Giveaway: Stolas Harbormaster Gennaker Watch

Giveaway: Stolas Harbormaster Gennaker Watch

Giveaway: Stolas Harbormaster Gennaker Watch Giveaways

In shiny midnight black, this is the Gennaker version of the Stolas Harbormaster watch and you have the chance of winning one this month on The Harbormaster Gennaker has a 44mm wide PVD black coated steel case that is water resistant to 200 meters. The crystal is sapphire and there is lume applied to the dial and bezel. The watch face is in black carbon fiber with a lightning bolt orange seconds hand (I've never seen orange lighting before). Inside the watch is an SMC 2824 clone automatic movement. More more information on the similar Spinnaker model, check out this review here. Price for the Stolas Harbormaster Gennaker is $619 and you can enter for a chance to win one below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required. In the body of your comment mention whether you like decorative seconds hands that may have special shapes and logos on them, or simple more traditional seconds hands that may be less visually distracting.

2. Be a pal. If possible, Facebook friend/fan all or any of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on September 30th, 2011 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Stolas the sponsor of this Harbormaster Gennaker watch giveaway here at!

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  • Bogdan

    I love watches with distinct seconds hand, i think it gives them character.
    This one has something of a milgauss-ish look about it. Very cool watch.

    • Ignacio Enriquez Bruce

      i love distinctive second hands. they ad caracter and a bit of fun to a watch,
      I prefere them in more classic watches, such as the rolex mille gauss.

      • Dov


  • michl

    I’m not aversed to a subtle decorated seconds hand. As long as he doesn’t cover to much of the dial…

  • Lovely look. Feels like a Bremont and a Omega Seastar with a modern twist. Would Love this. Thanks Stolas!

  • Articblade

    I am in favour of a more traditionally second hand. IMO, its either you make all the hands distinct or none at all.

  • Ivan Pushayski

    Big fan of watchmakers that show some creativity and playfulness in their design. Always appreciative of a distinct seconds hand, as long as it fits with the overall look of the watch.

  • Ferdinand Angeles

    I like decorative seconds hands like Stolas’ lightning but not something that is shaped like a cloud

  • Stay Gold

    I like decorative seconds hands – especially on “sporty” watches. Leave the plain lookin’ second hands for the conservative timepieces.

  • Timothy Minardi

    It depends on the watch.. I like plain one on busy dial (chrono) but on this stolas decorative is definitely nicer 🙂 thanks

  • decorative second hands can give a special touch on a watch. i like it and i will definetely wear it. good luck everyone

  • Jean-Noel

    I like watches with decorated second hand. In example, I like when the logo of the brand is on the tail of the hand, like Breitling or Corum.

  • AJ di Pota

    I think the “distinctive” seconds hands are innovative and a good way for a manufacturer to stand out. While the overall design is good, the lightning bolt ups its character. I like it.

  • utkik

    The decorative second hands are an excellent aesthetic feature. Both the strong colour and design make them, and the watch, far more noticeable.
    Great design work.

  • Murray Montgomery

    I like this bolt of lightning; it really depends on the whole package and whether the hand is appropriate.

  • ryan

    Dive watches and PVD coated ones are suited to novelty second hands!

  • Liu Yongyi

    It’s fine. I always consider that seconds hand is much less important than the other two hands, so it can be any shape as long as it is thin enough.

  • Ovidiu

    Well, I guess it highly depends on the watch case and dial. Some watches look better with simple second hand, watches that aim elegance.
    Others seems to have the need to display company logo, or in case of some chronographs to make the secondhand more distinctive.
    The are also watched that balance these two tendencies – the one that is subject to this moth giveaway is an example.

    In all circumstances, a watch should have a second hand by all means as it is the only thing that gives you the feeling of the time flow; so this is a serious piece of design. This is also the reason why ISO 6425 divers’ watches standard request not only the presence of it.
    … Actually a diver’s watch does not necessarily require a second hand, but a kind of visual indicators that the watch is moving. I have still to see an open heart diver with lume applied on its balance wheel 🙂

  • Michael

    I like the decorative seconds hands. Most watches have a standard seconds hands. It is nice to see something different.

  • Gabriel_BB

    I like special designs of the seconds hands like orange lightning made by Stolas. It gives a personal touch to the whole concept.

  • snipfer

    Decorative seconds hands are nice, but they must fith with the watch’s aesthetic. This Stolas acomplishes this.

  • Nat

    I appreciate second hands with distinctive style or ornamentation, like the Rolex Milgauss’s lightning bolt hand and the Zenith El Primero Striking 10th’s star.

  • Andri

    I like more seconds hands with high legibility that you can see your trusted piece is working/moving. And to see where the sound is coming from, if it is.

  • CR

    I prefer the decorative second hands for an added touch of style.

  • Ivan Lazarus

    I love second hands with a special look or feature to them… It makes the second hand stand out and it also makes it easier to read… If the second hand is something special… It also becomes the topic of conversation sometimes when you within a group or in a group setting….

  • Bernard Siao

    I like to keep it simple…just straight like an arrow for me

  • Pompe

    Well its all up to what kind of watch it is, a big diver can definately have the bigger kind of second hands, with much lume and special shapes.
    But om a smaller dresswatch i prefer the slim thin hands with no decoration or special design at all.

  • Felix Vîjiac

    Simple hands for me.

  • Ronkat

    A distinctive second hand is fine as long as doesn’t interfere with the legibility. I prefer a sharp second hand or arrow so the seconds are define more precisely as opposed to a circle at the end without a needle.

  • damian

    The question is a bit loaded. I prefer classical looking seconds with a decorative/logo counter-weight. So where does that fit in? This watch, while having a decorative second hand, has the lightning bolt shape of the time-tested milgauss style, so hardly a risky design.

  • Ivan

    Is indistinct for me the shape of the seconds hand, as long if it is visible so I know my watch is working.

  • Anders Sederholm

    Nice watch with a personal twist.

  • Teoh

    Love decorative second hands as long as it does not interfere with the ease of reading time at a glance.

  • Chris G

    This watch looks phenomenal! I just love the fact that colors are so bright set om silver and black in this watch case. I also find it very nice to have the second just be a little different, in this case a lighting bolt. Not to mention that Stolas puts in orange which just draws attention to it!

    Gotta Love This Watch!

  • Decorated hands are fine as long as the hands do not become the focus point of the watch dial area. They should compliment the watch look but not absorb it or become too demonstrative, otherwise…. cool

  • Nick

    Depending on the watch I think it’s OK. This watch is more of a funky styled tool watch, and I think it matches the character. Also, it’s still very easy to read and functional.

    Not sure if I’m a huge fan of it on the Milgauss for example, but I understand the symbolism of it.

  • Mike

    I like both conventional, low key and vibrant second hands. It depends on how the design brings them together. The face and colors can make or break the second hand design.

  • Gautham Reddy

    Great looking watch. I’ve noticed a trend with watch makers bringing out models with distinct seconds hands. I quite like them as long as they don’t distract too much from the overall look of the watch face.

    • Gautham Reddy

      Regarding, the Orange seconds hand, I think it fits well with the design of this watch. It reminds me of the Orange hand on the early prototype of the tag heuer aquagraph before they changed it to a yellow colour which still looks good aswel.

  • Cool design!

    When it comes to the second hand, it all depends on the overall design of the watch. If the watch is very expressive, an more expressive second hand might be cool. If the watch is minimalistic, then an expressive second hand might be disturbing. It’s always fun with watch design that challanges the “traditional watch design”. 🙂

    In this case, I like the bolt second hand!


    Anything that sets the watch off and make it more unusual then others is most often mu desireable for me if it has taste. It maybe the hands, face, band or bezel.

  • Anthony

    I like decorative hands to a point. Sometimes little simple touches like the trident on some of the Christopher Ward watches is perfect.

  • Cyril de la Torre Branger

    less visually distracting but in this case it works

  • art a


  • stephen

    much prefer subtle, understated, unobtrusive second hands or none at all –
    more 2-handers would be nice.

    orange lightning bolts? tacky, gimmicky, tasteless… but a good watch repairer can fix that, aaaahh

  • Andre Sampaio

    For me a decorative seconds hand is nice, should be subtle of course, like a detail that you have to take a close look, nothing that takes too much attention from the watch itself. Would be nice to stand out in some sort of design, not by color.

  • Alex

    Simple is better. Of course, it depends on the watch in question… 🙂

  • Carol

    I love anything original, as long as it’s not overkill.
    Though a ‘lightning’ second hand is not the most original thing I’ve seen, it still gives it some punch; I like!

  • Stephen

    I prefer more traditional second hands.

  • Mark

    I like decorative seconds hands on sport watches, especially if they reflect the theme or overall design of the watch. On dress watches, I prefer a simple seconds hand.

  • bravavet

    I tend to like decorated hands on some watchs (for instance on a dress watch or some pilot watches), but on a diver watch or a flieger i think it´s distracting.

  • Bruce

    Happy to see watchmakers play around with their hands, altho I tend to prefer classic, blued, Breguet-type hands. And yet, I enjoy the fun that Alain Silberstein plays with.

  • Boris

    I prefer a decorated seconds hand that really makes the watch stand out, and the stolas lighting bolt is just awesome 🙂

  • Brandon

    So long as it’s not distracting or oversize, I’m all for creative designs. If it doesn’t fit with the rest of the watch I’d rather keep it simple.

  • J.K.

    on a modern diver watch like this one I think special second hand looks awesome

  • I rally like the lighting bolt!!! Why not? It’s different, and it gives the watch personality…

  • Omid

    I love most timepieces, and that goes for those with decorative seconds hands as well..

  • Louis

    I Like distinct decorative second hand on a watch because it can change the entire feeling of that watch.

  • Scott

    I like the decorative seconds hand, it adds a bit of character and fun to the watch.

  • Greg S

    Gennaker giveaway:

    I much prefer traditional hands on a watch dial…

  • Razvan

    I like decorative seconds hands that may have special shapes as they make the watch special 🙂

  • Zach

    I prefer small second dials. Yet I do like the seconds hand on this watch and the CW GMT watch.

  • Dan B

    I love a distinctive seconds hand as it adds a unique flavor to a watch. There is nothing that irritates me more than seeing the same style hands on various brand watches such as Rolex Mercedes hands on non-Rolex watches.

    It’s great to see a new watch company come out with a bold design as their first offering.

  • Matthew E

    I like distinctive second hands. I have a Muhle that uses a triangle as a seconds marker. The lightning bolt on the Stolas is very cool.

  • Jeff

    “I’ve never seen orange lighting”, how can that be? What about the “potentially shallow offerings from Deep Blue”? They’ve been using orange tritium tubes for a while now. Maybe you didn’t notice because they didn’t have a lightning bolt second hand. Ok, I’ll admit I like distracting seconds hands but only if they stay in place until you start the chronograph.

  • Really like the Lightning Second Hand, it gives a kick to the look.
    If there was a way to personalize it, or customize it, it would make watch even more unique.

    I like it


  • I prefer simpler shapes, but in case of this Stolas watch its seconds hand is not that bad.

  • Jeff

    For me it is a function of the design of the watch. When properly integrated into the design a decorative second hand can enhance the beauty of the watch.

  • I prefer the decorative second hands, so long at the decoration is good. 🙂 I love the Trident on the CW Trident series, and I like this “orange lightning” on the Stolas.

