch with an orange band and green face or something like that.  I like just a bit of contrast.  Creme with burgundy for example is beautiful.

  • bentleyspotter

    userengel not sure if you even replied to me or not.  (if not sorry, im new to the website and got an email about a comment)

  • userengel

    bentleyspotter userengel It wasn’t a reply to you, this commenting system subscribes you to the entire thread and emails you every time someone makes a comment. You can unsubscribe though if you want.

  • bentleyspotter

    userengel bentleyspotter Ok, thank you for the info.

  • RGM

    With a gold case i prefer a black face, gold markers and gold hands (no lum) and a black leather strap and with a silver (SS) case a black face with silver hands (green lum) and silver markers (green lum) with a SS strap. liked on FB

  • bromann

    I prefer leather strap watches to have contrast, but it depends on the dial color.  A white/silver dial works well with a uniform color scheme while I feel a dark dial always looks best when there is a lot of contrast and dimension.

  • ErickLambarri

    Very nice watch

  • rich1983

    a contrast is good as it adds a depth to the watch and also means it can work with different clothing better

  • kapurkk

    Strap contrast with body of the watch  is just an option and dial contrast for readability  is essential. Classics like the  Rolex submariner have great options.

  • rpsmith01

    This is a great looking piece!  I spent about an hour the other day looking through their website.  I love contrasting dials- it adds a great pop to the overall look.

  • jb838790

    Very nice mix of old and new.

  • A Perfect Choice For A Perfect Man!

  • BartThans

    Nice watch, cool review, thx for this contest!

  • shang2

    Thanks for the opportunity~!

  • grosack

    Nice watch and great review!

  • Cecil Miller

    beautiful masterpiece..

  • Christofear

    Interesting watch! I prefer contrasting colors.

  • nx119

    March LA.B have created a stunning timepiece that oozes class and distinction. I love the way subtlety of the green on the date display. Funnily enough, this is the second time this week I’ve come across this exact watch. Have I dreamt about owning this yet? No, but I don’t think it will be long. 
    There are a world of watches where complimentary colour-schemes, and contrasting colour-schemes work and the beauty really sits with the wearer. The contrast in this particular time piece has been incredibly well considered and the green underside is almost an additional treat for the owner – the wearer in this instance is ‘in the know’, rather than ‘on show’. 
    Using the Bell & Ross Phantom as an example of matching colour schemes; it’s jet black strap, black face, black dials and black branding could be seen, by some (not me), as excessive colour-matching. But their ability to balance the design and style has created an iconic look that many have attempted to replicate. It could be argued that this is design over function but the question we’re answering here is about aesthetics.

  • Nzguy

    Definitely contrasting colours

  • NicBo

    In general I have to say contrasting colours, but the exception proves the rule.

  • 1983christopher

    I love This watch. Very Rero/Modern.

  • iamquinnsoto
    Same color is my personal choice but I like to diversify.

  • Meathanky

    I prefer watches with contrasting color cases and dials – a black dial is almost always good, but these DLC cases that are common now… meh. Ok, I guess. Unless you’re talking the Dark Side of the Moon Speedmaster, of course. That’s a whole new ball game!  🙂

  • staplejj33

    I normally prefer contrasting dials – black dials on stainless steel for example, or lighter dials on titanium watches.  But with the recent trend towards DLC and PVD coated watches, a completely stealth watch with black dial, hand and even lume is more appealing than ones that try to contrast the black matte coating with bright dials.

  • Ivan Krstin

    Beautiful watch, nice retro look. I’m in!

  • Ruutzy

    Hrm, I forgot to comment on the color coordination. The watches I own are all uniform in color but I’m not certain if that was a conscious decision at the time of purchase. I will often find a model that I like and then view all the available options to see which strikes me the most. I suppose that would suggest that I do in fact prefer uniformity!

  • alexst

    Beautiful watch – lovely dial and offset crown. Not much that’s similar in the market.

  • onthewatch

    Beautiful classic looking watch. I prefer if there is a match between the strap and the case or the dial, but not both.

  • ClumsyCoyote

    I like contrast in my watches. But this is a cool watch.

  • jmsherer21

    Cool lookin watch, somewhat stark and minimalist.   For me I like watches with different color bracelet/ dial/ case.  For example I think something like a Tag Monaco or a IWC Portuguese looks cooler then a gold on gold rolex.

  • yavorzz

    Both contrast and same  colour watches work for me. Really, it depends on the watch in question. However I’m not very keen on panda dials.

  • Drauco

    I love the classic look of the watch. Also the retro look with the green.

  • dave1971

    I think this is a very nicely designed watch. It has elements of both retro & modern design packaged in an elegant case. I like contrasting colours (same as with my bikes..) Having too many similar colours can look great in marketing pictures but in practical use I find contrasting much more appealing and stands out more.

  • dino721

    Very cool and sexy watch

  • MarkNatm

    Both the contrast and same color work for me. I love my Seiko Limited Edition Blue Monster for its blue strap, bezel, and dial and how the steel contrasts with the gold crown. My Tag Heuer Monaco with brown dial in steel with a python strap also has a unique look.
    I also like the look of colored dials with steel case and bracelet like my Baume and Mercier blue dialed Formula S to coordinate with clothes I wear. Another fave is my Tag chronometer with brown dial and brown strap with steel case as well as my Recon 5 in the same arrangement.
    However you can never go wrong with a Gold Baume and Mercier Malibu with white dial, a Nomos Ruthenium with Black strap, or my favorite – the Grand Seiko Snowflake when a tuxedo is the required attire.

  • gabrielolteanu

    Very classy one, nice combination of colours, and with a masculine look! I prefer usually the metalic bracelets, as i always like to have my watch with me, even in the water:)

  • rjsinger12

    That is a gorgeous watch! I generally prefer how a contrast strap accentuates the case or dial, this watch is a great example. On my Orange Monster I like it on a black strap to make the orange really pop. It’s also why I love NATOs in the summer months, lots of bright contrast.

  • konketsu

    Cool watch! I like contrasting dials like a green dial with bronze case, or a dark dial with stainless case.

  • CreatedByJD

    I love watches that create a continuity effect between the strap and dial. That being said, I think that look only works really well with black as the strap and dial color. Other colors just make it look a little gimmicky and limited for my taste.

  • robertdomarkas

    I like watches with cases, bracelets and dials that are the same color more than watches with contrasting colors quite simply because they look more elegant and the overall look of the watch is much cleaner and dressier.

