GIVEAWAY: Xetum Tyndall Watch

GIVEAWAY: Xetum Tyndall Watch

GIVEAWAY: Xetum Tyndall Watch  Giveaways

The first giveaway of 2013 is for a lovely Xetum timepiece. California-based watch brand Xetum continues to satisfy as they slowly dole out new options such as bracelets for their watches as well as this new PVD black-coated version of their famous Tyndall model. There is a aBlogtowatch Xetum Tyndall watch review for your reference here. The Tyndall watch is 40mm wide in steel with the available matte black PVD version. The lugless case design is endearing while the clean yet modern dial is very legible. Inside the Tyndall models is a Swiss ETA 2895-2 automatic movement. The giveaway winner has their choice of available Tyndall watch models. Retail price for the Xetum Tyndall watch is between $1,395 - $1,495. Enter for your chance to win below this month on aBlogtoWatch.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required. In the body of your comment mention whether most of your watch buying in 2013 will be in brick and mortar retail stores or somewhere online.

2. Be a pal. If possible, Facebook like all or any of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on January 31, 2013 for the winner to be chosen at random.

A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Xetum Watches the sponsor of the Tyndall watch giveaway here at!

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  • Kar Wai Law

    Happy 2013! Thanks for the watch Xetum. I expect my watch buying this year to be evenly split between retail stores and online.

  • I expect most will be done in bricks and mortar. As my taste has refined, more of the watches I am looking to buy are not sold (legitimately) online, plus it’s difficult to appreciate a watch without seeing it in the flesh. I probably will buy certain “novelty” and beater watches online.

  • tcurtius

    I will continue to buy mainly online. The reason: price. I don’t care too much about warranty if the watch I’m buying has a common Swiss movement, since I can go to my watchmaker and get it serviced for cheap.

  • craftery

    This year, I anticipate buying in brick & mortar stores usually.

  • netracer17

    Mostly online, with occasional in store purchases

  • nizamqwer

    Happy new year, I will buy online

  • Awesome watch! I’ll be mostly buying online in 2013.

  • LewisLeong

    The next watch I buy will most likely be purchased online. There are companies like Steinhart and Christopher Ward that only sell their watches online.

  • JakobMalle

    Brick and mortar for me. I’m going for a vintage this year, and you need to ‘see with your fingers’ to find the right one..

  • stelakos

    happy new year

  • MarkCarson

    I expect to purchase online only, but there could be exceptions. The Xetum Tyndall is a clean looking design and rocks in black on black.

  • RomeuFigueira

    2013 will be my year of gathering past, current and future classics. For my choice of current and future classics, I’ll probably will go online, because sometimes one needs a time piece from another continent.

  • tcf119

    I don’t plan on ever buying retail again. It’s just too easy to find the best deals online.

  • MrBunnyChow

    Retail still has some advantages when it comes to research, online does yield the best prices though

  • winterwold

    I will probably be buying online. Mostly because the watches I am interested in are small manufacture and don’t really have any retail stores that are available to go to.

  • Uepstein

    Living overseas, I find that it’s much cheaper to buy the watches online from US retailers than from brick and mortar shops.

  • LapYoda

    Unfortunately, many of the vintage watches and brands I would like to collect are not available in my home town, so I will most likely buy online rather than in store.  That is, if my wife will even let me purchase more watches!

  • benleyland

    Like most people, touch and feel at brick & mortar then buy online.

  • JamesSemaj

    It depends. If the model I like is not available in retail stores or a limited edition, I may go online to purchase it. Thanks.

  • blholmesjr

    I buy sometimes local retail if they have a sale. Most of the time I buy either a from an online dealer or ebay.

  • jparks24

    More than likely I will buy online because, you have better prices, If i buy from a store it will be because they have something that I can’t get online.

  • DanDeckard

    i love the look of this watch easy to read i will buy most of my watches on-line in 2013 you see watch makers on-line that you never see in the stores i go in so keep up the good work happy new year “2013”

  • djitkin

    Online.  Living in a rural state leaves few brick and mortar options.

  • Mgrant

    Online, once my current watch buying prohibition ends.

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    i have to take a look before i buy a thing because here in asia,there are so many fake products so, i will buy at a retail shop.

  • vferrava

    I have my eye on a vintage watch at a local dealer, now all I need is a job.

  • wjackter

    definitely brick and mortar, you can’t get the feel of a watch by shopping online

  • gyang333

    Hopefully in store, in person, that’s how I like to do it, but St. Louis is not exactly full of watch dealers 🙁

  • ckhong

    depend on the brand and price of the watch. i would get the watch any where if the price fall less than 1k. above that, i would go the local AD to try it out first before make my bet.

  • jaydub_

    I will definitely purchase online, if /when I purchase this year!  I don’t even go in brick and mortar….

  • pat I

    My next purchase will be online due to my limited funds. If I were purchasing a very expensive watch popular watch brand (Rolex, Omega, etc) I would opt for a B&M store.
    But good luck finding a knowledgable AD in my area that doesn’t treat you like the great unwashed because you drive a domestic car.

  • jrmhng

    I’m saving up for the GO Panograph this year. No boutiques here so will have to go to a local AD or buy online. Average discount of 10% for AD v 30% online grey market is just too much of a difference. Will definitely be going online.

  • stevej2001

    This is a great watch!

    Mostly I’ll buy in a bricks and mortar location for anything high quality as I need to look at it first. For something less expensive, anywhere is fine

  • spsall

    I will be watching ebay for my next watch.

  • SillentWolf

    Where I will buy most of the watches in 2013 ….online. The last few times I bought from Ace Jewelers and Lum-Tec. Why for instance Ace Jewelers online. Not only I’m a member of WatchUSeek, where Ace is a forum sponsor, but also because the service they provide is awesome. 
    Not so long ago I put an article on Facebook, why I buy at online stores. At a normal AD these days they haven’t got the knowhow to help you properly (not all of them), at least at the normal AD’s where I was. And if you ask a discount on a watch that you really like … they stair at you .. if they been hit by lightning. Sometimes you get the answer; discount … no; we don’t do that. Instead you get a great service.
    A great service  … of what ? If I buy for instance at Ace Jewelers online; I already get a great service, 16% discount, and they have the knowhow of watches. Not to mention; If I order a nice watch there .. I get It within a week, with discount and for instance the steel bracelet of the watch is made to fit. So why do I need to go to an AD that only provides .. what they say; a great service … Not.

     Besides of that … we have 2 or 3 boutiques here. The only reasonable brand they sell here is the cheaper Seiko’s. All the others are  fashion brands like; B&G, and I don’t want that. So for a reasonable watch I need to go to another nearby town, and I explained what they said to me.
    So online it is 😉

  • malberts

    I will be watching eBay and JamesList for my next one, I think.  Probably following with a brick and mortar visit, but I’ll do my searching online first.

  • MarkJHeftler

    Both, if I had the money!

  • hankg

    Watching eBay for vintage watches

  • Christopher Kurker

    I will buy online mostly, but look from time to time at a store like Tourneau or some local places.  Nice watch here, by the way.  I like watches from small companies like this.

  • LordotU

    I think – online…

  • T_I

    I’ll be looking on-line for a watch. I’m limited to mechanical and ober here they are almost non existent in shops at an affordable price-range. Also huge is the fashion these days and I prefer my watches small.

  • EranR

    I will probably buy mostly in brick and mortar stores. as always… because I need to see the watch on my hand, have the bracelet adjusted etc., to make sure it fits perfectly. And once it’s on my wrist, fitting perfectly, and asking me to take it home, how I can resist the urge to buy it, there and then? I guess I’m a fool for old fashioned shopping…

  • Racerseven

    I have always been curious about this brand’s products. similar to 2012, my watch purchases will likely be online this year.

  • Ulysses31

    Probably online.  I don’t need to listen to a stuffy old guy extolling the virtues of a watch when it is mostly marketing spiel that I could read for myself elsewhere.  Between that, the mark-ups, frosty attitudes and the lack of stores nearby, there’s no contest.

  • jtfremont

    Online most likely.

  • mercuryus

    I’m always lurking on ebay, waiting for that elusive bargain…but other than that I like stopping by antique shops for vintage watches. But I guess this year, most of the watches will come from online shopping.

  • dku081

    There’s a much bigger selection online since you can peruse offers from all over the world.  Definitely prefer the breadth of options.  Thanks for a great site, btw.

  • mugwumpr

    I might not buy anything.  Almost certainly, the moment of purchase will come as an almost entirely unanticipated surprise.

  • dmcguiney

    As always your reviews are top notch. The Xetum has a classic look.

  • tivo

    online is THE medium to get informed about watches. Here you get e.g. lot’s of in deapth details and great pictures. If it ist then into buying one it’s getting real hard. Trying to figure out where one can see eht watch in real and buy it is often the greatest challange. My for my oint, I need to have any watch at leased touched before buying it. But then it’s not important if doing so online or in an actual store.

  • thenlec

    Just bought myself a watch, online.  Watch-only stores seem to cater to high-end brands.  Department stores are mostly fashion watches.  That said, watches I buy as gifts are usually in local stores.

  • dclion

    I would most likely pick something out online but check it out in a store if it’s pricey enough.

  • PapaWoodie

    Haven’t been in a watch shop [or jewelry store] in years…
    Online works better for me.

  • rha212

    I will probably be shopping in both places.

  • sparkii76

    Thanks for the great site and great reviews! Makes online purchases that much easier after reading your articles and opinions! Have a great New Year!

  • hyperaesthetic

    It will be a combination of both. I just can’t make high value purchases without looking at the item in person.

  • stmarmh

    I will likely be purchasing online, since I live in the middle of a watch-wasteland.

  • Degams

    I like to look at both options. Brick & Mortar offers “hands on” experience. Knowing some of the staff helps with discounts. Still, Internet stores almost always offer better pricing. My last purchase was Internet direct and I couldn’t have been happier. I also like the information the Internet offers (comparisons, reviews, etc.) but also like the ability ti touch it, see how it looks on the wrist, and see the actual construction. It’s a toss up for me, I’ll probably use both.

  • I’ll be frequenting brick and mortar shops when I decide to buy after thorough internet research.

  • JoeWelke

    Well, it’s tough since most of the watch brands I like don’t get much retail store representation, like Oris and Fortis. I also like to actually try watches on before buying them, though. Because of my brand preference, though, I suspect my next watch will be bought online.

  • manivelle

    Have to believe I’ll go online, although I think one new year’s resolution I should make is to at least give some b&ms a shot by trying on a few more pieces, see what the selling experience is like.

  • beachbum602

    keep it simple, find a brick and mortar store that is willing to negotiate with you for the internet price. and if not, i will purchase on the net, and save taxes as well…..

  • Luckie

    I like to stop online but prefer a brick and mortar store for the personal touch.

  • drmosta

    For me it’s all about customer service. Generally, that has forced me to finalize the purchase at a B&M establishment. I think this is a big year for personalized e-experience. When you’re looking at a mechanical movement, maintenance is a must and whomever can clearly define and back up their service cycle will get my business. i.e. Rolex is 4-6 weeks where as I’ve seen girard perregaux take 12 weeks.
     Quick note – I am in no way plugging Rolex or slamming Perregaux, just showing the difference in turn around on maintenance issues.

  • EdgarHunt

    I purchased a watch at the recent Antiquorum auction.  I think this provided the best opportunity for me to own a watch I normally wouldn’t purchase at full retail price.  It was easy and convenient and I think I got great value.  I can’t see me going the brick & mortar route anymore.

  • GStuck

    Thanks again Ariel for another great giveaway.  I will probably rely on the Internet for my watch shopping this year.  I actually have an order in for a new model from a New Zealand company, due in May.  Only could of done that via Internet.  The Internet makes it so easy to comparison shop and most companies will allow a few days to return a watch if it is not to a customer’s satisfaction.  Happy New Year!

  • Gassy

    Mostly internet– it’s easier to find vintage pieces.

  • William6161

    I will look into the brick and mortar option this year, but I find better deals on the net. Thank you for your time. William Gregory

  • ericshen

    times are tough and the best deals are online, so online for me.

  • jmjones29

    I like to try on watches and get a feel for fit and how they look.  Then if the price is close to on line I will buy at brick and mortar.  Otherwise it is on line for me

  • erikdy

    Always online

  • estwest


  • Hacker4748

    Hard to say. The price difference for new pieces is not big and there are few online retailers which aren’t offshoots of real stores. So actually not sure yet at all.

  • Marcrovner

    I really like the clean yet full of information design. This watch is Internet only purchasing nd I expect that, in 2013, just like in 2012, all of my watch purchases will be online.

  • Thierry

    Well, first of all, thanks for that giveaway.
    If I’m not very comfortable to buy online, I will surely go online this year for a watch.

  • Marcrovner

    I really like the clean yet full of information design. This watch is Internet only purchasing and I expect that, in 2013, just like in 2012, all of my watch purchases will be online.

  • NWP

    Xteum looks like a nice watch, one I wouldn’t mind wearing although I have not seen one “in the metal” yet. To answer your question I’m a firm believer in supporting local business however three of the three local ADs for the brand I am most interested in have either lost the brand or it was taken away from them. This makes it impossible to shop locally and extremely inconvenient to shop the brand in a brick & mortar location. I’m the one spending money to support the brand but if the brand wants to keep moving further and further away from my money there are always grey market sellers at the tip of my fingers. In 2013 most of my buying will be online.

  • AronL

    Definitely online. I’m poor now!

  • rkan

    Store to look, online to buy

  • Jimym3

    It depends on the watch but I like going to the store and interacting with the people and other watch enthusiasts. I want to see and feel the watch on my wrist and look at all the other watches too.

  • Andrew O

    Probably mostly brick and mortar. I Definitely prefer to support local businesses and I also like to try watches on because despite measurements online, watches sometimes wear bigger or smaller than indicated.

  • Jimym3

    It depends on the watch but I like going to the store and interactingwith the people and other watch enthusiasts. I want to see and feel the watch on my wrist and look at all the other watches too.
    Women like to see and try on handbags and shoes, Men like to see and try on watches and women, haha!

  • Petar Penev

    I generally only window-shop at physical stores and then order watches cheaper online. That saves me a lot of money and, sometimes – time.

  • larsgrafik

    In a real store, or at least facetoface if buying a used watch. Primarily, because the brands I seek don’t sell online, unless it’s grey market – except maybe LindeWerdelin, but in that case it’s the same price. And also because, spending a heap of money on something as small and simple as a watch, is a way of treating yourself something luxuriuos. In my opinion, the buy/transaction experience, is a big part of the collective joyfull feeling of aquiring a new watch. Everything else, I buy online if possible, as long as it’s cheaper 😉


    My watch buying in 2013 will most likely be online.  Brick and mortar retail stores are too expensive and I am susceptible to state sales tax if purchased in the state I live in.

  • Humanloop

    I’m leaning toward online. The ease of purchasing combined with ease of finding very “reasonable” prices is hard to beat. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • ConorMcCorry

    I think one should always buy their watches in a physical retail shop. This is because, without trying on a timepiece, you’ll never really know if you properly like how it wears on the wrist ect. And depending on how high-end the shop you’re in, the better the customer experience the staff will show you… Like the watch shop in Hong Kong that has a full open bar!

  • TruthByTrial

    I pretty much buy everything online these day.  Saves gas to drive, saves disappointment if they are out of what I want, or avoids sales pressure if they want me to purchase something else in stock.  I’ve purchased locally and had issues and I’ve purchased online and have had issues – with online, I just have to reship for return, no hassle.  Online merchants are paranoid about being trustable.   Local stores give me a guilt trip for a return, then I have to wait for a reorder, or have to drive around town to the other branches to find a replacement.  I don’t mind paying reasonably more money for a local brick-and-morter, but there are other hassles that internet doesn’t have.

  • koningfelix

    Online is easier, and most of the time cheaper. That’s why I prefer to buy online.

  • gwoneg

    Online. The ability to research and compare watches and prices online will always make it my preferred method for purchasing watches.

  • jasonlong

    Another vote for online.

  • manuelz

    Because of the number of choices in watches from online it will likely be online buying.

  • nils444

    Brick and mortar. Only there you can tell whether the watch really looks good on the wrist.

  • I like the timepiece, I think it would look lovely on me. 

    I was thinking most of 2012 that I was going to buy my Omega, in the boutique. That being said, when you can find savings up to 2 grand by going online, no first service or chance to be invited to events cost that much, so I’m likely going to opt for the internet option.

  • ilovesandwiches

    Brick and Mortar as long as the price isn’t too much more.  Without them, how can we see the watch in person to see if we really like it.

  • tomvenable

    On occasion when researching your favorite watches on the internet you come across a watch that you’ve have never seen before and immediately falling in love with it. Thus starting a new research stream.

  • Ronkat

    My wife bought me an Archimede 45mm Pilot’s watch on your recommendation, which I love…all done online. To be honest you can sometimes get a better feel for the watch with the super hi-res photos online than in person in a dimly lighted brick and mortar. The last 5 times I went to buy a watch from a store, the sales person had no idea what they were talking about, were condescending and spent more time telling me how I was mispronouncing the name of the watch which they couldn’t tell if it was a quartz of automatic…”but this one has diamonds, and is a better value” was not what I wanted to hear. If I could find a good Store in town with a great selection and knowledgable staff and no high pressure sales I would buy from them.

  • Duchead

    Great looking watch!  As far as watch buying in 2013, I’ll probably pick up something online if I find something I really want.  I’d prefer to buy in a brick and mortar store if the prices weren’t so outrageous.  Then there is the pretentiousness of the salespeople that really puts me off.

  • kaninax

    If the pice is comparable, a store is good to see where you can try on the watch to see and feel how it wear on you wrist.

  • jnegrin

    The Xetum Tyndall is a really cool watch.  If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t ordinarily be attracted to it since typically I prefer more classic designs.  But seeing the watch live and large here shows it’s fresh, mod and artistically simple California design roots.  This with the Swiss precision on the build side, makes an appealing combination.
    On brick and mortar retail vs. online, anyone buying an expensive timepiece online without trying it on their wrist first s taking a big risk.  I’ll admit that being in the NY Metro area allows me a unique ability to get almost anything on my wrist in person. Add to that my skepticism of online retailers in the watch category, and I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.

