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Invicta Reserve Pro Diver Swiss Automatic Lefty Meteorite Watch

Invicta Reserve Pro Diver Swiss Automatic Lefty Meteorite Watch Watch Releases

I love writing about Invicta watches because you readers get so worked up about them with your polarizing viewpoints. Some of you swear by Invicta carrying around your collection of 47 ‘ShopNBC specials’ in a duffel bag at all times, while other wouldn’t touch them with their worst enemy’s wrist. It is true that Invicta has a lot of hit and misses, as well as a broad range prices to go with their watches. Sometimes it is actually not fair, because you can’t compare a $1,000 Invicta with a $50 one – but they both have the same name on the dial, so what are you to do?

Here is one of their “Invicta Reserve” models which is supposed to be a higher-end piece with a Swiss movement and more interesting features. This one (model J401063) has a long name and some interesting qualities. This is the black on black version of the Invicta Reserve Men’s Pro Diver Swiss Automatic (let me take a breath) Lefty Meteorite Dial Bracelet Watch… with the “diver’s case.” What seems to be as a following of the smart move issued by Bathys several year ago, Invicta is offering many of their new pieces in Pelican style (not sure if they are actual Pelican like Bathys) cases.

Invicta Reserve Pro Diver Swiss Automatic Lefty Meteorite Watch Watch Releases

The Pro Diver Meteorite caught my eye because of its use of meteorite for the dial. I have a soft spot for meteorite dials. Just look at this watch and you’d think, “that isn’t too bad.” No it isn’t, but in true Invicta form the thing is frikkin’ massive. The (what I imagine is ion plated) black steel case is a whopping 55mm wide and 17mm thick. Invitca calls this “sturdy and masculine.” I wonder if it might stop a bullet. The bracelet links alone are 26mm wide! Though it tapers a bit to 24mm thick near the clasp. Use your best Paul Hogan accent, but on a bush Fedora and say “That ain’t a watch. This here’s a watch!”The case is also water resistant to 500 meters. They use a “Flame Fusion” crystal which is a mineral crystal with sapphire crystal “fused” to the top of it via heat. It is a less expensive way to get close to sapphire crystal scratch resistance for less money – and apparently people love saying the term “flame fusion.”

While this version is all black, I think a few others are available as well. The dial is black stained meteorite with applied Arabic hour markers and is pretty decent looking. Invicta could have made the hands a bit longer though. The dial has an opening for the escapement of the movement, which in this case is a Swiss Sellita SW200 (similar to the ETA 2824). Because the watch is so large, the crown is on the left side of the case. This isn’t just for lefties, but it also to protect from having the crown jab into your hand (which is gonna happen with a watch this size). Looks like the bezel is fixed and does not rotate.

Invicta Reserve Pro Diver Swiss Automatic Lefty Meteorite Watch Watch Releases

All in all, this is an interesting Invicta watches for people who want something really large. At 45mm wide this watch would have been just fine. In a silly and sort of absurd way, Invitca watches can be fun. They certainly are walking (or worn) statements, and have a lot of personality to them. Quality won’t hold up to the best stuff from Switzerland, but they are a lot cheaper. The final point of amusement in the Invicta Reserve Pro Diver is the pricing. Typical of the wildcard pricing schemes ShopNBC is often laughed at for, this watch has a “retail value” (a silly term that means nothing) of $1,575, a “Regular Price” of $604, and a sale price of $548.19! Wow, I didn’t even need to negotiate and I think I just saved a bunch of money, lol. Learn more about this Invicta watch or get one here.




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  • Pete

    That is hideous! got enough split pins in that bracelet? 55mm and fixed bezel stealth handed diver, comically pointless watch lol! good post for a laugh 😉
    On another point beating heart dials should get thrown in room 101 along with two toned watches. they are hardly ever done right.

    • Rajan

      I don’t know what it is with most of you “men” out here , but i’m a normal 5’10” 75kgs 33yr old, and i do believe that Invicta makes excellent watches ,affordable and interestingand rather shares the absurd profit with the end customer, rather than Hublot, Roger Dubuis and the type who racketeer their pricing to the customers loss. Any Big Bang / King Power PALES in comparison to an Invicta Reserve SAN III / SAN IV / SAN Specialty. i should know cause i own the Hublot as well as the latter . And by the way i wear a 63mm Arsenal Reserve as well and believe me it’s not a clock tower. Somebody (s) need a lot of growing up to do.