  • MLR13000

    I think this watch is masculine, with clean lines, and an uncluttered look. The band looks like it fits this style and model to the tee. I prefer a watch with a leather stap. However, a bracelet does make an impression with dress watches.  This watch looks like it would be great for work, or in an more informal setting. Very nice.

  • boulderjoe

    It’s not an expensive watch, but I love the look of the swiss army field watch in all black with white numbers/letters. If I could find an auto like that it would be mine! 

  • windup

    I seem to prefer mostly contrasting dials and cases, but my particular favourite just now has matching black colouration, so i suppose it depends on the watch.

  • jbesson

    I currently like steel cases with darker dials. I am not a big fan of contrasting elements, but once in a while a watch comes along that is “just right” with the contrasting elements.

  • rrinawat

    I like watches that are all the same color, minus the dial.  I think too many colors are distracting.  Bauhaus style watches like those made by Junghans and Nomos.

  • KeithNagel

    I tend to like darker matching dials with matching bezel colors. However there are a few with contrasting colors – Chris Ward c60 with black face and orange bezel is a good example – that I do find attractive.

  • CoreyFong

    I tend to like contrasting colors on my watches. Best example would be my Magrette blue dial professional with yellow accents, which I placed on a yellow stitched leather strap

  • saitek1710

    The combination of black and green in the leather strap and between bottom case and dial makes it look very catchy and attractive

  • Jael_H

    I prefer watches with roman numerals as they give a sophisticated look. The contrast between maroon and black is a unique combination that have not been seen frequently.

  • tre

    The question of contrasting colors or not on watches to me depends on the type and style. I like contrast between case ,strap and dials on more casual watches like magrette. But in a classic dress watch I tend to like less contrast. 
    There are a few out there that can cross over from casual to dress with contrasting elements like the rolex sub.I believe that MARCH LA.B falls into the this group as well.

  • manivelle

    This is not an issue for me.

  • AbhayKumar

    It’s a masterpiece, would love to own it…!!
    Definitely contrast is the best…

  • justinmessier

    I truly like when there is a gentle contrast between the hands, dial/bezel outline, and stitching of the band.

  • CJN

    Really depends on the watch character and style for me. Being a watch dive fan, lately I see more and more SS bezels without markers, polished with just the pip and it looks stunning. Like the awesome Helberg CH1, a tribute to the Rolex Deep Sea of 1960. Or there’s the standard diving watch lineup from Rolex or most other companies where the bezel insert usually has a contrasting inlay to the case. But for me, the bracelet must match the color of the case in terms of the metal or material used. Not a huge fan of mixing gold with SS, big no for me:)

  • ssengo

    My watch should have at least some color matching the dial color on the bracelet. For example if its a rosegold dial and the rest of it gun metal, the mid section of the bracelet should be rosegold and the rest gun metal. If it has a blue dial with a black leather band, the leather band should have blue stitching to match with the dial

  • cookiesmasher9

    It looks like a great watch!

  • nickyabelardo

    2892 nice

  • Juliten2

    I personally don’t have a preference, it all depends on the design and location of the colours. You can see an all one-colour watch with a horrible design and hate it, and another one-colour with beautiful lines and angles, so it all depends. Anyway I like this AM3 =)

  • 3399

    I like the ones without contrasting colors. However I like if there is an 3d effect, so the shadows can paint the dial in all kind of shades 🙂

  • I like simplicity.. classic designs, nothing to complicated. Plus a watch you can wear for all occasions and waterproof and shockproof a must.. not many out there that tick all those boxes, but would like to see something that doe

  • WesPhelan

    I tend to like watches that are the same color but thats today.  Tomorrow my opinion could swing 180 degrees and I’d like the contrasting case / dial scheme. I guess what I am saying is that I like them all.  What can I say, I ‘m a watch nut.

  • sc77

    i prefer more subdued designs with black face on a stainless casing ex Omega Seamaster

    I know pretty boring in some respects, but it is classic

  • kjpIII

    I dont really have a preference so long as the combo is not too crazy/gaudy…simplicity can go a long way even with contrasting dials

  • Anand.V

    I like the March LA.B AM3 Marron Watch with unique squarish case and round dial with matching dial and strap colors in black. I also particularly like the perforated leather strap it comes with.

  • LiteEmmUp

    Some contrasting can differentiate a watch from the more mundane.

  • actroutt

    Love the display crystal

  • actroutt

    Also, I prefer some contrast. The monos chrome look, while popular today, is not my bag, man.

  • ssengo

    It makes it unique

  • ssengo

    Different but unique executions styles, and movements are some of the attractions that draw me to certain watches.

  • rayc

    Beautyful. Nice size, I like the shape of the case. Great movement. Very classy and classic. Nice work.

  • lukeduffell

    Love the March LA.B products….personal preference is watches with contrasting colour cases and dials, such as the Tissot RacingTouch that is my current go to watch on a daily basis….

  • drassmantis

    At this point, contrasting case, bracelet (or strap) and dial.  Simple example would be the IWC ref. IW545406 -rose gold with ardoise dial and black leather strap.

  • RondeJong

    Very nice, the gold and black with the green numbers in the date-window.
    Love those little details.
    Have a Buler S-Elite with blue dail and orange markers on the dail,eyecatching details give a watch extra class.

  • raulP

    For me, it depends on the watch. However, I really fall for blue dials with complications like the MB&F Legacy machine no. 2 in platinum. That kind of blue is absolutely amazing, and other watchmakers have nice models as well. Platinum case, blue dial and brown alligator strap, it’s lunacy! 😀
    Blacks are nice as well, carbon or PVD , Hublot has some full carbon, black models which are quite intriguing and “undercover” like! 🙂

  • AH795

    Personally I prefer a monochromatic or minimal contrast look for a dress watch. A specific example would be the silver face Hamilton intra-matic. As an alternative minimal contrast like white face with silver or champagne face with gold works for me as well. For sport watches I definitely prefer high contrast and color. It makes the watch easier to read and it stands out a little more.

  • rawdesignhouse

    I have always enjoyed the visual appeal of contrast, even if it’s as subtle as white and silver. I’m sure a uniformly colored watch certainly has it’s place for the right event and/or outfit, however my preference will likely always remain in the form of contrast.

  • Akiba

    Nice and clean watch ! Old school appeal, fresh date-window, sporty leather strap, simply universal watch fot an everyday occasion.

