Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 Watch Review

Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 Watch Review

Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

This could be the best Casio Pathfinder watch to date. A much slimmed down case and new usability features, along with new functions make this the Pathfinder watch to own. Still Casio is careful not to alienate the rest of the Pathfinder line by giving other models a few features that this model doesn't have. The last Casio Pathfinder watch I reviewed was the PAW1500, the model that came out immediately before the PAW-2000 (PAW2000). Given your needs, the PAW1500 might actually be a better suited model than the PAW2000. The PAW1500 is thicker, has a rotating navigational bezel, a moon phase indicator, and a tide chart. It also has slightly larger pushers. The PAW2000 on the other hand is slimmer, has polished metal pushers, a polished metal bezel, sunrise and sunset times, a logging function, and a duplex LCD. These differences along with other minor changes make it a totally different watch. Oh, and both the PAW1500 and PAW2000 comes in black resin or titanium versions. Actually, the PAW2000 has more in common with the PAW1300 in terms of being a solid "upgrade."

There are also a few features on the PAW2000 that are available on other Casio watches, but I have enjoyed here for the first time. As G-Shock, Pathfinder, and related multifunction Casio digital watches have been around for a while, their engineers have continually refined and added features. Some of these features are things like snooze functions for the alarms. My new favorite is the auto illumination (A.EL) function. It used some type of tilt sensor in the watch that automatically activates the backlight when you tilt your wrist toward you. LCD displays are impossible to read in the dark. Most people are used to pressing a pusher (here located on the front of the watch) or activate the backlight. Now you can do so without using your other hand just by turning your wrist. It is a great and reliable system. Of course the backlight often goes on when you don't necessarily want it to. So when stealth is important, or if it annoys you the function can easily be disabled. Which brings me to two other points. Casio watches are among the most "user customizable" watches out there in terms of the settings, and there is also a bit of a learning curve.

Little things like beeps and alerts can be turned on or off, and in some instances you can choose what is displaying on the screen. While there isn't a mountain of customization options, there are enough to make you feel as though Casio cares about the watch being just right for you. This is further seen in their metal bracelets that often have ability to be micro adjusted. Casio really wants its owners to have a positive use and wearing experience. But with all the functions and options you get, there is a learning curve. Actually, if you've been using Casio watches for years like many people, there isn't that much to learn, but for people using a complex watch like this for the first time - I certainly recommend spending some time with the manual. Once you get in to it and understand how the watch works, you'll appreciate the elegance and refinement of the system. For such a small thing that uses so little power, to do so much, is amazing to me.

Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

It is hard to detail everything that the Casio PAW2000 watch does (as it does a lot). So I will make a list of its major functions. Realize that most of these functions have lots of sub-functions. For example the compass has a bearing tracker as well, and the altimeter has various logging and graphing functions included with it. Thus, the Casio Pathfinder PAW2000 has:

- Time (12 and 24 hour modes
- Perpetual calendar
- Sunrise and sunset times
- Stopwatch
- Countdown timer
- World time function
- Alarm
- Compass
- Altimeter
- Barometer
- Thermometer
- Solar (light) powered quartz movement
- Kept accurate by receiving signals from and of 6 atomic clocks (around the world)
- Battery power reserve indicator (does not been to be changed and has a few special power modes)
- Duplex (double) LCD for indication enhancement

Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

I mentioned that the case was thin. It is just about 11.5mm thick which is pretty impressive for all that goes into the watch. In a sense, something like this is as complex, if not more complex in many ways than some mechanical watches. There is the movement, solar panel, two LCD screen, protection around the movement, and the complex casing. At its widest points, the PAW2000 is about 50mm wide and 55mm tall. It wears "small" given the size. The is also water resistant to 100 meters. Although the metal pushers (plastic on the front of the watch) are larger than many you'll find on Casio watches, they aren't quite as easy to find with your finger as some of the previous large plastic pushers were. Small issue though, and once you find them, they aren't hard to press in at all. Part of the reason that are harder to find with your finger is the plastic guarding around the pushers meant to protect them, and prevent you from pushing the buttons inadvertently.

The watch is also very light. The resin strap connected to the steel and plastic case made it feel as though it were filled with air. The more substantial looking titanium version probably weight a bit more, but not by much. You can see how the case curves one the sides. While the back is flat, these curves help it lay sturdily on one's wrist. Casio Pathfinder watches have always enjoyed an outdoorsy though technical feel. Always a bit ahead of our times, and always very detailed. No simple lines or curves here. Casio has done a good job making sure a watch like this fits well this all things "active." Be it at the gym, on a boat, in a vehicle, on the trail, or walking in an urban area. For the rest of us, the timepiece is a "watch nerd's delight." The major downfall of course is that it is not a formal watch. So keep it with your active and casual outfits.

