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Episode 4 of the quickly growing HourTime watch chat podcast show is up. This time we talk about why all the fuss with tourbillon watches, dos and don’ts with watch wearing, and the beginning of our holiday watch buying tips.

We start out with learning about what tourbillons are, what they do, why they exist, then why they were “forgotten” for years and years and their sudden comeback. Then we get into why wear a watch at all – not the same as checking the time on your cell phone. Wearing a watch on the underside of your wrist is a topic. Next, fake watches, don’t get us started! Wearing your watch at the gym? Then, we talk about the watch industry and watch news (where do you get your watch news).

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The Holidays are coming up, so where should you go to buy your watches for gifts? We share some tips on what to look for when buying online.

Also, is giving away a free Automatic Chrono Swatch Watch. You’ll need to listen to the show and comment for a chance to win one (very neat watches by the way).

Listen to HourTime Episode 4 here.

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Or, download/stream .mp3 here: Tourbillons, Watch Dos and Don’ts, Hot Deals

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