  • JonathanSlater_

    Elegant and classy. Can dress up or dress down. Unique too.  Good choice!

  • ssengo

    For a sport inspired watch i would love to have a bigger watch which is at least 48 to 50 mm in diameter, with automatic movement, a retrograde calender and a wider leather strap complementing the dial colors, or some stitching design that complement the colors of either dial or sub-dials

  • vcarriereok

    Whatever model of the watch, may it be dress or sport, the watch needs different tones to work well together. There needs to be some visual element that makes the watch stand out. A single tone watch is not appealing to the eye, there needs to be at least a small tone difference for some element of the watch to shine. The subtleties is what make a great watch from an exceptional watch and colour choices are one on the way to make a watch stand out.

  • MarcAlexandreNolin

    I like watches with design out of the ordinary and not too big since I’ve small wrists. I also like it to be mecanical and automatic

  • dannunziop

    Very nice case color and crown. It is clean and the case shape is really nice, and nice touch with the back display!

  • Phil Muller

    I can see how this watch mimics the old AMC classics. Color is not for me. It reminds me of a horror film more than a car. The green and the spooky “brown” would be something the Monsters what have on  peeking out from under their overcoats when its 90deg. out.

  • brainwise

    I think I like a little discrepancy between a dial and the case, but I don’t really place much on whether a watch’s case/bracelet/dial contrast or match. In this month’s example, I think the black dial and the reddish/brown case make a very attractive combination, probably because the dial is so clean and easy to read.

  • Wright

    Personally, I appreciate watches with contrast. specifically when the case and bracelet are different color tones. To me, this show simplicity and at the same time, will catch someones eye as they’re walking by.

  • PaulieM

    I like nice clean lines, day and date. A white dial, not black but I have gone there. A watch where I can interchange a canvas strap for holidays by the beach or pool with a nice leather strap for weekends.

  • Inmate

    I like the contrast, but the off center crown makes this watch extra smooth.

  • ssengo

    I like the execution of this watch, its classical look ,and the color coordination. The colors are not so explicit but equally represented on the dial, case back, and strap. This gives it a simple vintage look with sophistication especially in rose tone

  • Armand9782

    March LA.B reminds me of a classic car represented in a new fashion, but done well. Very well.

  • msirinsky

    Great watch…well-executed design.  I tend to prefer a case that has matching lugs/brackets, but the bracelet and dial really depends.  My Mark Carson Ka La Watch has a rose gold case finish, silver dial with a black bracelet with rose gold buckles…and it works nicely on that piece.  But, my Citizen EcoDrive Calibre 8700 matches a little more…with a white dial, silver stainless case and black band.  Truly depends on the watch, the look and the look you’re trying for.

  • wfh47

    Love the giveaway watch!  In terms of design preference – I tend towards more contrasting colors, so long as its still done in a semi “classic” way.  Too many colors or distracting design elements makes a watch look like its trying too hard to be noticed to me.

  • Tcleece

    An interesting watch. Seems like a good example of coordinated contrast.

  • thefortitude

    Contrasting colors add a little more flavor to the watch. I like it. It stands out.

  • GabrielBB

    considering the colors, I prefer to have contrast on my wrist, but not too much contrast. In the same time, I have watches with the same color (dial, bracelet and case), and some of them are really cool. Each morning when I choose a watch, I choose it based on my mood, occasion, etc. thanks for the giveaway.

  • rustyrussell

    I like things to be low key and so largely uniform colours are best for me

  • tjoy89

    The “monochromatic look” of a watch with the same dial/case/bracelet color is pretty boring to me quite frankly. There has to be some kind of contrast on the piece to make a certain feature stand out, usually being the dial or a feature on the dial (or the hands). 
    I like pieces with not too many colors but those differing colors are a striking contrast to each other. I have a 16570 Explorer II that I think is a great example. The bracelet, case, and bezel are all bare SS but the dial is a striking porcelain white, along with a bright red 24 hour hand that really pops.
    On the other hand, crazy color combinations are also not my style so I greatly prefer subtle contrasts, like the date wheel font color on the AM3 Marron.

  • jayrue

    I just really like the exhibition back.

  • ssengo

    Is that green color tint on that case exhibition? It matches with the back of the strap and the date window. That’s unique.

  • ssengo

    Its a custom rotor with green color complemented by the green lining on the back of the black strap that matches with the dial, whose silvery or greyish hour markers matching in some way, the winder. That is one of the ways to apply different  colors and still maintain the beauty of the watch. I like it.

  • andreasexp

    I really like this watch. Prefer a clean design and some kind of contrast.

  • tommyutomo

    The watch is very simple and elegant with the rose color and black dial, i think this watch can be wore as everyday watch because of the design. i like the green color of the date combine with black is really contrast. very well design

  • WatchMyWatch

    I like sport watches that have as much parts the same color as possible,mainly black colored(for example casio sport watches)
    and dress watches that catch the eye to them(for example bell&ross aviation collection)

  • bmoritzasu

    Definitely contrasting watches and straps.  The Tissot SeaTouch in orange and black is freaking sweet.

  • JeffWard

    I think there’s a definite need for contrast in a watch. The only watch that I would be interested in that’s monochromatic is the Tag Aquaracer Ceramic (Black Rubber with a black face & bezel).  It’s stealthy yet sophisticated.

  • supermundane

    I’ve always tended to like something slightly out of the ordinary and running against current trends. For example, I prefer smaller watches diameters, ideally 36 to 40mm. The largest watch in my collection is 42, which I selected because the styling is understated, which gives the illusion that it’s smaller than it is. As to style, I hold a fascination for classic dress and pilot watches.
    For contemporary watches I look for retro cues but prefer them to be subtle rather than overt with clean lines and proportions and the use of contrasting finishes and subtle attentions to details that refrain from being showy or gauche. Understated sophistication is the key. The AM3 is a watch that I’ve been admiring for some time for these reasons.
    I too of course prefer glass case-backs, through which to admire the calibre for as with any lover or mechanical watches, the intricacy and the ‘life’ of the complication are endlessly fascinating to behold. Mechanical watch fans like that the watch’s functionality is apparent – that it isn’t opaque and that the human craftsmanship is discernible. Quite simply, mechanical watches have soul.

  • navydoc71

    I fell that watches in general are designed to do two things for people, tell the time and make a statement. Watches with cases bracelets and dials do not allow the viewer to see the depth and detail that is truly put into crafting a time piece. In order to truly see how the components of the watches exterior come together they should defiantly contrast each other. Details pop when this happens, elegance shines through and the perspective of that contrast brings to light the workmanship that went into creating this very small but complex time instrument.  In short, a watch with a contrasting colors case and dial is truly the best choice.