  • kris c

    I really enjoy a well-done proprietary seconds hand. Hublot, Ball, and Corum immediately come to mind as brands that do this very nicely.

  • N Landry

    I do prefer a more traditional seconds hand on my watches, but on this sporty model it fits and so doesn’t bother me. I rather like it.

  • Dana Russell

    Personally I like specially decorated second hands as long as the decoration is meaningful to the brand and tasteful (both subjective measures I know). In this case I think the lightning bolt meets both criteria.

    These (Stolas’s? Stoli’s?) seem to elicit very stong opinions – both good and bad. I for one love the design and execution. Sort of serious, fun, and distinct all at the same time. And certainly a good value.

  • Tom

    For me, the second hand is the main-attraction of a watch. Anything that can be done to make the movement more interesting is a plus for me.

  • Azrul

    “when I look at watches, I will look at the second hand movement, very cool ..most of my watches have traditional second hand, so distinctive second hand may look special from others”..if you have lot of watches in your collection, when it come to a special day, definitely you will wear very special watch…

  • carolyn

    Wow, great watch. I guess its the sailor in me, or maybe that we actually need a new Genny for our boat and my husband wants a Gennaker instead, but I’d love this watch. I like decorative second hands. The Christopher Ward aviator with the bulls-eye second hand is one of my favorites, but this one is good too. Thanks to Stola.

    • carolyn

      (Stolas. typo) ps, if it helps you decide who will win the watch, our sailboat was struck by lightning twice last year. ay ay ay!

      • carolyn

        Make that three times. Lightning from tropical storm Lee cut the main mast support causing it to fall. Maybe we don’t need a lightning second hand…

  • Philip Penland

    I really like the textured carbon fiber face with the contrasting orange second hand. I would have to see how the lume looks in action, but a very interesting timepiece, here’s hoping I get to add it to my collection.

  • Sean

    Though I am not opposed to decorative hands (as long as they are not too distracting)………I tend to be much more of a traditionalist

  • KP

    I prefer a simple hand. But I’ll wear a more distinctive hand on watches that I’ve won 🙂

  • Richard Wagle

    I generally like simplicity, but I like the Jorg Grey second hand with its initials incorporated on it.

  • Chris

    I fell that having unique second and/or minute hands on a watch is one of the few ways left for a watch company to set their product apart from the “rest of the herd”. The hands of a watch tend to be the most looked at part of a time piece already, may as well make that look as interesting as possible. I’d sure love to be looking at THIS watch on MY wrist everyday. 😉


  • Jason T.

    I prefer a simple, unobtrusive second hand.

  • Jeff

    I am a fan of decorative hands especially seconds hands. On sport watches i am pretty open to anything on my more formal watches maybe a straight hand with decorative balance portion.

  • Mark

    I like unique just so long as it does not step into the realm of gaudy…

  • Chris Chantler

    I like both styles of second hands. I prefer plain second hands on dress and military / aviator style watches, and I like the playfulness of a stylized hand on sport watches. As someone above mentioned, Christopher Ward has done a good job of this with the Trident shaped balance on the C60 Trident series divers, and the peregrine shaped balance on the C4 Peregrine chronographs.
    The ‘Orange Lightning’ hand works on this watch. Milgauss inspired, but still distinctive and unique.

  • IS3515

    This is a nice watch. Reminds me of the Bremont Supermarine but with the Stolas markings. Very reasonably priced too.

  • What I really like is decorative seconds hands that may have special shapes and logos on them but at the same time, I enjoy simple more traditional seconds hands that may be less visually distracting. So many choices

  • thierry

    If the dial is not too busy, a second hand is nice. Now, how ‘complicated’ or ‘tortured’ should it be ? It depends of the dial I guess. I prefer decorative ones. In the case of these Stolas, a straight one would not work, i think. And I’ld love to win that one! 🙂
    Thanks to Stolas and to you for the giveaway

  • Seng

    I prefer simple no-frills second hands to decorative or funky designs because I like my watch to look clean and more tool-like

  • Erik

    I don’t mind distinctive second hands, as long as they complement the overall design and feel of the watch. The Milgauss, for example, which this seems reminiscent of, makes it work really well.

  • Aaron

    A second hand needs a little ‘pop’ – I like the second hands that are tipped in red, but I really do like the ‘lighting bolt’ version on the Stolas!

  • Chris

    I tend to favor the more traditional second hands but it really depends on the particular watch.

  • Mark

    I like a distinctive second hand and really like the Stolas Harbormaster Gennaker. Nice watch.

  • John C

    Most of the time I prefer a traditional seconds hand. My Christopher Ward C600 Tri-Tech has a circle in the seconds hand that I like. I guess I don’t mind the lightning bolt on the Gennaker because I want this watch. As a matter of fact, it was going to be my next purchase. Only problem is my wife has said no to any more watches. My only chance to have it is to win it!

  • Ilia

    It really depends on the watch. I think it works on this Stolas watch, but might not on others. The orange color really makes it pop.

  • Steve

    I like simple non decorative second hands.

  • Angel

    To me decorative hands have their place which would depend on the type of watch. By type I mean dress, casual, sport. For dress watches I love blue hands like the Cartier Ballon Bleu Chronograph. For casual it would be ok to have funky hands and colors and for sport what is needed is are hands that are visable at all times.

  • Kelly Hall

    I like the overall shape, and the case artwork. Decorative second hands are a mixed bag – in this case, it looks good and isn’t distracting. PVD coating is nice, too. Pretty watch!

  • Jerry

    It all depends on how the watch is designed. A very simple watch should have an understated seconds hand. A whimsical or sporty watch should have something that pops out at you, like this Stolas watch.

  • Russ G.

    Stolas has been on my list for quite a while. The lume… awsome. Great styling as well.

  • JL

    I prefer brand specific decorative hands. Brands that have distinguished itself have stuck with certain styles of hands: Speedmaster Pro, Rolex Sub, etc. I can’t imagine those having different hands.

  • Ryan

    Traditional seconds hands are more my taste and I prefer not to be overwhelmed by too many obscure shapes or logos that make it look like a Frankenstein of a watch and impossible to read.

    What does tickle my fancy is when a seconds hand is a different color from all the rest on the watch. Most of the time I have a good internal beat of what hour of the day it is so it is the seconds hands is what I normally refer to when checking time.

    Stolas seems to have executed this watch nicely with the orange against a green and black backdrop with a hint of blue. As far as the thunderbolt I don’t mind it at all, it’s pretty tamed compared to others I’ve seen. Nice work!

  • Vasudev

    I definitely like the unique, funky seconds hand look on dive watches. I think it adds a lot of character. This lightning-bolt shape nicely unifies all the Harbormaster watches

  • Isaac

    Decorative second hands are all right. This watch pulls it off very well. Who wouldn’t want one in the collection.

  • Don

    I love these watches, and the all black is the best.
    I normally like more traditional hands, but, watches like this, with the signature lighting bolt, are done very well, where they are different and intriguing, but not completly in your face.

  • Lucas newby

    I like seconds hands with a bit of flair. Especially true on a bolder dive watch. But there are many occasions when I prefer no seconds hands at all.

  • Russ G.

    I am usually not a fan of gimmicky seconds hands but on this watch I think the lightning bolt works really well.

  • Fred I

    decorative second hands can give a special touch on a watch. i like it and i will definetely wear it.

  • Chau

    This watch is beautiful ! I love the black color and especially the strap.
    The lightning bolt hand is really cool

  • Eric

    I prefer watches to have seconds hands with decoration, my favorite is on my Ball Hydrocarbon- the RR logo is very sweet.


    I think distinctive or decorated seconds hands are fine as long as they do not take anything away from the over all look. They should add to the design as a whole and not be the focal point.

  • Would be partial to the orange lighting hand. I prefer some sort of decoration. Would gladly wear this Stolas.

  • amoeba

    I like decorated seconds hands assuming the rest of the dial matches. I think one of my favorite watches is the Rolex Milgauss in this regard.

  • Billy Smith

    I personally like decorated second hands. They add to the character of the watch.

  • Aaron

    I like second hands with unusual shapes, because they make the watches they are on more interesting!

  • XAMfed

    I prefer more traditional second hands, although the Stolas is pretty cool

  • Mike Andrews

    First of all, beautiful Stolas watch. I like decorative seconds hands that may have special shapes and logos on them more than the traditional seconds hand. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I think the decorative hands get more complements from people because it draws their attention more to the watch.

  • bill anagnos

    For most watches, I like the “less is more approach.” That being said, occasionally you can use a decorative second hand, as long as its not too busy or distracting, this have to do with looking at the watch as a whole (case, color of dial, indicies etc..) I think having an online selector where you can view the watch with different second hands “before” one buys a watch could help as well.

  • mcfr

    There is nothing wrong with decorative second hands, they give a watch that little something extra. Especially on sporty watches….

  • Scott

    I have always been a traditional watch guy, I like the simple hands that don’t look like they are “trying too hard.” That being said, this watch pulls it off pretty good, very nice looking.

  • Randy

    I like second hands with designs on them as long as it is not to big.

  • I don’t mind out of the ordinary sweep hands, as long as they are innovative in their design like the Stolas is.

  • Vincent

    The lighting bolt hand is starting to become a trend.

  • Simeon Weinraub

    I have a nuanced opinion on seconds hand design. I think that the trident on the Christopher Ward Trident is clever, as is the electric bolt on the Milgauss. I also like when Zenith uses the star logo. Also, there are a lot of watches that just add that functional dot or square of lume. However, some designers just do something different for the sake of being different, or to throw their logo in one more place, without regard to balance of design or legibility

    This watch is a good looking, and easy to read modern diver. The seconds hand adds some interest, without taking away from anything, and even makes sense when you see all of that lume doing its work.

  • ben woodall

    I think the second hand works really well on this watch. Stolas have really found a nice balance with the design, the second hand manages to look slightly edgy whilst not detracting from the overall classic look of the rest of the watch. This is my favorite model from Stolas… I’d love to own one!

  • Don Kohn

    I like decorative second hands when executed tastefully. I have a Ball Trainmaster Power Reserve which has the distinctive Ball logo of back to back “R”‘s on the back end of the second hand. It is not overdone and compliments the overall look of the watch.

  • I like both! Sometimes decorative really works in a design (go back to the Wittnauer electric.. hour hand is a big circle, second hand is a lightning bolt!) and sometimes the plain, stoic design works. Sometimes adding a decorative element (second hand counter-balance) is all that is needed. No design element can stand alone, it must work in harmony with the rest of the watch. Gestalt, baby! 🙂

  • Sha Jarboe

    When I first read the question about a decorative second hand, my traditional yet chunky watchaholic side said NO WAY!! Then I saw the photo of the Stolas Harbormaster Gennaker and changed my mind. It has a sleek ruggedness to it and looks as if it would demand attention when worn (And why have an accesory people don’t notice!). It seems to say stylish and powerful with the perfect hint of quirky and/or individuality. The lightning bolt orange seconds hand could not have been more perfect! So my opinion has now been officially been changed. Give a decorative seconds hand a fair chance!!

  • lionstan

    Beautiful watch, but keep the hands simple. Simple is elegant, even in a sports watch.