      • Sparky

        I own several Rolex’s and many Invictas. I have just as much fun with my Invictas as any of my other watches. Except I don’t have to worry about them as much. And I seem to get more compliments on the Invictas when I were them. Sure, they make some horrible watches. But they make high quality timepieces also. You just have to be an educated watch buyer and know what you’re purchasing.


    It needs to registered as a lethal weapon, as it could injure the eyes if allowed to.


      CORRECTION: It needs to BE registered as a lethal weapon……

  • simon

    This is a joke right you could beat a rhino to death with it ,great report by the way .

    • pat i.

      Invicta serves a very important purpose. It’s the Rosetta stone for scathing watch reviews.

  • Dangeruss

    55mm Invicta. A serious tool watch for serious tools.

    • Andy Waltz

      That shit is funny.

  • Will

    Everything about this watch says “gimmick” to me.

    I doubt any serious WIS takes this watch seriously. I think Invicta’s niche should stay with the sub-$100 subs that can be found on any deal of the day sites. For that kind of money, you can buy a solid entry level diver with decent WR, a solid Miyota or Seiko (SII NH25A) movement.

    They even make a Pro Diver with a SW-200 that looks a lot better than the version put in this one. The other version has a nicer rotor that is cut out.

    I know it sounds like I’m bashing Invicta, but I believe they do have a place in the watch market. However, for $550 there are a slew of other divers I would buy, including swiss movements.

  • Pete

    Its ok dude, bash Invicta, its what they are there for. they do themselves no favours!

  • Fred I

    Ewwww. . .

  • Chris

    Absolutely love it. It’s silly, enormous, and over the top. Invicta is doing what many other companies are doing, but they’re not charging six figures for their goofiness. If you want an enormous watch, at least you can get this one for really cheap. Try to tell me that a Panerai is a better value at 16X the cost.

    And no, I would never wear this, but I’d also never wear so many of the other chunk watches on the market today.

    One final thing to thank Invicta for, at least it’s not another tourbillion watch.

    • Pat i.

      It won’t be a tourbillon – it’ll be a full size friggin’ carousel – complete with cigar chompin’ blinged out drunken midgets riding the horses and brass rings doled out by the escapement.

      No swans though. That would be really tacky.

      • Peter

        Lmao! true but na come on, a swan neck regulater…..literally!

  • pat I

    Somewhere in the world a village is missing it’s clocktower…

    Oh well -I like the color and texture. But 55mm? My mother should have had a watch like this when I was a kid. so when I was down the hall she could point at it when yelling, “MOVE IT OR WE’RE GONNA BE LATE!” and realize she wasn’t kidding.

    Invicta confounds me. Obviously having swiss made models is a good move quality wise (whether they truly are is a completely different matter). Is their over the top design
    their calling card? Or is their design department made up of Goodfella wannabes who sit around and say, “ya now what this model needs – a stripper outlined in crushed diamonds – with rubies for n*pples”. Nothing says “successful purveyor of liquor, wide screen TVs, fur coats and cigarettes like a blinged-out tuna can on a strap.

    I think they’re getting a tad more conservative in design – not much….just a bit.
    But how to get serious watch people to not laugh at at their offerings when some oily, cheapjack Iago is hawking them on TV like synthetic chamois cloths? why not go one step further and get celebrity endorsements like this:

    Yo – this is Joe “Joey neck” Gravasi. Ya know…when I’m out blowing up cars and businesses of rival families I need an accurate timepiece to time my explosives and looks as classy as a Bensonhurst cocktail waitress for the post hit dinner with the fellas. That’s why I wear an Invicta. So should you – if you know what I mean”.

    It always good for us to have a another alternative for reasonably priced watches. I would like to see Invicta offer tasteful, well made timepieces.

    But I wonder if they’ve done too much damage with their ugly designs, tacky sales pitches, spotty quality, questionable reputation and Leisure suit Larry designs to execute a turnaround. My guess is they won’t. They know their market
    and they’re damn successful. Invicta watches are not for the guy next door.

    That is unless you live next door to a wh*rehouse.

  • Eric


    Would love to see you post this on the luxist website.

    • Fred I

      BAA ZINGA!

  • pat I.

    Isaac the bartender called.

    He wants his watch back.

    I’m sure you saw that one coming amile away.