  • wcse69

    I feel that contrast adds interest to a watch.  Monochromatic colour schemes can look too flat.

  • fearlessleader

    Definitely want some contrast… well, case / dial / bracelet in black with white hands does work.

  • bogdan_gvr

    Usually I want contrast in my watches. But I make an exception if it’s an all black watch(phantom like).

  • Gio Antoniou

    I don t own a watch yet. I am looking for one though. This is the watch that I would definitely wear on my wrist!

  • bdover

    I think a nice timepiece should have a matching bracelet,unless you are going diving where a rubber or silicon band is more practical.

  • ssengo

    I agree with you.on that.

  • CG

    I like both matching and/or contrasting elements of a watches design. What drives it for me is the intended purpose or sponsorship of the watch. EX: racing, sailing, diving, motogp, F1, aviation… all have the ability to have many different attractive style forms.

  • SimeonWeinraub

    Most of my watches are black dialed with a steel case. I like that look, and I find it to be the most readable. I recently was given a black dialed, black PVD cased pilot style watch, which looks good, but the black rubber strap it came with was too monochromatic, so I got a few ZULU straps that I can swap in to make the watch more fun to wear. Additionally, I have a Citizen dive watch with some green accents on the hands, dial, and strap, that really look good, without being too flashy. In general, I like conservative color/tone combinations on my watches, because I would rather have them stand out for their design and function, rather than a color than might go out of fashion. That said, I do like having some color, there just has to be a balance.

  • emlevine711

    I am a big fan of both matching and contrasting elements of a watch. For work I prefer the more conservative look with matching elements, and for pleasure or casual wear, I want the watch to be as wild as possible.

  • kh777

    I prefer some contrast in the dial, case, or bracelet/band.  I have also seen my preference change over time. I used to prefer bracelet watches, now I generally get straps for personalization (with exceptions such as certain Rolexes where I’ll leave them alone).

  • tatuhas

    I Love the watch design how its represents company ideas of American Muscle Cars. The ‘Marron’ and Green color combination just like those old AM cars.

  • modsupremo

    The black dial, the display case back and the crown position at 4 o clock are the things I like about this watch!
    The overall simplicity and the automatic movement is a real attraction!

  • Seeker2000

    Nothing much to add to the review itself, because I’m far from being an expert on watches. All I can add is my subjective personal thoughts:
    1. Beautiful, minimalistic, modern design. 
    2. The contrast and the green colour would draw me to this particular watch, even if I had hundreds of others to choose from.
    2. Only basic features (as I personally prefer), but if You are looking for ‘fancy’ accessories, there are plenty of other (much) CHEAPER brands to choose from.
    3. A watch, that must NOT be judged or a decision to buy it (or not) based SOLELY (or predominantly) on this review. Said otherwise (as already mentioned above): Great review, but the watch is a REAL piece of art. The author has made an excellent ‘job’ in presenting it, but the decision if it is really for You, is as asking, is Monet better suited for me than Renoir is?  In such a comparison (maybe not the best I could choose) are without a doubt the paintings from both authors priceless, yet ultimately the ‘taste’ of the art ‘lover’ makes the final ‘judgement’.

  • azrml

    I really like the look of this watch.  Simple yet distinguished.

  • Pihta

    Nice review

  • nyonyo26

    contrast dial

  • Pihta

    Nice review, thanks!
    I’ll like to see more reviews on diver watches on bracelets with different dials

  • Steve Poorman

    I’m a big fan of contrasting colors. It allows flexibility in what clothes/shoes you can wear with a watch.

  • RoyChronoPassion

    There’s something about the design of this watch that looks like Green Lantern and I love it. Not that i’m a fan of super heroes but  the design is really cool. The logo printed on the left side plus the simple “Automatic” written at 6 o’clock is nice and classic. I also like the car speedometer inspired dial and markers for i’m a car fan as well. Definitely a good addition to a watch lover’s collection!

  • sidsekar

    Love the cushion case design and simplicity of the overall piece!

  • Simple, sleek design… this would like dynamite with a suit.  And since it’s my birthday tomorrow, it really should look dynamite with my suit.

    Just sayin

  • Sunnymay

    I like the elegant look of the buffalo leather band where the inside matches the green in the calendar date on the face.  The outer rim has a case that looks perfect for fall with that maroon color.  All together, one handsome watch to wear and oggle.

  • samumingo

    I prefer when all the parts of a watch match, however One of my favorites is the BR 123 Heritage, which in my opinion contrasts very well.

  • spartanmohawk5

    i like contrasting

  • jaydub_

    I must prefer contrast – I put an orange nato on the black citizen I have…

  • kenethp

    I tend to like watches that match, they don’t necessarily have to be the same color, though. However, there are instances where contrasting watches can be very handsome. I’m particularly fond of an Omega Soeedmaster Moon watch with a dark brown leather strap, for example.

  • bikeohio

    I like watches in general. With some watches, a sleek nearly singular color is the look I am going for, but more often than not, my watch of choice is something that has a contrasting band, stitching, or watch face. I don’t wear any “accessories” other than a watch, so it’s often the focal piece of whatever I am wearing.  The March LA.B AM3 Marron watch has the colors/scheme that my collection is missing. Thank you for the chance to win this! bikeohio2010ATgmailDOTcom

  • LaniKai

    Contrast, although every watch I have seems to have a silver case so just in terms of the dial and strap…

  • SimonBourque

    I love contrast in watches. Sometimes just a small detail of contrasting color is enough. Like the red hand on a yachtmaster.

  • Particularly love the design of the case, reminds me of the “Favre-Leuba A. Schild Limited Edition Watch”. The green trim on the belt and the date disc is a beautiful touch. The brown pvd treatment is definitely unique and gives a vintage feel to the watch. It would be awesome however, if the date numerals were larger or magnified.

  • BJS314

    Contrast is always best! Makes for more interesting outfit matching. Men have a tendency to be very monochromatic. This may be safe, but its rarely attractive. Contrasting case/dial or contrast dial/strap

  • csmiles

    I prefer contrast. However I think subtle contrast is best. I like when a watch has only a small detail like a date or seconds hand in another color.

  • desben

    Contrast between hands and dial, dial and case. I like the band to be the same as the dial if leather, or same as the case when metal.