  • tmss

    I have bought most of my watches online as local brick and mortar stores don’t carry the brands I am interested in. However, if there were a good local store with knowledgeable staff, I would be happy to support them.

  • TheodoreWiseTepeng

    Great watch! For 2013, I would probably buy from my local AD. I’ve checked the prices online and they’re basically the same once adjusted to the local exchange rate. Plus the sales people in this AD are pretty good and knowledgeable in the product they sell.

  • LA Frost

    I started feeding my watch habit back in 1996 and bought my very first timepiece in a brick and mortar store. Since then, I’ve purchased a grand total of three additional watches in brick and mortar stores (and that represents about 20% of my collection). One of those was at the company showroom at the Sinn factory in Frankfurt, so I don’t think that really counts. Like many of the other posters, I don’t like to purchase in brick and mortars because the prices are not competitive and the staff usually clueless and snotty. The last time I visited a brick and mortar store I was prepared to drop some serious coin but the staff, taking its cues from my age and dress, treated me like crap so I took my business elsewhere (this was my “Pretty Woman” experience). If in 2013 I happen to find myself in a place where there is a manufacturer, I might stop in to visit the company showroom and make a purchase if the discounts and VAT refunds make it worth my while. Otherwise, all my purchases will be online.

  • amankh

    There is no bigger pleasure than to walk into a watch boutique, see, feel and then buy the watch. As such, for any watch purchase in 2013, I would surely prefer doing it in a brick and mortar store rather than doing so on-line

  • scoopster42

    I think a brick and mortar will predominate.

  • RGM

    I love walking into a watch or jewelry  store to have a look at my wish list. I have never bought a watch on-line and i dont think i would ever as most of my purchases are of the vintage timepieces it`s my wife that buys me NEW timepieces. I really like the look of the Xetum Tyndall  and to win it would be a great way to start the new year. Thanks

  • JeremyMacklin

    I hope to make my first purchase this year and it will be online, as there is not a very good selection in my area.

  • jmyers2011

    I’m pretty sure most of my watch purchases will be done online in 2013. This amazing Xetum would be a great addition to my meager collection. Love the blog.

  • I dig what xetum has going for sure… I typically buy online both for selection and price reasons although I have thought about picking a watch up at a shop in Orange County CA that I stop into when I’m down there as they are pretty sharp, friendly, and service-heavy which would be a nice addition as you lose all that online…

  • Stewarttoo

    What a beautiful watch! Would love to show this beauty off!

  • I think this is a cool watch from Xetum and have to say i would enjoy that on my wrist. My watch purchases are both online and from bricks and mortar stores, though of late more on line.

  • th4tk1d

    While I do wish I could buy more often in Brick and Mortar for the complete experience, the costs savings of buying online means that is where I’ll be doing most of my watch buying in 2013.

  • AaronThompson2

    Most of the watches I buy in 2013 will probably be purchased online, with the possible exception of killer deals I stumble upon for vintage watches in antique shops. Lol!

  • Marshall Pike

    My purchases will be on line this year. The savings overtime is like getting a new watch for free.

  • Mister_w

    I’m about to put down a deposit on a DMH watch. Fred doesn’t have a brick and mortar store but neither does he have an online shop so I’m not sure which category he falls into… who cares anyway. He makes stunning watches and I’m just gutted that his waiting list is over 3 years. Maybe a stylish Xetum watch will make the waiting easier. I love the lugless design.

  • Snoprojman

    If I buy a watch this year instead of continuing to save, I will probably shop online like many others. I find that the ability to compare and hunt down great deals with ease is a major benefit. I still love being able to go to an AD to try a watch on and get some hands on time with watches out of my price range as well. Unless you are dressed like a millionaire though, you tend to be treated as a second class buyer which gets old after a while. Great job in 2012, looking forward to 2013 ABTW!

  • JackFendt

    Definitely brick and mortar. Can’t trust online imo. Sooooo hope I win that watch is gorgeous!

  • bremersm

    My next watch will be bought online. Can’t beat the prices

  • temfyg

    Most likely online. Can’t deal with the snooty attitude. I wonder if they know what kind of commission they’re giving up for they attitude.

  • MarcoFranken

    It Realy depends on the watch. Some of them i buy in an actual store en some of them online (via a watch forum or ebay)
    There is just no saying wich will happen first 🙂

  • Mike M.

    It depends on the watch, however, a vast majority of my watches are purchased online.  You can’t beat the prices and high pressure sales tactics.  Last time I went into a place to look/buy at a watch, I was so turned off by the event, I left the sales person standing there holding the watch.  It was like an insurance salesman.  Horrible.

  • treefroga1

    I’ll do my buying on line. Not enough variety near by and I’ll avoid pushy sales people.

  • gqmike54

    I will be buying my next watch online, I believe the prices an online retailer has are unbeatable as they have virtually no overhead! Most all watches Ive ever purchased have been purchased online and have never had a bad time.

  • Bjorn73

    Love the Xetum watches.  I buy almost entirely on line.  Only two in the last three years were at a brick 7 mortar store.

  • Kasra salehi

    I will try it in a retail store and then buy it online!

  • dogdoc89

    Great looking timepiece! I usually order online because of the convienience. In my area, the brick and mortar stores do not offer much.

  • jhockers

    Xetum has an interesting business model that hopefully turns the watch industry on its head. For some reason, most watch makers like B&R are using ETA movements and charging 5K for a watch. This watch has the same technology for a fraction of the cost.

  • kayhjoo


  • timslaughter

    Love the watch…I would most definitely shop online for any purchase in 2013.  Much more variety!

  • Shawnnny

    Beautiful piece! I o my watch purchasing online.

    • Shawnnny

      Sorry, do, that is

  • Poloni

    Nice watch! The online options are much more variate but, I sincerelly prefer to buy  on a regular store…

  • dbakiva

    Intriguing design. I don’t expect any major purchases this year, so I think likeliest purchase(s) would be something moderately priced, probably bought fairly spontaneously, online.

  • Thor0510

    Very nice watch! Buying mostly online, because of price

  • AmanGupta1

    Great giveaway!
    Most probably, it will be online because I am planning to buy a watch from one of the indie brands (Steinhart/Laco/Christopher Ward most likely). These brands operate mostly online, and definitely no brick and mortar store in India has these brands.

  • Patmore83

    I am considering 2 purchases for 2013 and both are from online and both are from small boutique manufacturers like Xetum.

  • juliennnnnnn

    Cool watch :à

  • AndreiR

    In 2013 all of my watches will be bought online, for sure. The same happened in 2012 and I see no reason to change that. Probably Amazon will take most of my watch budget, but it seems that watch producer e-stores are starting to develop pretty well. 🙂

  • juliennnnnnn

    Cool watch 🙂 I will keep buying them online

  • MikeFig

    While I prefer to see watches in the metal, in brick-and-mortar shops, the truth is that the Web offers a vibrant watch market where I can buy, sell, trade, and meet other watch nerds. I’m glad that the huge market share of online shops and forums has forced brick-and-mortar shops to shake things up and make themselves interesting (the Swatch Group’s Tourbillon store in Chicago is a case in point).

  • ignorethesquid

    Mostly will make purchases online this year…..Looking at old omega’s on Ebay as well as a Stowa from their online store.  Have purchased two online and two in-store in the last 3 years.


    Nice to see the California influence on this cool looking timepiece. As much as I like looking at watches in stores, I’ll continue to buy online. Hoping more companies will recognize that fact and do a better job releasing their pieces online.

  • PandaBeat

    99.99% of my watch related purchases in this 2013 will be on-line. No doubt.

  • MatthewHofbauer

    I’d say the bulk of my purchases will be online this year. I just get better selection and pricing. Also, liked, liked, subbed/subbed…

  • jwoodsy

    Most of my watches will be bought or traded from stores and contacts I have built in the community.  But I will also continue to shop the online forums that seem to be getting better with each year.  More and more informed consumers equals safer online transactions.

  • philray

    I’n the past all of my watch purchases where brick and mortar, but lately I have found that I can find the model I like via B&M store then search online to find the best price. My last two watch purchases I have done that way and saved over 10%. It may not sound like allot of savings for the hassle but when you’re spending that much on a single purchase it really makes a difference. The most important thing to keep in mind is making sure you purchase from a reliable and established store, there are many replicas,  it has become more and more difficult to spot them. Thanks for reading

  • jscofi

    I’ll be doing brick and mortar

  • OmarB

    My purchases in 2013 will probably be online.  I prefer the brick and mortar experience but I find myself purchasing online mostly because I can’t find what I am looking for in brick and mortar stores that are near me.  Cost is also an issue, but not as serious a consideration as availability.

  • bartmanhi

    I prefer to purchase online.  Less attitude.

  • JLorenzDiaz

    Depends. But I will probably buy it online.

  • jamesosmith

    I am all for the use of great American design in the development of swiss watches.  It would be an honor to wear this international watch brand.

  • JonnyD

    As I live in Ireland, one has to pay import duties, if buying a watch online from the U.S., so for me it will be a combination of online and physical store (which sometimes have good bargains). That Xetum in PVD black is their sexiest looking yet.
    Regards and happy new year….

  • jamesosmith

    I am all for the use of great American design in the development of swiss watches. It would be an honor to wear this international watch brand. I am looking to buy from a store that has a brick and motar with online capacity.  I feel there should be a place to go and a person to see if there is a question about your purchase.

  • WayneisTestinger

    Happy new year. And probably retail stores.

  • timvandijk

    I will probably be buying online, but I do like to look at watches in brick and mortar stores, and try them on.

  • falon

    I shall probably be buying online 1-2 times in 2013. There’s no good brick-and-mortar stores near me.

  • lightningslim

    Looking out for the perfect time piece?
    Be sure that its Fabriqué en Suisse
    Now Tyndall’s a difficult word to rhyme
    And so, in its way is Xetum
    In fact with significant passage of time
    I only can turn up “Arboretum”

    I buy almost exclusively online.

  • NunoTerra

    Always buy online, mainly becuase what I like cannot be found here in Portugal!

  • Pugsley

    I keep an eye out for good deals in brick and mortar stores but the majority of my purchases are made online. Retailers in Aus are notorious for gouging prices up and blaming our ‘isolation’ yet sometimes i can have items shipped express to me from the other side of the world for much less than what they charge in store.

  • DCportraits

    Now that’s a watch! Most of my shopping will definitely be online through forums. Ill try things on at brick and mortar though.

  • jay77jay5

    All of my watch purchases, except one, have been made online. Saving a few thousand on a Linde Werdelin timepiece purchased last year from the US makes the online stores very attractive to someone from a country such as Australia, where basic goods and services are very expensive. Adding to that, the range of timepieces available here is quite limited… online it is!!!!

  • DonovanT

    My next watch purchase in 2013 will be in a brick and mortar store.  Nothing can compare to trying on a watch in person.

  • jpehle

    Love Xetum watches. A buddy of mine has the Tyndall and has nothing but good things to say. I will definitely purchase in the “brick and mortar” stores simply because I like to hold the time piece in my hands and try it on. Nothing compares to the hands on buyer approach!

  • PeerSkovlund

    I Will buy mostly online. But only by shops i trust. 😉 happy new year

  • Walteryz

    Definitely from an online store. Great looking watch!

  • Draconis

    I will buy from online stores, but probably from authorized online dealers.

  • wbilly

    Mostly online from manufacturers and forums. High end, most likely brick and mortar.

  • Riksen

    I would definately but online to save money 😉

  • johnro6659

    I have looking into buying a Xetum for a while. Like what I see like the reviews from customers.  I Would love to win one! 
    I prefer buying online rather than brick and mortar stores. I avoid stores at all costs. No annoying sales people trying to make commission, no large over head & prices to match, usually no tax and that can be a large cost depending on the price of the item.  Online I can pull up several stores and compare prices and get the best deal and it’s delivered to my door in a couple days. One other thing about shopping online you can choose between 100s of brands most B&M stores only carry a select few products and if you want something specific they have to order it anyway and you usually have to leave a deposit.

  • Kevinsod

    Purchases will be online. Better prices and better selection.

  • DG Cayse

    Bravo for the California team! Glad to see something horological coming out of Baghdad by the Bay! (Herb Caen – RIP)

    For 2013 I will be about 50-50 for my watch purchases. B&M for my Son, and maybe the Dear Wife, and over the interwebs for myself and, of course, a something something for the Dear Wife.

  • Chrisjedwards

    Need to save every dollar, shopping in the store and buying online….kinda feel like a skeez doing it though.

  • BrianSchiele

    I have always liked Xetum watches!

  • TomCanedy

    I buy online because of choice. Many more styles online.

  • TomCanedy

    I buy online because of choice.

  • mucanan

    Definetively online, not only because of the price difference but also because I feel that  retailers here don’t offer a decent selection of watches and don’t have any real knowledge.

  • todd535

    Great looking watch, would love to win one.  I’ve bought from shops, and online.  I like to research a watch before I buy one and usually decide while studying where I should buy it from.  Generally I expect to pay ten to twenty percent more in a shop, I can live with that.  Anything more than 20% and I’m going online.

  • JDCronin

    I will definitely do all my watch buying online this year – the overhead at brick and mortar shops is just too high.

  • jjrock

    In 2013 I’ll certainly be buying my watches online rather that B&M stores. Mainly because shopping is just very easy and less time consuming. You can do your reaserch, check out all the specification and see the variuos models and most importantly compare pricing to find the best deal. I certainly would enjoy having a Xetum Tyndall in my collection.

  • gozno42

    Online grey market for me

  • Apdl

    Pretty much online only

  • APHIDatrocity

    Looks like an awesome. I plan to do all my watch shopping online.

  • pdij

    I love the Xetum design – so clean and functional. For shopping likely making the move to online this year -I  haven’t purchased a  watch on line before but the sites are getting better and more numerous so certainly seems more accessible and often cheaper!

  • ghicken

    A watch purchase will most likely be online in 2013. Xetum watches look simple, which is what I like. I like black and white.

  • billjones270

    My buying will be blind, for better or worse. I’d love to see one of these Xetum watches in person.

  • Bob Sebastian

    Almost all of my watch purchases have been online and I don’t see 2013 being any different.

  • lunkerpike

    I, too, have turned to the virtual world for my watch buying…100% of it was and will continue to be online.

  • Drailal

    Majority of my watch buying in brick and mortar stores.

  • AengusTheChamp

    Depends on where the best deal is (online), but I’d prefer to do most of my watch buying at brick and mortar stores

  • typericey

    I’ve always bought watches at brick and mortar retailers because I wanted to know for sure if the fit and comfort on my wrist. For me, all the dimensions and weight specs are indicated online is not enough to give me an idea how the watch going to be on my wrist. 
    I can probably “risk” buying online for more affordable watches (i.e. $US600 and below); I wont feel so bad if the fit and comfort isn’t quite right.

  • Dan Melcher

    My watch buying in 2013 will be primarily online. I find it easier to both find the watches I’m looking for and to find better deals when shopping online. While it is nice to hold and try on a watch before purchase, I generally have specific ideas about what I want and it is less necessary than with (as an example) a pair of eye glasses.

  • Jttuck

    Truth be told my watch buying typically is done online.  I do not live in a major metropolitan area, so it is always easier to do it online.  I do live about an hour and half away from Toronto, but really it is just as easy to make my purchase online.

  • Zundfolge

    Just about all my shopping is online these days. Watches are no exception.

  • Naturally, all of my purchases will be online… via — but in the meantime I do frequent B&M stores, if only to drool over some of the more “currently unattainable” examples of watch craft.

  • andykat

    Online! Prices are unbeatable.

  • The Xetum Tyndall is a lovely timepiece for sure!!

  • CG

    In 2013 all of my watch buying will be online any watch any price… online dealers sometimes have brick & mortar also. Best pricing and fast secure service.

  • dotcomdisc

    Thanks for the excellent Value article the other day and Happy, horological-joy-filled ’13!
    Xetum offers more value & innovative design-focused lines than many other Swiss makers in the same league….
    Brick and mortar or online shopping? I prefer b&m,as one can instantly evaluate the item- size weight, finish etc,.and if need be bargain a bit. However online can be invaluable if it’s a pre-owned/vintage piece from a far-distant seller for example.

  • gojiB

    online only!!! but my wife tells me none for 2013!

  • ShabbyThesealion

    If i had to chose all of my watches have been online don’t think i will be buying anything though

  • topherwright

    Most if not all of my watch buying will be online this year.

  • rwag1

    The way the hours and minutes hands harmonize with the 12, 3, 6, 9 indicators is fantastic.  Xetum was able to pull something off, things like the crown are very unique yet the watch stays in balance.  Kudos Xetum!

  • Meffner13

    Id have to say hat most of my 2013 purchases will be made online.

  • CAA7273

    It’s likely that all my 2013 purchases will be online.

  • Neil C

    Hopefully Tyndall will give me this watch,  but I’ll browse my local watch shop for any interesting s/h pieces anyway.

  • raspringer

    Really love the style of Xetum watches.  This year I will probably make all of my watch purchases online.

  • MFH

    Really nice looking watch.  If I make any purchases, likely to be in a store.

  • LordRandall

    Most of my best watches were purchased on-line as the retail outlets seem to all seem to carry the same lines.  There is very little diversity for watch aficionados.  It’s like looking for a rare find in a big box store.

  • skretter

    Probably online, either directly from a boutique or used from a forum member.

  • OC_Rob

    Probably brick and mortar stores or online from brick and mortar stores. I’m considering picking up a Christopher Ward and maybe a LUM TEC so those will definitely be online. Thanks for posting this review and for the opportunity to win this killer timepiece!

  • Bdraguts

    Almost all of my watch buying is online, including my Xetum Tyndall. Great watch, would love to try out the PVD version.

  • eonore

    In 2013, my watch buying will be online,  based on articles, reviews and user comments.

  • koshyk

    In 2013 any watch purchases I make will be online.  Grey market online sellers offer good discounts and good customer service.  If I have questions about a watch I research it online.  If I want to see how it will sit on my wrist, I will go to a larger (and usually chain) retailer to try the watch on.

  • Shuskefuji

    Definitely online. I’ve been using stores as a way to check it out first, but it’s almost always easier to get a cheaper price online.

  • jerm

    If I were to buy a watch in 2013 it would most likely be from an online source!