  • Christopher F

    I generally like more classical watches. But as a sport watch this is’nt half bad 🙂
    I also like that they have used the nordic letters “Ø” and “Ã…” (Since I’m norgwegian, and so is their brand name “STØLÃ…S” which is i Norwegian surname.)

  • Joshua Yanow

    The lightning bolt second hand is killer. Very nice looking watch!

  • Aron

    So long as the watch gas excellent lume, I couldn’t care less about the shape of the seconds hand. I also simply like the idea of a sweep seconds hand, anyway.



  • I don’t like the decorative hands. They seem trendy and contrived. I prefer a more simple and traditional second hand. Other than that, the watch looks spectacular.

  • Randy Torres

    I can’t say that I like one hand over the other, for me it depends on the watch. For example, I love the thunderbolt on the Genoa model I think it just complements the yacht eteched on the silver dial. On the other hand it would look silly on a formal dress watch like a IWC Portofino for example. One thing is for sure, that thunderbolt will definitely get the watch noticed.

  • Exasecond

    Orange electric bolt is what I like… reminds me of one of my Holy Grails: The Milgauss! You can keep the plain and simple for a different style watch.

  • Ulysses

    I tend to prefer more discreet second hands that have a little flourish in the counter-weight. Overly bright colours and jarring designs might look novel at first but quickly get tiresome when I realise I have to look at them all day.

  • Kevin

    A watch should speak for itself. Watches reflect their owners, so there is something to be said about distinctive features that draw it apart from what is a very competitive marketplace.

    That being said, I prefer clean sight lines and try to avoid gimmicks and distractions on my timepieces, though Stolas has done a nice job with this model overall.

    Best of luck to all.

  • Nick S

    Decorate seconds hands are great, why aren’t more watches sporting them?

    Awesome for spicing up an otherwise low-key dial.

  • Andrew Bungcag

    I love this watch it looks really good. I like watches with decorative seconds hands that may have special shapes and logos on them, something that is more one-of-a-kind.

  • doug liberman

    I love interesting second hands. I’ve had my eye on this watch for a while. I’d love to win this one.

  • Mike W

    Love what Stolas has to offer. I like second hands that are not so traditional such as the bolt on the Stolas models. Like them as long as they are not too crazy. Thx crossing my fingers again.

  • Fabrizio

    Second hand for me, is less important for time reading, so original shape and color are welcome.

  • Wilson

    Decorative second hands are OK if they integrate with the overall design.

  • Jorge Q.

    I like watches with decorated second hand. This one looks like the lightning bolt shape of Rolex Milgauss…..Very nice looking watch with great lume!

  • vmarks

    I prefer decorative hands. I love the 6541 Milgauss lightning bolt. I like the Trident on Christopher Ward watches.

    Even the orange Plongeur on the Omega works for me.

    The lightning bolt here is just what I’d want, and it reminds me of the Milgauss I love so much.

  • Matt

    I prefer traditional watch hands. When they are over-emphasized, they tend to distract from the other parts of the watch. For example, my Ball watch hands, including the GMT hand, are too large, and cover the date a lot of the time. Sort of annoying. I think I may eventually sell the Ball watch and get a Rolex. Love your blog!

  • dbakiva

    If an interesting second-hand design is consistent with the overall look of the watch and doesn’t distract from readability, I think it’s fine if form serves function. For a watch like this one, it works. For a dress watch, probably not. Generally, less adorned is better.

  • Torben

    Agrred that while on dressier watches I prefer less stylized hands, on a sport watch like this it looks great and has a “punch” to it! Nice watch well done.

  • Mark Heftler

    I like both varieties. That lightening bolt looks particularly fun.

  • James

    I prefer simple more traditional seconds hands that may be less visually distracting so I can enjoy other aspects of the timepiece fully.

  • Todd

    I love the eye-catching a decorative second hand can be! It makes the dial and the watch stand out that much more.


  • Don P

    Nice watch. I generally prefer plain hands on a watch, but this lighting bolt is sort of neat since it fits in with the luminous theme of the watch.

  • John

    Personally, I think the shape of the second hand depends on the rest of the watch. A decorative hand that fits well with the rest of the design is great.

  • Patman

    I generally prefer the second hands to be simple. However, on this specific model, I think the orange lightning bolt is a nice accent, as the hour and minute hands blend in a bit more with the dial.

  • Matt

    I like decorative second hands when they are not overdone or distracting. The classic diver second hand is cool. I like Stolas lightning bolt. The 007 logo on the branded Omegas is a bit over the top.

  • Paul

    I like the subtle decorative second hands, like the Christopher Ward Trident for example….

  • Anthony

    Great time piece. I enjoy when designers use creativity on second hands as long as it fits the rest of design. The whole scheme should mesh.

  • dali shaw

    i think i like simple second hands, but that said im not averse to decorative second hands either

  • Alex Spizman

    I feel that a seconds hand should be simple, due to the fact that it is the piece on the watch that is moving the most. If a seconds hand is over done it detracts from the overall beauty of the watch. take for example, the Omega Seamaster with the Olympic rings.

  • Dr4 (Steve)

    While primarily a traditionalist (i.e., for my daily watch), a interesting and appropriate (for the functionality or theme or whatever edge the watch is going for) is fine for an occasional “change up.” Setting the second hand aside, the watch has a very interesting look… kind of a German Bremont Supermarine type-thing which is quite appealing.

  • Chris

    The second hand really depends on the watch style. Generally I prefer a simple very minimal second hand, though if the dial is minimal, a little logo on the second hand may work, or a more interesting shape.

  • Brian D.

    I’m definitely a fan of company’s putting their unique spin on the second’s hand. I love the lightning bolt that Stolas is using here, and I love what Christopher Ward did with the trident on their dive series of watches. I think it’s a great opportunity for the brands to differentiate themselves and add a little additional unique style to their watches. Love this watch. Keep up the great work with the Blog!!

  • Steve Peterson

    I don’t mind a unique seconds hand. I have a watch that uses a specific shape and color. It think it makes the watch stand out.

  • Neil

    Decorative vs. traditional? More like interesting vs. unimaginative. Or artful vs. boring.
    From a practical standpoint, stick-hands are also harder to see for those of us with less than great eyesight. While I have doubts about the Asian movement models – given the price – the design appeal of the Stolas line is appealing.

  • Lenny

    I really prefer a simple non intrusive second hand. I can handle a small amount of creativity though.

  • Austin

    Gotta go for the decorative hand. No sense in playing it safe.

  • Zack

    I like a little bit of decoration, as long as it doesnt actually cover the dial or anything, i think it adds a little something to the watch

  • Stu

    I generally prefer decorative hands, but it depends on the style of watch. On a formal, classic watch, too “decorated” can detract from the overall look. I really like when it adds to the overall look and style though.

  • matt maunu

    Prefer the simple hands. unless, there is a clear theme to the watch. i.e., a lightening bolt on a dive watch doesn’t seem like a clear theme.

  • decorative hands are okay. This one is a style I can like. Otherwise they DO get distracting…

  • jeff hofbauer

    Awesome watches 🙂

  • AV De Jesus II

    Decorated seconds hands are ideas that our nonconforming, they veer away from the usual and are usually stepping stones to a greater work of art! I like that! I have ideas of my own..I just don’t know how to make a watch. Stolas did a good job on this one:)

  • Troy

    I like visually distracting. Gives me something to stare at when I’m bored in a meeting.

  • Steve Hong

    My test for preference is that the marker hands must be distinctly legible in all lighting conditions. The lightning bolt is a cool idea, but if I can’t see it in low light or glaring sunlight, it’s a minus for me.

  • Davidv61

    like second sweep hands that offer a contrasting color to add detail and spot on time check ability, stolas has a very distinct look to this model timepiece. i would definately add one to my collection

  • Matt

    Personally not much of a decorative hand fan, but there are a few that work imo.

  • Delgado Delbarrio

    I normally prefer plain and traditional styling but could make an exception for the lightning bolt.

  • Quinn Gooch

    I think it makes business sense to try and differentiate your products from its’ competitors. Design details whether small and large appeal to different consumers and it also provides (when accepted) branding opportunities. I like the bolt. The second hand has character and gives the buyer something to show off and talk about. It would be a neat piece to have. Cheers.

  • Euntaik Ha

    It depends on the styling of the watch in general. Traditional watch = traditional styling. Decorative watch = lightning bolt will do 😛

  • Julio C. Nunez

    I’m an agreement in that there needs to be something functional about it. for example I love the seconds hand on the Planet Ocean with the red tip.

  • miki

    I like watches with decorative seconds hands, this distinguishes it from masses.

  • Mike Klemarewski

    I think it completely depends on the watch. Some watches will suit a flashy second hand. Most of the watches I wear are fairly simple though.

  • jerry chandler

    Wow what a stunning watch this harbormaster.I would be proud top own such a classy time piece.I think decorative second hands are nice. the most copied is the mercedes style used by rolex and every other watch maker who has put out their own version of a classic diver and invicta with their Reserve insignia on their second hands looks very nice. it wouldn’t work on just anything but is a nice touch when it belongs.

  • Gary Granger

    I do like seconds hands that have style and out of the ordinary….this watch and the Rolex Milgauss both have a lightning bolt, both seem to work well. I don’t find them ditracting at all.

  • Greg

    Like the Lum and dial, but alas would prefer a normal second hand, like on the Genoa I think

  • Charles Boulakia

    I like the concept of a distinctive second hand, and I like it in the milligauss, but there are many others I don’t like: I don’t really like the S on the Silbersteins, I don’t like the 007 on the Omegas, I don’t like the olympic rings on the OMegas, etc., etc.

    That being said, I Love second hands that are in a contrasting color, or that are tipped in a contrasting color. Very sporty.

    It all depends on the watch, though….

  • Julio C. Nunez

    I always perfer functionality and clarity. the lightning bolt is a littly kitchy, i perfer the second hand on the Planet Ocean ( arrow with red tip) because it adds clarity

  • Ivo

    Love this one – different enough, but not with hand that covers half the scale

  • Cliff

    It would have to depend on the style of watch, if its a watch for function I would prefer a simplistic second hand, but for a show watch then more jazzed up second hands are cool

  • Cristina

    I like like decorative seconds hands that have something special. And this watch has a beautiful one 🙂

  • I perfer decorative seconds hands on my watches. I like to collect different watch shapes and have a lot with carbon fiber dials which is another interest I have when picking a watch to buy. Thanks

  • Dany Romero

    A distinctive second hand gives a watch a unique identity that makes the watch stand out even if all the other features are subtle. I also like how the minute and hour markers are blacked out except for the tips, making them seem like their floating. Real nice watch overall. Not to knock on plain second hands either. I love them both.

  • Ali

    Customized second hands are tricky, I have seen a swatch model with similar second hands and I did not like it at all, in fact it looked kind of childish but this one actually fits the whole idea.I see all of the nice features of watches hand picked and put together in this watch and the whole unit is really impressive.
    All and all, its hard to pull such a diverse combination and odd elements off and Stolas has definitely done it.

  • hhe

    I would prefer more traditional seconds hand, but would keep the orange color.

    Or change the hours and minutes hands to the same color, so it makes it more easy to read. Most of time seeing these watches in real life, it looks even better then the pictures.

  • Andrei

    I like distinct second hands as long as are not very complex. Otherwise I prefer the traditional, clean and simple second hands.

