Until this point, Graff’s contribution to watchmaking has been a 55-million-dollar diamond-encrusted quartz watch. However, the vertically-integrated, London-based jeweller is making a serious run at the annals of haute horology with its foremost Baselworld 2016 offering: the Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar.


Obviously, as a Graff creation, you can rest assured there will be diamonds. However, the Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar is a surprising portrait of restraint, and devoid of any overt mineral distraction. With only a faceted bezel and a sizeable diamond set in the crown to hint at the watch’s origins, the real star of the show here is the watch’s fully skeletonized complication, which was developed exclusively for Graff. Measuring only 7.72mm thick, this innovative Calibre 7 automatic movement is markedly thin – especially when you consider it packs in not only a perpetual calendar complication, but a tourbillon as well.

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Though overall legibility might not be the watch’s strong suit, the perpetual calendar is displayed in a pretty cool way – across a fluid horizontal line stretching between 9:00 and 3:00. Particularly cool, though, is how each disc has been rendered in a complex electroforming process that results in an ultra-thin, and clear material that complements the watch’s fully skeletonized construction.

Keep the Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar fully wound, and you can expect the calendar to maintain the correct date all the way through the year 2100 – even accounting for leap days every four years. Even if you don’t plan on keeping this watch on a winder for the next 85 years, it’s still pretty neat that, well, you could.


Naturally, the Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar doesn’t carry the same show-stopping presence of the diamond-encrusted Hallucination from 2014, but it marks an concerted effort on Graff’s part to become a contender amongst watchmaking elite. Pricing on the Graff Mastergraff Perpetual Calendar is only given after completing an application, so feel free to take guesses.

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