The Tissot Touch line of watches is no stranger to these pages. They offer practical multi-functionality through the use of a novel touch system. In this T-Race Touch, Tissot combined the Touch functionality of the Racing Touch with the looks of the T-Race while costing less than either model. This also marks the cheapest Tissot Touch watch to date so, if you found the other models just a bit too pricey, this might be the place for you to jump in right here.

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I realize all these models with “Race” in the name might get a little confusing so let me try to straighten them out. The Racing Touch is from the Touch (obviously) line with a focus on general active and race-inspired use. Read about Ariel’s preview of that model here. The T-Race is Tissot’s motorcycle racing-inspired non-Touch chronograph, offered in both quartz and mechanical variations. Read my review of the limited edition T-Race MotoGP 2012 Automatic Chronograph here. Tissot looks to have exorcised the motorcycle visual references in the T-Race Touch yet the general case shape remains the same. That’s not to say that the T-Race Touch lacks any race inspiration, however.

The Touch line of watches consist of all quartz models with a unique touch feature. Various modes are listed around the perimeter of the dial and touching the sapphire crystal in that region selects that particular mode after pressing the activation button at three o’clock. Pushers on either side of the activation button are utilized in some of the modes such as for a chronograph start/stop and reset. Holding down the Touch activation button turns on the digital display’s backlight which is a very modern and cool-looking white text on a dark blue background.

The dial features the familiar Touch layout of analog central hour and minute hands with a digital window taking up the lower portion of the dial. There is a definite sport feel with the 3, 9, and 12 numerals which appear as if they were painted with automotive paint. These numbers are large and really pop against the flat black dial. Though hand visibility is excellent due to white lumed centers, the black outer portion of each hand blends into the dial leaving the white part to look like floating stumps. This also makes the hour hand appear extremely small. The hand is on the short side to begin with, and only seeing the middle section because much of it is black causes it to look half that size. Having said that, while we generally like T-Touch collection watches, stubby hands are a regular issue with them.

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Even though the actual case is stainless steel, much of the T-Race Touch is plastic. This includes the immobile bezel and pushers. the strap also feels more like plastic than rubber but is sturdy. The T-Race Touch is a comfortable 42.15mm wide, 13.45mm thick, and weighs 88g (pretty light).

There is no shortage of features on the T-Race Touch. They include tracking two time zones and the date, tide schedule, lap chronograph, split chronograph, compass, two alarms, and two timers. Not only that but some functions allow you to dig even deeper such as the lap chronograph which saves each lap measured and allows you to recall the total race time along with the fastest, slowest, and average lap times. It’s features like this which really show off what the Tissot’s Touch technology is capable of. They are able to do all this and more without cluttering the dial or case with an overabundance of pushers. You are also able to select the desired mode directly without having to cycle through every mode in order to find it. Things can initially seem overwhelming but it takes no time to get the hang of function navigation and operation.

So there is no denying that Tissot offers a lot of features in the T-Race Touch. It’s also the cheapest member of the Touch line at $575. Having said that, for just $50 more buyers might want to look at the Race Touch. The two have similar capabilities but the Race Touch has a metal bezel and pushers as well as a silicone strap with clasp. However, if you really like the T-Race case style but want Touch features then the T-Race Touch is sure to fit the bill. The race DNA is obvious, though the inclusion of a tide function (and to a lesser extent compass) in a non-nautical-looking watch makes the intent somewhat unclear. Though it is there because the movement in the T-Race Touch is carried over from other models. The only obviously automotive design element is a tire tread-like texture on the inside of the strap, so what type of race this watch is geared towards is anyone’s guess. The Tissot T-Race Touch is available from retailers and online directly from Tissot.

Necessary Data
>Brand: Tissot
>Model: T-Race Touch
>Price: $575
>Would reviewer personally wear it: No, prefers other T-Touch models.
>Friend we’d recommend it to first:  Someone in search of a multifunction watch that doesn’t look like a graphing calculator
>Worst characteristic of watch:  Plastic bezel and pushers
>Best characteristic of watch: Cheapest way to get your hands on a Tissot Touch type watch

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