  • Ryanrulz

    oh gosh~! giveaway from xetum~!this is the best thing happen on this new year~!how to join it??? juz post like this will do???? this year i think i will buy from the store nearby my place….normally will juz buying it online but this year juz too lazy to wait for shipment,but iif they don’t have the stuff i want so no choice need to buying it online~!

  • Asusd1

    Most likely Brick and Mortar. I excited about the opportunity to win a Xetum Tyndall.

  • cazlex

    I like shopping for goodies online. But usually i will go down to the shop to get a good feel of the watch too! 
    Great design on the Xetum Tyndall. Happy New Year everyone!!

  • AwsmSpaceMonkey

    I will probably go to stores to get a close up look at some watches and then purchase them online.

  • dino721

    somewhere online

  • z841

    Actually excited over the Xetum designs.  Fairly different from a norm.

  • omidover

    This year the bulk of my watch buying will most likely take place online.

  • somethingnottaken

    I’m uncertain about online versus brick and mortar purchases, though only a minority of the brands I’m interested in can be found in local brick and mortar stores so that weights things toward online purchases. Alot of the watches I like most are made by small brands who either have limited distribution networks or only sell direct.

  • PrabhjotAnand

    In the year 2013, most of my watch buying will be online only.

  • KennyYeo

    I like to touch and try on a watch before purchasing, so it’s the store for me.

  • DavidasaurusRex

    As much as I would love to support a B&M, I’d much rather look at boutique brands (such as Xetum) and have my money go straight to them as opposed to a chain of people, thus, most of my purchases this year and following are going to be online.

  • Psycho4watches

    What a great give away, I love the look of Xetum watches as they are very unique.  Most of my 2013 watch buying will be online since I can not find the watches I like in retail stores.

  • gffuentes

    for those that i can find at brick and mortar shops, i will buy there however these incredible brands like Xetum are not easy to find! So if i do plunge on a Xetum, it will have to be online. however i do prefer seeing and touching watches before purchasing.

  • DougCarnahan

    I usually just browse online and in the stores and when I see something I like search online and check the stores prices for the cheapest deals I can find. I am a big fan of ebay and will probably buy some more watches from there as well. No shame in wearing a second hand watch.

  • Aston14

    I suspect that I will try on watches in a store, and eventually buy online. In some cases the different is thousands of dollars, so even though the online purchases may not be covered by warranty, they are still a better deal than buying brick and mortar. An expensive repair would still be less than what I woud pay in a brick and mortar store.

  • phredless

    I have purchased almost all of my watches online and see no reason not to continue that.  I find a much broader choice online and most of the nearby watch stores either cater to those seeking to spend 10-20k on a watch or less than 60 bucks.  That great middle is what I find most online.  Xetum’s aesthetic is great and it excites me to see a California twist on the military/diver watch genre.

  • Mind_Game

    There are a lot of boutique brands that are only available online where I’m from and I’ll have no choice except to purchase online, although I do admit I’d like to be able to try them on before purchasing.

  • Kerby23

    Usually always in a store – just a couple have been online

  • N_Y

    online for <than 1k watches (better deals)
    store for the experience

  • GregHall

    must admit the PVD one is a peraller

  • JMCraig

    As a starving student, when i do buy watches, i generally scope out deals on Amazon and eBay.  still, i’d like to buy from a physical store if i got the chance.

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  • ntawakk1

    I would have to say my watch buying will mostly take place online, where I can reach a larger array of watches. Usually in-store watches are either far too expensive or not worth the purchase.

  • bibathan

    The black PVD is really sexy with the clean aesthetic of this watch.
    I haven’t bought a ton of watches in my lifetime, and so far all have been online, and this will continue in the near future.  It’s easy to shop online, better deals can be had, and more variety, particularly as the brands that tend to interest me more are non-mainstream.  If it’s something that I know is available in a store nearby though, I would definitely go try it on, before deciding to buy it for a better price online.

  • dryanni

    Buying a new piece needs to be an individualised experience. Appropriate knowledge and support from experienced staff will often swing the decision to buy from the store – this builds up relationships and mutual loyalties. Should the online price be too good, you can’t pass up a great offer. After all, this leaves more funds available for the next piece.

  • csoman

    while surching for the perfect watch I go to see the watch in the boutique and try it also on, than go home and try to find the best price online. thx for the giveaway!!

  • vvgospod

    I really like that elegant watch equipped with the ETA 2895 ELABOREE. But i prefer to have a look at it at a boutique and put it on my hand and buy it there.

  • Most of my watches have been bought online and will continue to be the same for 2013. Hope to win a Xetum! 😀

  • mundane24

    mostly online as we dont have much b&m watch stores in my area.
    liked xetum fb also.

  • jbesson

    I assume most of my buying will be done with my trusted brick’n’mortar watch seller. Although if I can find a very attractive price online with a trusted online seller I might take the chance.

  • ArthurZzz

    A very decent watch as a give away! I love vintage (looking) watches and therefore I mostly buy them off the internet. There are not many vintage watchstores in my neighbourhood. Some watches came off Ebay in parts.

  • PaulHeuer

    B&M vs online: it depends! If I know what I want and I’m just chasing best price, it probably be online, however if I want to try and am unsure about size, finish etc, then I would go B&M. I will know what online prices are like and will push for some discount, but will bear in mind the extra help I have received. Examples: TAG Heuer bought in store, but Christopher Ward bought online last year..
    Cheers, Paul.

  • cybermans

    Probably most of the watches will be bought online, but I cant rule out b&m stores as I keep checking their vintage collections. Love the mental image of this watch on my wrist!

  • GonzoSamaniego

    I love the clean, yet acquired design of this beautiful timepiece

  • Iskandar Mirza

    i prefer to buy my watch  brick & mortar stores. because i want to make sure the watch sit in my hand nicely with my own eyes. 
    tyndall has a very good design love this watch. i never seen a retail stores here in indonesia, i hope soon there will be.

  • dominickhemeryck

    Even though I’ve never heard of the brand before, I like the pure and uncluttered design and so could be interested. The pricing seems very reasonable for this type of watch.
    Watch purchases in 2013? Same as before, see the watch in the flesh and then look for the best deal either bricks & mortar or online

  • md2md

    I think 2013 will see the transformation of retail watch buying with more brands engaging with customers directly online. I have been buying watches online for over 7 years and I see this to continue in 2013.

  • Vjjk

    Plenty of research, trusted reviews, shopping online is far more pleasurable than dealing with retailers, who in my experience are only interested in a easy sale and 5 o’clock.
    Nice looking watch, not sure about the winder.

  • nickyabelardo

    This year I will properly shop my watch online, is much cheaper and much more to choose from (no Seiko monster in Canada….)

  • chainsmoker11

    I will be continuing of my tradition of purchasing online after a significant amount of research both in-store and online.

  • matthewjallison

    I prefer online because I can take my time research the timepiece and compare with many others.

  • anon0326

    I prefer buying watch online.  I have been looking at this giveaway watch for a while now.  Hopefully I win it 🙂

  • whythehack

    I’ve been seeing Xetum watches ads all over the place now and every single time burns me to go online and get one for myself. if only i could afford one right now :(…. but winning the watch would be awesome !

  • Kris C

    I will be buying watches both online and retail this year. They both have their pros and cons.

  • rafaelm

    I prefer buying watches online, although I plan to buy one that I’ve been watching for a while from a marketplace.

  • SparkyEOT

    The majority of my purchases, trades, etc. will be done online.

  • Most of my 2013 purchases will likely be made online. Though, I recently moved to Chicago and would like to explore the brick and mortar options there.

  • 2crazy2stop

    Most of my watch purchases will be at a retail store.

  • lonegoose

    Funny – I’ve made most of my watch purchases online for the past few years, but I’m going to try to go “brick & mortar” in 2013.  All too often there are imperfections in watch design that are not apparent in online pictures but are obvious once you strap it on your wrist.
    The Xetum is quite the nice little timepiece, IMHO….

  • PatrickDiSanto

    This watch would be a great gift to myself for the New Year. I loooove Xetum.  Most of the my watches will be bought online.

  • raditzer

    There is something about holding and trying on a watch!  The price may be a bit more, but you know what you are getting.  With that said, however, I’ll probably purchase watches from both on-line and in a store.

  • galka

    For me there is no difference. In store or online watch looks the same. Here or there gets the same thing.

  • Jdkennedy

    I will probably be buying a new watch online for my birthday this year, unless I am having a good first couple of quarters and then I may have to upscale the purchase and that would be in store.
    Love the look of that Xetum Tyndall.

  • DiscoDavey

    It is always nice to be alerted to other brands which deserve to be out there with their design.

  • JorweeckKingsu

    I’ll still get them from a retail store than online. The fear of not being able to inspect a watch for small errors and even its authenticity haunts me.

  • pkansa

    If I’m buying anything, it’s likely online.

  • roachmotel

    I will restrict my purchases to brick and mortar stores.  Too many clones that are difficult to distinguish and too easy to fake.

  • Spaceguitar

    I like to shop in person if at all possible. Other than trying them on, I do enjoy interacting with the shop, and generally hassling the help. Something you don’t get online.

  • tsuie

    I basically complete all watch buying in a brick and mortar store, as I really need to try them on and get the feel. It’s always good to be able to talk to someone face to face as well. Online watch hunting gives a good grasp of pricing, models and reviews. I have also used forums and online shops to track watches down but at the end it will still be meeting the seller in person to make the transaction.

  • evandowen

    I typically buy all my watches online, however, that isn’t to say I won’t look at watches in stores when it’s convenient though. I very rarely make special trips to a store though.

  • turboscott

    I will be buying my watches (and just about everything else besides food) online for many of the reasons you mention in your “What about the value?” article.  Great looking Xetum

  • jotpeh

    It will be probably both, I like to talk to the people in the shop about what I have in mind and they in stock this usually ends up in me buying a watch that I wasn’t looking for 😉
    I would use online shops to buy a ‘daily beater’ like a Casio or Orient.
    love the face of the Xetum Tyndall & and a Happy New Year to you!!

  • lwsaenz

    “brick & mortar” in 2013!!

  • hartwagle

    I will probably be buying online again this year. I often end up buying used and online offers me a lot of options.

  • bmoorthamers

    Up to now, I have always bought new online, but since I’m upping in brands, I’m exploring the barely used second hand market!

  • halfacat1

    A bit of both; it seems to me that as long as you “buy the seller”, there is generally little disadvantage buying from online entities vs that of local shops. However, with online purchases, you get a much wider selection of new/used pieces compared to that of local shops.

  • rrinawat

    I’ll mostly be buying on-line, since the prices are much cheaper and there aren’t many watch retailers where I live which  have the watches I want.

  • NoleenELT

    Most of my watch buying in 2013 will be used watches purchased through forums, due to the lower cost.

  • Torben754

    Lovely watch – I would hazard all purchases will be made online this year

  • kiddmen57

    Not sure I will be buying a watch this year.  just had a baby and am planning on buying a new car this year.  I have purchased all of my watches from brick and mortar stores so far.  I prefer handling them, and in many cases I have found closeouts, special sales, or just good pricing that puts them at or better than the internet.
    I am not opposed to buying online though as long as the purveyor seems reputable.

  • ilia

    I like to view the watches in person first and then purchase online. You can’t beat online prices.

  • mundo b

    I will be buying online. The watches I find interesting just aren’t available in B&M in my area. Plus, the value proposition! I read your article.

  • rogerdude

    I buy new watches online, but usually buy vintage in person.

  • mattsh

    I buy watches on line. Typically, I can’t afford the higher end watches, so the mid line watches I favor are hard to find locally and cheaper on line.

  • BK1017

    I will be buying both new and used watches online, from retailers and from individuals on forums. Not sure I would ever buy a watch in a brick and mortar store as the prices online are much more competitive. – BK

  • amb3rgris

    There are some really great B&M AD’s out there, and I would probably use one for a more expensive purchase. But for 2013, I’m thinking I’ll be going online because I don’t think I’ll be making any “big” purchases. I’ve been thinking about about a few less expensive additions, and those would probably end up being from brands like Orient or Seiko, which do not really have much US presence. Or maybe something Russian, Indian, or a microbrand, which again, doesn’t really show up in stores here.
    And as a resident of the SF Bay Area, I am happy to see Xetum get some love.

  • I suspect that as with previous years my watch buying will continue to be done on-line. There are just not enough B&M buying options in my area to provide a wide enough range of brands and competitive pricing.

  • morcheeba

    My last three watches (one moderate, two cheap) have been online. If I go for another expensive watch in 2013, it’ll be in a store, but until then, I’ve been having fun buying online.

  • Nuno

    I quitted buying my watches on physical stores… I always get better deals on online stores.

  • ChiaChristopher

    Hi, thanks for the monthly giveaways. I come from a small country and as such I can usually visit the watch shops to make my purchases. However, I will not hesitate to purchase online if the model I want is not available in the shops. Thank you and Xetum Watches!

  • donato21

    I love watches  and could use a true round in the collection,  I would have to say that 80% for Brick and mortar vs 20% online.     You have to see what it looks like on.  Of course you could try it on in store and buy on line when you find the deal.

  • nutellabear

    I buy almost all of my watches online for pricing. But it is getting harder to find some brands online at all — and of course they are fixing the price whenever they can control distribution.

  • nathanmoe

    I will be making most of my purchases online, although I usually give the brick and mortar store the opportunity to match the online price first.  This is for new watches only obviously.

  • SantoshChawla

    I don’t remember the last time I bought a watch at a store… I am into Vintage watches now and my collection has grown to 3 vintages. The first two I bought at a flea market and last week I acquired one online.

  • MarkFenimore

    I almost always buy my watches online. I love shopping for the best price and knowing there isn’t a retail store markup on what I’m buying. Great of Xetum to be giving away another beautiful watch!

  • sojoerner

    I likely will buy online as to save on sales tax but I like to go to a brick-and-mortar to try out and research.

  • meltdowngrfx

    In the past, most of my watch purchases have been made in brick and mortar watch stores. I enjoy the act of viewing and trying on the watch before I purchase it. I have purchased sport-type watches online mostly because of the greatly discounted prices that were offered. I really like the intelligent style and design of the Xetum Tyndall PVD watch and the Xetum web site.

  • DavidNeivaMoreira

    The big ones I buy in stores due to waranty and customer service. The cheap ones I order online for the lowest price I can find.

  • pestw

    Both online and on a store

  • AleksBak

    mostly online

  • Solarride Rivernik

    Usually at store.  Never online.

  • tresd

    I do a lot of shopping/looking at various watches online but, to date, all of my purchases have been from brick and mortar stores.  There is one store in particular, located in Vail where I go to buy most of my watches.  They always seem to have reasonable prices, a good selection, and a very helpful/knowledgeable staff.

  • BingBong

    I check out the watch at a brick and mortar if there is one available, but I purchase almost exclusively through the internet.

  • ArjunRudra1

    Most of my watch buying for the foreseeable future will be done in brick and mortar stores. Need to see, feel and touch what I’m buying. Too big a leap of faith required online.

  • tegart

    I can’t afford very expensive watches, so I do most of my shopping online.  For a big purchase, I would probably go to a store.

  • colectorama

    I like buying online.  If I don’t like it when it comes I can always return it.

  • colectorama


  • mackbakker

    If I have the possibility to try on the watch at a brick and mortar store I will do so and I can usually find it online at a different time at a less expensive price.

  • pdanielson

    Brick and mortar stores – I like to see something in person and try it on before spending money on it.

  • ukwolfeman

    Great giveaway. Online will be where I’m going for 2013. Thx

  • lomarti

    I will be buying on line and going back to buying from China, Bought one watch from China and was very very pleased .

  • aktormedic

    I buy only online.  Despite the greater risk, it is outweighed by the incradible cost differences.  Also, since I prefer vintage pieces, online is often the ONLY way to find what I am looking for.

  • Rodmo

    All my watches excepts for my very first one have been purchased online. The biggest issue for me is that nearby I have nothing much better than Macy’s. It’s just not worth driving two hours to browse.

  • dickerwe

    This year I will mostly buy online, mainly because of the savings.  I hope to use this site as a guide to buying online!

  • ShaanWare

    i’ll continue to buy online. way easier to find my seiko monsters!

  • gemusu0

    Another great giveaway! I usually purchase my watches online due to the lack of watch stores in the city I live in.

  • MolliKnowles

    i do most of my buying online… i have 3 special needs kids

  • MolliKnowles

    i do mosto f my buying online as i have 3 speical needs kids…

  • kathyhtak

    i shop on line for watches for myself. currently looking for a bronze automatic watch

  • saxychef

    I shop online but really try to purchase from a local brick and mortar store.

  • carryONtreezy

    I am really feeling the Xetum brand. I’ve watched their video reviews on a couple of sites. Looking to purchase this watch within the next month. Purchased two watches in 2012; both online. Im guessing thats what I will do moving forward.

  • JamesMackintosh

    Probably going to be brick & mortar.  You can look at pictures and reviews online all you want, but you’ve got to try it on to see how it fits.

  • eba3eb

    Definitely online for me. If I had better access to a physical store I would love to choose that, but unless I am dropping $5000+ on a watch (not anytime soon!) I’ll just order online and save myself a long trip.

  • LSMav

    Always wanted one. Always out of my price range. Gorgeous watches… when you’re saddled with student loan debt, you can only dream.

  • JClyde

    I will continue to look for the best deals by shopping online.

  • Phikes

    Sadly my 2013 shopping and buying will be online. I want to say brick and motor; but at some point supporting local business gets outweighed by the internet’s infinitely larger selection, 24 hour availability, and significantly lower prices.

  • elbrento

    My purchasing this year will likely be online, as the brands I’m looking are not available in my local stores.
    I’m not on facebook, so I can’t ‘like’ you there, but I’m sending good vibes your way!

  • berniesiao

    I would say that most would be online.

  • SeaLarson

    I purchase most of my watches online, but when I’m in the market for a high-end piece I prefer a physical store.

  • JoseCristian

    Online all the way…it’s cheaper!

  • russellackner

    2013 is the year of the online watch store. Cheaper, relatively reliable and shipped for free. Online all the way.

  • leicaman

    I would buy it at a brick and mortar store for sure! Not only in 2013!

