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The HH Journal is an online publication covering watchmaking news in all its forms and is published by the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH) which was created in 2005. The FHH aims to raise awareness and promote the values of fine watchmaking on an international basis. The HH Journal is written by twenty journalists located throughout the major global markets and takes a comprehensive approach to watchmaking, including technical as well as economic, historical, and human aspects. The HH Journal is dedicated to exceptional products with a daily update of its written or multimedia content. See some examples of recent HH Journal content below and click on the headline to read the full article.

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The Heir Transparent
If you were to stare into a crystal ball ten years ago, the future would be transparent. A future of transparent watches, that is… To many, the sapphire case is a clear sign of pushing creative boundaries – something sparked by Richard Mille back in 2012. It’s a phenomenon that’s certainly come a long way, and it doesn’t come cheap or with a seamless process. However, it’s now become a face that’s fit for more than just a special occasion. Diamonds are anyone’s best friend, but it’s safe to say that sapphire has the last laugh.


Baselword Ladies Classics: Tried and True
So long are the days of mini-me’s and butterflies. No, it’s not a reminiscence about school days; the subject is in fact ladies’ watches. Today, we are luckily rid of the overwhelmingly girly and garish designs on ladies watches, and we are now living in a wonderful world where classic subtlety is where it’s at. With Baselworld enlightening us all by showcasing smaller versions of men’s watches, with two-toned shades and refined finishes, ladies watches are looking promising for the future.


Teeny Tiny Time
They say small things come in good packages… however, the small watch has often been a tricky one to get right, with its tiny turf which can often skimp on standards. Yet this year, the small watches on the scene have given the big boys of the watch world a run for their money. Naturally, the smaller watch has been aimed at women, but the wonders released this year steer away from the dainty, and instead pack a punch of style whether classic or contemporary. A watch can be small, but think big.

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Goodbye and Thank You Mr Omega
Here is a man who is really out of this world. With dreams so big they reach the moon, Omega undoubtedly wouldn’t be where they are today if it weren’t for Stephen Urquhart. After sixteen years standing as Chief Executive, Urquhart is stepping down from the Swiss watch brand, and many will be sad to see him go. There’s no doubt that Urquhart has had some remarkable milestones under his belt – sending Omega into orbit and collaborating with Nicole Kidman and Mr. Bond, to name a few. His sixteen years at Omega has certainly raised the brand’s profile through the roof, and his legacy will live on. All that can be said is, thank you and goodnight.


Exports Sound the Alarm
There’s an unfortunate bout of news for the Swiss watch market this spring, as there has been an overall decrease in Swiss watch exports. Across the continent, China’s trend of buying luxury goods has also decreased. Despite the American and European markets currently looking dynamic, the same can’t be said for Switzerland, China, or Hong Kong. Ever since the anti-graft campaign was launched in China three years ago, the market has sadly not looked the same. Currently, the trend shows no signs of reversing.


The Royal Oak Design Revolution
The moment the cold metal touches your wrist, you feel like a man of steel. Of course, it’s the Royal Oak, the definition of a luxury steel watch. Spanning forty years, Audemars Piguet’s flagship collection is one that fills many with love. The collection has gone through a wave of experiments, from different materials to different movements. But the Royal Oak still manages to carry the distinctive features it’s been loved for since its launch in 1972. Today, we still see this iconic collection as avant-garde and as a true structure of luxury.

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