  • Arthur

    A distinct bad-ass looking watch. Very clean with a nice touch as for the second hand.

  • YaZa

    I would say decoration works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s out of place on a “instrument” watch but it fine on a fancy one like this Stolas. I would love to win this watch. Thank You and Stolas for the opportunity.

  • Peter Jones

    I am prefer a traditional second hand.

  • Richard

    I love details that are found on the balance of the second hand. Like Tissot “T” on various models like the Seastar and PRC200. Another cool example is the Christopher Ward C60 Trident.
    I think it is a crucial detail on a watch since this is the most animated part of the watch.

  • Luis G Gonzalez

    I like distinct second hands as long as they lend to the design of the watch. I too like the Tissot T and the “hawk” and “trident” on the Christopher Ward Speedhawk and C60 Trident watches, respectively.

  • Len Ostrow

    Yes, I like the decorative/distinct second hand, like the Harbormaster. I I would also like to be able to customize it, with color options.

  • Neil K

    I like both traditional second hands and unique ones as well, it all depends on the watch. As for unique second hands, if the watch is done as nicely Stola in question then absolutely should there be more unique second hands.

  • Joe

    Watches with distinct second hands are actually a guilty pleasure of mine. While I love the traditional look, I feel that an “out there” second hand with a simple face presents a watch with unique character.

  • Will

    I like distinct second hands.

  • Sam Wolf

    I’m always looking for something a bit different. The second hand on this watch is certainly all that.

  • Nigel

    Decorative second hands are ok as long as it’s contextual and in keeping with the design. Ideally it ‘adds’ to the experience rather than appearing as an after thought.

  • Clyde Fogh

    I REALLY like the lightening bolt second hand. It gives it the electric feel of the lume that Stolas employs. Giddy up. I would love to any of the Stolas watches. Thank you for doing this giveaway. Fingers crossed and good luck to all.

  • Mufn

    I prefer the svelte, thin seconds hand. I personally enjoy seeing the beat of the movement through this hand (3Hz, 4Hz, etc.), and it gives me a more emotional connection to the watch.

  • Perry Spice

    I love a watch that has a bit of wowi factor, the lighting bolt makes this watch stand out from the herd. I love the orange bolt against the black dial . I am a mariner and love the look of the Stolas Harbour Master Gennaker and would proudly wear in the company of other ships masters.

  • Justin

    I like traditional clean hands, its much less distracting for me and looks nice, especially sword hands, which is a symbol for precision. In some cases however, if decorative hands fit with the overall look with the watch, then that could give it some character, if done right.

  • Dale Kohn

    It depends on the watch. A unique second hand works on a sport/dive watch like this. For more traditional/formal watches simple is best.

  • Bill

    If a decorative second hand does not detract from a watch, I am all for it. One of my favorites is the trident second hand on my Accutron automatic divers watch. It adds just the right amount of character.

  • Neil

    I like decorative seconds hands that have special shapes and logos on them as long as the entire look of the watch face is compatible.

  • gsxrboy

    Obviously it depends on the style and design of the watch and the market. Certainly in this case and the case design, the lightning bolt styled hand works well. As I work in the electricity industry this Stolas would be the perfect way for me to start a mechanical watch collection 🙂

  • Gary

    I’ve seen decorative second hands that are clownish and don’t add anything to the overall appeal of the watch. In this case, I think the lightening bolt works well especially when the watch is illuminated at night.

  • jeremy snow

    Looks nice. And yes, i like unique hands hands on my watches.

  • Chris durst

    I like plain seconds hands, and especially hate seconds hands with logos or insignia on the “counterweight” side of the hand (eg Ball watches). That being said, I like this lightning bolt and the milgauss’s.

  • Alberto Perez

    I like seconds hands with special shapes like the stolas or rolex milgauss.

  • Rob V

    Nice! I hadn’t heard of this brand before. I like the design.

  • I LOVE the second hand That is what first drew me to Stolas. So Yes I like the looks of special second hands.

  • Tiago Nerone

    If the watch is not meant to be a classic looking one, I really like having a special second hand.

  • hm

    love the look of the case and bezel and like the second hand, i would just hope that the lume on it is as bright as the hour markers.

  • Zak

    I like traditional second hands, but with contrasting colour. although thunderbolt looks great on this watch as well as on rolex

  • Alex

    I like a little bit of classy detail on a second hand.

  • Gareth Isaac

    It depends on the design. The lightning bolt on the Harbormaster looks great and blends in well with the rest of the watch

  • Steve Jacobs

    I don’t usually care for non-traditional seconds hands, but some are ok. My Citizen Sky Hawk has an unusual seconds hand that isn’t too bad looking

  • Rick

    Like the thunder bolt

  • Andrew

    It really depends on the watch to me. In this case, the slightly playful design doesn’t detract from the watch at all, if anything it slightly enhances the overall appeal; I like it.

  • Andy Waltz

    It depends on the watch, for a sport watch a novelty seconds hand is a nice touch.
    For formal three handers I think it’s best to keep it classic.

  • Matthew Hartman

    Wow, what a fantastic watch! I’m usually a fan of the more traditional second hands, but it is dependent on the overall look and feel of the watch. For instance, I think it works fantastically on this particular watch.

  • Alex

    I think decorative seconds hands can work great so long as they are in line with the style of the rest of the watch. In this case, I think the style looks a good deal like an Aquatimer and Milgauss fusion and it works great! Maybe IWC should take note.

  • Jeff Siok

    I like a little decoration on the second hand….adds character.

  • Marilyn

    I think I prefer really amazing funky like hell second hands that everybody look at screaming with surprise.

  • Only valid in the US, sorry to hear. Sigh

  • Jay

    I think decorative second hands are fine. However, all the hands have to integrate well with the overall watch design.

  • Jim Gormley

    I prefer more traditional second hands- I don’t mind a second hand that is unusual, but I prefer one that is simple. I do like the orange lightning bolt- I think this just adds to the overall look of this watch.

  • Jim Gormley

    Simple is best- but I don’t mind a second hand that will cause people to take a second look, but I would’nt want the second hand to be the focal point. This lightning bolt works on this watch.

  • Jopaw Villarosa

    its ok with non-traditional, i guess, as long as the overall design still makes sense. 😀

  • Mark

    I like decorative second hands but it depends on what type of watch it is in.I like the second hand on this model.I like more traditional second hands on dress watches.

  • Paul Dechaine

    Not sure about the Lightning bolt but decorative features can definitely have their place. On “second” glance, it does suit this watch.

  • Manuel

    I like a second hand with unique design as long as it does not pull too much from the rest of the dial.

  • Guy Cozzi

    I like the more traditional seconds hands that may be less visually distracting. The seconds hand shouldn’t take focus away from the beauty of the watch face.

  • desaria

    I like more traditional watches. They seem more chic, classy, and manly.

  • Clip-O

    I always appreciate the design, in the seconds i like them more with weird designs

  • Bracken

    I like watches with distinct seconds hand, i think it gives them character.

  • Jeremy

    I don’t like anything decorative on a watch, especially not second hands. Form should follow function, not the other way around.

  • adam

    I prefer more traditional second hands (and watches for that matter), but can certainly appreciate more decorative and unique watch features. Even more sports watches tend to be of the more traditional variety. Perhaps it’s time I try something else out.

  • Sudhir

    All my watches have simple seconds hand. But Stolas has shown how a decorative seconds hand can make a sports watch look great and give it a very distinctive look.
    Bottom line – Design is a key element of watch design and if done well, you could end up with a great looking product.
    I would love to own one of these.

  • Michael Shuell

    so long as it fits the overall appearance…. but I do like the lightning bolt, reminds me of the milgauss

  • Black Mamba

    I like seconds hand with some hint of decoration. Sometimes a simple touch of decorative effect can totally enhanced the look of the dial. However, it should not be done overly, as the effect might go negatively wrong…..

  • Max

    Love the watches.
    I can smell the sea…..:-)

  • mkss55442

    I don’t mind a different colored seconds hand, but I don’t like special shapes for a seconds hand.

  • Aaron

    I like both. I think it depends on the watch. I wouldn’t want a dress watch with a lightning bolt seconds hand, but on a diver it looks cool.

  • DC Lane

    I think, if used carefully, they are significant design features. And, as a result, quite desirable. I feel they should closely reflect, and support, the theme of the piece. The best example, I feel, is Arnold & Sons “True North Perpetual.” It has an Equation of Time complication And, though it lacks a central seconds hand, it has a central Solar Hand to indicate a 24 hour daylight scale (or second time zone). It features a very discreet and appropriate SUN integrated into the end of the long thin hand, which totally relates to the theme and concept of the overall piece.
    Altho’ the ‘lightning bolt’ looks cool (better in yellow or palest blue), I can’t see how it relates to the timepiece. Especially to sailors, who are especially wary of lightning at sea….

  • Mathieu Laflamme

    For me, it’s either a one-handed Botta or a watch with a second hand that will constantly remind me of Harry Potter. Just like the Stolas.

  • I personally would want normal second hands. A prominent “arrow head” at the end is still ok but nothing too fancy.
    Having said that, the lightning bolt hand does not look bad at all.

  • Matt

    Decorative hands are great – they add to the personality of the watch.

  • Nick Varley

    I like distinctive hands. When I was in New York I bought a Jeremy Scott Swatch specifically because it had cool hands, maybe I can rebuild it with an auto movement..
    not sure lightning hands would be as fitting on a dress watch though.

  • Tom

    I like the non-traditional seconds hand on a sport watch such as this. However, a Trident style would seem more appropriate in this case. I also like the designs on the bezel.

  • Chris Shepley

    I only wish the lightning hand was in yellow.

  • Zarik

    I suppose any design is OK as long as it has a pointy end – although some second hand designs are sillier than others. This one does look quite extravagant but then again it’s not a dress watch. All in all I think I’m leaning towards team traditional hand, to be honest.

  • Bob Sebastian

    I really like seeing movement on my watch face when I look at it. The graceful sweep of the second hand reassures me there is somethin mechanical on my wrist and it is working properly. That’s why I limit the number of chronographs in my collection; I find the small seconds hand to be very unsatisfying. I love a little bit of playfulness now and then in a watch, too. A decorative seconds hand can be the perfect tool for that, not too big of an impact and usually doesn’t affect the overall readability of the time piece.

  • roachmotel

    I think the second hand should fit the watch design, not make the design. I love the Mondaine railroad watch second hand because it adds to the overall design, but otherwise, stick with the traditional hands.

  • The Harbormaster Gennaker is an example of how to integrate a great detailed second hand. The second hands stands off the face of this time peace and really makes it easy to read in any situation, hats off to you …

  • RoAcH

    I like special designs of the seconds hands, but only when he doesn’t cover to much of the dial or looks quite foreign in whole watch.

  • Ed

    I’m not opposed to them, and for something like the Stolas, it works. But it wouldn’t work as well for a more classical style of watch. So I guess I’m part of the “it depends” crowd . . .

  • Nagendra

    I would like decorative seconds hands that may have special shapes and logos are more preferred on them

  • Tripp

    I prefer second hands without ornamentation

  • Dwang

    i actually really like the lightning bolt on the seconds hand although the color choice was a bit odd it makes the watch interesting.

