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Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite Watch In Stainless Steel

Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite Watch In Stainless Steel Watch Releases

The Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite is in fact a world-timer watch, but one with a much different dial layout than most world-timers. A typical example of this complication uses both a city disc and 24-hour indicator along the dial's periphery, which clutters up the dial somewhat but allows the wearer to read the time in the major 24 time zones at a glance. This is less useful, however, when you want to know the time in a timezone with a 1/2 hour or 3/4 hour offset, such as Indian Standard Time which is UTC+05:30. The Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite addresses this with a different implementation of a world-timer complication, with the currently displayed second timezone visible at 8 o'clock as either STD (Standard Time), or DST (Daylight Savings Time).

Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite Watch In Stainless Steel Watch Releases

Without the standard world-timer layout to consume most of the dial space, Glashütte Original has been able to pack a lot of information into this display. A small seconds sub-dial occupies the 6 o'clock position, a day-night indicator for the destination timezone can be found at 9 o'clock, and both a power reserve indicator and a home time day-night indicator are tucked into the 12 o'clock sub-dial. An additional large date display (or Panorama Date as the brand calls it) for the second timezone occupies the 4 o'clock position. Blue printed Arabic numerals and applied blue indexes make the destination time quite legible despite all the information on offer, with the home time dial using black printed numerals for contrast.

Home time is set via the use of the crown at 2 o'clock, and destination time via the crown at 8 o'clock. While travelling, the wearer can also turn the crown at 4 o'clock either clockwise (to advance the time) or counter-clockwise (to reverse it) until the desired destination timezone's IATA code (International Air Transport Association) appears in one of the apertures at 8 o'clock. Once set, the central hour and minute hands will shift in 15-minute increments to match the new timezone. Even the day/night indicator at 9 o'clock and Panorama date aperture at 4 o'clock will update to reflect the new destination time automatically, should the time be advanced past midnight, for instance.

Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite Watch In Stainless Steel Watch Releases

The Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite features a 44mm by 14mm stainless steel case, which while on the large side, is certainly reasonable for the amount of complexity on offer here. Water resistance is rated at 5 Bar or approximately 50m, which will survive an immersion but shouldn't be worn while swimming. The watch comes attached to a blue Louisiana alligator strap with the option of either a tang buckle, a standard length fold fastener, or a short fold fastener. The exhibition caseback is also in sapphire and allows a view of the Caliber 89-02 within.

Unfortunately, Glashütte Original have not supplied any images of the movement as of yet, so we'll need to wait for the watch to be available in the metal before we can provide any eye candy. But, we're told that this is an automatic movement with a micro-rotor, featuring an oscillating weight edged with 21ct gold. The screwed balance uses four 14ct gold adjustment screws, along with a swan-neck fine adjuster for rate symmetry. The movement oscillates at 28,800 vph or 4Hz, offers a 72 hour power reserve, and has 63 jewel bearings. Decoration is reported to be quite extensive with Glashütte striping on the standard 3-quarter plate, polished and blued screws, and bevelled edges.

Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite Watch In Stainless Steel Watch Releases

The Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite is a sophisticated and balanced offering from the brand, with a wealth of information on display for frequent travelers that doesn't suffer from the standard maladies of a world-timer. Combined with a large-but-wearable case size, good water resistance, and a generous power reserve, I think Glashütte Original are onto a winner for someone who wants a reliable and versatile traveler's watch that is bold enough on the wrist to make a statement without being too showy about it. Price for the Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite is €20,

About the Author

Jason Swire is a Sydney-based writer and author of Timely Advice, a beginner's guide to fine timepieces. He believes that a good wristwatch doesn't need to be expensive (or even mechanical), but it should tell a story; about us, our histories, or our cultures. When not obsessing over watches, Jason enjoys embracing his inner geek via gaming, reading fantasy, and playing Dungeons & Dragons.
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  • SuperStrapper

    I don’t know. Really want to love it but don’t. Some serious shades of Portuguise going on here.

    The specs are impressive and even with a 3/4 plate there is potential for some real visible movement beauty, but the dial is a little flat and boring.

    • Yep, I’m with you. I love the functionality but somehow this, like many GO watches, has a dial that lacks charm (for lack of a better word). It could be the graceless power reserve indicator or maybe something else. Not a bad design, but not a compelling one either (for me anyway).

      • IG


      • Kuroji

        Yeah… something about that PR display grates…


  • Glashutte and ALS can do no wrong.

    That is all.

    • DanW94

      I hear they steal money from church collection boxes and trip little old ladies for fun. Still feel that way??

      • If they can do both at the same time, then yes.

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    An interesting take on the world timer, I’d love to a play with it. As SuperStrapper says, a bit of IWC Portugieser here.
    A white dial at 44mm, with thin bezel, is going to wear big.

