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Perhaps a legendary Italian name like Pininfarina needs no introduction. The Turin, Italy-based company was best known for designing cars for Ferrari and others like Alfa Romeo, and while the brand still designs and produces automobiles under its Automobili Pininfarina division, it’s broadened its horizons and now does much more. By way of its Pininfarina Extra division, the company has taken on industrial design products for everything from pens to soda fountains. Now, in partnership with leading smartwatch technology manufacturer Globics, the Pininfarina name can be found in a line of exceptional hybrid smartwatches. The Pininfarina Senso Hybrid Smartwatch imbues the historic coachmaker’s Italian design ethos with cutting-edge smartwatch technology that balances functionality and beauty, without sacrificing either.

Men's Hybrid smartwatch

For Globics’ part, the company has its own respectable history supplying some of the biggest watch brands in the world with forward-looking tech. With a parent company that traces its roots to manufacturing grandfather clocks, Globics has always been associated with timekeeping. Later, its parent company supplied tech to Timex and Casio. Its work on Bluetooth devices and smartwatches dates to 2005 and 2010, respectively — long before the Apple Watch. For the Pininfarina collaboration, Globics sought to create a watch that offered luxury design and construction and industry-leading technology at an affordable price point.

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Pininfarina Senso Hybrid – Slate Grey

There’s no shortage of style in the Pininfarina Senso range. The 44mm stainless steel cushion case — available in three finishes including steel, gray (seen here), or rose gold — features a sophisticated blend of vertical and circular brushing with polished accents. The design conveys Pininfarina’s exceptional work with form factors, while the lugs stand out as unique with their sloped profile, hollowed centers, and drilled holes for strap changes. All operations of the Senso are handled with the crown and two pushers, which are perfectly sized to be easy to use while avoiding false actuations. Despite its refined design, the watch is ready for anything, with 50 meters of water resistance and a sapphire crystal.

Pininfarina Senso Hybrid – Slate Grey

The Pininfarina Senso dial is a classic analog watch display: applied indices, a grooved chapter ring, and a brilliantly textured central dial. The bold hands and indices are fully lumed for all-day readability, and the iconic Pininfarina logo proclaims itself at 3 o’clock. The watch is also offered with a white dial and a gray-brown circular brushed dial. Conducting their own balancing act are the smartwatch elements: at 12 o’clock, the informational smartwatch display screen, and at 6 o’clock, the analog activity tracker. The screen remains crisp, clear, and bright throughout the day and provides on-demand readouts of your activity, heart rate, weather, and a myriad of other data points. But it can also be used to access the watch’s numerous functions: take an ECG reading, select a specific sport to track (from soccer to yoga to jumping rope), set an alarm or timer, or use a chronograph to time laps. The watch packs in dozens of uses without the clutter of a traditional analog watch, and the hands move out of the way when engaging with the digital display, making it incredibly easy to use. The analog subdial at 6 o’clock also features a 60-second scale and can be set to act as a running seconds hand, or even turned off completely.

Hybrid Smartwatch With Leather Strap

The watch itself measures 16mm with short 22mm lugs, yielding a comfortable wearing experience while channeling a durable build. The quick-release leather strap that comes with the watch can be easily changed out to suit the occasion, whether it’s a more casual weekend outing, date night, or even sleep. Similarly, its styling allows it to be equally at home in any scenario, like those mentioned, or working out or in the office. And no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’ll never miss a thing, as the Senso receives text and email alerts to keep you up to date on the go and on the move.

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Sleek hybrid smartwatch with leather strap Pininfarina Hybrid Smartwatch app

With the companion Pininfarina Hybrid Smartwatch app, available for both iOS and Android, setting up the Senso is a cinch. Set the watch in the fitted USB-C charging cradle, pair the device to your phone, and then you’re off to the races — or whatever activity you choose. The app syncs every time you open it and keeps track of everything, from your daily activity to your sleep, and can even show you an ECG and help you track your hydration.

Pininfarina Smartwatch Companion app

Using the app, you can also set a number of options to get the Senso to operate exactly as you want, from choosing the function of the 4 o’clock shortcut pusher to setting your daily steps goal. The app is intuitive and easy to use but doesn’t just stop at tracking. Most data points are accompanied by additional info to help you better understand your health, and in some cases, by suggestions for improving your wellbeing. Using the Pininfarina Hybrid Smartwatch app in conjunction with the Senso Hybrid Smartwatch puts you in control of your health.

Modern and stylish men's watch with mechanical hands and embedded smart technology for health monitoring

The Pininfarina Senso Hybrid Smartwatch has taken the best from Pininfarina and Globics and created something functional, attractive, and wearable. With Globics’ advanced smartwatch technology and Pininfarina’s unrivaled style, the Senso is an appealing option for those who love the practicality of an analog watch but seek the benefits of a smart device. The Pininfarina Senso Hybrid Smartwatch by Globics is priced at $399 USD. For more information, please visit the brand’s website

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