No doubt from a serious collector to (potentially) your hands are two different Citizen Campanola Limited Edition Eco-Drive watches on two separate eBay auctions, but through the same seller. These watches are extremely rare, and almost impossible to find in the United States as they are not sold here driectly. These Citizen Campanola watches were specially imported to the US, typically reserved only for the Japanese market.

The Citizen Campanola line represents the highest caliber of watch making finesse from Citizen. Sticking to what Citizen does best, the Campanola line uses hand-constructed quartz movements with an amazing set of complications. Build quality is top-notch, and each Citizen Campanola watch is a work of art in itself, literally. Citizen employs master artists to hand build and paint each Campanola watch case and face.

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The two Citizen Campanola watches offered here differ from the main Campanola line in several key ways. First, these watches contain Citizen’s famous Eco-Drive battery charging system with a charge indicator. This relieves the watch owner of ever replacing the battery as it is charged via light coming in through the watch face. Any light from either the sun or a desk lamp will do. The photo-receptive cells are located beneath the face of the watch that is permeable by light, even though it is not translucent at all. To the naked eye, the face appears lavishly decorated, but is still able to be penetrated by light to charge the battery. Akin to the power reserve on a mechanical watch, the Citizen Campanola Eco-Drive features a “charge indicator” gauge which tells you how much energy is left in the battery. This is a useful feature for knowing when to wear the watch outside or take it out of its case.

Complication wise, the Citizen Campanola is rich with features. Aside from standard time indication, it has a moonphase indicator, 12-hour chronograph function, date, and the above mentioned charge indicator. Lots to keep your eyes occupied, and features which are highly useful. The construction of these watches is brilliant, and has been highly lauded by watch enthusiasts. combination of high quality metals, polish, and well matches colors are materials ensure an elite status position for Citizen Campanola watches. These limited edition pieces have been produced, and no more ever will be.

The differences between these two watches is in the finish of the steel (one highly polished, the other polished PVD), and the artistry on the face. Similar watches with differing personalities. The PVD model with its black strap with red stitching is the more avant-garde of the two. Gothic numerals, and contrasting red and black colors ensure that the watch stands out well. The other model is more festive and colorful. The pattern on the face is actually symmetrical, though it is made to appear a a blossom paint splatter or alike. A very unique look for a watch, it is a worth limited edition piece, on a worth work.

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Citizen Campanola watches are increasing in popularity, but these limited edition watches won’t increase in availability. For lovers of high-end quartz, Japanese, or fascinating watches, the Citizen Campanola makes an excellent luxury watch fit for everyday wear and utility. Price wise, these auctions are starting off at a very reasonable amount well below the retail cost of the watches.

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