  • Chris Chien

    Contrast between sub-dials and dials, and hands and dial. Seiko Panda chronograph!

  • JBarr

    I generally like uniformity on watches with metal bracelets like Rolexs oysterdates and AP royal oaks. As far as dressier leather strap watches, I love black straps with rose gold cases and white dials. This piece is so attractive tho, I’m not sure what I like anymore. Please, give it here!

  • andrewd

    I prefer contrast – it works well in dressier contexts, as well as more ‘hands-on’ situations. Nevertheless, a monochromatic approach often works if you are wanting to make a statement with your wrist-piece.

  • couldnthaveknown

    I think having a different coloured back crystal is perfect – it gives the watch character without sacrificing its ability to be worn in formal situations. Like with attire, I think design wise each watch should try and do one thing but do it very well. So, perhaps a contrasting dial that really makes it stand out. 2 of my favs that do this well, are the Rolex explorer II white dial, and the Omega seamaster great white.

  • carneius

    I love this watch! And I love contrast.

  • johnb7

    This is a gorgeous watch. The first colored crystal I fell in love with was the green crystal in the Rolex Milgauss.

  • Mattothepeerless

    Love the colored Crystal, Hope I add this beauty to my collection 🙂

  • darrenlivefyre

    I really like contrasting colors, especially green, yellow and red in contrast with black. I like this watch because it is modern and clean looking yet vintage in its style. The green crystal is a nice touch.

  • ardantha

    I would normally like the contrasting option, but the all-black watch (hublot all black, ap diver fc and ceramic) is so sporty

  • GraymanStole

    For my work watch I prefer a single colored watch. All my other watches have at least one component colored differently though. So I guess my answer to which I prefer is “both”.

  • WilliamLi1

    Sick watch. Has great contrasting colors.

  • curtinnd

    A really cool watch. I like there to be some contrast to the dial and hands making it easy to read the time. I especially like a watch with a blue dial/accents such as the brietling recently reviewed here on “A Blog to Watch”

  • vicardo

    Somehow I find that the most attractive portion of this watch is not just the green caseback but rather the uniformed color scheme of green on caseback, date and strap. The case color matches the whole color scheme very well!

  • guerrilla25real

    Very neat watch. I really like watches with a Bauhaus style, usually. This watch is a very masculine watch with great features.

  • ssengo

    Has anyone noticed the chocolate brown color on the case which makes it so unique. Then there is that perforated real buffalo leather strap which seem so supple for comfort, plus the automatic Eta movement, all make it a hot commodity.

  • winterwold

    I like watches with more complementary colors. Black and Yellow, White and Blue etc. Those let you match straps in a more colorful way.
    I do like different colors on the casings. It is rarely done outside of the natural steel, gold and bronze colors so it is refreshing to see something new once in a while.

  • This is the essence of casual elegance but it’s not all about fashion – the brown case is stylish and the general look seems to make this an eternally classic watch already. It’s well presented and I’m sure would be natural on the wrist without being too alluring. I also like the way it is subtly different just by showing the green hint on the date. You know it will never let you down as it’s driven by an immense calibre. This is a true ray of genius, but this ray requires the ability of one to distinguish and appreciate it. It’s no doubt a timepiece for connoisseurs, with a great movement.

  • DG Cayse

    The wife says I need more “class” in my presentation. This watch looks to fill the need. I usually wear a stainless case and steel bracelet with a white (or black) dial depending on the piece. For me, a two-tone (gold/steel) was just over the top for my needs. But I do wear a dark brown rubber strap on a cream faced watch for my morning exercises. Sweat and all that.
    A common knock-about choice is a black nylon strap with a black dialed auto. Just convenient; although it does tend to smell after a few times wearing it. Very hot & humid here.
    Thanks to March L.A.B.

  • Esox Lucius

    I always like it when things are matched and everything is the same color. But I love it when they design a small detail in a contrasting color so it pops out. For me the case needs to be one color and not to funky, but I’m always experimenting with different straps to create the perfect combination.

  • Lege

    Incredible looking watch. It’s the first time I’ve seen it and I’m in love. That unique crown and green datewheel are great cherries on top the delicious looking brown case. The lugless design makes it stand out for it’s own benefit as lugless watches are sadly so rare these days, and it emphasizes its racing heritage. It’s rugged and classy, modern and retro (mostly retro) at the same time. Simply a great watch.
    As to what do I prefer on contrasting/similar color cases, dials and bands/bracelets: I prefer a dial that has a contrast with the case, and a leather strap that contrasts the case color. Example: black dial, stainless steel case, black/brown strap. Or a black dial, PVD case, tan leather strap. Just a couple of examples that came in mind.

  • JoseCristian

    I always like it when things are matched and everything is the same color.

  • ratt

    In general i like  watches with cases, bracelets, and dials that are the same color but if the color contrast are well done made then it’s ok .

  • DavidJGreenspun

    Sharp, clean, retro design.  Most of my collection is monochromatic, but a splash of color when paired with the right outfit is a great fashion statement too.

  • Sebastian Baranga

    Kinda looks or reminds me of Rolex, I don’t know why 🙂

  • GaryFarrington

    I’ve a combination of watches with and without contrast. Black faces on silver bracelets on my Zenith Port Royal and Tissot PRC200. I’ve a black Oris Artelier  on a black leather strap, a gold skeletonised Rotary on a brown strap. Next watch… a blue faced Christopher Ward on a blue leather strap possibly? Or the March LA.B, should I be lucky enough  🙂

  • P Oktori

    Love the case design, something that deserves more attention in the watch world… Hope I win! 🙂

  • mikesr

    I want to thank March LA.B and A Blog to Watch for this giveaway!  I like watches with contrast color cases and dials.  The Marron Automatic is one great looking watch!

  • FredW73

    Really nice watch, I love the maroon color, shape and indexes of the watch! A missing piece for a collector 🙂

  • helloitslucas

    I prefer contrast cases and dials. Lively!

  • whythehack

    Watches with contrasting colours are always desired by me. Breaks the monotony of wearing a watch into wearing a symbol.

  • jeffbuzzell

    I just bought a contrasting color watch.  It is like nothing else I have and I like it.  I also like big thick cases, like the one I just bought.

  • Yvan Gaga

    I like contrast cases and dials

  • xgrudgex

    I’m more of a monotone guy, but love a pop of color….am I confused? Perhaps!

  • AronL

    I definitely prefer a contrast. The differentiation makes the colors stand out.