  • Steven Hong

    Niiiiice watch giveaway..!!  If I am going to spring for a new watch, it will be in person at a brick and mortar store, cuz I’ve got to determne if the watch feels good and fits properly on my wrist.  However, I am also on the lookout for nice used vintage watches as well in 2013.

  • jonesjs85

    Always curious about these watches, considering it’s one of the most popular ads to pop up in my browser. 
    The vast majority, if not all of my watch purchases this year will be online.

  • mattlittlej

    Brick and mortar, since you can’t properly gauge how a watch will look on you just by browsing amazon or eBay.

  • Britautoguy

    Some watches look great online, then don’t fit the bill when seen in person. I’ll probably stick with an in person store purchase.

  • cadorette97

    due to financial restraints i may be unable to purchase a quality timepiece this year and will be trying to win one but if i do find myself with extra money that can be spent on a timepiece i will most likely purchase it online purely for convenience and the lower prices ( very important when shopping in the 100 – 200 dollar range)

  • iondubai

    Lets see this baby on my hand

  • I think I’ll be split 50:50 between online and brick and mortar this year.

  • gmtmin5

    Thanks again for the opportunity.  Most of my shopping is done online but this year I’m looking for something special that will most likely be purchased at a local dealer.

  • yeahlittlebuddy

    I have purchased watches online simply due to the convenience but one more than one occasion was disappointed. I chalk that up to not being able to try the watch on first, as I would be able to in a brick and mortar store, and seeing if I really liked the watch or not. Even so the used marketplace is almost entirely online, and I enjoy buying pre-owned watches, so I’ll there’ll be some of that but anything new I buy will most likely come from an AD brick and mortar shop. Happy New Year!

  • dishmon64

    I have no problem buying that bad boy online, where I do most of my purchasing.

  • shahtirthak

    I prefer to buy a watch from brick and mortar store as it helps to see the watch in person, try it out on the wrist, get a feel for the watch etc etc which is not possible (at least not to my satisfaction) in shopping online. Yes, you might end up paying a bit more than online price, but I think it is worth as it does not leave you with a watch that you are not entirely happy with…and there is the additional hassle of shipping back the watch.

  • scootermoped308

    Nice, that’s a watch any collector should have!

  • scootermoped308

    Nice watch, any collector would want this in the collection. I will be buying my watches online.

  • crindybluth

    With shipping prices being so low, and return policies getting so flexible, I will almost always buy my watches online.

  • PhilMaurer

    Mix of online, and B&M.  High end I hit the B&M so I can see it, lower end via the internet.

  • filipinodriver

    really cant rely on photos internet offer. i like to see it on my wrist first before buying it

  • ferecillo

    G’day and Happy New Year, most of my watch buying will be online.

  • Paulie1988

    Happy new year all and keep the good work my watch buying in 2013 will be the old fashioned way in shops i believe its best to try a watch on before you buy it

  • Jameseverin

    Nice looking watch! I always would visit a physical store as my preference always changes when viewing in person having researched online! Also you can’t haggle with a website and have to wait for/trust their shipping carriers before you get hold of the watch.

  • I love this watch, I prefer a brick and morter store but with my limited mobility i buy online. there are some good places but for the most part you have to watch out what you get. Do a lot of research before you buy inline

  • molnART

    Happy New Year for all! I prefer buying online but I always would visit a physical store to try the watch for high end.

  • ptabatcher

    probably online since there are not a ton of ADs around here and many of the boutique brands are only online.

  • caughtinside

    Happy New Year,  I support shopping at small businesses so I will  be purchasing at brick and mortar ad’s.

  • cadillacman

    If I’m buying vintage watches I will buy online. I buy all new and high end watches from reputable brick & mortar retailers.

  • Blaze8

    My watch buying in 2013 will be half and half, if I know exactly what I want then I will try to find it online, but I will be going to B&M stores to try on watches and see how they feel.

  • mktcrasher

    Very nice looking watch, would look good on my wrist.

  • Xnode

    I like the contrast of this piece.  The design is modern and classic at the same time, quite interesting!

  • miccos

    A mix of both. However, I find the premium required of brick and mortar stores drives me online more and more.

  • Xnode

    I will be doing both.  I seems the price is more at the brick and mortar stores.

  • mktcrasher

    Very nice looking watch.  As I would not be buying anything pricey this year, I would likely purchase a watch online.

  • TokyoRush

    Beautiful watch – appeals to my tastes.  Didn’t think I would like the black dial as much but it looks good in the pictures.  I am very likely buying a watch this year from a brick and mortar.  Not sure about online, but would consider for a second watch this year.

  • Ruscicap

    Pricey I will buy in person, and need it on wrist to feel if it is right. Less expensive I will most likely buy online.

  • Mmontrenes

    Research watches on line, including “aBlogtowatch” for quality, craftsmanship and esthetics. Actual purchase at B&M to touch, feel and bond with the watch on my wrist. The Xetum Tyndall is a watch I would love to bond with.

  • JaggedB

    I do a lot of research of watches online and in print.  I have a pretty good grasp of style and size that I like, but must admit that I do like to do a final in person review before purchasing.  As far as the purchase, it comes down to price for the most part.  I have found good deals in brick and mortar stores, but more so online. I also collect vintage and pocket watches and rely of good relationships with online sellers.
    I have looked  Tyndall several times (after seeing it first on ABlogtoWatch!) and I am intrigued by the design.  I like classic designs and this is one of the best modern interpretations that I have seen, especially at a relatively afforable price point.

  • hoyaeldridge

    Last year I pre-ordered a Magrette timepiece online. That was my first time making a watch purchase in that way. I’m still a sucker for entering a brick-and-mortar store to try items hands-on, but I’m open to online purchases.

  • evander40

    I expect to be buying mostly online in 2013.  Seems pretty tough to find B&M stores with the watches I am interested in.

  • jpstone13

    I would say that most of my watch buying (90%) will be online.  I like the convenience and ease of use not to mention it seems that price is more competitive online as well.  I usually do a lot of research prior to making a purchasing decision which helps out a lot regarding buyer’s remorse.

  • gramenis

    I do most of my watch buying online as I find there are better deals.

  • keerat

    Its great to see a company like Xetum become successful. Their core values (especially the sustainability aspects), design and execution represent a contemporary take on watches that’s very refreshing. They’ve done a great job on taking what’s simple and works and packaging it into a functional, aesthetic and unique design. We need more like them in this industry.

  • JANNET81888

    somewhere online better deals better prices.

  • Bitpicnic

    Online. I wouldn’t even know where to buy the watches I like in person.

  • CDN In London

    I really like the Xetum Tyndall. My watch buying will be done online in 2013.

  • sirob123

    A new watch I would by in a store, but a used one on-line for sure.

  • Throttle8

    It would have to be in a store…Happy New Year!

  • dangermouse

    Quality & stlylish product at a reasonable price. if i am spending below $2000 i will buy usually online. anything above that amount i like to see the item, hold it in my hands.

  • scoob007

    Very nice watch with some styling queues from pilots watches.  Most watches I purchase are online but as some have already stated if the watch is above a certain amount I like to try it on before buying.

  • AvaPerry

    Although I like online shopping I have to try the watches I buy on. So I have to go to the store!

  • egood33

    I’ll be buying most watches online. 🙂

  • ssulli02

    Im thinking about buying vintage online.

  • rmassony

    I would love to see some vintage Rolex in person, but I haven’t had much luck in DC. Therefore, I’ll probably be buying online.

  • roblloyd23

    I like to hold a watch before I buy it.  There for, I prefer the brick and mortar shops.  However, If I don’t like something about the shopping experience,  I have no problem finding the watch on line.

  • Airquotes

    I tend to buy watches online. Grey market is just so much cheaper and I’m not usually to worried about the ones I buy breaking. So far I’ve been lucky. I think if I ever bought a truly high end watch it would probably be from a store.

  • MaxReddick

    I love this watch, and I tend to buy in stores unless a brand offers an internet option.

  • Sunnymay

    I only buy watches at retail stores because I prefer to see them in person and check out all the details.  I like the black face on the Xetum Tyndall Watch since it’s easier to read and looks classy and goes with everything.

  • chaokwan

    In 2013, I will buy online if it’s a good deal and the price point is under about $1,000, but only if I have been able to inspect the watch at a store. With more expensive watches, I think I will avoid buying online unless I’m buying direct from the brand. I hope the luxury brands out there are noticing this trend and set up their own online stores.

  • German L

    i think this year ill stick to online retailers since i can get better deals on watches, and since most of the watches im interested are in the 1k range, there is no need to go out anywhere.

  • Ghotire1

    In 2013, as in 2012, I will make most of my watch purchases online. I love the anticipation of waiting for a new purchase to arrive in my mailbox or at my doorstep!

  • RobertoValenzuela

    I think I’ll try them in a store and then compare prices online. If the price difference isn’t a lot, I prefer buying it in a store.

  • FayEz

    In 2013, for timepieces that are $5000 or less, I’ll prefer buying online from trustworthy websites like (eg. Ebays,amazon…) as they are reliable and cost a little cheaper and definitely love the anticipation from the arrival of the watch like everyone. For, watches that are >$5000, I’ll most probably get it at retail shops unless they are located in my area. Xetum is 1 of the brands that is not located in my area and would definitely love to have this unique timepiece in my collection and also to make a review on it!

  • sternke

    I prefer buying online. While it is definitely fun to try on watches in store, I often find the conversation with the store employees is never very engaging. It all feels driven by commission. I will definitely utilize the stores to see watches in person, but the purchase will more than likely online, unless the price is better in store (which I have never seen).

  • dave1971

    i’ll be buying a watch online this year. I’d prefer to buy in store but prices in Australia are outrageous compared to Europe & the US.

  • Helal

    Usually i go for stores or retailers (brick and mortar) to avoid fraud attempts , but upon reading articles presented here it is clear that retailer prices are much higher than the msrt so In 2013 i guess i will buy my first online watch. However i will start with a small purchase.
    Though im not sure from where to start wheather e bay/ amazon or a company’s website

  • Bear_raider

    The XT watch combines Swiss accuracy, with Hollywood styling. Like most guys we appreciate the “engine” which makes it “tick”, and the aesthetics of chick-pulling magnetism , usually found in performance cars.
    Some of us are old enough to appreciate, and remember, the touchy-feely anticipation  of checking out a new products in stores, but modernity and google have commoditize this shopping experience to click-compare-and-buy, while watching TV or facebooking friends.
    Sadly, I will join the masses and buy online. Only Apple retains the magic of the in-store launch experience successfully.

  • bigmongo1963

    Wow!!!!   What a gorgeous watch….  Brilliant Swiss railroad inspired design, combined with California craftsmanship and styling.
    I’d buy this watch anywhere I could find it….  Online, in a retail store or from a man in a trench coat who sez   “Hey , buddy…
    Wanna buy a watch?”   A serious must have for the the time freak in all of us….

  • greenvillebigwheels

    Great promo, would be great to add a black tyndall to my white tyndall. In 2013 I will do all my watch buying online or over tge phone with a long distance jeweler.

  • temujin

    Online baby!

  • DavidCook

    Research online and buy whoever has the best price.

  • macfish

    Mostly online. I love browsing around for a nice watch.

  • anakindo

    i look and research from online ahaha.. love browsing nice watches 🙂

  • watchguy

    Typically Brick and Morer unless it’s a pre-owned watch I know.

  • watchguy

    Typically brick and morter unless it’s a trusted site.

  • GregMcClure

    Xetum watches are awesome. My watch buying will be brick and mortar, fo’ sho’.

  • SteveA2

    What a handsome watch.  I’ll be doing my watch buying on-line.

  • XETUM = Clean & Timeless design,  anyway you see it, you read it and it goes along with any outfit/event.  Truly a great watch design.
    I’ll keep browsing the net and buying in “brick and mortar” stores,  like to wear  before buying, plus you can ask their technician to fit it, and get the chance to know them personally for future services.

  • Stokpot

    Probably do most watch buying this year online.

  • ZachSaratlija

    A very Nice, clear and bold design. the placing of the brand name is nice and a little quirky compared to the normal horizontal brand name placement. it also works to draw the eye into the centre of the watch itself. many other things I could say but all up this is a nice watch which most (even me) would be happy to wear.

  • sdapkie

    Mostly on-line buying this year but ifnI decide to buy anything exotic I’ll go to an actual store

  • Harsha Avunoori


  • Harsha Avunoori

    I just checked the review and I should say the maker has an interesting concept regarding the belt. Hope this maker comes up with some innovation in the near future!!!

  • kuhnerts

    Research online and go with the best price.

  • JimmyXu

    love xetum – standard bearer for american watchmaking.
    i’ll be buying my watches online.  you get the best prices.

  • Draeger

    I tend to always purchase online, it’s much easier and more often than not, cheaper.

  • Gee2789

    I’ll most likely use a combination between the internet and b&m in 2013.  It’s just too easy to use the internet to find info, look at forums, and compare prices.  However, I generally like to see the watch in person and will purchase from a B&M if they can match a price I’ve seen online.

  • punzyk

    I’ve traditionally always bought my watches online because the micro-brands I like follow that business model. However, I do see myself buying from B&Ms once I’ve established a good relationship with a particular one. And it really does help to see the watch in person!

  • lwix819

    I tend to check and try the watch in store and buy online.

  • FernandoDB

    In the last 2 years I’ve been buying watches from online stores, So in 2013 I will keep searching and buying my pieces online.

  • korbindallis

    HI, I have done some online purchases but haven’t brought a watch online I like going to brick & mortar stores so I can interact with the dealer to get a good price plus you get a hands on with what your buying may be in the near future I will get a simple watch online just to see how the experience is ,,,,,,,,,,,, regards

  • Specialized24

    For 2013 I’ll be buying online, I do tend to go to watch stores to try them on first 🙂 !

  • Specialized24

    For 2013 I’ll be buying online, I’ve never tried it yet. But I’ll go to watch stores to try them on first 🙂 !

  • skeester1

    No brick and mortar in 2013 for me.  The sales people are rarely knowledgeable and I it pains me to pay someone a commission just for taking my money.

  • alinux33

    I’m pretty sure that in 2013 I will have a new watch in an online store, no brick and mortar stores!

  • char005

    All my watch purchases happen online.  Availability of the watches I want dictates this.

  • badalien

    Will most likely buy online because of availability of the watch and price. Cheers
    ernest (at) prestale (dot)  ca

  • tre

    my purchases will be online not in brick and mortar stores. this is due to the fact that i am now following independent boutique manufacturers like Xetum and others.  the value is better and i want to support those entrepreneurs that are not available in stores.

  • ssallen3

    My purchases are always online.  I prefer the boutique brands.  Happy New Year!

  • Dave4242

    I tend to purchase all of my watches online, either thru online stores or by purchasing from private sellers.

  • ch1apet

    I have bought all of my watches online so far, and have had pretty decent experience with it. I think I’m more comfortable being able to look up details of a watch movement at my own pace, and will probably stick to online for 2013.

  • NazarI

    I love this watch. Great giveaway!
    I buy most of my watches online.

  • pepedog

    Almost always online….90%. Huge range and usually best pricing. Love the xetum.

  • rlv

    I Have bought most of my watches in brick and mortar stores so far altought my first purchase of 2013 was from an online store and i loved the watch.
    Now, most of the watches that are on my wish list are from online stores only. So in 2013 most of my watches will be bought online.
    Xetum was on that list for 2013, love the design. Now i hope i win it!

  • Sergio Magos
  • Nadimmm

    I’m mostly interested in boutique brands not available in local shops. So, my only option is buying online!

  • jeremymsnow

    Great looking, unique watch by Xetum.  I have been intrigued by a number of their offering in the past.  If I buy another watch (just got a Corum Admirals Cup Legend) this year, I will most likely buy online.

  • Maxkalba

    Great CA designed watch. I’ll probably buy online this here.

  • Dadoftwogirlls

    Sweet googly moogly that would look great on my wrist. I buy brick and mortar but look online quite a bit.

  • mmw930

    Most of my purchases in the past have been in brick and mortar stores, but recent purchases have been online.  The online purchases happen to be my favorites due to better design and quality.
    The Xetum Tyndall is an excellent design with nice clean lines and an easy-to-read dial.  And added bonus is it an automatic!  I would love to win this watch!

  • mmw930

    Most of my purchases in the past have been in brick and mortar stores, but recent purchases have been online.  The online purchases happen to be my favorites due to better design and quality.  Better pricing also helps me in convincing my wife to let me make the purchase.   
    The Xetum Tyndall is an excellent design with nice clean lines and an easy-to-read dial. And added bonus is it an automatic and eco-friendly! I would love to win this watch!

  • lgmenezes1

    I became a follower of abtw in 2010 (when still abtr), and since then I’ve started dating Magrettes, Bathis, Romain Jeromes, UniformWares, Martins, but especially Xetum. So I’ll buy my 2013 watch online… I hope not this one.

  • JohnKim

    Well executed design and the military time functionality is great in a very easy to read layout.

  • biggish_burrito

    Online is where I’m most likely going to purchase another watch. There is always a way to find a low / agreeable price plus coupon codes.

  • Rhoyle

    I’m most likely to buy online. And the Tyndall is very high on my list of wants.

  • CHawkins

    I am new to watches and for the past year of 2012 I purchased two.  One was through the internet which has a brick and mortar store and the other was from a large brick and mortar store in Manhattan.  I hope to purchase a nice dress watch this year.  I want to continue learning more about what makes watches tick.  No pun intended:)

  • jordiinsley

    probably online, through a forum

  • radufeb

    most certain brick and mortar store. i need o see it and feel it before i buy it.

  • PatrickDiSanto

    Buying online is easier, but it is nice to hold and try a watch on in a store.

  • wajih

    online always

  • joshuasaji123


  • Thanace

    As I’m learning more about watches I will be relying on the expertise of people within the brick and mortar stores to assist me in my buying decisions.

  • zorawarhero111

    how wil we get it

  • ThomasTJ

    Despite living in HK and having access to great brick and mortar stores, I have always bought watches online..

  • george80

    Love the personal attention and conversations I get with retail stores. Most watch buying will be B&M.

  • Thischarmingman

    As much as I love the idea of being treated to personal service, I find that salespeople tend to look down their nose at people who look like me….