  • sean

    Traditional hands are more my style but I enjoy the “lightning bolt” hand of this Stolas and the Rolex Milgauss as well.

  • Joe Welke

    I enjoy specializes second hands, provided they don’t interfere with legibility. The orange lightning bolt on this watch is just right and I like it a lot! Best of luck all!

  • Abel Castillo

    Me gustan los disenos del segundero, me gustan con cortes de diseno e innovadores. -I like the designs in the seconds, i like the innovation in this case of the seconds, regards from Dominican Rep

  • Jan F.

    i think the seconds hand style really depends on the timepiece, more decorative for sports eatches, plain simple for classic/more conservative pieces..

  • Charles Eldridge

    I’m a fan if the effect is subtle. I enjoy the lightning bolt in this design. Also, I normally find Rolex underwhelming except that the similarly styled Milgauss makes me give a second look.

    However, the novelty ones like the 007 on the James Bond Omegas seem a little too much.

    I’m undecided about the Omega Olympic editions. Perhaps I’d feel stronger one way or another if my hometown hosted the games.

  • Max Reddick

    I prefer traditional hands.

  • Theodore Heath

    I really like decorative seconds hands that may have special shapes and logos on them. The hand on this watch is way cool and really works with the rest of the watch design.

  • Sherif

    Another great giveaway, thanks!

    I think unique hands add a nice touch if the watch is bland but canbe toomuch on a wild watch.

  • Jonathan

    Sometimes, the second hand is the thing that turns a watch from something boring into something interesting. I’m all for decorative seconds hands if the rest of the watch is fairly straightforward.

  • Damien

    I like it plain and simple. Minimalism is the name of the game. PS : I am a French man living in Denmark…. So converted by local tastes! 😉 I love the watch : watch + sailing = hmmmm!

  • olivier

    I like the second hand to have decorative elements. It adds a lot to the watch look.

  • Jaffer

    Even thought being a watch enthusiast before looking at this watch, I never knew of such decorated hands, I really like the style and creativity involved in it. But I prefer simplicity.

  • patrick

    What a nice watch! I’m a fan of anything distinct! A second hand that separates the watch from the hoard is great in my book, as long as you can read the dial.

  • kjell

    Øø Åå Now you can spell the name right 😉

    Might have to get me one some day,as i am a norwegian…

  • Steve Appleton

    The watches on the site lokk great and good quality also.I like very bright lume on dial and second hands.Not sure about decorative second hands other than I like the lightning flash on Milgauss and the B on Brietling,I would be put off by something novelty or more elaborate.

  • Ira

    Big fan of sublte watches with some interesting design element or color just like this Stolas or the Milgaus!

  • Harris C.

    I only like decorative hands if they have a meaning pertaining to the history, function or other aspect of the watch, like the lightning bolt hands on the rolex milguass. If the hands are only decorative for the sake of looking different I find that they only distract from the design of the watch rather than compliment it.

  • I think it is a really cool idea to only have a sweeping second, I own a 666 Barcelona (Under pressure series) and it to only has an sweeping second hand very cool but it is not a beautiful as the Stolas Harbormaster Gennaker Watch 🙂

  • Cory Sandever

    I like decorative second hands as long as they dont over power the watch. I quite like the look of the Stolas’s second hand, it just adds that little touch.

  • Hongky Go

    Traditional ones for me. Decorative or logo is Ok, as long as it didn’t make the second hand lose it’s straightness or became asymmetric

  • Weiming

    I think this watch is really good value for all its features. Plus I love the unique textured dial and lightning second hand and of course the insane lume!

  • Bill Wagner

    I like the overall design of this watch, but initially I didn’t like the orange lightening bolt. I found after looking at it more it grew on me. Such designs are risky, because it might deter buyers that are more traditional in taste. The carbon and the lume are very nice features. A good price for a nice watch. Pick me!

  • Ken

    This is a super looking watch and the price seems very reasonable – finally, for a decent movement. The lighting bolt second hand on most watches would look terrible but it somehow works on this particular model. I’m not sure I can wait until the end of the month to see if I win. I love nato straps and the fact that they have matched nato option shows me that some one at Stolas is really a thinker. I tip my hat.

  • jwoodsy

    I think it depends on the watch, and the presentation of the second hand. I really like the Rolex “Milgauss” lightning bolt, and the recent “trident” shaped seconds hand of the Christopher Ward C60 (reviewed on your site). If it’s done well, it adds a little something extra to a watch. It’s all in the details.

  • AengusTheChamp

    Great looking watch, I think that with certain types of watches, a decorative second hand looks great. I feel like the subtler the change, the better.

  • Jerry

    Looks great! I bet it would look even better on my wrist. 🙂

    I prefer simple second hands. Nothing fancy to distract from the face.

  • Gord Hnidy

    I like the different shaped hands on divers and casual sports watches (as long as it is reserved and not overdone) but like traditional hands on aviators
    It depend how tastefully they are done

  • Jason A

    I prefer plain hands in general but decorative second hands can be OK depending on the design. I like the Chronograph hand with the winged logo on the Breitling Navitimers but I have seen other makes where a logo on a watch hand doesn’t look that great.

  • Jim C

    Man, with all these entries I’ll never win!
    I do like a distinctive second hand on sport watches, although I’ve found that some become less appealing as time goes on. The Stolas lightening bolt is distinctive and seems fun.

  • rich lawler

    Normally, I like a traditional second hand, but a few watches have tasteful second hands that are also iconoclastic; in particular, the Milgaus and the Stolas. I also like Ball’s emblem on the the “tail end” of their second hand.

  • Omar

    I like funky second hands, but not on “classic” looking watches.

  • Dmitriy

    In most cases I prefer a simple second hand. And it’s not important to have lume option for it. But Stolas second hand looks really great with it orange superluminova option and lightning form!

  • Alan

    I personally prefer watches that have a more decorative seconds hand, as the need to measure the passage of seconds is important to my line of work.

  • Vadim Zamfir

    The seconds hand (if present) is probably one of the most standing out feature of any watch’s time keeping functions, whether we’re talking about a jumping one (mostly quartz), a smooth one (mechanical) or completely silent smooth one (spring drive – seiko). So for me, i’d really like it to stand out, not be the same shape or at least color as the rest of the hands.

  • james smith

    As a sailor, I find the sailing inspired watches very desirable. The second hand is a great touch, I joined their mailing list to learn more about the brand. These are watches you would be proud to show aound the marina, but useful in when it mattered, a second hand should stand out.

  • Jan

    I have to admit that second hands with logos or designs really help a design. This is one of the few redeeming characteristics of the Invicta brand

  • Jay

    I like dive watches a fair bit & often being large, I’d say they can handle a bit of less-than-plain motif.. Alain Silberstein pulls makes it fun with many of his pieces.
    Non-typical second indication is fine with me…

  • Sam

    I had never noticed the seconds hand until I discovered Stolas. Decorative hands add character.

  • Moshe Y. Gluck

    Not on the indicator side, but on the other side; Breitling’s second hands are a good example of doing it right.

  • Tom Brownlee

    Great timepiece. I personaly like a second hand that has design to it that makes it stand out. My favorite is a simple brequet style second hand but very elongated and pronounced.

  • simon

    Talk about a loaded question to say no means you have no chance .i like the watch face as to jazzy looking second hands no just cheapens the look of the watch .Thats me out of the running see yer .

  • Nathan B

    Distinctive second hands always catch my eye. That’s why I prefer the Turn-o-Graph to the DateJust–the red seconds hand (with matching datewheel) is stunning. Funny shapes are another thing altogether, but when done properly, as in a sport watch, they can lend an air of exclusivity to a line.

  • John Tooke

    I’m not a big fan of random decorations on the hands or the dial. But, in the case of Stolas, the second hand is a design that is associated with the brand. I think it it just the right amount of decoration. The second hand makes the Harbormaster series very distinctive. I hope future models will have the lightning bolt incorporated into the design in some understated fashion.

  • Andrew

    Proportion is key. I love swiss army alpnach, but don’t like the bremont p51 propeller (but absolutely love their designs in general). The line between clever and gimmick is very thin.

  • Fares Alnsair

    I love watches with simple traditional second hand, that watch is nice.

  • Anil Gokcen Korpinar

    Traditional second handed ones are more fancy for me…

  • Paul V

    The seconds hands can be a different color but I would keep the shape simple (no special shapes or logos, etc.)

  • ChrisH

    For me, it depends on the watch overall design. Like the Stolas here, the lightning second hand just look awesome and suit the overall dial and case design!!

  • Chris

    A clever second hand can work as a cool subtle detail to set a watch apart. I really like the second hand on this watch. Black on black could seem dour and drab, but the lightning bolt makes it pop.

  • Dmn

    For sport watches I like some fancy design of second hand, but for classical watches I like simply elegance second hand.

  • Ivars

    I like classic approach for watch’s hands. Maybe second hand might be different from other hands in means of readability, like having brighter color or more visible shape would be good for sports watches.

  • Jim Daniels

    I like a decorated or unique seconds hand if it’s done well and doesn’t come across as cheesy.

  • Steve Poorman

    I like uniquely styled second hands. As long as they are properly executed and add to the watch. Its a fine line that must be walked and the real problem is while a second hand can’t “make” the watch it can “break” it.

  • Chris Nibert

    The second had is always in motion, it’s what catches your eye when you first glance at the watch. I like hands that glow and have a distinct style, it’s what gives the watch it’s character.
    I Like the second hand on the Christopher Warden Trident watch, gives that little extra character.

  • Marcus Bishop

    I have to say i am a fan of a decorative second hand on a watch like the Christopher Ward Trident range, the Rolex Milgauss and the Ball wactches, they can really bring a watch face to life. Like the Stolas in this competition, the Orange lighting bolt is a good contrast to the simple, functional black and white of the dial.

  • Russell

    I prefer simplicity in seconds hands.

  • Alex Gerli

    I like colored and interestingly shaped seconds hands. They add a design element that can become a signature. I even enjoy a simple lumed square at the tip of a more sedate design.

  • Michael Moorefield

    I always enjoy the subtle differences such as this second hand that will catch someone’s eye and gives a “cutting edge” nuance. The simple lines and sturdy look are attractive and give the watch a look of great stability. If it was a cigar, I would say it has fantastic character, fine lines and understated aroma. An excellent watch for outdoors and one that will be very dependable. Great timepiece!!

  • Heath Beaudry

    The lightning bolt seconds hand really makes the Gennaker Stolas Harbormaster distinctive. As far as that type of design I appreciate it on sporty watches for the most part. Then again, it depends on the watch maker.

  • Auke Dijkstra

    looks pretty sweet…

  • Matthew Hofbauer

    I prefer plain second hands on most, this one it works though.

  • I usually like my seconds hand traditional and simple and not big or radical enough that it competes with the hour and minute hands. But for this watch, it’s an exception. The design is striking and very interesting.

  • Patrick

    I don’t mind the decorated seconds but prefer a simple design. The design on this particular watch though is really nice. Really digging it.

  • Normally i would tend to prefer a more traditional seconds hand, but i think the way Stolas incorporated this orange bolt into the carbon fiber dial looks really cool and unique. It looks great against both the black model and the blue model, I think blue and orange contrast nicely. One of the nicest looking unique divers out there IMO

  • Carsten

    I prefer the most traditional second hands, plain and simple, not competing with the hour and minute hand.