  • jtfremont

    I prefer watches with contrasting color cases and dials.

  • jhcam8

    Nice looking, masculine style – I like the unique brown tones and the contrasting green looks very nice.  I like contrast as long as it’s not too in your face.

  • 1stGenRex

    I like watches with different finishes. For example, brushed stainless steel with polished stainless steel accents.

  • DavidStewart

    I prefer watches with at least two colors and maybe more like Seiko monsters, the new Rolex Submariner etc.
    good luck to all

  • omrivm

    I prefer contrasting straps and cases.

  • Bhodisatva

    What I like the most about the March LA.B AM3 Marron Watch is
    unique classic color combination; this combination brings the elegant
    sophisticated appearance of an epoch when gentlemen were supreme conscious of
    their looks and the positive image regarding status quo in a society that
    highly value the pureness of looks and traditions.

  • SeanWilliams1

    I like the vintage feel of this case as well as the green case back.

  • G00dband

    I prefer watches with contrasting color cases and dials.

  • ibnkalb

    I don’t like contrasting bracelets and cases, but cases and dials that contrast can be done nicely.

  • Maisonpiere

    I like the sportish look of the watch .. thin, simple and colorful.  For those who like plain and simple

  • jotpeh

    nice watch as usual …
    I prefer matching cases and bracelets but with contrasting dials – if it is a “full metal” watch. if the bracelets is leather or a non-metallic material than anything goes – just like the March LA.B … ,-)

  • lwix819

    I like contrasting bracelet and cases.

  • MarkPaves

    I waaaaaant this! Super beautiful watch and the green back … ooh!

  • rbmbb

    I prefer watches with contrasting parts, as it makes the timepiece appear more “dramatic” on the wrist.

  • Like the watch; interesting that it is not super large…
    Could it be that the pendulum is about to sweep the other way?

  • DaveKenneth

    The MARCH LAB AM3 looks brilliant. The attention to details make the watch looks luxurious and has a distinct look to the dial which make it simple yet feels sophisticated. It really looks like a watch which i would prefer to get. I had a Christoper Ward C11 MSL Chrono which had a nice finishing to the case and match with a leather strap which makes a watch look simple yet luxurious.

  • nolasensei

    Awesome looking timepiece!

  • Barr8

    Watches with contrasting parts are tricky to pull off but have much more personality.  The best example, in my opinion is the Rolex Submariner 50 year anniversary.  I find the March LA.B to be in a category on its own however that works beautifully.

  • mimiju

    Love the green-tainted sapphire!

  • thedonn007

    I really like the green date, crystal and the back of the strap.  I am not too sure about the black strap works well with the dial, but not a fan of the black strap with the color of the case.

  • arikkal

    Love the green back. Generally I like a watches with a little contrast.

  • KimChang

    I want it!

  • Last minute entry… What a fantastic watch!  Whom ever wins this contest is going to be a very happy person!

  • redeu3

    For me i feel a watch should have some contrasting colors on either the case, dials, subdials etc, even with subtle difference, it brings character to a watch, a recognizable characteristic, I’m not so much a fan of having matching colors with the band and dial, to me they should always be different colors. an exceptions to this is a ‘phantom’ watch, that itself has a character, that in itself is contrasting in my opinion.

  • chriswatchlover

    I like contrasting cases,bracelets and dails as it highlights the differences in materials used.the chopard l.u.c xps is an example of perfection in my opinion.

  • rsm219

    The face is so elegant, and the green sapphire back is a plus indeed!

  • BrianSchiele

    Great looking watch!

  • lawmarc


  • MaxwellAckford

    I like aviation watches! ones that have tones of features and or a classic look!

  • lincolnyeung

    I like watches with the same colors. I like the solid, uniform look. Contrasting cases can work, but there are often companies that push it too far.

  • MID

    I tend to like the case materials the  same material all around.  I don’t much like steel and gold combos.  It should be either all steel or all gold.  I think dials, however, should stand out.  The face of the watch should be expressive.

  • drarmstrong

    Interesting combination of stylistic touches. Bold yet subtle. Just a hint of green on the front but practically all green from the back. Beautiful bronze color. Nice placement for the crown. This would be a joy to wear.

  • mrbrett1967

    Love the use of color on this watch, especially the case back- Monochromatic is the way to go.

  • GaryGrumble

    Contrasting colors

  • raspringer

    I prefer watches with contrasting colors for example a brushed silver case with black dial, a brown leather strap with black stitching.  I would also like a black crown.

  • majordesignmike

    I like contrasting colors between the main watch body and the strap or bracelet. For example a Panerai Bronzo against a black leather strap would be nice.

  • joel f

    One of the reasons I have so many watches is that I like both.  Stainless cases with stainless bands (Rolex).  Black PVD cases with matching bands (Lum-Tec M-17).  But also , rose gold cases with alligator (Buran Siberia).  I particularly  like the AM3 because I wear glasses with green MIKLI frames from France.  The AM3’s green rear crystal and green accents would look spectacular with those glasses – and make me look much more put together than I really am :^)

  • Fastsite

    I definitely like contrasting colors in watches. If all parts of the watch were the same color or close to the same color, there simply wouldn’t be any “pop” and that’s a lot of the fun in looking down at your watch to check the time. However, these contrasting colors definitely have to be done right and in the March LA.B AM3 Marron watch, it is most certainly done right.

  • KristianoPronin

    I just love watches with the crown @4 position. Gives a tactical look to the watch (in my opinion)

  • eitan

    Love the green back-Hope I win! :

  • andrinag

    I prefer watches with contrasting colors. I like silver bracelet type watches and love colored dials. One of my favorite colors in a dark blue. I also like watches with leather straps.

  • PadronCigar

    Hope I can win this would be a great addition to my collection

  • mikeormoe

    I like both if they are done well.  One of my favorite watches is the gray Glashutte PanoMatic Lunar with the gray leather band.  I think the monochromatic look just brings more attention to the amazingly well done face of the watch.  I prefer color contrast with sport watches…a little pop is pretty cool.

  • MikeCoffman

    That green exhibition back is pretty neat. Ive been looking at these sport watches for a while – they make an nice departure from rolex inspired diving watches all over the place.

  • hyperaesthetic

    I usually end up going back to the same color combination eventually.

