With the competition out there for the luxury buyer, watches don’t always just sell themselves, even if they are really beautiful. Sometimes a bad sell can cast an pale yellow light on an otherwise excellent timepiece. Let me tell you what is wrong with this approach:

The Good:

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It is a video, and it shows the watch clean and from most angles. It has accurate information (if you care to listen). Oh, and the video actually plays and is accessible on YouTube (not that watch buyers are going there). Video selling is really powerful. Not only can you get the attention of lots of potential buyers, but you can show off the watch in its natural environment (on a wrist), and in reference to a human for size of the watch. These are good things, but you can ruin a video with bad production value, an “anemic” host, and an amateur presentation of the watch.

The Bad:

Who is this guy? Is he Gray? Is he one of the “sons?” Banish the thought the someone actually hired this monotone-voiced mood killer. I am sure he is a nice guy, who knows a lot about watches, and loves Breguet watches with all his heart, but honestly, is this the best you can do? Give it some life man! Could you sound any less enthusiastic about this watch? The company is over 200 year old, and the father of modern watch making. The watch is a beautiful solid gold alloy timepiece with a design rooted in an almost a century of perfection. And here you are sounding like a mid 1980’s chemistry class educational video on noble gases.

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This guy blathers on about the flyback mechanism of the chronograph. That should take about 5 seconds. I mean the guy doesn’t even wear the watch. What is the point if don’t show the item for sale in its “natural” environment. Point at hand, if you are going to the trouble of shooting a video about a watch with some dude in it, please don’t gloss over the “I am wearing the solid gold watch and looking pimp shot.” He isn’t selling a freaking Timex! This watch retails for something around $20,000 and the narrator bleeds with apathy over the beautiful Breguet Transatlantique XX watch. Maybe I don’t really understand where this guy is coming from. Perhaps he worked for public television and narrated those videos on the chateaus of France travel programs that always made me appreciate my own backyard so much more if I had to run in to people like this while traveling.

The bottom line is that this incredibly unexciting video is no way to sell anything. I am surprised I sat through the whole thing. You know those pharmaceutical commercials where they play the soothing music as they read off the long list of “possible side effects including death” as the images on screen are of some middle age couple getting romantic? Yea, see that seems to be work better than this. The video would have worked 10 times better if they just showed the watch while he was messing around with it and played some hip music. Now all I can think of is how people who work at KCET can afford Breguet watches.

Oh, and for the record, I love the Breguet Transatlantique XX (or XXI) watch, and nothing Gray or his son can do to remove that feeling!

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