  • EmanuelRus

    Well, if it’s available in B&M, i gotta feel it. But else, online works… Although sometimes i check it out in a retail store and buy it online ;))

  • GoGoJackson

    Love the watch. For 2013, as usual, I will be shopping mainly online. And likely to be mainly shopping used.
    Happy New Year!!!

  • GoGoJackson

    Love the watch. For 2013, as usual, I will be shopping mainly online. And likely to be mainly shopping used.
    Happy New Year!!!

  • chartman1

    Online mostly because of how easy it is to find the watches I want. However, I do like to see and feel them before a purchase.

  • RyanGlover

    Love this brand.
    My watch purchases for 2013 will primarily be online, but that all depends on what brand I am buying.

  • samumingo

    Big fan of Xetum, I will mainly shop online, unless I find a wonderful deal elsewhere.

  • chenlae

    Xetum is one of my most favorites. I will primarily read reviews online, see and feel them in B&M, and try to get the best price at online or/and B&M.

  • GabrielBB

    I like very much Xetum watches, and Tyndall is the greatest :). I think I will buy in 2013 online, because you can find what you want at a really good price. Occasionally, I also check the brick and mortar stores. 
    Ariel, thanks for this great giveaway, and: 
    A Happy New Year !!!

  • Redline2007

    I like the Tyndall also. Beautifully executed piece!  I appreciate the B&M stores as the place you can actually see the watches and try them on, something that is hard via browser. 😉   All said, you typically get the best price by shopping on0line. I do appreciate the fair traded items which tends to level the playing field. I will always favor a B&M store if they can come close to the price and are reputable. I feel it is important they stay in business per my first comment above and I don’t mind a few extra dollars to support this.
    Thanks to Xetum for sponsoring this give-away.  Keep up the good work and customer support!

  • mikesr


  • anon_S

    nice watch !!

  • subroc

    I’ve got my eye on one watch in 2013 and I’m definitely going into a physical store to buy it. Rather than paying through the nose here in Australia, I’m planning a trip and will hit some boutiques while I’m overseas.

  • anon_S

    Nice watch!! I’m planning on buying my watches online! Cheers!

  • hlbg

    B&M for spotting and trying out watches I might be interested in and online for the actual purchase.

  • DaTruth52

    Awesome watch.  I wil probably be getting the majority of my watches in 2013 online because of the actual better deals you can find online then in the B&M stores, though when I can, I will patronize the local stores.

  • Mugatu

    Lovely watch. Especially admire the way Xetum manages to use eco-friendly materials in their production. Typically I like to visit B&M stores to physically check out watches but I usually end up buying from online retailers.

  • _JDB_Belmont

    Great looking watch.  The more time I spend researching a watch, the more I want to make sure it is the real deal, and would want to buy it from an authorized dealer- that’s not to say internet, but if a dealer is really putting in the time for me, then I should buy from him or her.

  • marychuv

    I am obsessed with this watch!! I’ve been looking for it every where in local LA stores but figured I’d buy it online. It was such a surprise stumbling upon this site and it happens to be a giveaway!

  • ChrisHuntington

    I will be buying online, brick and mortar stores don’t seem to understand that younger people have some buying power.  At nearly 30, i don’t appreciate the snobbery of the “How can i help you, SON” that i always seem to get

  • Who posses your mind posses your time, this watch posses my time and my mind!!

  • Yvan Gaga

    i live this watch!! i would most likely purchase my watches online. amazon definitely. wish me luck for the contest!!

  • askirsh1

    Me please. I look these watches.

  • JoelPerrego

    Love the design of Xetum watches!

  • DavidSpitzer

    I do not own one of your watches but if I win it it will be the nicest watch I own. Most of my watch purchases are online as the price points are more favorable then retail stores

  • JenniferEssad

    We are a family of Watch collectors and this is a Xetum is one we don’t have but would so love to own, I know I look forward to seeing them become a well known name in the industry!

    • JenniferEssad

      I still enjoy visiting an establishment and physically being drawn to a watch, holding it my hands and placing it on my wrist-I would have to know what I want before buying online.

  • johnsonta10

    Really digging the black on black Tyndall. I will most likely be browsing brick and mortar and buying online. I know it sucks for the retailer, but hey that’s capitalism. Cheers!

  • MarkThompson1

    Beautiful watches!  It would look good on my arm!

  • TimJoyce

    I like this watch for its simplicity.
    I buy primarily online – most often better selection and prices.

  • I usually buy in a brick and mortar shop.

  • SergiuOprea

    Such a beautiful design. Lovely watch. Y really want one but my economies are so low. As about the bricks and mortar..all y can think wright now is  “Leny Cole from Rocknrolla” 😉 Cheers

  • Joe Gambardello

    I love this a watch. Winning would make my new year!

  • MichaelPytleski

    I have decided to only have beautifully designed things around me. This watch is quite beautiful. I like to research online but for something like this I would want to “see it with my hands” or wrist before buying.

  • mohannadkhairy

    I’ve been researching this watch for quite some time. I personally like to invest time and energy visiting a dealer to study and feel the watches I wear. This beautiful piece does tick the right boxes. Plus I love the concept of “Designed in California. Made in Switzerland”. I happen to be born in Geneva and living in the San Francisco Bay Area, so it looks like we have something in common 🙂 Good luck to everyone

  • RHF

    Brick and mortar to test out a watch, get a good feel for a product. Once that is done I will usually search for a great price form a reliable source, be it on the internet or a physical retail store.

  • vespajg

    Probably online since many of the brands I am interested in do not have a presence in my city.  If I could, I would choose to buy at a brick and mortar store.

  • RHF

    Brick and mortar to test out a watch, get a good feel for a product. Once that is done I will usually scan for a great price, be it on the internet or a physical retail stores and proceed with my purchase.

  • For a new watch, I’d be happy to go online, but for vintage I would prefer to look at it in person first.

  • tytennis7

    I plan to buy in 2013 – I will research online, try on in-store, then find the best price online.

  • tamoor

    Xetum has that different feeling in its watches. That bold look and numeric font with classy straps concludes its perfection.
    I hope to own it one day. 
    Thanks Xetum and ablogtowatch for providing such opportunities to appreciate the engineering and effort behind.

    • tamoor

      Considering the question, I always prefer buying watch from a retailer because of that original sense of feeling you can’t find elsewhere. However, sometimes I buy it online but that doesn’t mean I overlook the qualities and other range of brands. I only make decision after I’ve tried the watch on me first. 😉
      The way I would do in 2013; well, most probably buy it online after finalizing the lucky watch from a store.

  • NeilFerdowsian

    I love this watch, such a lovely simplistic design.  I will mainly be buying my watches online this year.

  • dulax34

    I will research online but will probably buy at a local Brick and Mortar

  • Lobs

    I usually by my watches at the mall where I can get up close and examine them.

  • Love the black version.

  • CedricBuckingham

    Very nice watch. I’ve just started getting interested in watches.

  • ies0716

    I usually buy my watches online as there is a greater selection and lower prices.

  • rmcmasters

    I’ll probably be buying online for the best selection

  • Tommcole

    I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere so a good portion of
    things that i buy come from internet purchases. My next watch will come
    from a store on the internet and I will use blogs like this one to help
    me decide.

  • SergioBecerra

    Love the APPLE look! …very iWatch / I buy online (

  • saksin

    In 2013 – planning to do most of my research online, possibly check in-store for size and different options, most likely will purchase where I can get the best deal and with excellent customer service and great warranty/value.

  • skip1515

    Work-a-day watches get bought online. Buying something special, such as this Xetum, should really be done in person, as it supports the businesses who’re on the ground, giving us a chance to see these watches in person, and because they’re who we most likely to go see for servicing, etc.

  • fonesulike

    hmmm if i could afford it i would go for the tyndel PVD! not sure where from though i prefer from a shop as i can get to feel the watch. Having said that it could be online at Steinhart Xetum,& Christopher Ward are only online in the UK

  • TomHohn

    Love the look of Xetum Tyndall watches.

  • StanM

    Xetum has a beautiful line of watches. I purchase my primary watches at brick-and-mortar stores but look online for vintage stuff. I plan to continue to do so in 2013.

  • Daumier

    For 2013 (and any other time): most likely online purchase.

  • jackwalk737

    In the past, most of my watch buying was predominately done at brick and mortar locations. I have, however, found in my most recent watch purchasing experiences that I am able to find a better deal on almost any watch by using an online store or source.  With that said, I believe that most all of my 2013 watch purchasing will be made via an online source.

  • amelach

    Most of my watch purchases will be online. Once you know what sizes look good on your wrist, it just comes down to what you know you’re looking for and you’ll always find more variety online.

  • ArmandVartanian

    I will be buying online from wilson watch works

  • MichaelVelardo

    I get my watches online. It’s much more convenient.

  • abs1000

    Will research on line and at least examine at brick and mortar.  Will buy wherever the price is right.

  • hab72

    nice looking watch, it would be a great Father’s day gift for my Dad

  • AlexGhio

    I don’t often buy anything in brick and mortar stores any more.  On-line for me.  Love this watch. It is stunning.

  • FrancisHalle

    I love Xetum watches!

  • Mathaniel

    I search for watches online, but if it’s possible I try to see them at a brick and mortar before buying.  I love these watches because of their classic style.

  • ixio

    I usually buy my timekeepers in a boutique next to my house. I know the watch-broker and I can easily touch and look closer what I’m going to buy.
    For cheap watches, I buy also online, where I can save some money for everyday watches.

    I really like this Tyndall in Black PVD!

  • rking980

    Hey much love for Xetum watches,California homegrown company is the way to go! I just bought a Lum-Tec online for a good price and this convinced my owner or the jewelry store I work at to start carrying Lum-Tec’s , customers kept commenting of how nice my watch was and he started carrying them. They now outsell most watches in their price range including UBOAT and Hamiltons. The watch and jewelry shop iwork at is outside NYC in CT and we get so many darn rich freaks its cRAZZY< i can convince them to buy what they see, granted these ARE great products! I buy all of my watches online, but research them and if a price is competitive locally at a brick & mortar shop, I will purchase it there. I know if i can get a Xetum on my wrist it will be good for at least 10 sales at my store, my owner loves me. LOVE XETUM & THIS BLOG. keep on ticking…..

  • ChiTim

    I love the Xetum I bought direct, online, a couple of months ago. Dare I say it, but it keeps better time than my Breitling, which I paid much more for. I’m sure my next purchase will be online, to avoid all the salesman crap like up-selling and after-sales service packages. The only reason left to go into a store IMHO is if you want to do a trade in of other watches.

  • eltuerto

    Xetum is awesome – love the design, philosophy, and price point!
    My watch buying in 2013 will be in online.

  • GalacticSushiman

    Finally a modern design with an authentic traditional watchmaking science. Kudos California! And let’s hope I win 🙂

  • shrapnel2038

    Awesome watch by Xetum!
    Most of my watch buying will be done online.

  • matiasjuan

    Love the Xetum designs–hope to have one of my own soon!  My watch buying in 2013 will surely all be online.  I may visit regular retail stores just to look at watches in person, however, with great return polices these days, that’s becoming more and more unnecessary.

  • ClumsyCoyote

    I would totally love to own a Xetum. The majority of my 2013 watch buying will occur in my head and be fueled by hopes, dreams, and magic puppy dog whiskers.

  • Mario Z

    In 2013, the great majority of my watch purchases will be completed online. Given that I live in New York, I typically shop models at the Tourneau before looking for the best deal online. I’ve been eyeing the Xetum Tyndall for awhile and really look forward to owning it one day.

  • SamDonovan

    Online, unless I win the lottery in which case I’ll buy a Rolex locally 😉

  • joey4420

    Been an Xetum fan for a while, just haven’t spent the coin yet.  I
    typically shop for watches at brick and mortar shops… and probably
    will continue this in 2013.

  • Gazala Parveen

    I love Xetum watches   ! I love the design, My watch buying in 2013 will be  online.

  • In 2013, I’ll probably do most of my watch purchasing in stores.  I like to see it one my wrist before I buy it.  I like Guess’ watches a lot but of course you’re are much nicer!

  • I’ll be doing most of my watch buying in stores in 2013.  I like seeing the watch on my wrist and see if it suits my style.  I’ll probably be checking out Guess and Movado watches but of course Xetum watches are the best by far!

  • GaryFarrington

    Looking at watches in the flesh is the only way to buy.

  • TheeMime13

    Most Likely My Purchases Would Be In Store So I Can Directly See What I Am Getting And Have It Fitted.

  • Phuncky

    Will be buying them in a store since I like to try them on first

  • ADZNstudio

    I’m more likely to buy online as I typically find watches more in line with my style in odd places across the web.

  • watchfanatic

    I would be buying at retail store as I would want to try them on and get a idea how they feel and look on my wrist first.

  • joseph_raymund

    This beautiful time piece is very unique in concept and I love this watch, I want to see it with in my hands or wrist.

  • kishshan

    For watches under $500, Online, but over that amount will be in person

  • Lukasz Ladynski

    I would most probably realize the following steps when it comes to purchasing watches in 2013:
    1. Look for nice watch in the internet (online stores, manufacturer sites, google etc)
    2. Watch images and videos (if available)
    3. Check the watch at brick and mortar shops to try it and see how it looks live
    4. Look for the best price in online shops 
    5. Buy a watch online

  • crazypsychopanda

    Great looking watch with ETA movement to boot!  Probably be doing my watch buying online in 2013.

  • JasonBailey

    Great looking watch. I do all the price checking online, but buy in store. They will price match if you hammer them enough.

  • MarkThompson1

    My preference, especially for higher-end watches, is to purchase them at brick and mortar shops.  However, if I am able to check out the watch in a store prior to my purchase, I’ve not issues with purchasing them online, normally for a better price and no taxes. 😉

  • dumbldore

    The only thing to remember is TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.

  • ShangShangChen

    Buying online for convenience

  • JoelPerrego

    Buying online most likely but would prefer in store purchase.

  • AlexMilne

    Nice clean design on this watch.
    I typically prefer bricks and mortar. I like to hold something before I buy it.

  • rinko lingzi

    prefer brick and mortar because can holding it for catching feel, but online purchasing is way more easier for overseas =)

  • jameslintaylor

    I’ll be shopping at retail stores just so i can hold them and try them on in person.. however if I don’t win this beautiful watch i might just be tempted to get one.. and since I’m not in San Francisco, that would have to be done online i guess 🙂

  • Uncle Phil

    Wasn’t aware of ABTW until I saw this promotion. It’s nice to have another watch site for variety. Looks interesting at first glance…
    Under $1,000 or so, I’ve been willing to shop online. For a more expensive piece, I will want to see it at a brick and mortar store.

  • I will purchase only in retails shops !

  • jeepgrcherokee

    Have been admiring these watches for several months…fond of the artful yet polished upscale design. Have never made a watch purchase on-line and prefer to handle a watch for weight and feel prior to committing to buying…hence brick and mortar is the only way for me…

  • PaulK35

    I would do some research both online and at a brick and mortar store any purchase depending on who has the best prices and follow-up services, i.e. maintenance and repairs.

  • JeffKnepper

    I am an emotional buyer, I see it, I like it, I buy it… far, I like the Xetum collection!!

  • Ninja9999

    I’ll windows shop and try watches on as much as possible in brick and mortar but will ultimately end up buying online

  • epness

    Most of the watches I have were bought online, so I kind of like the online experience. But, yes if I am not sure of the authenticity, then would not hesitate to go a B&M store. The Xetum watches are a testimony to minimalistic design and beauty and the PVD version is just out of the world!

  • StephenAlmberg

    I plan to make most of my purchases at a brick and mortar retail stores.

  • coallen

    Most of the watches that I have bought have been online, but if I see something I like I will get. So loving Xetum collection!!

  • nmpakolas

    Great looking watch. Been scoping it out for a while. I will be looking to buy on-line…but will try to find and try on the watch first.

  • Krtsand

    I am usually an online shopper, but when I travel I tend to shop in-store more often. I have been looking at the Xetum collection for some time, and I am very impressed! The round, simple but sleek design sets them apart from other Swiss designs.

  • drrone

    The last watch I purchased was from a brick and mortar store. With purchasing a watch I always like to hold it and get a real “feel” for it. Although, buying on line would make the most sense in terms of finding the best price. It is a tough choice, but I believe I will be sticking to a physical store to buy a watch in 2013. The Xetum is very nice and I would be very pleased to own and wear it. Keep up the good work Ariel.

  • TxdoHawk

    Online, no doubt.  Better selection, better deals!

  • emlevine711

    Will definitely be through a brick and mortar store. You definitely need to be able to hold it, try it own, and know what your ACTUALLY buying. You also need to be able to haggle with the guy selling it!

  • jsementi

    Lovely watch. Will most likely be looking online, getting to an actual store with babies is damn near impossible!

  • DaveHansen1

    These watches are great looking and I want to see them in person. Based on the pictures here, it is on my wish list.

  • jhanlon475

    Great looking watch. At this price point I would want to physically touch and try on the watch, so I would definitely be looking for a briack and mortar store.

  • pte6000

    Great watch!, I buy all watches online

  • ghoesly

    Will be traveling to SFO to try one on and buy. My second will be the one I win!

  • Phil_the_Thrill

    Xetum are making quite the impression on the watch scene recently 🙂 I must admit I find the Tyndall PVD all black really badass. If I ever see one in the “wild” I’ll probably won’t be able to stop myself from trying it on. Alas, in my small town, there are not many brick and mortar ADs, so I will probably continue to shop online for my watches (second-hand or FADs on watchuseek, no grey market).
    Good luck to everyone and thanks to Xetum and ablogtowatch!

  • AdamGallant

    I’ll be buying mostly online for sure. Ebay, watchrecon, etc. Brick and mortar for the big ($$) purchases. The Xetum watches really are quite unique, I’d love to wine one!

  • AceNaka

    No better way to start the year than a contest! I used to love shopping online, but since they started to charge sales tax there’s really no significant advantage anymore. I’m also fairly impatient, so buying local makes sense to me especially since I can enjoy the perfect watch now instead of waiting days to get it!

  • mbcube

    I’ve been seeing a lot of Xetum watches lately and I have to say, I think its time to add one to my collection.   I make all of my watch purchases online and will continue to do so. I will be visiting a Brick & Mortar just to experience wearing one. .