The major downfall of any complex watch is easy of use and reliability. I've never felt that this was an issue with Casio. I get a significant level of assurance when operating this PAW2000 watch. It is accurate, easy to use, and the operations are reliable and as ergonomic as can be. I've mention the duplex LCD, and I want to discuss that more. Basically you have one LCD over another. The top one has shapes that are purple in tone. Aside from assisting with the compass function, Casio has cleverly used the top LCD to assist with watch mode selection, the barometer, as well as the sunrise and sunset indicator. It is a welcome addition to their top of the range model.

Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Although this is not the first atomic clock controlled Casio watch I have reviewed, I decided to spend more time with this function on the PAW2000. This feature is highly integrated into the watch. The watch can be set to automatically sync with the clock daily or on command. It used to be that such functionality was delicate given the small antenna in the watch that picks up the radio signals. You still need to ensure the watch is relatively close to a window, but overall the reception is very good in the watch, and I have found it to most always get a signal. Most important - the watch is always accurate. Accordingly, I've never had to worry about power. Anytime the watch is near light, it is charging. Out of light and while not on your wrist, the timepiece enters a resting state where the screen turns off. It will reanimate once you place it in light or move it around. Very cool.

Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews Overall the PAW2000 is easy to live with and reliable. I would place the Pathfinder line as the best ABC (altimeter, barometer, compass) multi sensor on the market from a movement and functionality standpoint. As well as price. While some of Casio's competitor might use better materials for the cases and have a more designer style, none match the superior movement and feature set that Casio Pathfinder watches have. Plus, none can even get near to the prices set by Casio. The particular model is precisely the PAW-2000-1 with a $380 retail price (street price is well), and the PAW-2000T-7  with the titanium strap retails for $450 (street price is also less). The previous Casio Pathfinder watch I reviewed received an Seal of Approval Award, and I can't help but award it once again here.

See the Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 series watches from Casio here.

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  • Carl G

    These are brilliant. I have an all black ProTrek PRG-70 that just will not die.

    I have swiss automatics and professional dive watches, but my humble Casio ProTrek is the watch I wear the most.

    Thanks for a great review.

    • My pleasure! Glad you like the watches as much as me.

  • The tech geek in me got all wound up about this watch after reading the review, so I went to both the Casio europe site and, but couldn’t find any mention of Pathfinders (not even the older models). Strangely enough, and the Casio US site *do* have them.

    Any idea what the reason behind this is? Are these not sold in Europe?

  • Never mind about the Europe question, I didn’t look at the Casio website close enough. Apparently, they’re marketed as Pro-Trek PRW-2000 here (the picture and model number should have rang a bell).

  • john Gunel

    This review would be even better if there were a shot of the watch on the wrist from farther away so that the shot shows the hand and elbow. While the current photos are great for showing the features of the watch, probably most potential customers will be interested in the size too.

    • John,
      I will try to take that into consideration next time. However, looking at the review video should help with your question.

  • Alfonso Betancourt

    Nice review, thankyou. You help me with my decision, I will buy a Casio PAW – 2000

  • Gene

    Does anyone know if there is a difference in the actual cases between PAW-2000T-7 and the PAW-2000-1. Is the case on the PAW-2000T-7 made out of Ti and the PAW-2000-1 plastic? Or is the only difference the bands?

    • I believe the case is a bit different yes.

  • KC

    I would like to get the PAW-2000 for my husband but he doesn’t like the resin band. What kind of fabric/velcro band will fit this watch? I can’t find any info about size.

  • Abdel Allah El Masry

    We need sunset and sunrise times with features of PAW 1500,what we can DO??

  • Matthew

    One thing missing I’d like to know about is the the light function; quality, how it works and when it doesn’t. Otherwise, great reviews.

  • Han

    I’m interested in getting the metal band version but am unsure about how comfortable it would be after heavy exercise, long trails, etc. Does anyone have any experience in this? Also, what does “micro-adjust” mean? Does the metal band flex? Thanks.

    • Micro adjust Means there is a small pin rod in the deployment that allow for adjustment in the size of the bracelet by about 1mm.

  • Gary

    Are alarms loud enough to hear and actually wake you up?

