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Hey guess what. You can hear me now (more often than just in review videos) in addition to reading me. John Biggs (of CrunchGear.com and WristWatchReview.com) and I have started a new venture with the HourTime podcast show. We will be doing at least a couple of shows a month, talking about watches, between two watch guys. You’ll be able to submit questions, comments, and of course topic requests. For more information, or to listen to the shows, visit HourTimeShow.com.

We just released our first show, “About Us and a Trip to Japan.” It is still a bit rough, the audio levels need to be tweaked so we sound as “delightful” as possible. It is gonna get better from here, and I understand that you’ll be able to subscribe to the show on iTunes soon. I’ll likely post here on aBlogtoRead.com with each new show.

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In this first episode, we introduce ourselves, tell you what we do and where we come from with watches and discuss a few watch pet peeves. Also, phones by watch makers packed in gorgeous boxes so you can “pass them down to the next generation” – hmmm… John first brandishes his love for clocks, we talk about the most complex wrist watch in the world, the Gerald Genta Arena Metasonic Sonnerie Watch that costs $900,000.00. Ariel just got back from Japan, so we talk Seiko, their Astron and how the Spring Drive models work. Glide hand. Enjoy.

Download or stream .mp3 here.

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