    • True but at least the movement fills the dial so I don’t think it could be any smaller given the size of the movement.

      • Yeah (thickness and diameter), the price you pay for 72 hours of power reserve in a more-than-three-hand watch.

      • Lincolnshire Poacher

        It can really show on some watches that they’re using a movement designed for 36mm watches.
        On a watch forum I occasionally peruse, there’s often a banner advert for a brand that makes ‘simple’ style watches. Their schtick is that because of super-clever-economic-wizardry they can sell us ‘luxury’ spec’ watches for $100-$200.
        Anyway because they’re using a small quartz ronda, in a fairly plain large white dial, the date window is floating in the middle of no-where. I even managed to mightily upset someone when I politely pointed out this interesting ‘design feature’.
        (The brand was Braithwait).

  • Raymond Wilkie
    • IG

      …but the rotor ruins it.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        It does. Gimme Bling!

    • Mikita

      Is it Gucci?

      • IG

        More like Dolce & Gabbana based on the rotor logo…

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Oh, yes.

  • Playboy Johnny

    Nice watch.

  • David Rolls

    Absolutely beautiful watch. I do love GO watches. I have a Panomatic Lunar with a white dial (which I changed from a bracelet to a blue alligator strap) that I just adore. It might not be an ALS, but I don’t care, it’s gorgeous.

  • Eric Gordon

    Thank you GO for recognizing that there are more than 24 time zones in the world. Most “world timers” can’t tell time in the world, and are therefore better referred to as “GMT watches” or “travel watches.” Here, we have a true world timer! (Blancpain also can support half-hour timezones with its Double Timezone.)

    • Lash LaRue de Bayou

      Any chance you’re from Newfoundland??

      • Eric Gordon

        Nope. I do travel to India quite a bit. You would think that with 1/7 of the world’s population in a time zone with a half-hour off-set more watch manufacturers would have figured this out. As it is I travel with my G-Shock & X-33 (which are great, by the way).

    • Debashish

      Spot on mate, very well said!

  • Mikita

    Not Lange. Period.

    • egznyc

      I love ALS but I don’t understand dismissing another brand’s product simply for not being an ALS.

      • Mikita

        I’m not dismissing GO in general, they do have their own interesting watches. But some of their lines are outshined by Lange IMO.

        • Spangles

          This watch is nothing like an ALS.

          Comment fail.

          • Mikita

            Ever heard of the personal opinion?

            Cognitive bias.

        • egznyc

          Certainly ALS has many fantastic watches. Lange – IMO, naturally – is perhaps the finest German brand of all time.

  • Michael M.

    Really fine looking watch! Does resemble a Portuguese, but that’s not a bad thing. There’s really not a lot of alternatives in dial design for GO to choose from with these functions, and still stay true to the GO look of understated elegance. I do wish they would have been a little less understated in the case design. Maybe add a little knurling to the edges. If I was going to spend $20K on a watch, I would want more than the movement to be interesting and unusual.

  • egznyc

    Wow – it’s kind of big, but I really love the design. It’s useful and intuitive in its operation, from the description (even the third crown isn’t disturbing me as much as I’d expect). But it’s also beautiful in my eyes. WAY above my watch budget though maybe I’d see the hidden value if this were a platinum case ;-).


    Having tried just yesterday a couple GOs I am actually very pleased w the quality they displayed. One thing did bug me a bit was the overall thickness of what I tried. here at 14mm and 44mm I think it loses its ability to be timeless by just being too thick. The movement side will be lovely but I think they do offer good bang for the buck

  • PollyO

    Very, very nice indeed.

  • Very elegant and rather understated, with blue exactly where needed. I really like this one.

  • Richard Baptist

    I think this is one of the best implementations of a world timer, if not the best that I’ve seen. I love this watch, and I can’t find anything to criticize here. I have to say Glashutte Original is a brand that I think flys under the radar and is doing some great work quietly.

  • Debashish

    This Glashutte Original looks truly classy.

    Moreover, this is one of the very few mechanical watches, which can be genuinely regarded as a world-timer. Though this Glashutte Original is quite expensive, I am certain that this timepiece will be on the wish-list of many a frequent-flyer.

    For me the only negative point of this watch is its size, as at 44 mm and 14 mm it is quite large.

  • Mischa

    Very very nice indeed!

  • Joseph Gelfand

    Quick question about the price – did that come from Glashutte? Just wondering because I recently saw it at the brand’s boutique in Dubai (beautiful watch by the way) and the were quoting a price 1.5x higher… (146000 AED = 40000 USD = 32000 euro)

    • David Bredan

      Quick answer: yes, I just double-checked now for you and that is the price (€20,700 for the steel version) that we received from the brand.