  • > In the body of your comment mention whether you like decorative seconds hands that may have special shapes and logos on them, or simple more traditional seconds hands that may be less visually distracting.

    When it comes to decorative seconds hands it depends on how it’s done. Something like this enhances the look and adds interest. Others can be overdone and look just goofy. So, for me, I can go either way, depending again on how it is implemented.

  • Jerry

    Personaly, I like more traditional seconds hands that may be less visually distracting

  • Steve D.

    Seconds hands with some personality are the best. Hopefully they relate to either the brand in general or the watch’s name. One reason I bought the Christopher Ward Trident GMT was because the seconds hand was different than the standard. It adds flavor – as long as it’s not overdone.

  • Evan Brom

    I do like the lightning bolt second hand it is like a milgauss. I also like hands that are wire frames and match that of old flight readouts.

  • Nils Henninger

    While I like decorative seconds hands, I prefer that special shapes and logos on them remain limited in size to avoid visual distraction.

  • david

    I like decorative watch hands on my going out watches. I don’t like them on work watches, plain and easy to read.

  • Ryan

    I do like second hands that add a little bit to the watch. Ball watches come to mind. Does the Stolas second hand add to the design or does the second hand define this watch? Well, I’m not decided yet. I’d have to wear it for awhile to figure that out :-).

  • barker

    I generally prefer more traditional hands, though I do like it then they are subtly shaped to be a bit unique.

  • Lukian

    Simple hands, but i can appreciate something subtle.

  • Niels

    Normally I would go for a watch with a traditionally shaped seconds hand, but in my opinion a sportly/diver watch can pull this off. This is the first time I heard about Stolas but I will definitely go check their website out! Thanks ablogtoread for introducing me to another interesting and affordable watch brand.

  • Carlos Hivento

    slick watch

  • Adrien

    More original hands are great, but it can be too much.. So I’ll stick with the usual hands ! 🙂

  • Jason

    Honestly, I would prefer a traditional shaped seconds hand. It looks very classy that way. However, a very retro and eccentric watch in general can probably work a shaped seconds hand.

  • kunisman

    It depends. A measuring instrument like a speedmaster wouldn´t go well with a decorated seconds hand, but a ball watch would.

  • Alex

    I like the second hand with just a small decoration. I do like the lightning bolt, though.


  • Sean Lorman

    I like distinctive Second hands. It really makes the watch “POP”

  • Bill Jones

    Who doesn’t like a cool second hand?

  • Mark

    Personally, I do like a seconds hand that is unique. It adds a little flair to the watch utilizing a component that is all too often very plain and understated. Many times seconds hands dont even receive lume. I like when a logo or some icon is used on the opposite side of the seconds hand as well.

  • Pablo Ramos

    I opt for the less visually distracting seconds hands. I have to say that this watch is a realy cool!

  • jaeson Kaplan

    I think it depends on the watch. Some look great with decorative second hands, and others are over done.

  • Tyler Donley

    i think the harbormaster is a fantastic timepiece!

    • Tyler Donley

      forgot to include details about the hands…the second hand his great IMO…albeit a tad too wide on many diver watches, i feel as though it compliments the minute and hour hands perfectly.

  • i think that as long as the seconds hand matches the overall motif and spirit of the watch, its good!

  • Dan

    I love the simple hands (and watches for that matter), nevertheless I took a look at a blue Harbormaster with orange “flash” second hand and blue/orange nato and I thing that all fits together very well.

  • Arthur Roy

    I usually go for the more traditional hands but on this watch it looks really good. The whole effect blends with the watch’s overall appearance. I would definitely wear this watch.

  • Bob

    I like the second hands, they differentiate the watch from so many generic models on the market today.

  • Derique

    I’m usually more attracted to watches with unique hands. It has to be special. But it can be simple (eg. Sinn U1). This harbourmaster got it just right with the lightning streak. imo Alain Siberstein is too much for me..

  • I like decorative seconds hands that may have special shapes and logos on them. Simply awesome.

  • Dave Grasch

    I think the bolt works with this watch, whimsical yet functional. What I really like about the watch though, are the waves on the bezel; that’s slick! Thank you Stolas & Ariel for the opportunity!

  • Weatherman

    I’m on the fence about the second hand – it might be fine if the rest of the watch were a little less ornamented. Let’s get it on my wrist, and then I’ll see… 🙂

  • Arime

    Beautiful hand piece if I may say so, and the second hand is very catchy I like it a lot. This will definitely turn heads I can see myself wearing it every where and making a statement.

  • Jeff

    I like the decorative second hand as long as it’s not too distracting. The lightning bolt looks great on the Stolas watches adding another element of uniqueness. Having different colour options to further customize a watch for the owner is a good idea.

  • Irin Walser

    I prefer the traditional second hands.

  • Saam

    Love the lume on the bezel, very unique. This is a gorgeous watch for the price

  • The second hand can be decorative as long as it complements with the overall design of the watch.

  • AE

    I’m not very keen on homeges, so I prefer every detail, that makes a watch stand out, as long as it’s not soils the overal appearence.

  • Dave

    As long as it’s legible, second hand variations are cool.

  • Raynold S.

    If the overall design works well, it wouldn’t matter to me how elaborate the design of the second hand would be.

  • Mark N

    I’m more of a traditionalist when it come to second hands. I don’t want anything visually distracting on my timekeepers. I do, however, like a nice brand logo incorporated into the hour hand if it can be tastefully executed. A good example of tasteful execution is the Baume and Mercier logo incorporated onto the Malibu or Formula S limited edition hour hands. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • Paul

    Depends on the design of the seconds hand. If the design is simple, i.e. a lightning bolt or a trident or similar clean design, then yes – I think it makes a unique statement. I DON’T like brands that try to get too tricky…like spelling out ‘GMT’ on the GMT hand.

  • Popescu Dan

    It looks pretty cool. Altought its a little hard to read the seconds because of the irregular shape.

  • Jonathan

    “Visually distracting” may be a bit harsh. I think it’s neat when a watch company ‘polishes’ up their pieces by adding designs/flair to the second hands. Though, such as other aspects of watchmaking, this can be over the top, but the design is an important facet to the watch.

  • Karl Kuhn

    I love the thunderbolt second hand! Great looking watch!

  • hieu

    i would much prefer a traditional seconds hand. simple but beautiful.

  • I like visually distracting hands. I have not seen too many second hands receive this visual treatment. I like the idea of having a fast moving element on my wrist. Being a standup, I see potential in keeping people on edge. I feel that this is this watch’s strong point. This piece has my sensibility.

  • louis martinez

    I like Traditional second hand or Pilot type second hand.

  • Todd Thompson

    I’ve always been semi-fond of shapes on the short side of the second hand. The lightning bolt incorporation here is something I dig and would’ve bet the farm that I’d find it offensive before I saw it in practice.

  • Chris Kurker

    I like this as a sport watch, and I do indeed like interesting second hands. The second hand on this watch reminds me of the one on the Rolex Milgauss, so even prople with deeper pockets than myself like such things.

  • Meffner13

    I like some of the decorative second hands (like the Ball and Invicta designs) but don’t like them to look gaudy or flashy.

  • Jeffrey Chan

    I like the idea of a decorative second hand, it’s something different.

  • Shahid

    The watch is really nice and different. A new concept of watch design – full of energy and activeness – not still. The watch has same value as TIME itself; always moving forward.

  • Shahid

    The watch is really nice and different. A new concept of watch design – full of energy and activeness – not still. The watch has same value as TIME itself; always moving forward. Decorative second hand is very unique idea. I like it very much.

  • Daniel Saltsman

    I love watches that stand out. The contrast stitching on the band and the unique second hand make this a watch to seriously consider adding to my manly jewelry box

  • Anamaria

    My 2 cents: Decorative seconds hands make a special watch even more special.

  • The Stolas Harbormaster is beautiful. I like the lightening-bolt seconds hand design, and making it red is one of my favorite design elements! I use the seconds hand on my watch to time the warm up of my car in the morning, and a red seconds hand position is instantly easy to locate, even with these tired, old eyes. This watch is a great example of creative functionality.

  • Jonathan

    Traditional second hands are best. Clean and simple so as not to distract from the other stylistic features that don’t move every second…

  • Brad

    I prefer the traditional second hand. Less distracting and very clean.

  • Jason

    I love the unique hand, much like the Rolex Milgausse!

  • Jonathan

    I like something a little different from time to time. As long as it is legible and doesn’t feel like it was tacked on at the last minute. Probably the only Rolex I would ever buy myself is the Milgauss and the style is as much a reason as the technology.

  • This is a real nice watch with a different look, The second hand reminds me of the rolex milgauss….The lume with the black carbon fiber is a very new and good look !! I like it alot !!

  • Ted A.

    I like creative second hands on watches. It is definitely a stylistic area that a lot of watch companies overlook. I also like when a watch company incorporates their logo into the seconds hand somehow. Ball, for example. Love that RR logo on the bottom of the seconds hand.

  • Sam

    Intrigued by the odd second hand. If I won the watch, I’d wear it with pride.

  • Ross T.

    It really depends on the type of watch for me. For a dress watch, simple and elegant is the best but for a diver or sport watch, I don’t mind having a decorative seconds hand as long as it flows with the overall design and theme of the watch. I like the seconds hand on say a Seiko MM300 since its functional with the lume dot yet simple and easily readable but I also like the Christopher Ward C60 Trident second hand that isn’t as functional but has the cool trident logo on the back part of the seconds hand.

  • Craig

    It depends on the watch and how the second hand is styled. If it enhances or, at the least doesn’t take away from the overall style then it works for me.

  • Matt S

    It really depends on the watch. On a more traditional watch, the addition of shaped or novelty hands can be distracting and detract from the overall feel of the watch. In general, it seems like watches with carbon fiber faces or cases are much sportier and don’t demand the use of traditional hands. On this watch, I like the lightning bolts, as it seems to flow with the general aesthetic of the watch being non-traditional.

  • Dean

    Designs on the second hand are nice as long as it does not take away from the look of the watch.

  • Adam

    I love watches that have distinct and unique second hands. It gives a watch character as well as allowing the watch designers to express themselves.

  • Randall Beaton

    I think that having a decorative seconds hand, ups the “IT” factor on not only this watch but on others such as Alain Silberstein’s pieces as well. Colorful hands make the dial “pop” and can sometimes let others know that you are the playful type…it can be a mood breaker is what I’m saying.

  • Marvin

    Personally i feel it depends on the rest of the watch. If the watch is set up in a somewhat “extreme” and flashy manner then by all means go crazy on the second hand. But for something from Breitling or Marvin (a personal favorite for obvious reasons) I would expect a more basic and simple second hand. I think the overall feel of the watch and it’s style should dictate little details like that.

  • Justin

    I think the question of whether or not decorative seconds hands work or not, depends on the style of watch in question. I own a Seiko ANA pilots watch which is unusual in that it has a large “S” on the short end of the seconds hand. In this case the design works well, but on certain dress watches or the more minimalist pilots watches I don’t think this is appropriate. As has been stated by others, the seconds hand on the Stolas watch are similar to the Rolex Millgaus watch, which I am a huge fan of!

