Citizen Campanola Grand ComplicationUnlike most watch companies, Citizen has been selling watches in large volumes for sometime and understands the importance of advertising. So when they began to sell their high-end Campanola line of watches, they advertised it in watch magazines and other places interested consumers might have eyes. The Campanola line is vastly different than anything Citizen has offered before, and it represents a pinnacle of watch making achievement by the Japanese company. Taking everything people want from a hand-made Swiss watch, a number of desirable complications, and using a high-quality quartz movement, Citizen is able to make a luxury watch that stands out and is more affordable.

Affordability has never been much of a concern when it came to “luxury goods.” Worrying about price is somewhat of a paradox when an item is designed to be expensive. However, when you consider that luxury watches are often more expensive that automobiles, it is not a matter of price, as it is a matter of even being able to consider entering the market. Most luxury consumers in the US do not want to spend exorbitant prices on a single watch. Thus the Citizen Campanola is an attractive offering because it undoubtedly a luxury watch, costing a fraction of the price that other luxury watches command. $80,000 to $3,000 is a big jump, and enough to allow more consumers to pay attention.

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Citizen has been marketing the Campanola line of watches in the US for a few years now, and interest in the watches is climbing exponentially. There is an increase in the retail stores that carry Campanola watches, and demand for the timepieces is increasing based on expressed consumer interest. A clear of example of the watch demand can be see on eBay. A year ago, a Citizen Campanola watch may or may not be sold on eBay, depending on the sparse interest. Today however, Citizen Campanola watch auctions are attracting numerous bidders many days before the auctions are over. It would not be a surprise if various Campanola models commanded prices in excess of their retail value.

Pictured above is a rare Citizen Campanola Grand Complication with a cream face, roman numerals, on a metal bracelet. This watch features the most complications of any Citizen Campanola watch, including a perpetual calendar, chronograph, minute repeater, moonphase, and 24 hour indicator. A truly lovely example of the aesthetic beauty of Japanese design along with its everyday wearability. In fact, Japanese watch makers hardly make any watches not suited for everyday wear. This is contrary to many Swiss watch makers who often design watches that are only meant to be worn on occasion due to their fragile construction and use of exotic and expensive materials.

It is exciting to see such widespread interest in high-end quartz watches, especially the Citizen Campanola. The signal is clear to watch makers; Americans are declaring that they want high quality watches without the obscene price tags usually associated with them. Watch makers be on notice, your American market exists and is waiting.

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