  • Ivan Y

    Even when I didn’t know as much about watches as I do now, I didn’t like Invicta. The worst part, they are sullying a name of a great Italian backpack/bag company —

  • kris c

    I guess my main confusion is why they would make a fixed bezel with a divers countdown on it. I love meteorite dials as well, but this is just too big.

    Its a shame that it take an Invicta post to get people to start talking. Invicta is just an easy target to throw stones at, but I’m sure a lot of people don;t know why they picked up the stone in the first place.


      I own one & it does have a uni-diret. rotating bezel,Gibeon meteorite dial w/grey lume. The crown is on the left side to put the balance wheel of the Salita SW200 at the six o-clock position.The movt. has also been modified to show the balance wheel by removing the date wheel & plate material. A comfortable watch for how big it is.

  • Shinytoys

    I love my Invicta’s…but that’s not an attractive watch…

  • andrew

    Where’s the wrist shot? Too heavy for one?

  • Budo

    Swiss made, Swiss automatic movement, massive hunk of steel, meteorite dial, all for $500?!? Seems like a damn good deal to me. The exact same watch made by one of the “respected brands” would cost at least 20x’s that much.

    How is that an ugly watch? The whole industry has shifted to black watches, this fits right in with the current trends. Fine, 55mm is too big for most, but believe it or not, there is a huge, pun intended, demographic of buyers who want BIG watches. There’s plenty of high end brands making 48-50mm watches these days, what’s an extra 5mm in the grand scheme of things.

    As some of you might recall, Movado made a 60mm museum dial watch for their 60th anniversary, and that was a while back already.

    I’m just sayin’………….

    • Sparky

      I agree… The haters should all get the sticks out of their asses. …I’m just sayin’.

  • Johnny Ringo

    That watch is gangster as hell. Love it. The bezel definitely moves, so maybe getting a workable model to review next time would give your reviews more legitimacy, but hey, someone’s gotta pretend they are a professional around here. I could see the 55mm being to big, but isn’t that what you were looking for?

    “The case is 40mm wide – which is small to me these days. But For a (Rolex) Daytona I would sport the size with pleasure (especially with a cool meteorite dial). Here you can see it with a nice brown leather strap. Price is about $20,000 – $25,000, depending on where you can find it.”

    I guess some people like paying $19,500.00 (depending on where you can find it, haha) more. I’m sure it’s definitely worth the quality difference… right?

  • Indeed, Invicta makes all kind of watches, it all depends on the person’s tastes

  • wont_pay_advert

    Funny… all the Invicta bashers say the same thing. They all thrive off eachother. None of the bashers even have an Invicta…all just copying eachother…funny. Always using the crappiest invicta diver to compare with. Never comparing a $400+ Invicta like a reserve or subaqua noma. I even had a problem with 1 Invicta also(only$59 can I really complain lol?). I sent it back and got a new one. I also have had a problem with a Victorinox, ( $399 at nordstroms, does it mean they suck? and I spent 8x as much as the invicta and had a problem)
    I am not an Invicta lover…I am a watch lover and collector.
    I have:
    1) Tag Heuer aquaracer $1299
    2) Tissot PRS 516 $1350, val 7750
    3) Baume & Mercier Guilloche $2799
    4) Invicta Reserve Pro Diver with meteroite, val 7751… 50 mm not the 55mm…$1100(look what I got for $1000, same as the tissot plus meteroite + upgraded 7751 and 250 cheaper)
    5)Bulova marine star $450
    6) Invicta subaqua noma 4… $299 (cheaper and better than my $450 bulova)
    7) Victorinox classic xls $675
    and couple other watches not worth mentioning. I do need to mention that I spent 1/2 as much on the Invicta subaqua noma as I did on the Victorinox and got all the same things…but got 500 meters water resist on the invicta and only 100 on the Vict.
    Invicta is far from an elite watch maker…however it has a lot of hits and misses. I just hate reading all the bashers who have not seen an Invicta …ever! Its a joke. Stop comparing the crappiest invicta diver $50 to a $5000 elite rolex…come on bashers. Get a half way honorable Invicta reserve and u will never bash it…may not love it but for what u get for the money u cant bash it. If u do then u better bash ESQ, Vict, Guess, Kenneth cole, Wenger, Bulova and all others that break and cost the same if not more. No i dont love Invicta, I dont care about them its not my company. I just find it funny how people can bash and say the same thing when they dont even have an Invicta…LOL funny bashers…keep on keeping on bashers.