  • shyam Gopal

    this is a great way to tick your seconds. a change from the classic

  • Erik Dybwad

    Nothing like orange lightning bolts. Great for a Charger fan.

  • Erikdy

    It’s all about great design. I’m OK with a distinctive second hand – as long as it’s great design.

  • Ron McKelvie

    Decorative seconds hands add the right touch to a watch only if it flows with the design of the face and case. Watch makers have to think outside the box sometimes and add that little bit more.

  • G. Stuck

    Not a big fan of overly decorative second hands. Probably due to my extensive use of an analog stop watch while flying for the U.S. military. We did airdrop so 1 sec. off could equate to about 200-25o ft. error on the ground. I think a contrasting color is fine as well as as adding a luminova dot or tritium gas tube.

  • G. Stuck

    Not much of a fan of overly decorative second hands. My view probably comes from extensive use of an analog stop watch while flying with the U.S. military. We did airdrop, so 1 second error could produce 200-250 ft. errors on the ground. I’m ok with color contrast second hands or adding a luminova dot or tritium gas tube.

  • g Whibbs

    I’m a traditionalist. Nothing fancy with second hands for me.

  • justin

    Love the unique second hand….just like the ornate second hand on a Ball watch, is all in the detail.

  • Dave C

    Preference towards a simple second hand… Less distracting to me.

  • Pablo

    Excellent watch !

  • Terry

    Prefer a nice simple plain seconds hand, but in a contrasting colour so it can be easily seen against the dial

  • Christopher

    I prefer watches with decorative second hands , because I like watches who distinguish themselves from other models considered more traditional. i also consider myself a very colored person so a highly decorated watch suit me well.

  • Jason

    I like the seconds hand, it reminds me of the Rolex Milgauss.

  • Ryan

    I like lightening bolt seconds hand; it makes the dial pop, especially in contrast to the blue and green lum, and it’s orange not blue or green as you’d expect.

  • Sorros

    Absolutely love funky second hands, especially this “lightning” one of the Stolas.
    Definitely a watch that will catch the eye. Well done Stolas !!

  • Tomas

    I personally do not like company logos that much on the hands but I am fine with a decorative second hand which is not visually destructive and have some type of special shape.The decoration should not be overwhelming to the eyes.

  • I like to be able to read the time, large numbers and be able to see it in the dark.

  • Koh Chuan Yeong

    I’d prefer the traditional second hand, but that doesnt stop the chase for elegant synergy in watches

  • dave

    i like second hands in general, whether simple or complex. i do have a penchant for retrograde seconds — so cool to watch that action. looks like a fun watch to own!

  • Timothy

    I like second hands with some pizazz to them. Especially in a sporty watch that features seconds prominently.

  • Edwinek

    I usually like the more classic second hands, but this lightning bolt is quite nice and just goes with the watch.

  • Jeff F

    Not my usual, not usually a fan of whimsical, but never a bad thing to mix it up a bit. Lots of room in design for all kinds of styles and looks.

  • Stephen J.

    I don’t prefer too “flashy” but the ones on this watch aren’t too bad. I like traditional but strong….if that makes any

  • This is a great looking fun watch! Looks like it would be great for divers!

  • Joe Klingenberg

    A second hand design that is not the norm makes a watch stand out from the competition (in my humble opinion). In this case the lightening bolt is electrifying….

  • This looks like a fun watch. The second hand reminds me of the milgaus from Rolex which is a great looking watch but a bit too simple for my taste. The more I get into high end watches the less I like Rolex since they are so simple. Its crazy to me to have a $13,000 Daytona without date…. This could be a great divers watch. The PVD makes it look much better then the original version of the watch.

  • Lon Rohlfing

    My style leans more toward vintage, therefore I typically like a more traditional looking watch which means a more traditional second hand. I do, however, like well-designed products whether traditional or not.

  • Gustaf

    I lick decorative hands becose they can give personality to a watch, and if it diskreat it can even give formal a watch something unique going on. Logos can work if done right.

  • Ha

    Gotta love interesting second hands like the Rolex Dali. More normally, necorative airplane second hands are pretty nice too.

  • Gerson

    Excellent watch however the seconds hands must be perfectly conceived like in this case, it just fits

  • chris

    decorative seconds hands suit sporty watches just fine. even dress watches are well-served by a discreet logo (along the lines of glashutte original and breitling).

  • Jay R

    I love the look. The whole point of a watch is to stand out. Having characteristics like a unique second hand is really quite different than most watches. Makes you want to keep looking at the watch. Memorizing I must say. The distraction is a bonus with this. Great design. Love to see it in person

  • desaria

    Isimple more traditional seconds hands that may be less visually distracting.

  • Frank

    I like decorative second hands. One of my favorites is the Breitling B on the second hand. I think it just looks great. Also the Milgauss second hand on the Rolex looks pretty cool as well (similarly the second hand on the Stolas).

  • Artem

    Definitely like decorative seconds hands, but it all comes down how it fits the overall design.

  • Jeff

    Interesting watch. I tend to like simpler seconds hands, though I’m a sucker for colored seconds hands.

  • Matt N

    I prefer distinct second hands. It should by it’s nature as the only visibly moving part (open heart watches excluded) draw attention, yet is it one of the most overlooked items in watch design.

  • Noam Belkind

    Decorative second hands RULE! My favorite is the lightning bolt on the Milgauss. Which is why I really like the Stolas too!!

  • Jean Guy

    Love the watch, just what I would like in my collection.

  • Nick

    I’m not thrilled by the lightning bolt decorative hand. It reminds me of the 90’s. That’s not to say decorative hands are no good but it would depend on what sort of design is done. Most of the time I would prefer a simple design for the hands.

  • mateo

    i like when it stands out and it can be special yet it has to end with a fine point to time can be read exactly

  • Big Mongo

    What a lovely watch!!!! Shame I haven’t a sailboat to match

  • ray salutsky

    i love decorative second hands. In fact im really into the lightning bolt which is why out of the monthly giveaways this the first one i actually entered in. In fact, id love all my hands to be decorative as long as they’re still legible. again the lightning bolt seems to fill this personal quota.

  • Francis P. Forte

    I prefer a decorative hand like the lightening bolt on the Rolex Milgauss, and cool hands like some of the Omega Seamasters.

  • Jake W.

    I think it depends on the face of the watch, but the decorative hand looks great on the Stolas!

  • MxH

    Stolas is a superbly crafted brand. Keep up the terrific work Mr. Adams!

  • marc silverstein

    It depends on the style of the watch. On something more conservative and traditional i prefer a regular second hand. However, on something more contemporary or sporty, a decorative second hand adds a bit of flair and uniqueness.

  • mike dea

    I like creativity in watches, so of course i like the design on the second hand. it is simple and doesnt take anything away from the face.

  • Joe

    I like stylized second hands, I think they really make a watch distinctive. While at the same time not being ostentatious.


  • Ari

    I for one like when someone comes up with something new… gives variety to the watches that are on the market… I like the unique hands

  • Azizul Aziz

    I usually prefer the second hand to be discrete and only until I stumbled upon this post that I noticed that there are such things as decorative 2nd hands (yes, watch noob). I can see the idea to have it so but it may distract myself from getting the information that I want first from the face when I look at it which is the time. Maybe I should get one on my hands to see the appeal.

  • It totally depends on the overall character of the watch. The lightning bold here seems to work quite well.

  • Brian G.

    The seconds hand is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of a watch. Sure, an eagle is impressive on a branch, but it is the motion of flight that makes us stop and stare. Same for a watch, movement is difference between digital and analog. : ) So I like both traditional and unique second hands, it all depends on the watch!

  • John Anthony Junio

    I love the unique second hand design. The lightning is a nice twist.

  • Jerome

    I prefer decorative second hands. They’re a big plus.

  • jeffrey peldon

    I actually think the hand accentuates this watch. I link the design trend.

  • James

    The thing I love about a traditional seconds hand is its unobtrusiveness. If I need to count seconds (or tell if the watch is running) I can focus on it, otherwise I ignore the hand and read the hours and minutes. I prefer a clean look to my watch, so a discrete seconds hand works well for me.

    With that said, I do like a decorative seconds hand that is integrated with the theme of the watch or is indicative of the brand. I think it delineates a watch from its more workmanlike siblings. To me, a poorly designed seconds hand (decorative or not) just gets in the way and detracts from the beauty of the timepiece.

  • Ryan Stephens

    Love the look of this watch! Very “in your face!” I personally like a second hand with a kick to it. It’s a good way for people to notice your watch and start conversation.

  • L.A. Frost

    I don’t mind logos on the short end of the second hand (like Ball does), but I don’t care much for when the shape of the second hand is modified like on this Stolas. Still, I wouldn’t say “no” is someone wanted to give me one!

  • Robotcoupe

    Oh yeah like the hand on this one – reminiscent of Rolex Milguass – generally like my watches really classic or really out there but i think it works in this case as a bit of a “mash up” cheers G

  • John

    Generally prefer plain but like this watch

  • Keith Jackson

    Not really… except for that designer one (I think Crispin Jones) … “Some Day You Will Die”.

  • Goncalo Moura

    In more modern design watches, I think there’s design space to be explored with the seconds hand and this Stolas is a shining example of that. In classic designs or tool watches, where the main objective should be easy viewing, I think the simpler, the better.

  • Darek

    Very nice watch overall, and the seconds hand is simple enough, having at the same moment some twist. I like the fact that it hits index perfectly (I like watches to be set precisely).
    I have some doubts whether orange colour and nonstandard shape come along, I do think that both things may be too much for some. So I would prefer “lightning” shape with more toned down colour (blue?).

  • TheDoc

    I like to be able to express different moods with my watches, so a playful/decorated second hand has its place.

  • Boaz

    Diving watches are the reason for your interest in the clocks at all

  • arzil

    A PERFECT watch like Mr. Curtis Stolaas want it. The only detail that i change is the size of the minute hand, i made it bigger/fat then the hour hand, and lined it with a out colour.

  • Phil England

    Watch designers must find it difficult to continually come up with the “wow factor” and the use of coloured and shaped hands gives another great dimension to making the watch different. It certainly makes this Stolas stand out.

  • Max

    I like them all, without preference. What looks good, looks good.

  • Magne Sandnes

    Beautiful watch, I tend to prefer conservative seconds hands but it really depends on the watch itself.

  • Derrick Whittier

    I like a significant second hand, as with the Milgauss or Seamaster. It is nice to see something different and eye-catching.

  • Harald

    Great looking watch, love the colours.

    Personally I like odd shaped second hands (especially if they sweep) – no weird cloud design or flimsy e.g. 007 numerics on second hands though. Second hands that glow/show at night are great. Would love to see more second-hands that have odd design on both sides of the watch-centre i.e. on long and short side..

  • Nuno Mendes

    I love watches with central seconds hand and that orange lightning bolt looks very cool!

  • Droponu

    I LOVE this watch! The color and shape of the hands are right on for me. And the overall color combo on the watch itself are very unique. Probably will end up buying one even if I don’t win this one.

  • Miguel Silva

    I love central seconds hand. For me it’s a must on a mechanical watch… That lightning bolt shape is really eye-catching.

  • SRW

    I’m a purist at heart. Watches are tools and while they certainly can be beautiful, I don’t want someone’s “avant garde” tastes to distract from the purpose of wearing a watch and that is to measure and display time legibly.