  • luckyM

    I am definitely a fan of some contrast in a watch. For example, the blued hands on many Grand Seikos are simple but awesome. Just a steel case is enough to contrast with most dials and straps. I have a Chopard with a black dial and black strap with just a touch of red in the Mille Miglia logo, which I really like. Really all you need is a metal case and then everything else except the hands can match, except the hands. Blue dials and blue straps, brown dials and brown straps etc. This can all work nicely, as long as you are willing and able to own a selection of watches to match an outfit. However, never black on black on black. No, no, no. You don’t see too many like this and for good reason. The March Lab in the article offers an attractive balance.

  • Jetman89

    I definitely prefer contrast in watches.  I do own watches with that has a matching case, dial and strap but I find the contrast more attractive.

  • Beau9

    I’ve noticed that watch brands tend to follow the genre and lend themselves to the going trend in a broad sense.  From the earlier years the trend was towards smaller diameters, were hand wound, and emphasized shock protection.  The Seventies and later focused more on quartz movements and accuracy to the detriment of aesthetics, hence you have the quartz revolution.   Today, watch brands have evolved enough to the point that they have incorporated the best of the past with the innovations of the future with regards to; components,  materials, and workmanship.  With that being said, I prefer watches with modern feel, components; however, while incorporating the best innovation of the past.  Details such as contrasting colored sub dials, different color hour/minute hands and seconds hands are also pluses.  A good example is the Zenith El Primero series which was innovative with their use of contrasting sub dials to help the user easily read the sub seconds counter at a glance.  A well designed and thought out dial and handset such as the Mil Sub and the Seamaster 300 are highly sought after, iconic in design, and often homaged.   Watch cases are currently made to a standard somewhat, at least 316L surgical grade stainless materials.  The watch strap should compliment the watch and varies according the overall look of the watch itself.  To Summarize, for me, the whole package, from the watch dial, hands, and watchstrap should compliment the watch itself to strive for overall balance.

  • books45

    I like watches with contrasting features, unless I am wearing something to color match my clothes.

  • jsementi

    Utterly cool watch. Would be a nice counterpoint to my other watches which are a more classic style and less modern.

  • andrewartajos

    I like the fact that this is a brand new watch with retro styling. Great job done by March LA.B

  • Love the matching face/strap.Gives this watch great presence and style!

  • Babookie

    I have to be a wimp here as I love this watch for the features mentioned and also like watches that are monochrome. It’s more to do with the balance and completeness of the design, is the crown too big, the indices clash with the face et al that puts me off. This watch is very much to my taste and I would love to possess one. Will check out online right now in fact to find out how much one would be to get it to UnZud where I live

  • MichelleTucker1

    I usually like watches that are the same color throughout.  However, I’d be up to trying something new as well.

  • ariesb

    I love the brownish case style, which is like my Oris Big Crown, and dial is something I also look into watches the retro style which is also similar to one of my Orient automatic watch with more details into it, and I do like more is the hands style on the AM3 Marron Automatic, i like the touch of details on the hands that March LA. B put into their watches. The green date on the dial is quite nice for me, and the 38mm is nicely done to make it more retro. Love to see this in metal. Hopefully this brand will eventually shows up in the Philippines.

  • pedros24

    love the face and the see through back case!

  • tce001

    I generally prefer contrasting dials, but this is a beautiful watch, too.

  • TaylDoug

    I love how the back of the watch is mostly green, and that carries through to the date as well. A very neat contrast in colors, very earthy which goes nicely along with the sustainable automatic movement. The brown case and black face and band make it very classy. Incredibly thin case for an automatic!

  • nmcan1306

    I like the fact that this is a brand new watch with retro styling. Great job done by March LA.B

  • nguyenminhcan1306

    Very neat watch. I really like watches with a Bauhaus style, usually. This watch is a very masculine watch with great features.

  • cannguyen

    nice watch as usual …
    I prefer matching cases and bracelets but
    with contrasting dials – if it is a “full metal” watch. if the bracelets
    is leather or a non-metallic material than anything goes – just like
    the March LA.B … ,-)

  • plainsimple

    I think the one colour for case, bracelet and dial only works with black, otherwise it would become too much with other colours. Though a totally black watch has a very tactical look though. I think dials work best with black, silver, white, dark metallic green, blue and orange.

  • FalconerInd

    come on , this one is mine, you know it 🙂

  • pitt03

    Fingers crossed for this great looking piece.

  • Mr_FDL

    I like solid metal watches with contrasting dials.

  • SouthCrossStar

    Nice watch. I like watches with cases, bracelets that are the same color, but with contrasting dials.

  • Lesthepom

    I don’t mined a bit a color not quit swatch sort of color but that sneaky bit of green in the date window and the cool green crystal on the back is verry cool a bit of green stitching on the strap would be nice the crown at 4 looks like it would be verry comfortable on my skinny wrist
    I have a 2 tone Breitling with a maroon face that I wear when I want some color I do like watches with blue hands but I don’t have one yet and I do like the green so here’s hoping I am the lucky winner and get to wear it
    Thanks Ariel for the chance to Win yet another fab watch

  • Lesthepom

    I don’t mined a bit a color not quit swatch sort of color but that sneaky bit of green in the date window and the cool green crystal on the back is verry cool a bit of green stitching on the strap would be nice the crown at 4 looks like it would be verry comfortable on my skinny wrist I have a 2 tone Breitling with a maroon face that I wear when I want some color I do like watches with blue hands but I don’t have one yet and I do like the green so here’s hoping I am the lucky winner and get to wear it Thanks Ariel for the chance to Win yet another fab watch

  • Csagan

    I prefer watches with contrasting dials and cases because it seems to make watches “pop” off the wrist more. It is always nice when a stranger comments on your watch that they have noticed because it is very noticeable. I’ve always been a sucker for complimentary colors since a young age. The green on the watch looks very very cool, and the fact it is an automatic makes it even better.

  • EricHK

    I prefer contrast in the dial but not too much. That way it adds personality to the watch but does not overdo it.

  • Michael Pinchasick

    I think this is one of the best questions you could have asked, as every watch enthusiast is just as careful in coordinating watches to outfits as women are with there shoes – no offense.
    With the exception of a PVD watch, such as a custom Bamford watch, or the ever classic Chanel J12, contrast is essential to a watches allure.