  • Roribreaker01

    Interesting watch not too familiar with this brand. I make watch purchases online and not in Brick n mortar shops because they usually never have what I want .

  • anlinwu

    Will make most of my watch purchases online, there aren’t too many good b&m watch shops near me. Plus I usually read a lot of watch reviews and impressions online which do get me in a shopping mood.

  • SimiKing

    I need to buy a high end wrist watch, which would you recommend? I’ll make most of my watch purchases online

  • ivictoras

    Great watch. I make most of my watch purchases online!

  • William Jones

    I buy Online,It’s the best way i’ve found.

  • Anjobe

    Online, much better value to be had!

  • Panta Rhei

    Online allows me to look at a broader variety of distinctive or unusual watches; it’s my preferred way to shop.

  • SC412

    I generally shop and buy online.  It’s generally hard to find what I am looking for locally.

  • Rex2862

    Almost all of my watch buying will be online.  Living in a more rural area makes it difficult to find the unique watches that interest me.

  • Genghiz4

    I don’t have the time to go to a store. Online is convenient. I also know what I like and if I don’y I can always return it or I won’t buy it if there is no return policy. Xetum does well in explaining and presenting their products.

  • DanielPark1

    I buy ALL of my watches online, because I can shop around from home and find the ones i’m looking for instead of running around stores trying to examine each one.

  • pilgrim168

    Buying online opens up a broader variety of watches to choose from than a brick and mortar store, so I’ll most likely end up buying online in 2013.  Most of my watches were bought online.

  • RobVandeGrift

    I prefer to buy a watch in a brick and mortar store just to have a feel for the watch but if the watch looks as nice a the Xetum one – I probably buy it online!

  • LelandLee

    I like to check out the watches at the brick and mortar stores and then buy online.

  • aloutside

    I prefer to shop online due to a wider variety and more competitive pricing.  Been looking at Xetum for awhile, thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  • gerpine

    Simple but no boring, style with a clean design. I want one.

  • LoganRossignol

    I love the uniqueness of Xetum’s design, but also a fan of the brand’s ethos. I do all of my watch shopping online, usually Amazon.

  • LoganRossignol

    Love the unique designs and the Xetum brand ethos. I have always bought my watches online and will continue to do so in 2013.

  • JDUhrig

    I bought a Stinson 6 months ago with a steel strap… It is simply the best design and style for the money… Quality work-horse ETA movements combined with a unique case… What more do you want? I usually buy online…

  • wandimarco

    I’m not a big fan of so called “round” case design, but for this case, Xetum seems to have done a good job. So for this one it will be an exception for me. Good watch with reasonable price, good job Xetum! 
    It will be a pleasure for me if i can win this giveaway. Cheers!

  • AlexanderZharkov

    Simple, stylish, recognizable. You’ll never mix it up with other. Incidentally I’ve been searching a black pvd watch. Thanks for this opportunity to get it for free.:)

  • What a stunning watch. I’d love to give it to my deployed husband. Seeing and feeling is best, but I will probably buy a watch for my son online this summer.

  • Rotorblade

    I’ve bought most of my watches online and will continue to do so in 2013.

  • scottdboy

    This is a beautiful timepiece, simple and elegant. Modern style with a classic grace.; My buying habits tend more to the online but it is nice to be able to hanndle the piece before you purchace sometimes as well.

  • iondubai

    My watches are split between online and in store honestly but the past two years they have been more online and i think this year i will make the first purchase online for sure

  • socabaptist

    I love the watch! In 2013, no brick and mortar for me. I am on the web. I will either buy watches from ebay or places like Watch recon etc. I am interested in vintage Seikos from the 70’s so can’t get those in a traditional store. Got a vintage Seiko recently from a collector and love it. Its clean and already serviced. I like to get them from what I call watchinistas because they take good care of them. But please do your research!

  • joeprez

    The case design is awesome, really love the watch! I rarely buy watches for me from a brick and mortar shop as I love getting mechanical Seikos that are not sold in the USA. However, for the watches that my wife like, I tend to go to brick and mortar shops (being almost always Macy’s as she love Guess / DKNY / Technomarine watches).

  • KostasProusal

    Would be the perfect gift … Hope to win it … I think i will go online again for my shopping …

  • myerstyson

    I’ll buy online this year. I’m in a vintage mood, although I’m unsure if I’ll buy a serviced & warrantied vintage online, or buy a cheaper one of eBay and have my local watch guy service it.

  • JonasManley

    I am going to be buying mostly online, don’t really have the time for anything else

  • userengel

    I like to look at watches in actual stores, because there’s nothing like physically holding them in your hand, but I almost always buy online. That isn’t going to change this year.

  • nsieroslawski

    I like the pricing that can be had online, but a good conversation with a reliable expert (who can service the quality piece) is worth the added cost…

  • EllaBryant

    I like to ‘window shop’ and research online but then buy in retail store.

  • AndyWillinger

    Mostly online, but you never know what I might come across.

  • AussieMagyar

    Great looking watch the XT Swiss made California designed, love it ! Definitely bricks and mortar, trying a watch on is a very important thing for me, what may look great online, in a publication on someone else may not work on me. On top of that i just love the in store sales experience.

  • agilism

    Internet research all the way, but before pulling the trigger see the watch in person.  Keep up the great reviews and insider information.  Thank you!

  • watchman323

    I like to use internet for research and find the lowerest price.  I also would want to see the watch in person.  I can usually find a good AD somewhere out of the state through some kind of forums.

  • Dutch1993

    For me, the internet is a research tool, to find the particular watch that suits me, and the best price to match. I guess whether I would buy the watch in a retail store or online would depend primarily on price, and whether or not the online seller can validate the authenticity of the piece. If the online store can vouch for the watch, and their price is much lower, I would purchase the watch online, yet if there is little difference in price I would buy from the retail store.

  • ddowns333

    Love the style !!! Love this company, always have !!!

  • Jimhowe

    I search the web for to check out all the options. I prefer to
    purchase though a brick and mortar so that I can feel the watch and try it on
    before purchase. Also if there is an issue it is easy to have them check it
    out. Jim

  • ddowns333

    Buying online is so convient BUT when it comes to buying somethig like this I need to touch, feel, see… Big investment, I have to make sure its rite for me…

  • MLR13000

    I buy many of my watches online. The choices are endless. I also like the chase. If you find a great watch, a bidding war can make it an interesting buying experience. I love a great looking pilot/military watches. The company has managed to capture a classic look, while promising a futuristic look also.

  • dwkendall

    Mostly in brick and mortar.  I like to look at the watches first-hand, get a feel for the size, the weight, everything before committing the money.  Although that is just MOSTLY, I still get a few online when there’s something I want that I can’t find for some reason.

  • sepa

    I’ll probably stick to buying online. It’s more convinient, has a wider variety, and you’ll probably get a better price than in retail.

  • drawoh

    I’m sticking with buying online.

  • Sragland

    I far prefer brick and mortar, so expect to avoid on-line purchases.  I think it’s worth a little more money to get personal service, see the piece, etc.
    Great giveaway watch.  Have had my eye on Xetum’s products for a while.


    for the sake of my wallet iam going to watch out for the best deals online

  • StanO013

    Nice watch, most of my watch purchasing is done at brick and mortar retail stores.  I do that because, I like to touch before I buy

  • kjertmann

    I prefer looking for watches online. I keep telling myself, that watches are only what you can see, but nevertheless I don’t believe I would really enjoy a watch if I don’t know it is well made. I expect to find a watch in 2013 online, but need to see it before buying.

  • stephenpurdon

    This year I’ll be buying my online as I can send them to my father’s business without my wife knowing about it!

  • djazzy

    Have you walked into a watch shop like Tourneau or Wempe
    lately? They are up your ass as soon as you enter the door. I can do without
    the high-pressure sales people of these brick and mortar stores. With Xetum you know what you’re getting.
    All the specs, descriptions, and reviews are on the site. The best part is you
    know the watch will look better in person (or on your wrist). And if you know
    anything about retail you know you’re getting the best deal buying direct. No
    overhead. No haggling. No annoying salespeople. No BS. Great product. Tasteful
    marketing. I look forward to their success!

  • utopian

    Most of my watch buying will most likely be in brick and mortar stores – mostly because I like holding and trying watches before actually buying it. And I like the human service aspect of the buying experience.
    However, I will also be using a lot of online resources for research before buying.

  • rgalang

    Most of my buying will likely be online. The ease on which I can compare prices is an advantage. These are for watches under $3,000. If I do decide to get something above that price range (unlikely in 2013), then I would consider the brick and mortar store.

  • Tsar_Bomba

    Always liked their designs…

  • Chicity_ED

    For watches up to $1500 I would consider online, but for higher I would go to a brick and mortar store.

  • DrA

    i prefer a brick and mortar store , i think it’s better to see how a watch looks on my wrist before it

  • nera_isejimo

    I prefer buying online.

  • CraigGreen

    I prefer online buying as well — preferably direct from manufacturer (in the small guys case….)

  • I prefer to buy online from when possible.

  • mozjo33

    I prefer to buy watches on line.  Love the Xetum designs.

  • MarkReyna

    I prefer retail stores. See and feel what i’m buying before making a purchase.

  • KeithyD

    These Xetum Watches are sweet and really like their site. Although I Defo prefer retail shopping to online,

  • dandylion

    I have  just bought a Stowa 365 after a 25yr hiatus, so I guess I prefer to shop on-line!

  • bdover

    i would love to win, these watches look awesome. i usually buy online unless something strike my fancy or rings a bell.

  • MichaelMarrot

    I’ve confidence in the Xetum, will be in SF in I hope the coming weeks so I can see in person, but all indications are it is every bit as good as it appears!  Most buying however will be online.

  • JonathanPang

    Brick and motor. I want to try it on first!

  • Nealie

    Unfortunately I’m generally stuck to buying online, usually on eBay, due to my limited budget. I can occasionally find some bargains there usually for vintage watches, which is what my collection now seems to consist mainly of. I do hope to convince the boss to let me buy a new Sinn from their nearby factory, but this is an ongoing process.
    Oh yeah, I haven’t got any American watches so far, but I do have quite a few Russian ones, so one would fill out my collection nicely,

  • JuStMh

    This is a Worldwide Competition or just US. ?

  • PerryBolding

    I like the size and readability of the Xetum.  I prefer brick and mortar stores for big purchases, but most of my 2013 purchases will be online.  I buy most moderately priced pieces used from individuals from respected watch forums.  I typically avoid Ebay.

  • wcse69

    I like buying online for the selection as well as the price.

  • NjamesZhul

    Nice , I will be pleased to have this watch…

  • Ryan B

    going into the store to try them on is all part of the watch buying experience, purchasing online would deprive me of that.

  • JDurocher

    From the pictures I’ve seen they are very handsome watches. Never seen one in person though.

  • samuelgsh

    It is a beautiful piece! I shop online and also bid online, but take occasional walks down the boutiques to see what I’m looking for. Cheers!

  • kjagasia

    I like the way the strap is kind of ‘tucked in’ the case. Would be really glad to win this. I personally buy watch brands that offer good value for money and such watches are usually available online (in US atleast) . My recent purchase was a Orient and Christopher ward. Xetum also comes across as a nice value for money watch.. would love to win this.

  • IanCB007

    Thank you for the giveaway. I most recent watch was a Luminox 3087 and the majority of my watch purchases will be online.

  • Alex CBR

    In the last 3 years I purchased my watches exclusively online, so that’s still the way I’m gonna go this year.

  • f15soloist

    Living in Las Vegas, brick and mortar can mean….ahem….attitude.  I like to go to the same store dressed down then come back dressed up.  The difference.  My first substantial watch was the Xetum Stinson.  The comments never cease.  Mostly from guys but their girlfriends notice as well.  Great blog.  Long time reader, first time poster

  • f15soloist

    Oh, forgot to mention.  Bought direct from Xetum.  My second watch, again from the maker.

  • DoDa1

    I will be buying most of my watches online this year

  • carolyn h

    I have to shop on line. I live in the middle of nowhere, chronographically speaking. 
    ps- how lucky can I get?

  • UdamBhaker

    This site is very heplful and i will be using this to make any watch purchases this year . Thanks and keep up the good work guys 🙂

  • bobsyerunkle

    I will be buying a watch this year.  My plan was to purchase online.  I have my heart set on the Tyndall (black dial) with the stainless steel bracelet.

  • Larell

    My purchases will be somewhere online.

  • iambigboss

    Got most of my purchase online. It pretty convenient nowadays

  • mikeormoe

    Most of my watch purchases this year will be online. If I’m buying a watch i have never physically handled, I might try to find it in a physical store, just to check it out.

  • Mike_Bookhardt

    Hi Ariel, thanks again for putting together a great giveaway, and thanks to Xetum Watches for sponsoring!  I have found online sellers seem to be more willing to negotiate, and also able to provide a better fit with respect to various customization requests.  Brown strap not black, or longer strap for a larger wrist etc.  Perhaps its due to working directly with the seller rather than an employee of an authorized dealer.  Brick and Mortar definitely provide the initial ‘test drive’, but Online seems to close the deal.

  • Chasteen

    If I purchase a watch this year, it will likely be online.  Although, if I ever find a watch shop, I would prefer to walk around and have a look.  Personal contact would be great too.

  • Joky

    I seem to be bucking the trend of most posts here as I will purchase from a store. I have various reasons for this;
    1. You can get great discounts in store. My last watch purchase was a Bremont and I gained 20% off in store with some gentle haggling.
    2. Warranty and piece of mind. If anything goes wrong with the watch I can go back to the store and have their support through any issues.
    3. Service. They make ordering easy, efficient and pleasant. They also set the time went through the functions with me and adjusted the strap for the correct fit. Excellent stuff.
    4. Relationship. I now have a relationship with the store and when discussing a new watch we start at a sensible price and they know my taste so offer models that fit what I’m lolly for.
    There is something about seeing what you are purchasing physically. A watch in real life and on the wrist is much different to a picture on the web.

  • mwelu78

    I personally like the convenience of online shopping but feel better about the security when dealing with personel in a store – especially when buying a higher end watch.

  • domoII

    Online.  Just purchased a Nassau from MKII.  Will probably get it prior to 2014 . . .

  • htfzrk

    online shopping is convenient and time saving. I prefer to buy stuff from online stores.

  • mrsc

    Online shopping is my preference.

  • andrewmsalisbury

    I like going to a brick and mortar retail store, Being able to get hands on and having the personal touch of the sales person makes a big difference to me.

  • cmiller49

    I prefer to buy in a store, but if I have to I will buy online.

  • ajchoren

    First time poster, long time reader — love the site.
    My watch buying in 2013 will probably be online. The sheer variety of brands and new/used options out there make shopping on the net so desirable. That said, I’ve told myself that I don’t need another watch added to my collection in 2013 (but I’d happily take a beautiful Xetum timepiece if it was given to me!)

  • JoannaLouie

    I prefer buying online so I can the reviews.  If I have any questions, I will try to find a nearby store if possible to ask about the watch.

  • BillyC

    I would prefer to buy in stores because I like to feel the watch before deciding. None the less, I might consider buying online due to the steeper discount of offered.

  • All_about_the_watch

    I do all my watch shopping online. I live in a small town, so my options for buying in stores are extremely limited.

  • Aspect

    I like to shop for watches in store but I do most of my research online. I like to try it out first before buying and there are as many sales in retail as online.

  • macaco

    I buy my watches online only, really.

  • PatrickDiSanto

    I like to see what is at the online stores then see where I cant find them.

  • codewheeney

    While I do a ton of research on-line, on watch manufacturer’s web sites, blogs, and things like WatchTime’s database, I’ve bought all but one of my watches in brick and mortar stores.  Other than brand specific boutiques, I’ve found you can negotiate at most ADs and get a price close to the greymarket price found on-line, with the peace of mind of a factory warranty.  I’ve considered buying watches on-line when the on-line dealer is also an AD, but I have to wear the watch, first.  For me, it’s really a question of AD versus Greymarket, and personal service, not on-line versus brick and mortar.

  • nera_isejimo

    To save time I’d buy online.

  • JimLanciault

    Great blog, and the give-away’s are a huge bonus!

  • JimLanciault

    I just purchased a new watch online and hope to find a deal for another while I’m in St. Maarten next month.

  • tce001

    I purchase most of my watches online.  I find the most stores in my area have a very limited selection, and are either uninteresting or out of my price range!

  • jmjones29

    I love the simple design of the Xetum watches!

  • lhaight

    The selection online is so much better than in retail stores, so I buy online whenever I can.  I really appreciate the monthly draw of your blog!

  • TommyFeds

    Always loved that lug design, would look great on my wrist 😉

  • Albi

    I believe that most of my watch buying in 2013 will be online, directly from the manufacturer’s website: right now I’m planning on getting a Stowa Marine Original.

  • Harti

    I usually buy online behause of better discount and more choices, if possible. Stores in my vicinity offer limited choices, but are very good in servicing my watches.

  • GaryGrumble

    I am planning to buy online.

  • elbilo

    I favor micro-brands, so I’m kind of forced to shop online.  They tend to either be sold exclusively online or have very limited retail presence.

  • SimonKiani

    I always buy online 🙂

  • JonKeith

    likely online

  • chrisbailey86

    Online. I dont get the latest brands in the UK otherwise 🙁

  • xjoex

    I like to check them out in person, so I buy at a local shop. 


  • Michael Walters

    All my purchases are online, it’s just too hard for me to get anywhere that has watches.

  • KathleenConner

    My watch buying in 2013 will be online.   There’s so much more variety, and the reviews are so numerous, that you can be happy with a purchase as long as it’s highly-rated.

  • rafaelm

    Online. Recently it’s getting a bit more difficult for me to find the brands I like in local retail stores.

  • Duroay

    Very nice design

  • All_about_the_watch

    I do all my watch shopping online. I live in a small town, so the selection in stores is extremely limited. My email is :

  • lhaight

    The selection online is so much better than in retail stores, so I buy online whenever I can. I really appreciate your blog, and the draw is just the cherry on top! is where you can reach me at.

