Tissot T-Complications Squelette Modern Skeletonized Watch Hands-On

Tissot T-Complications Squelette Modern Skeletonized Watch Hands-On

Tissot T-Complications Squelette Modern Skeletonized Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Now that July has gone, it's a good time to show you the Tissot T-Complications Squelette, a new skeleton Tissot that should be arriving in stores about now. Not your average skeleton watch, the Tissot Squelette offers a rather modern take that forgoes the traditionally ornate and embellished look of a skeletonized movement. We got a chance to see the T-Complications Squelette in person at Baselworld in April and were impressed by its bold style and distinctly un-Tissot vibe.

Tissot T-Complications Squelette Modern Skeletonized Watch Hands-On Hands-On

With a 43mm steel case that is 12mm thick, the T-Complications Squelette weighs 89 grams and comes mounted to a leather strap with a butterfly push button deployant clasp. The case is basic in brushed steel but employs strong horn lugs and a turbine-style crown to add a bit of detail that doesn't detract from the skeletonized movement as the main attraction.

Tissot T-Complications Squelette Modern Skeletonized Watch Hands-On Hands-On

With a thin bezel, sapphire crystal and display case back, the movement essentially becomes the anchor for the entire design and presence of the T-Complications Squelette. The movement is a Tissot decorated and prepared ETA 6497-1 hand wound movement that is a capable, if basic, timekeeper that has been used for decades by many manufacturers. Offering a three-hand time display with seconds on a sub dial at nine, the hands and hour markers are executed in steel blue and offer enough contrast against the brushed steel finishing on the movement to be legible.

Tissot T-Complications Squelette Modern Skeletonized Watch Hands-On Hands-On

While certainly an ornate watch, the T-Complications Squelette is an interesting mix of elements for a Tissot. Tissot generally makes a watch that is either quite modern (like a T-Touch or T-Sport model) or rather classic (like their Heritage Navigator). The T-Complications Squelette offers a mix of both, with a dressy case design that houses a rather futuristic looking movement and time display. Many skeleton watches sport embellished and highly decorated movements, but Tissot has allowed the architecture of the movement to stand on its own with minimal finishing.

Tissot T-Complications Squelette Modern Skeletonized Watch Hands-On Hands-On

The Tissot T-Complications Squelette has a strong wrist presence thanks to its large size and complex-looking dial. The Squelette will be available starting this month with a retail price of $1,950. While that is a fair bit to pay for a watch with a basic movement like the 6947, Tissot has transformed the movement into the most notable aspect of an interesting and rather fun watch. tissot.ch


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  • Kasra salehi

    looks like the inspiration came from Bovet Pininfarina models.

    • JonnyD

      Kasra salehi  
      That’s a very good comparison. Tissot are certainly broadening their horizons of late.

  • Ulysses31

    Reminds me a little of the Vangarde Tempo Théorie skeleton.  Looks OK but the hands seem a little too dainty for a watch of this style.  I’m not crazy about the bland finishes on the bridges either, a little too uniform.

  • TimelyOne

    Much more attractive from the back. Looks like $100 made in China from the front.

  • LapYoda

    I think this movement is supposed to be the 6497, not the 6947.

  • philippossof

    the watch misses something. . I agree at the back is much more better. it reminds me of the Maurice lacroix skelette but in a cheaper version

  • DG Cayse

    Add a tourbillon, an HE valve and a pop-up monkey and the farce would complete.

  • Lesthepom

    I am a bit of a fan of tissot I have had a few they are good value but this one looks a bit expensive but I am sure by the time it gets to eBay or amazon you will get 20% off at least
    It does look a bit more masculine than a lot of skeleton watches may be its the blue hands I will be having a look when my local dealer gets one in stock as I don’t have a skeleton watch in my collection yet

  • TimelyOne

    Imagine the flat plates and bridges done with gun bluing. Then add brass hands that mirror the color of the hour/ minute wheels. Methinks it would not take much to salvage this mess. Either that or a white roman numeral porcelain face with Brueget hands. 🙂

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    Personally, I haven’t liked skeleton watches, but this watch is very attractive!

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  • gabogdl

    Does it have acti reflective coating both sides? I mean outside too?

    Thank you

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