  • Well I have a few Invicta Watches myself along with many other brands. I think there is a time a place that makes the Invicta watch look good! Besides that we sell a lot of them!

  • wont_pay_advert

    Well said marcus… they definitly are not a watch that goes with a tuxedo. But the subaqua noma 3 or 4 goes well at a club or dressed up to go out. Alot of people buy them because you get alot for $300 where you have to spend $900 in another brand of watch.

  • Luke Harbeck

    no sir! I don’t like it!

  • Invicta watches rock. Invicta reserves are my favorites and I’ve bought a couple of them at They’ve got amazing prices.

  • I own 2 Invictas, the 1st I ever bought was the Ocean Ghost. an auto. w/ Miyota 8215. Then I got a Pro Diver 43 mm Swiss Auto. Salitta 200 at 300 Meters W.R. for about  300 Bucks. For the money it was / is a good buy. But the more I used to watch Eyal Lalo w/ his butt-buddy Jim Skelton hawking over-sized watches to lonely watch-geeks desperate for attention i had to run as far & fast as I could. By the way I was a Watch-Geek at one time until I called Skelton on his BS at which time I was asked to leave if I could not be agreeable. Anyway selling ISA mov’ts in so called Reserve watches at Premium prices is laughable. Yet their minnion’s go ga-ga over them. It’s like he’s selling companionship for lonely watch nerds. I mean c’mon a true watch guy does not limit himself to 1 vendor while buying multiple versions of the same watch in different colors. Oh well, I will say the Salitta Pro Diver gave me the look & quality I wanted for an everyday knockaround watch w / o spending much money.  ( p.s. 55mm is ridiculus, how insecure & desperate for attention can one be. Which  made Skelton the perfect pitch man. now Mike Davis, Skelton’s clone.)

  • JohnCarey1

    Invicta is a case builder. They build these gigantic, ugly cases, and then throw a cheap quartz movement in it. That’s not horology! They have the nerve to say the produce 4000+ models a year. I don’t consider changing the color of a dial producing another model. As kdking stated above, they target these lonely souls that are starved for attention by telling them “man, you will really get noticed with this watch.” My favorite tactic is when they weigh the watches like you’re buying produce at the grocery market. Mike Davis doesn’t realize that admitting he purchased twelve versions of the same watch, just different colors, only shows stupidity. On top of all this you have these uneducated hosts at Shophq telling customers that certain watches have “taken the watch industry by storm”.Seriously, take kdking’s advice above, if you see these people coming, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN, IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!!!!

  • JohnCarey1

    You better put down the crack pipe—–remember moderation!

  • JohnCarey1

    Rajan, put down your crack pipe—remember moderation!

  • MichaelBaker3

    INVICTA watches are some of the best watches in the world.  I have many and would put any one of my upper end Invictas against looks, build, and time keeping of any other watch.  Bash all you want but with out actually owning there higher end time pieces your simply being a fool to think that they are bad..  I challenge any one to do a comparison between a high end Invicta and a rolex. The results may surprise you.  But then again most people can’t accept the fact that a 1700.00 watch is better than a 10,000.00 watch.  Bash away I’m laughing all the way to the bank.  By the way my Rolex Daytona and My Omega never get noticed. My Invictas always do.  I love all watches, that’s why I am a collector..   But I live in reality.  If I had more money than brains I would have never owned a Invicta watch ,and I also probably would have been a fool about bashing a watch I knew nothing about..

  • funNactive

    Retail means nothing for Invicta – if its not 75% off, you’re paying too much. Make this 40mm & $150 & I’ll consider it. – I do want a Meteorite dial watch.

  • Bart Read

    My biggest beef with this is the bracelet which, as per Invicta standard, is utterly terrible. Not so much in overall design but all those pin holes in the sides of the links look awful. Also for a “pro diver” watch to have a fixed bezel, especially for $500, is a complete joke. The Seiko SKX has a really awesome unidirectional rotating bezel and costs only $200 or so. Yeah, it doesn’t have a meteorite dial but it does function considerably better as what it claims to be: a dive watch. This is why people diss Invictas: even at $500 that thing is a complete rip-off. If you can get one for $100, and you like the look then fine, go for it. Otherwise avoid because there are simply much better quality watches to be had for $500 and all points in between.

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