  • JBarr

    as much i want to keep shop owners in business, there are so few places to buy a watch where the sales associate will actually know more than i do, so i usually buy online and will continue to do so. i would love to own a piece like this, great design and not too flashy. its my birthday next week, help me out guys! keep up the good blogging 😛

  • nb_fan

    Purchases in 2013 will be online – mostly due to the prices. I don’t mind doing the research on my own on the Internet. email: nb_fan (at)

  • awundrin

    Online most likely as that’s where the deals are.

  • Beyoung

    I haven’t bought a for years. After a recent down pour, my watch of thirteen
    years – a trusty Skagen and my wife’s first present to me (call be sentimental!) – got a bit flooded and has
    since stopped, despite taking it into the repairers. I’d be tempted to go into a
    shop to buy my new watch, but since stumbling across ablogtowatch, I’d be comfortable
    with buying online, if the watch I was after was reviewed and rated on here. The Xetum is a
    beaut watch – simple and elegant. Would love this to be my replacement watch…..!

  • cmbezln

    Beautiful watch, reminiscent of the Bauhaus style.

  • RichardJohnson

    That’s a very clean design and I’m intrigued by Xetum’s lug-less strap design. 
    This coming year I would say the majority of my watches will be bought on-line, but as I will buy higher-end watches in a bricks and mortar store, the majority of the cash will go over a counter.  (Particulaly if I ever get bask to Ishida in Shinjuku!)

  • nonoperational1


  • StanO013

    Great looking watch, at a brick and mortar store.

  • After getting my first “real” watch, I’m sure to buy brick and mortar because the salesperson was an apprentice watchmaker himself and knew a lot more about his craft than I ever will.

  • jubhaight

    Online, mostly because the customer reviews are always so helpful when deceiding what to buy.  

  • RobertLeeGarces

    Hey guys!
    As a beginner watch buyer, I will buy online as it is easier to see different reviews and compare different prices at the same time without looking foolish. My biggest fear is that the sales people at brick and mortar places will smell my lack of horological experience and sell me something on the low-end scale for a high-end price. It also saves on time and gas lol.
    Great job on the blog Ariel!
    -Robert Lee Garces

  • hhzaidi

    I will personally be buying watches online, but this is because most of the watches I buy will probably be at the lower end of the price range.  However, if I was to ever purchase a high end watch I would prefer to do it in a brick and mortar store, so I could see what it looks on my wrist, and so there would be less of a chance of me getting scammed.
    I personally wonder, whether Xetum will start producing watches that will cost more sometime in the future (e.g. with a gold case) and if they do,  will they continue to sell exclusively online, or will they open up a boutique in San Francisco or some other big city.

  • brianekaufmann

    Nice watch….
    Not opposed to online or brick and morter. Depends on the watch i am after

  • sdmgu

    My watch buying in 2013 will be mostly online. I normally use the links available in the ablogtowatch articles to go straight to the watchmaker’s site. However, I do plan at least one purchase in a brick and mortar since we have a good representation of big brands here in Guam.

  • wujuboy

    Brick and mortar is the way to go, if and when something goes wrong you have some recourse.

  • thebooch

    I do most watch buying online. If it is in the Showroom, then I would only buy if it was used or on extreme sale.

  • RichardPWoo

    I will probably buy my future watch online. It’s too much hassle to shop around when gas prices is going through the roof.

  • CostSegAdvisor

    I just discovered this watch and find it beautiful piece of work.  I will own one (or more) soon.  Either through this giveaway and/or purchase.

  • BillyRay

    Nice simple watch…

  • AndreBraz

    Probably my purchases will be on line. The reviews in this site helps a lot !!!

  • lpopovic

    Definitely online. But I look at stores to find ideas, just like I would look online.

  • tuanit6

    Online is prefered however for high end watches I try to see them in person before any purchase

  • cdmedlicott

    love that watch! most of mine will be online through forums, although I’ll still have to drag my better half through every watch shop we go past 🙂

  • thefortitude

    I will be purchasing my watches online as it comes right to my home. I hope I win this contest; that watch is gorgeous.

  • jimley815

    I have already started my watch buying experience online this year, so I can confidently say that all of my watch buying will occur online.  I hardly do any shopping other than onlione these days.

  • runner2climber

    I plan on doing most of my watch buying online this year. I’m looking to add two watches a Xetum, which I absolutely love, and something vintage.

  • runner2climber

    I plan on doing most of my watch buying online this year. I’m looking to
    add two watches a Xetum, which I absolutely love, and something

  • cag0006

    I plan on doing my watch buying online but first look at them in the stores. I will be looking into buying higher end watches that are slightly used.

  • Ime pretty new to watch collectin but definitley would consider this one for sure

  • sschork

    Most of my watch buying will be online from brick and mortar stores. The watches I am interested in buying in 2013 are from AD’s that have brick and mortar stores, but none in my area.

  • SenorChuy

    All of my 2013 watch purchases will be online. There are far too many positives to online shopping, including but not limited to:
    -saves time/easier
    -not limited to whatever AD sells
    -vast selection of used pieces
    Once you find reputable online sellers, the biggest drawback is erased. Only have to worry about warranty issues.

  • most likely i’ll be buying online.  much easier and saves me a lot of time.

  • Fastsite

    I think I will most likely be making my watch purchases online, as I tend to buy vintage watches more than anything. However, that being said, when I buy new watches, I prefer to be at an actual dealer.

  • Avscott

    I like going back into other articles in “A Blog to Watch”, to get a refresher or to check details to help in purchasing or what to look for in regard to the specifics of watches in order to make a more educated purchase. I enjoy finding good to great time pieces that are different, not ordinary. Clean lines to multiple complications and movements all the way to my goal of owning a time piece with a Tourbillion! – Some day!

  • kenny_bielen

    Last year, I purshed 2 watches, one online and one in a shop.
    I bought the watch online because the discount I was able to get was so impressive, I just couldn’t ignore it.
    That would be the major reason for me for buying online (also the fact that it will be delivered).
    The watch in the shop, I bought because I was doubting and wanted to try it first. It is also a watch with a battery and shops give a 1 year warranty on the battery.

  • Zeros

    I plan to purchase most of my future watches online.  Saves me time and most importantly, money.

  • wffallon

    I plan to purchase my future watches online after utlizing the collective experience of this forum

  • Jim Leon

    I have the Tyndall in the off white dial with the stainless bracelet and love it! Mt concerns about buying it online didn’t evolve around quality, it was the size. i have an 8-inch wrist. The lug-less design actually makes the watch look larger than it really is. It’s hefty in weight too. The beauty about dealing with them is that when I called and left a message it was the owner of the company who called me back. As far as watch purchases for 2013, definitely online. Just ordered a Helson Gauge 1000 yesterday.

  • KyleDeneau

    Great looking watches.  I’ve been following this company for a couple years now and am excited to see what they come up with next.  Most of my watch purchases are made on-line as the pricing is usually better than brick and mortar stores.

  • MattLacktman

    I’m new to this site and have found a lot of useful information here.  I just started getting into watches about a year ago and found myself buying more in bring and mortar than online.  Online is a great place to start but there is nothing better than seeing a watch in person.  On top of there there is something about the professionalism and knowledge of a trusted retailer that cannot be beat.

  • MarkWatson

    Although I buy many items online, I mostly buy watches in person.

  • richarde

    Although I buy most watches online sometimes you just have to get up close and personal before committing to a new design or brand. The high def photos on ablogtowatch are of course very helpful.

  • I feel like I find more deals online rather than in person/stores. But I’m not opposed to buying in-person if the price is right, or if it’s simply I cannot get online.

  • Eric Peddle

    A great watch. I plan on purchasing any watches this year at retail stories

  • timothyjohn

    I have finally found an AD of watches I truly like and will be planning on supporting his business. Customer service is number one in my priority when purchasing items, so bricks and mortar are the way to go for me.

  • Hello: The Xentum brand does have a feature that I love. That is functionality. Easy to read and to look at is what I find most attractive in the pieces that I buy.

    It will depend. There are brands that is easier to get online so most of it will be online.

  • David Greenspun

    Big fan of the Xetum California designs. I’m also an online buyer (from reputable sellers). I expect most if not all my purchases will be online. The only exception is buying directly from the watchmaker. There is a romantic notion of wearing a timepiece bestowed by its creator!

    Thanks for the great give-away Xetum. You rock!

  • Jason Dunn

    My watch purchases will be online, but through official, US-based outlets for the particular brands.

  • Brad Evanson

    After visiting the Panerai store in Milan, I always try to purchase in brick and mortar locations…the interaction and hands on experience is very enjoyable. Keep up the awesome work!

  • looks like first watch will be purchased on canal st in mid february. however, i constantly troll ebay and i just saw a lum-tec super combat that i am pretty sure i will get as soon as a grand becomes available.

  • AndyDeVan

    I buy my watches online exclusively due to the lack of decent stores in my area, but it would be nice to see some in person before purchasing.

  • William Smith

    Happy 2013 everyone! I typically buy online out of pure convenience, but in 2013 I plan to visit a few ADs of my favorite brands and to try to step outside of my comfort zone in watch styles. It’s gonna be a year of trying new things!

  • Haifidelity

    Online probably. Used Market?

  • Brian Yi

    Wow I’m in love with that white the hands. It’s impossible to misread anything on that dial. I’ll be buying online mostly like I usually do for 2013. It never hurts to visit the jewelers to try on different models before buying though.

  • Anthony Sturley

    I think this year I will do my research online at company websites (as well as via catalogues, print media, online blogs and forums) and then find the best deal in a brick and mortar shop. I think it is important to try the item on to see if it fits and feels right and I truly believe we should support jewellery and watch retailers. Price isn’t everything and as long as you get top notch service then it is worth paying a fraction (and I mean a fraction) more to receive that service. Sadly, some of the high street reatailers in the UK have terrible customer service and you need to go to high end boutiques or more reputable retailers to receive the service that makes the price worthwhile.

  • Darren Carr

    what a great looking time piece! my first watch purchase for 2013 was not a purchase, but a gift! my mother in law bought me the Tissot T-race i have been wanting for years! she bought it at a very respected local jeweler as she has trust issues with knock offs being purchased on line unknowingly. i would buy online form the manufacturer or a well known place, but not random sales and what not. id rather pay more for piece of mind of authenticity at brick and mortar. thank you for an opportuntiy to win these great watches, but more importantly thank you for the education! -Cheers

  • Mainly online but I will be in London this summer and hope to visit Christopher Ward and Bremont so I might get in to trouble there. 🙂

  • Kyle Swaving

    I expect to shop at brick and mortar stores, to see what fits and what doesn’t. Then end up buying online

  • I will be buying both online and brick and mortar stores.

  • Joel

    This year, I’m going to experiment buying online direct from manufacturers like Stowa, Nomos and JLC’s e-boutiques.

  • Champa9ne

    Since I live in a rural area, mostly online. But a trip to Tokyo later in the year will likely get me into a bricks and mortar store. Any store recommendations?

  • Paul

    As with most things, the majority of my spending will be online this year. Online shopping provides the opportunity to source the best prices and range in the world (particularly with 2nd hand goods). That means more watches for the same money, and that’s a good thing.

  • Juanlmejia

    hey guys, actually I believe that my watch buying will be online. basic reason would be because online I can find more brands and models to chose from (a wider selection). also the price is a big difference, online I can get a good watch at half the price or even cheaper than in a store in my country and that’s a big difference! well, guys I believe I’ll win that beautiful timepiece, so when I do, you can contact me at

  • nb_fan

    I’ll be buying online this year. The selection is usually better than going to a single store and the price difference helps. The instant access to online reviews is also really helpful in making the purchase decision when buying online.

  • taylor883

    ON-line has been my way fro the past few years I love the anticipation.

  • DavidCooling

    I’ll be buying online because I find a wider selection than I would in a single store and prices are usually much better than they are in Australia.

  • frankiek

    Xetum is a watch maker I have had a keen interest for some time now and will hopefully add one to my collection in the near future, there is something about the watches they make that is so appealing to me. As far as buying a watch i buy online unless they carry a particular watch i am looking for at a local shop, price and reputation also play a huge part in my decision.

  • jdunican

    This watch looks great. I already have someone in mind I would like to give it to. As to buying online or in a bricks and mortar store, it will likely be a combination. I enjoy browsing watch shops to see how they truly look but use both mediums before I make a purchase regardless of first contact.

  • commuterhawk

    I buy from both brick store and online dealers.  Probably 30% local stores and 70% Internet.  Just found this website and its FABULOUS.  As a newbie to watch collecting, I’ll be using this site heavily.

  • about150percent

    I recently purchased my Rolex from a brick and morter broker, but the vast majority of my previous purchases have been from blue dial, amazon, eBay,etc. Would very much like this watch to wear with a dark sport coat to business meetings and trade shows.

  • yianni7

    I’ll be purchasing mostly online, although i will probably make a few stops in store to check some watches out

  • Henry87

    I’ll be most likely purchasing online since you get wider selection and better price.

  • Ceddie9

    About 80% of all my shopping is done somewhere online, and will continue to shop online during 2013.  In fact, while shopping online for my first automatic watch, I saw an ad describing the Xetum and immediately thought- this is an awesome watch!  It seems to be everything I was looking for in a watch.

  • path914

    My purchases will be primarily via online this year.

  • victorarmd

    the plan is to finally pull the trigger on the PROMASTER BY2000-55E which will be an online purchase and hopefully get also a 38mm Intra-Matic if I can get a discount from my local AD. So 50-50 
    kudos for the ABTW team!

  • alistaireken

    Am a huge watch buff and being in East Africa with very limited choices for nice watches means I’ll do most of my watch buying in 2013 online. Between, that Xetum Tyndall timepiece looks awesome…ABTW is always on point-I visit the site at least 5 times a day….call me a ABTW addict!

  • RnB

    In 2012, my watch purchases was 50-50 from retail stores – online; this year, I really think it will fly as 75% online.  Thanks ABTW for your nice work, keep it alive, I’ll be there to watch 😉

  • mikesnow

    In 2013, watch purchases will definitely be lowest price online retailers.   Great blog!

  • gabogdl

    This year i think my purchases will be via online most of the time this because its a little bit cheaper. By the way i like this watch, with the leather strap it looks great.

  • tt7970

    Most purchases online this year…last was about 50/50.

  • rmkather

    I love the clean look of this watch. The majority of my watch purchases this year will be online.

  • LGG

    I will definitely be doing my shopping at brick and mortar stores. They usually have great no interest financing and can’t beat the warranty compared to a grey market online store. Unfortunately the watch I want, my grail, Omega PO does not officially sell online from AD’s.

  • digitaljm

    I will be purchasing  most of my watches online in 2013. 
    All the brands I am interested in have Estores on their websites.

  • timeparadox

    most of the time im going to be purchasing my watches online.

  • kjpIII

    Usually I window shop now a days and look online to my favorite e-stores, to check the price difference….this has actually been serving me really well

  • mgp

    I live in Singapore and there are some great bricks and mortar store that offer great prices as they operate somewhere inside the grey market.

  • willgill14

    Online shopping

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  • mtchistory

    I will first look online, then shop in the store, and finally purchase online.

  • parkus

    I’ll probably look in shop first… then buy online likely.

  • kmiles502

    Depends – I’ll do online for cheaper watch purchases but if I’m buying a big ticket watch, I prefer the security of buying brick and mortar

  • jimHartsing

    All of my buying is online.

  • jds284

    Most of my buying is still online.

  • JasonLevine

    brick and mortar assuming proper discounts

  • kenethp

    I’ll be in the market in again in a couple of months, but I’m still not sure if I’ll buy brick and mortar or online. I’d like to buy brick and mortar as I can hold and see the exact watch I am buying, but the prices are so much lower online.

  • Chemgod1000

    I’m on online guy. Always been when it comes to watches.

  • gvardia

    online, but i do a ton of research on the vendor before hand, All brick and mortar overprice.

  • APLove

    We have a new shop in town, i like to support local when i can. I prefer to buy in person so i can try out the watch first before i buy to make sure it is something i can wear for a long period of time.

  • JDurocher

    I prefer to buy at an actual store. I like to support local merchants and authorized dealers.

  • tran13

    Even though it may be a bit pricier I rather buy watches at a brick and mortar for the convenience of trying out the watch and returns.

  • BenoitHusson

    Hello, i prefer to buy online fo watch under 500 $, for bigger price i prefer to shop in town

  • TheSneakyP

    I like to try them on in a store and then check to see if I can buy them cheaper online or just use the store…

  • mandime

    I would always prefer brick and mortar for the simple fact that actually trying on the wrist and seeing/feeling the watch can make a difference in my decision to purchase.  While the prices may be higher, I enjoy building relationships with local business and the benefit of sourcing from an AD.  Not to mention it’s always good fun to browse the store’s pre owned selection while waiting for a sizing!  Sadly, the piece I plan on purchasing this year has no AD in my area, so I will be purchasing my Nomos Zurich Braungold direct from the factory.

  • SidhartaGT

    A brick and mortar store. But a lack of financial resources puts a halt to the possibility of either.

  • DomingoBetteEncour

    Actual store. i always love chatting with the dealers 😀

  • ianjoyce

    Brick and mortar. Although online is very tempting.

  • MarkWyborn

    Nothing like being in a store and trying it on, photos on the net only take you so far so a bricks and mortar shop is the way for me

  • FlorinJune

    All of my buying is online, i am a disability person !

  • funks

    most of my watch purchases will occur between users in the aftermarket…

  • Ip9

    Probably online for me.

  • Tolkienfan67

    Most of my watch purchases with be either from the internet or my local jewelers

  • zimmerman1181

    Likely online.

  • SeanWilliams1

    Love this design. Can’t wait to get one on my list

  • mikekkalil

    Awesome. I’ll shop online.

  • Watchfan65

    I hope to shop at a brick and mortar retail store this year.

  • DanielleSignor

    I like the design of this watch! Having read your blog for a few months now, I’ve come to realize that I’m extremely bored with my (very faithful and functional) watch of the past eight or nine years. Like most everything, I’ll be shopping online, but I might then venture to a brick-and-mortar store to try something on in person, once I know what I want.

  • ChunChanners

    I plan to shop mostly in brick and mortar stores because I like to try out the watch before purchasing.

  • petemjones

    I plan to shop for a watch on-line this year

  • Bdraguts

    I do most of my shopping online, including my Xetum Tyndall. I think I’ll keep it that way!