    That being said, some subtle designs, a few splashes of color or shapes do help to make the piece distinctive. Who wants to wear a cookie-cutter, generic bland thing when there’s alternatives available.

  • Sean

    I am all about clean lines and symetry. Saying that, I do prefer traditional second hands although I am open to designs that maintain a symetry while not overpowering the rest of the piece.

  • Jose Bueiz

    I love this watch..Perfecto!!!!

  • Noma

    I really like fancy second-hand, or even just with a hint of difference. This one is the real moving part easily seen, so why must it be just a stick?
    I like when it is very simple, as Breitling ‘s ones where the “B” make the balance of it as much as a special one like this orange “thunder-hand” on the green Milgauss, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be eye-catching.
    I f you have a classical face with simple hands, this sweep one can make the difference with a little ‘touch of something’, or can discretly reveal more about the watch for someone who has a close look on it (that means he’s a connoisseur, or at least interested, and then that makes him interesting too for a chat 😉

  • Joe Benetti

    Love the decore on a second hand.
    Gives another way to show uniqueness.

  • Nates76

    Each to his own taste, personally I think the second hand is too futuristic, all that is missing is the superhero suit for the wearer!

  • Eitan Gal

    Would Love this

  • In my opinion the second hand is a trademark look for any designer. Well done Stolas.

  • Andrew Lauer

    I like decorative seconds hands, especially the Milgauss hands.

  • Jason Dunn

    I like a unique-looking second hand, but the design would be best suited where it matches the overall theme of the watch. I like all of the individual pieces in this Stolas, but the matching of them seems a little conspicuous here. The lightning bolt second hand would feel right at home on a vintage, Flash Gordon-themed watch.

  • Kenneth Cusse

    A second hand is imperitive when trying to time something, and it should be properly integrated into the design especially given that if timing and measurement of small amoutns of time is your goal, stopwatch and other fuller function watches may make more sense. Stolas has a great look and incorporation of the second hand.

  • Kelly King

    The fact that the second hand is bright orange & noticeably different is a plus in that it is instantly recognizable. Having said that it still is subdued enough not to interfer w/ the cool flow of the watch itself. Would be honored to sport that bad-boy on my wrist.

  • Ryan Crumley

    I prefer a simple, straight second hand. That being said decorative second hands can be done tastefully.

  • Mark M

    I like a subtle second hand, although I am not apposed to a decorative hand if it fits the theme of the watch design.

  • Love the look! I like decorative hands, adds some character to the watch.


  • Kevin

    Distinctive/decorated seconds hand is what I prefer, especially when a particular watchmaker has incorporated their logo or some defining characteristic about that particular company. Very cool look with the lightning bolt and at the same time it’s not so gaudy either…….

  • Neil

    I like the uniqueness of having the second hand with shape rather than just a simple line.

  • vasco barata

    It really depends of the “concept” of the watch, it might be something that contributes to the uniqueness of the piece, or it could ruin it. Nevertheless, it should be always used carefully and contribute to a good reading of time, function first, form latter in this case.

  • Gavin Jay Anand Jayapal

    A distinctive seconds hand is something that can be done very badly and I think that for it to be properly executed, the hand must match up to the overall feel of the watch.

    A dress watch would not be fully suited to such a colourful display, but for a functional timepiece like the Stolas, it if perfect. It gives the watch a characterful flair and shows that the wearer has a fun side to his professionalism.


  • John Hicks

    I love a distinctive second hand. My only reservation is if the second hand either obscures too much of the face, or is in some other way too visually distracting.

  • Art Walsh

    I really lke the milgauss’ interpretation. the Gennaker seconds hand seems a touch overbearing…but i’d still wear it proudly.

  • Zak

    I like decorative second hands. It is nice to see the logos, collies and shapes moving on the face of the watch

  • Jorge Nunes

    If it has a second hand, I think it should be unique and stand out.

  • Miguel Silva

    I love watches with a central seconds hand. For me, it’s a must on a mechanical watch… That lightning bolt is so cool!

  • Patrick

    I like the second hand to be subtle. I like earth tones and or off white color so the second hand is not emphasized. I do enjoy looking at watches. Many of these on your website are extremely unique and I enjoy browsing.


  • Jerry

    Decorative hands are alright. It all depends though, i think there is a fine line between decorative hands and over-the-top decorative hands. They should not take away from the watch as a whole.

  • RS

    Overall, I like the look of this sport watch-thanks for putting it on my radar. I like decorative seconds hands as long as they are meaningful and are not distracting. For this watch, the lightning bolt adds a lot of pop to the dial because the hour and minute hands are very subtle. My only criticism is that orange should not be the advertised color because its then similar to the seconds hand of the Milgauss which can create some loss of originality.

  • Matt Wilson

    I like watches with a distinct second hand, as it gives the brand another opportunity for increased decoration. My Ball watch has the RR on the second hand, and I appreciate how the detail adds to the overall look of the watch. It isn’t distracting as long as it is done in a subtle, yet intricate fashion.

  • Juan

    Simple by all means. Will allow for different colors (Rolex GMT II). Also prefer large central seconds as opposed to small seconds hand. This conflicts with my love for chronographs, but sometimes you have to sacrifice for what you want.

  • Corey Fong

    I love decorated seconds hands. Gives you something unique and interesting to look at all day.

  • Peter

    I like second hands that have a personality. On the right watch it can give it that unique look that no other has. It has to stay true to the design of the watch or the line it is representing and must be useful. Clouds and bubbles need not apply!

  • Andrew Lau

    Decorative second hands are fine as long as it fits in with the overall design of the watch. I guess this works well on watches that have a certain ‘fun’ element to them.

  • Nicholas Spagnola

    I generally prefer a traditional second hand as opposed to a decorative seconds hand. However in the case of this Stolas it fits well and really works. Thanks for the contest.

  • steve

    Simple and clean are always better for easy reading.

  • Kelvin

    I like watches with subtle decoration on the second hand. I really don’t dig the Omega Olympic logo on the second hand though. But the Zenith Striking 10th star is just the right touch.

  • robert weir

    I like either style of watch hands, it all depends on which watch to wear on any particular day. This watch has a very unique style, as far as I am aware.

  • David Moreira

    It really depends on the ocasion. You can wear a watch with a simple seconds hand during the day while working and change it later for a watch with decorative hands for a night out with friends.

  • Gary Hicken

    Great website!

  • Gaby

    It has already been said, but the seconds hand does look like the one on rolex’s milgauss. I wouldn’t call it a ripp-off though. The watch has a totally different theme and in this case I quite like it! Although I doubt if I would buy this watch myself

  • Saša Šijakov

    I really like the design hour. I love the look tool watch, and blacks are not allowed to adorn the bezel to be too prominent. Second hand has a nice look, but the color is aggressive and distracting. There should be little time for the habit to use the hours for practical use.

  • Saša Šijakov

    I really like the design watch. I love the look tool watch, and blacks are not allowed to adorn the bezel to be too prominent. Second hand has a nice look, but the color is aggressive and distracting. There should be little time for the habit to use the hours for practical use.

  • Ismael Martinez

    Decorative second hands are ok depending on the purpose of the watch and what the designer was going for. Artsy or Sporty vs Luxurious and Dignified. In general since I prefer sport or sporty style watches, these hands make them interesting.

  • Jens Magnusson

    In my opinion less is more but it depends on the watch and the occasion.

  • Glen Anderson

    I love slightly fussy touches like fancy second hands. It’s the bringing together of design features that give a personality that show’s the designer’s personal flair. Car company’s have lost this as they all make basically the same shape these days (with a few exceptions).
    There are those out these that overdo features, everything is fancy, causing a watch to be hard to read, but a nicely done second hand (lightening bolt, trident, wavy, scalloped et al) as part of good design is always quite a cool thing to me.

  • John Bells

    Dependent upon the occasion, either watch hand can be appropriate, however, I’m more of a fan of the traditional seconds hand to a more stylized version. The seconds hand of this particular watch isn’t so distracting and rather fitting with the overall aesthetic of the watch.

  • V. Brian Gagliardi

    i love watches with decorative seconds hands and i do not find them distracting

  • Pierre-Marc

    I love decorative second hands. It give a nice touch to a timepiece that can occupy a special place in one’s collection. It also shows the owner’s attention to detail.

  • George Vrozos

    I like either style, decorative or traditional as a watch should speak for itself, but man the bolt takes it to another level altogether.
    Watches are a direct reflection of the spirit of their owners.
    I truly believe that Stolas has done an amazing job with this model.

  • Arthur

    A striking second hands, it definitely suit ppl who like to party!

  • Ivan Rodriguez

    Great looking watch! specially with NATO straps!

  • Blake

    I like distinctive watches – that said, I’m more partial towards symmetry in the design of the hands on a watch.

    But this watch is bold with the oversize numbers and the subtle lighting bolt looks appropriate.

    One of the things i dont like in some of the more esoteric designs is hands that distract or interfere with telling time. Looking at this watch – I would think that it is quite legible even in the dark and not distracting…


  • Richard Sheeley

    I really like the decorative seconds hand as long as it is not too distracting. The electric/lightening bolt is a good example of a not-too-distracting decorative seconds hand. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Ben Smith

    For me, watches with distinctive second hands are great as casual watches. I think if I am getting dressed up or going to the office, the watch should be a bit more understated.

  • Sam d

    I like decorative or unique second hands when they give a bit of insight into the history or tradition of the specific watch company.

  • Cheaw Mun Wai

    I guess it comes down to the overall design and how the design second hand integrates with the rest of the watch. That said, I’m a sucker for exciting new designs, so I guess decorative second hands work really well for me 🙂

  • Daniel Freiji

    I usually prefer traditional hands. Bu t I think this one fits the look fo the watch

  • Josh Reeves

    I prefer traditional designs for seconds hand. However the seconds hand on this watch fits the rest of the design quite well. Very cool!

  • greg

    Very distinctive watch, would really get my buddies attention. However not crazy about the lightening bolt hand and the somewhat ornate bezel. Lume looks cool though and it looks to have good bones with the PVD, homage 2824, sapphire crystal…etc… If Santa brought me one I would wear it. 😉

    cheers all

  • Dale Taylor

    Love the watch and think the Rolex milgaus has a lot of panache with a similar second hand as does The Omega 007 second hand which I consider the only 007 watch. So good luck with the Stolas Harbour-master which also has a great design on the surround for the face which is in keeping with the flavour overall. Thanx Adam.

  • Ronan McGoldrick

    That watch is pretty funky. If I won I’d prefer the decorative seconds hand. Thanks.

  • Nick

    Nice looking watch. I like the decorative seconds hand on this watch . The hand is reminiscent of the Rolex Milgauss. I think the second hand can be a great way of building something unique into the design of a watch.

  • adam dubinsky

    i think the decorative seconds hands with special shapes and logos add some interest.

  • Packleader

    For everyday watches, I prefer a simple dial with more traditional seconds hands that may be less visually distracting. I like less clutter and a classic look.

    But, when I want to impress, I would like to do it with a more daring watch, something with unique or clever design features. Frankly speaking, a second hand shaped like a lightning bolt will show them who is boss.

    Cheers and best of luck to everybody!

  • Tanaboon

    The superbly lump is very great, the second hand feel like RL explorer.
    Love one, lucky on me .