  • egznyc

    It really depends on many things — sometimes it’s just “I know it when I see it,” whether I like a certain combination of colors or not.  I like a black leather band, for example, on a black-dialed pilot watch; I like a stainless steel bracelet on a stainless steel diver.  Yet I also like contrasting dials and band colors (like a black dial with a reddish colored leather band — that could look great!), and a very contrasting date displayed in the date window (like on this very cool March LA.B watch) is a really nice touch.  It’s a small thing, so it’s nice and subtle (and I like the fact that the background of the date window matches the black dial color), but adds a little visual interest.  It’s really a matter of taste, but I think as long as it’s well-done (and not over-done), some contrast really makes a design pop.  It’s largely a function of my mood, though, whether I want the contrast or something more “boring.”  Just don’t try to match a dial and a band but fall a little short — that looks like a mistake.

    mention what you like
    more (with examples if you are up to it): watches with cases, bracelets,
    and dials that are the same color, or watches with contrasting color
    cases and dials.

  • Theta427

    My general preference is to either have all contrasting, or have the bracelet and case match and have the dial contrast. Having the dial a contrasting color seems to make it easier to read, and more interesting looking.

  • ThirtiesFarmer

    I like the watches with contrasting color cases and dials, it gives a better look to the watch in my opinion.

  • sternke

    Either way works out well for me, I prefer it to be contrasting slightly, but only if the colors are all from the same palette.

  • hogarthlennox

    contrast is best

  • trickwheel

    Modern yet, oh so, tasteful with a nod to the past. Oh yeah, the instagram photos they post are great too!

  • DeaninCanuckistan

    Gotta go with contrast and colors – something interesting to catch the eye. Even if it is a small color detail, say stitching on a strap, or colored crystals.

  • The wine & green contrast is pretty sweet, and unusual. Thus, I’m going to go with watches with contrasting color cases and dials!

  • JonnyD

    A very interesting watch. I do like the green tinted glass but would prefer all dates to be in green, rather than just the “3”, although I can see the logic in their choice.
    I think it depends on the watch, what I prefer. For instance, I rather the look of the all black PVD Xetum compared to the stainless steel version. Then again the contrast colours (orange, grey and black) in the Gronefeld one hertz contemporary, really sings.
    Good luck to all ABTWers!

  • ssengo

    This watch looks simple but the way these colors were blended and strategically placed in areas where they complement each other brings its sophistication out. when you add all that to the self-winding ETA movement, the result is a beautiful watch that can be worn anytime and also good to add to one’s collection.

  • MPigott

    There is something extra chic about a watch with contrasting dials and cases. A great example is March LA.B’s Electric collection for women, which has many pieces with contrasting dials and cases. My favorite for everyday elegance is definitely the Bourdeaux or Burgundy, they both have bands in classic colors but the contrasting faces of the watches give it an extra touch of style. Don’t be afraid of being noticed, embrace the contrast! Just be sure to find a piece that is both stylish and timeless…pun intended 😉

  • abaibai

    I love the retro  style of the watch. It’s vintage but still has that touch of modern to it. The perfect blend of colors of the metal, the dial, and the strap culminate into an absolutely masterpiece of a watch. This watch can be easily dressed up and dressed down which makes it the perfect watch for any man (or woman).

  • ojcontris

    This is a beautiful watch. I prefer watches with contrasting dials, faces and bracelets.  I would love to win this watch.  It is elegant but casual.  I think it would look great while wearing a suit and tie or wearing jeans and a shirt.

  • mynameis0j

    I love this watch, I think its beautiful, i love contrasting watch dials and bracelets. I love when the case matches the dial color.

  • samt

    This is a beautiful watch! Lately I’ve been into simple watches with a contrasting bracelet, in canvas or leather.

  • kidorsay

    I really like the look of this watch, it doesnt have too much contrast, but just the right amount.  it looks very nice.

  • mferon

    It is the first time I hear about March LA.B, and I must say the AM3 is a stunner! The elegance of the case, half way between the barrel and rounded corners square shape gives it a classical, timeless design, but the position of the crown, semi integrated inside the case at 4 o’clock is there to bring a touch of modernism. The dial is superb of simplicity, but the more you look at it, the more the details become apparent. To me, the hour marks look like marine flags, and in a way, remind me of Corum watches. The unusual green colour for the calendar gives another specific touch. When you look at the back of the watch, the green colour of the glass submerges you completely, and all your usual marks are lost for a moment before you start noticing the movement inside. I found with the March LA.B AM3 a watch which is a great example of elegance, classicism and modernism at the same time, and I love it for that!

  • quaterindie

    This is a beautiful watch. I would be very proud to wear it. Thanks for running these great contests ABTW!

  • this is a beautiful watch .I like watches with steel bracelets and black dial…

  • evrnyldrm

    This is a very well designed watch. The case and the colors… I will watch March LA.B’s works from now on.
    I prefer simple and well designed watches, which have numbers easy to read. I like designs which respect the tradition but at the same time creative and innovative…

  • modsupremo

    It is really getting difficult to come up with unique and original designs in almost anything nowadays! What really interested me in this watch is the shape of the case and the reddish/brown style case colour. The placement of the crown at 4 o’clock is very appealing and has an ergonomic purpose. I love the green tinted case back window adds to the exquisite looks, a really nice touch. Simple and elegant! Thats the way watches should be!

  • patmorais

    I have to have it! pick me, pick me…. I always thought I preferred watches with matching cases, bracelets and dials but after seeing just the simple contrast of color on this watch, I’m ready to change my mind completely.

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  • Bigbandito

    Meh. If I won this I would probably sell it. I like watches with tasteful color schemes, either the same color or in contrasting colors.

  • SwetaKanguriSonulkar

    I would like to wear the watch with bracelet and dials of contrasting color,Liked the facebook pages and subscribed

  • rosskale2

    I would really like this watch. It would be tough to take it off and wear any of my other watches. I think it looks perfect with the gold tone case with black face and black strap! BEAUTIFUL!

  • Sebastian Boll

    Beautiful watch.

  • cristina

    great contest n amazing watch

  • Harold Buttolph

    Looks like a great watch,suitable for casual or dress.Regarding case, dial and strap colors, I like em’ all!

  • Lakpriya

    Wow. fantastic watch with simple dial. Nice to wear every time of the day when we going out. awesome.

  • Jimmyjames

    Very nice, versatile. I like the contrasting colors of a black dial and stainless steel case. Omega really played around with colors through the seamaster to cosmic to dynamic. I believe this watch is on par.

  • Luis Horacio Velez de la Pava

    beautiful watchLately I’ve been into simple watches with a contrasting bracelet in leather.

  • Vignesh R.Puvanesuaran

    Look stylish. Nice looking.