  • Chris88

    Most likely going to purchase online this year, but may consider in-store if i can get a good deal!

  • connector

    i Do most of my research on line.  when i find something I like I go to the store to check it out and actually feel the watch.  I would never buy without seeing the watch in person.

  • bpcur1

    Up until now, I’ve been very cautious about buying online for fear of not getting a genuine and have only bought in store.

    However, I’m starting to think that with enough research, buying online is a good option. And then there are those watches that I could only purchase online – the Halios 1000m has certainly got my attention.

  • Data08

    I’ve yet to make any purchases online, as I really prefer to be able to try a watch on before purchasing it. A few boutique brands have recently come out with a few designs that I may consider making my first online purchase. This year seems to have started well for the online only boutique brands, at least from a design perspective, in my opinion.

  • arc0300

    most likely in a store. i just can’t trust online yet. 🙂

  • kardnal

    Having bought two watches online, I think I’ll bet around to buying on in a brick and mortar store.

  • kardnal

    Having bought two watches online, I think I’ll get around to buying one in a brick and mortar store.

  • DrMcRoberts

    I am fairly new to the wrist watch world….but I am becoming an avid blog and reviews reader…I have discovered a fascinating world I didn’t know existed a few months back.
    This year, I have made an online purchase (Sinn 856 UTC) through the watchbuy website and a traditionnal buy through a jewlery store (Tudor Pelagos).
    I would have to be more experienced and confident in my watch knowledge to buy online…except from an online AD, or directly from the manufacturer web site.

  • Pretty much online exclusively… but there is nothing like drooling over a fine watch, live and in person.  The problem is that, with everyone’s pricing online, you know where the deals are… the kimono is open.  Brick and mortar have a tough time competing as a result.

  • Lioneltrain

    Online for the most part. Even in big cities it hard to find the good stuff

  • supernayan

    Curve ball.
    Over the phone… probably Toppers Jewelers.

  • In Time

    I’m hoping to do a little bit of both but I don’t think I’ll be buying anything any time soon.

  • Seiko5

    Will probably do all of my watch shopping online.

  • AndyK99

    All my watch shopping will be online

  • velezuntouchable

    Most will be in brick and mortar stores. I prefer to see the piece in person before purchasing. Occasional online buying if a good deal on a watch I’ve wanted comes up.

  • adamiswatching

    A great looking watch, and its nice to see Xetum doing something with PVC coating.  I’ll be shopping online most likely with .

  • robertbell007

    Mixed, I research online, narrow down to say 5, check them out in retail stores – check the prices between stores, and the fine print online or vs different store warranty policies, then go back into a store and buy it.

  • soulashell
  • soulashell

    Most likely online.

  • ariefemran

    Brick and mortar stores. Have not bought any watches online. Have no faith in online stores due to fakes appearing at all times.

  • JJY

    Probably online. There are a couple of boutique brands I’m interested in and they are hard to locate in stores.

  • ChrisMcPetrie

    Online. It is difficult to find the watches I like in stores in my city.

  • NigelLewington

    A refreshing time piece and one not generally available in my country.

  • Great design and lovely materials define this watch.  For 2013 my watch buying has already started online.

  • PeerSkovlund

    I definately buy most on the internet. But i watch items in stores before buying online

  • KwasiFredua

    I prefer to read online reviews of watches before I purchase but I most definitely want to get it from a brick and mortar retail store.

  • MinhTa

    Most will be online, my city doesn’t have so much watch store

  • Kunisman

    I always prefer online…don´t like someone breathing down my neck when I´m occupied with big decisions …

  • omega595

    In 2012 I shopped exclusively online, and did so for a number of reasons. In some instances it was by necessity – the Stowa and Christopher Ward watches I bought aren’t available offline, and I purchased a number of vintage watches on ebay and through forums. All my purchases were for what I would consider to be low-value watches – if I has the means to purchase a high-end timepiece, or indeed any timepiece that cost $1000 or more, I’d potentially consider purchasing from a bricks-and-mortar store. But given that my budget will constrain my purchases to watches well below that threshold, I expect to purchase watches exclusively online in 2013.

  • doobygeek

    I think I will be doing most of my watch buying in 2013 at a brick and mortar store. I always like to get my hands on the watch and see it in real life before deciding to buy.

  • Wha

    If I get any watches this year, it’s gonna be through friends and maybe the occasional deal site.

  • StevenDepolo

    I have bought my watches this year through ebay. I am hoping to take a vacation in Toronto and sneak in a purchase of a Tudor watch from a brick and mortar store

  • will7926

    Brick and mortar stores are the way to go.  Dealing with a person, face-to-face, it’s worth the extra $$ on a high end product.

  • HarrisC

    Brick and mortar. If my watch has an unexpected problem I like to be able to go to the store where I purchased it and have them take a look at it.

  • wjackter

    Brick and Mortar… I like to see, feel, and try on a watch before buying it.  Also talking to the sales person can help me learn more about the watch / watch maker.

  • pmignone

    Online. Better prices.

  • Hairy_

    Online for the prices

  • burnz22

    I will likely shop at a brick and mortar. I will buy at a brick and mortar unless the online price is significantly better.

  • Luckie

    I’ll make most of my purchases online will live out in the country.

  • will1069

    I don’t think I could make a nice, big purchase like that without being able to see and touch the product first.  Besides, the brick and mortar type shops with helpful people always seem to make the purchasing easier or better.

  • joeprez

    Next year? Online for sure. When time comes to get a nice Omega, most likely an AD.

  • billn3

    I’m all about supporting my local stores. When local isn’t possible I still like to support smaller brick and mortar businesses.

  • Acif82

    Since brick and mortar stores down here in Panama don´t really like to bargain, I´m guessing iíll be doing most of my watch shopping online…! BTW would be nice to have a Xetum here in Central America

  • scottasavage

    Well, I’ve already started out my 2013 buying experiences by purchasing my Omega Planet Ocean XL at a Brick & Mortar store, so I think I’ll continue buying them that way this year.
    That said, however, there’s a few watches I want that aren’t going to be available anywhere except online for a while – like the new “Pebble” watch that interfaces directly with your iPhone.

    Still, for me, brick & mortar is the way to go – always better to see and feel a product with your eyes than on a screen.

  • Camestig

    I just bought My first watch online à Panerai 112J! In Sweden we have like 9 high end AD in the whole country! So online is the Only choice if you want something that aren’t Rolex, Omega or Breitling!

  • Chuck2040

    Started off 2013 by purchasing a Hamilton Intra-matic 42mm with the silver dial.  For higher-end purchases I typically go to my local AD but for sub-$1000 watches, I’m fine with purchasing online.

  • MarkFD

    My 2013 watch purchases will most likely be online.  I live in a semi-rural area where the are no local stores that offer anything of interest.  But when traveling, who knows?

  • Bigbenz

    I live in a remote area, so online works best for me. Therefore, buying a Xetum is very tempting indeed.

  • RayRayKae

    So far in 2013 I’ve made two watch purchases: both online; my previous two watch purchases were done in-store over several years. I am doing some travelling throughout the year and will most likely be looking to add to my collection. What can I say, I’m hooked! This months giveaway is a very nice piece indeed, DO WANT!

  • jamespmacneil

    I live in the frigid north of Canada, so the small stores here that carry nice time pieces are slightly over priced, so online is the way I usually turn, unless of course i take a trip out.

  • Krobilad

    online all the way. i tend to check particular watch in the store, but i purchase online. i don’t see why i should pay the retailer’s rent…

  • bigtexMRN

    Definitely online – more selection, better prices & no sales tax (hopefully…).  I’ve have been to Xetum’s showroom in SF though – great set of watches they’ve put out…

  • gstrawbridge

    Online. Definitely. I’ve been spending more and more time on ebay, blogs (here) and other watch web sites. It’s becoming an expensive habit (!).

  • gojiB

    oooonline ooonly

  • steele15900

    online only as well, I think being able to see a watch in person is important but its hard to beat sitting in my chair and doing all my shopping.

  • paul_murcko

    very classic style

  • pborkovi

    mostly online

  • azrml

    mostly online

  • ZoltanVirag

    Online… Cheaper.

  • boogiebear

    I will probably be making another purchase either online or at a brick and mortar AD in 2013. While it’s nice to go to a brick and mortar store for their displays, I dislike the pressure that they sometimes put on you. The good thing, however, about going to an AD is their follow-up services.

  • unixmonkey

    I will probably buy online only. It’s easier to find exactly what you are looking for online. Plus you don’t have the hassle of dealing with sales people who know little to nothing about the watches that they are selling. They drives me bug nuts.

  • JackKershaw

    i will probably do more online buying as you get more information about the watch on a website than talking to someone who probably doesn’t have the answers to the questions i might have. thought it is hard to resist the allure of a good shop display, once inside its harder to negotiate on price in a shop than it is to find another online watch retailer that may be cheaper.

  • Jacquess

    I shop mostly online, better deals found that way.

  • kolding

    Depends on the brand.  Some brands just aren’t easily available on line, and even if they are, if the prices are the same, I’ll support my local retailer.

  • Peter.A

    I will try on a JLC Reverso at the local dealer but will most probably buy it on-line or second-hand. That’s my only watch purchase for 2013.

  • Sherif

    For the next little while all my purchases will be online.  Brick and mortar is nice for finding what you want, online is best for the price…with some exceptions of course where you need to be from an authorized dealer.

  • whats_my_name87

    I’m not sure what to buy this year so I don’t know where I will buy it….

  • stephanvill

    Going to an store / authorized dealer when making an investment generally gives me the advantage to get a more humanized service, and better feel for the purchase. However, for 2013 I am considering online buying more as websites become much more interactive and hands-on.

  • marvin1234

    always on line. Really  saves time.Be careful,get it in writing and check them out.

  • Chris Grefe

    I tend to make most of my purchases on line these days and my next watch will be no exception.

  • Joe A

    I’m guessing most of my watch buying in 2013 will be online. I appreciate brick and mortar stores mostly so I can see a watch first hand before buying it, as some times a watch just looks better in a picture/in a case than on my wrist However, when I can save a few bucks online I generally do it unless I want something right away.

  • mkss55442

    I do all of my watch shopping online.

  • curtinnd

    As I live in a watch waste-land, I do all of my watch “window” shopping on line. The last 3 watches I’ve purchased have been on-line. I will, however, look for interesting and unique items when I travel. I found out about the Bozeman watch co this summer just strolling past their boutique in Whitefish, Mt while on vacation and will be keeping an eye open for a great piece when visiting NYC and Vegas the next few weeks.

  • Inmate

    Definitely online, retail has lost its one advantage of good customer service. Now sales people are so worried about show rooming that I have not had a good experience at a watch counter in a long time

  • JusticeCovert

    I never thought that watches would be something that I’d feel comfortable purchasing online, much less from eBay or from someone I met in a forum, but both have worked out great for me in recent months. If I buy any new watches in 2013 it will almost certainly be online.

  • AndyMan83

    I really this watch. For 2013 most of my watches will be from online stores. Boutique direct to customer brands such as xetum.

  • I really like this watch.most of my watch buying this year is going to be online because you have access to thousands of watches from all around the world and a lot of old watches.

  • watchcrave

    I buy all my watches online.  I found some great deals online and love to research the next watch I want to get.

  • bubba455

    Awesome watch. I do all of my watch buying online. Although its always nice to check the merchandise out in person.

  • msamuels0

    I usually go to a brick and mortar AD to buy a brand new watch, but usually buy any number of random preowned watches online.

  • mliao

    This is an awesome looking watch, I usually buy watches online

  • lucasN

    Got to be online!

  • raulP

    I’m more of a “hands on the matter” person, so I like not just to see, but also to feel what I’m buying, so most probably I’ll go for the “brick and mortar” type of shopping, but on some occasions I shop online as well, especially when I find great deals 🙂

  • TaiKenta

    I’m not sure, probably online but depends on if I find good deals or timepieces while in brick and mortar stores…

  • rich1209

    Online absolutely. More choice and worst comes to worst, i can always pop into town to check it on the wrist.

  • SimonBourque

    Online! Most of the time, the brick and mortar store warranty is wothless.

  • ihorner

    Very much online. It’s the only way to go in this new world.

  • dyfassjlo

    I personally do my shopping in store but if the watch is unavailable then i shop online! I just love walking out of a shop with a new timepiece on my wrist.

  • sjg

    I will be shopping in a physical store. Nothing online can compare to actually feeling the watch on your wrist and seeing how it looks in the real world! Watches can look completely different in person from promo photos.

  • Alex1990

    Want one! I’d probably buy watches online, simply because the preowned market is bigger and the prices are more competitive.

  • lscardin

    I have really wanted a Xetum for a few years now.  I’d love to get this one.

  • MichelDaoust

    I have to try the watch on before I can buy it, so purchases will be in a brick and mortar store.

  • Rictus7

    Ill be honest, the two watches that Xetum has put out so far are in my opinion some of the best looking watches out there.  The large face, and lugless case design make for a great over all look.  I haven’t yet had the chance to handle one, and to be honest I do most of my watch shopping on line, so I may not un-till I plunk down the cash (or win one). 
     I love that Xetum is an “eco-friendly” company, specializing in automatic watches, inventive and green building materials, even down to the packaging.  Also I live in San Francisco, gotta dig ’em!

  • SteveMaddox

    This is the best Xetum watch to date.  It’s definitely on my wish list!

  • Flailhail

    I buy most watches online because most of the stuff im interested in comes from small start ups that don’t have there products in stores yet. Like Lum-Tec for instance. I do like to stop in at pawn shops from time to time to see what i might stumble upon though.

  • Waltermaximus

    this year, I will buy my next over $500 watch on a brick and mortar store, so that i can try it on and because of warraty issues (it happened to me once already and the dealer took care of it no questions asked), and maybe a “fashion watch” online because it will probably be an impulse buy

  • mrkauffman

    I’ll be shopping for watches in brick and mortar stores.  I like to try them on before buying.

  • stmike146

    San Francisco watch and beautiful just like the city its designed in

  • stmike146

    Sweet watch

  • lonr

    Really great looking watches. As usual, in 2013, I will be doing most of my shopping online.

  • tissotseiko

    Obviously online it’s a trend of Globalization, especially for watches.

  • Srinivasan

    I prefer buying a watch from a B & M store. The reasons are two-fold: 1. I would like to enjoy and cherish the moment of the new acquisition with my family and the sales-person, which can never be obtained by an online purchase and 2. I prefer trying it on right there and say a yes/no to save on the shipping hassles and the guilty conscience of trying / partly using a watch that may be returned to the seller, which eventually will be bought (as new) by someone.

  • juiceman451

    awkwardly brilliant elegance achieved by mr. kuo and co.. this would be my first non-brick-and-mortar pursuit, but a plunge well worth it. the xetum timepieces are stunning simplicity embodied

  • drmoops

    I tend to make larger purchases face-to-face, but I buy less expensive watches from Internet retailers.

  • markoa


  • terpxxx

    Looks like a great watch and would look good on my arm.

  • terpxxx

    Great looking watch.  Would look good on my arm.

  • iDolo

    Nice, I would like one.
    This year I will continue to buy watches online, but sometimes I do walk into a retail store to try them on.

  • fearlessleader

    While I’d like to use B&M, virtually all of my watch purchases are online.  And that Xetum would like very nice on my wrist…….
    p.s. It’s mighty tough to check and see if I’d already responded or not because I can’t seem to say “show me all responses” and then search. I tried to check that this is my only response.

  • FabianG

    Have no choice but to buy online. Local B&M only carries mainstream brands

  • KevinColeman

    Most likely my watch purchases will be online because it is impossible to find many non mainstream watches in stores.

  • tijdzone

    It would be somewhere online

  • fabdurocher

    Really loving your blog.  I live in Montreal, Canada, and we have quite a few B&M’s that carry many of the more lesser known brands.  But then again, i plan on buying a few vintage watches this year, so it will probably be online.

  • fabdurocher

    Montreal has a lot of B&M’s that carry a good variety of brands.  However, this year i plan on buying mostly vintage (3 or 4) watches, so it will most likely be online.

  • dino721

    I will try some New York Brick and Mortars

  • mattsphones

    It will be a combination of Internet, and local private sellers found via Internet.  Sorry for all you brick and mortar businesses out there, but that’s how our society is evolving.

  • ar8888

    The majority of my watch buying will be online. If you go through reputable sites, you get the same watches as you would get in brick and mortar shops but for so much less

  • Bojinns

    Awesome site! Most of my watch buying for 2013 will be online.

  • guest_local

    Most of my watch buying will be at a boutique. I like it up close and personal

  • kurshid

    B&M for me. I’d love to go to the SF store and check out the watch in person…this watch looks so nice, I’d buy without physical contact with it if I could!

  • myerstyson

    How do we find out who won? This is my first time tracking this.  😉

  • Shawnnny

    I only buy online.

  • StanO013

    Most of my watch buying is in a store.  I like to try on before buying.

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  • mrmandel2

    Most of my watch buying will be online

  • RonMillmanCPA

    This is too much money for too few features.  I would not buy it,
    but would enjoy winning it and wearing it with pride.
    Ron Millman, CPA  818-241-3286

  • Livefyre

    This is too much money for too few features.  I would not buy it,
    but would enjoy winning it and wearing it with pride.
    Ron Millman, CPA  818-241-3286

  • arceevee

    For lower-priced pieces, I’d buy online…for larger investments, likely in an authorized dealer brick-and-mortar store.

  • lloydpark

    The Xetum watches have great modern or a military feel to me. Definitely attractive yet functionally busy dials.
    Online pricing sometimes can’t be beat. Most good online vendors can be reputable and if you can both call and email them it’s always a plus.
    Definitely need to ask all the important questions about the watch, bracelet, strap, etc, details. If done properly you will not be disappointed with your expectations.
    Brick n mortar is nice for the purposes of seeing what your buying, but the downside that most everyone knows is that it can be significantly higher price because of the overhead.

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  • Evan59

    This is a brilliant watch – interesting and functional. Most of my watch purchases will probably be made through brick and mortar stores as I have an affinity for feeling and observing a watch on my wrist before the purchase.

  • tommy2tone

    Cool Watch. I prefer shopping and buying online, I seldom go to retail stores.