HourTime Watch Podcast - Talk About Watches

This is a good show in term of content, but the recording was done while I lost my voice, and while John was in China (he couldn’t even test to see if we posted it online properly because the Internet is so heavily censored in China!). So pardon our oddities or faintness in sound. Just turn that volume way up! Enjoy folks.

We talk about the “Grey Market” for watches, watch companies’ animosity toward allowing you to buy online, and the Internet’s and Bell & Ross’ role in changing what the Watch Grey Market looks like.  The new, thinnest Pathfinder PAW-2000 from Casio with satellite syncing, auto-illumination and much more that makes it a go-to outdoor watch.  We then complain about watch accessories that are as expensive or more expensive than the watches themselves.  We then introduce the concept of Febreezing your nylon straps.  John puts forth some knowledge about GMT watches.

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Listen to HourTime episode 5 at HourTimeShow.com here.

Or, download/stream the .mp3 here.

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