    • PAW2000 path finder

      The alarm and beep is quite weak, I don’t think I’d trust the loudness to wake up for mission critical tasks.
      Also, in response to earlier question titanium versus plastic bands. Both watch cases are plastic, even on the titanium model. My choice was for plastic band because it’s more comfortable to wear. All my metal band watches have destroyed the finish on my laptops and are uncomfortable on my wrist while typing, etc. The price difference between titanium and plastic was negligible. Although titanium is more stylish. So it was a very difficult decision between plastic and titanium.

      • Malcolm

        The low-volume of the watch alarm (I depend on my watch alarm to wake me, and it has to be loud enough to wake me even in a room with some ambient noise, like a hotel room with air-conditioning running for example) is the reason I did not get the Suunto Observer. I’ve had a wonderful Casio for twenty years, which now needs replacing. This watch has five daily alarms (I only needed one, but that’s not the point), and the alarm volume is great (I need to replace the watch because the push buttons no longer work). I was about to push the ‘Buy’ button on this Casio Pathfinder PAW 2000T… until I read the “low alarm volume” note. Darn it!!!
        Can you tell me, please, whether the PAW 1500 (the model that the thinner 2000 seems to be replacing) has a louder alarm level?
        thanks… M.

        • Daniel

          The alarm sound is almost non-existant on the 1500 t 7v. I was very!! disappointed. Like the previous commenter, I too want to use my 1500 to beep loud enough to actually be useful. If there was a way to increase the volumn I would love to know. If there is no fix for this, ten delete one of the major uses of this watch. I still have a few days to be able to return the watch to Sears where I purchased it and may do that because of the lack of a useable alarm sound.

  • Jennifer

    I have the same question as another commenter- can you, in fact, switch the band on this bad boy? I took a peek at this watch today, and it doesn’t really seem like the screws on the band make for a piece that’s interchangeable. Thoughts?

  • kevin Cornish

    I have just purchased the Ti version after reading the review. There are videos of Ti version with refitted resin band on you tube, can any one tell me what the size or the casio genuine part number is for this pathfinder watch?
    Many Thanks

  • Robertddog

    Hy,do you recommend this watch,or a Suunto Core?Thank you.

  • bobek10

    I want to buy a leather replacemnet strap for my newly purchased paw2000-1.
    Now this may be an easy question to answer for some how ever this is my first time replacing a watch strap. It is my understanding that this watch takes a 22mm size band. Is that correct? and if so will any 22mm replacement strap work with this particular watch?

  • Dwight H

    Great review, It is hard to go to a store in my area and find a watch to put your hands on, so this review showed the watch and different functions and modes. I have had a G shock atomic and solar powered watch and has worked great. Now it is time to move on after a in depth review to the paw 2000 pathfinder.

  • David Bailey

    This watch sounds great. Does it have a vibration alarm mode? Some say yes and some say no. Which is it? Thanks.

  • Kelly Francis

    My son is training to be a bridge officer in the Canadian Navy and is required to do passage planning and navigation. The PAW1500 series had been recommended and I suppose the rotating navigational bezel would be useful, but other than that would you recommend the PAW2000-1? Thanks

  • George B

    Your review on the paw2000 is spot on EXCEPT on the alarm. It is not nearly loud enough to wake one up. To me this feature is usless. If Casio improved this feature they would have a fine product.

  • thomas meesseman

    I have an old pathfinder that has been great except for it’s ability to measure temperature while on my wrist. Has Casio fixed this problem?

  • Hi, If you had to choose between the casio prw2500, suunto core all black or timex expedition ws4, wich one would you choose?

    Do you recomend any other model?

    All I need is a good travelers watch with Altimeter/Barometer, Compass and Thermometer.


  • Nigel King

    I’m another happy owner of the Casio PAW 2000.
    This watch replaced my Timex Expedition which was useless!
    It couldn’t keep the date. The compass was hopelessly unreliable.
    Our local watchmaker couldn’t replace the battery and Timex didn’t answer my email.
    The only drawback with the Casio is the virtually useless alarm but it beats the Timex hands down.
    Regards, Nigel

  • Acidrain

    Hello guys.. I got more cool site about watches from Japan featuring Gshock watches. Check out their site

  • dai_col

    Has anyone successfully removed the wing supports yet? They are irritating my prominent, boney wrist so need to remove. I guess I need to get some spacers for them once i do manage to remove it (waiting for screwdrivers to deliver).

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