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Invicta Makes A New Batch Of Limited-Edition Disney Mickey Mouse Watches & They Are Mostly Sold Out

Invicta Makes A New Batch Of Limited-Edition Disney Mickey Mouse Watches & They Are Mostly Sold Out Watch Releases

It feels like just weeks ago (it was a few months) when I visited Disneyland here in Southern California and found a general lack of anything even remotely horologically worthwhile. Mickey Mouse has a fine history of being on wrist watches, but today there are precious few modern timepieces which celebrate Disney’s very rich history of being involved with culturally important wearables. Most of today’s official Disney licensed timepieces are pretty crappy, to be honest, and I’ve actually been considering finding someone at Disney and telling them as much.

Invicta Makes A New Batch Of Limited-Edition Disney Mickey Mouse Watches & They Are Mostly Sold Out Watch Releases

In the meantime, while I comb for receptive ears at Disney who might want to talk about more serious Mickey Mouse timepieces, I learned that Invicta recently came out with a limited-edition set of Disney-licensed timepieces. These are basically Invicta’s favorite emulations of mostly Rolex designs with integrated Mickey or Minnie Mouse visual motifs. Note a primary difference between the two major groups of Disney-licensed items. One set of items is sold directly via Disney in one way or another, and the second set of items is able to use Disney-owned imagery and intellectual property, but is marketed and sold without any assistance or participation from Disney themselves (such as the Invicta Disney timepieces).

Invicta Makes A New Batch Of Limited-Edition Disney Mickey Mouse Watches & They Are Mostly Sold Out Watch Releases

These Invicta Disney watches are sold directly from Evine, which is an e-commerce and television-based sales company. I’ve not seen their channel, but Invicta has a long history of being deeply integrated with TV shopping channels such as QVC and ShopNBC. Evine is yet another couch-friendly outlet for the energy-conserving shopper. Back when I used to live in San Francisco even before I started aBlogtoWatch, I recall plenty an evening eating dinner alone at home after class and viewing the watch sales hour of ShopNBC when enthused sales guys would wax poetic about each and every Invicta and other watch brand that they sold.

Invicta Makes A New Batch Of Limited-Edition Disney Mickey Mouse Watches & They Are Mostly Sold Out Watch Releases

As a watch lover, the appeal of Invicta is mostly absent, even though I do consider the company to be a “gateway brand.” Plenty of people have begun their appreciation of watches with something low cost and basic like an Invicta, only to step up to many more high-quality timepieces. People can fault Invicta all they want (and often for good reason), but the low prices of the brand’s products do allow for a highly democratic sales volume. Most of these Invicta Disney men’s models are only priced at around $150 – even the mechanical ones.

Invicta Makes A New Batch Of Limited-Edition Disney Mickey Mouse Watches & They Are Mostly Sold Out Watch Releases

I’m past the point in my watch education to consider wearing an Invicta watch personally. Aside from people’s regular qualms with the brand’s diligent focus on design “inspiration” from other brands, these products tend to be a bit too down-market to satisfy my timepiece expectations. That’s OK, though, as I am happy to represent a more elitist section of watch collectors. I can, however, give praise where praise is due and want to compliment Invicta on a few levels.


Invicta Makes A New Batch Of Limited-Edition Disney Mickey Mouse Watches & They Are Mostly Sold Out Watch Releases

First, for the most part, the Invicta Disney watches are for adults. Yes, we can argue about their relative sophistication, but when it comes down to it, these aren’t kids’ watches (and not just because half of them are 50mm wide). Based on their Rolex Submariner-inspired Pro Diver or Rolex Daytona-inspired Speedway, the Mickey Mouse integration in the designs is actually quite mature. Just look at the decently covert integration of Mickey Mouse heads on the bezel of the Invicta Disney 45mm Pro Diver Limited Edition Quartz Chronograph. Even though the core watch design pulls liberally from Rolex and Seiko, the Disney elements aren’t too bad.

Invicta Makes A New Batch Of Limited-Edition Disney Mickey Mouse Watches & They Are Mostly Sold Out Watch Releases

What Invicta was surprisingly decent at doing was to make these watches something not only for Disney nerds, but also for a slightly more mainstream audience that appreciates Disney themes in their life. Unfortunately (or fortunately), none of these watches are modern takes on the classic Mickey Mouse hands Disney watches, but are rather more about imagery on the dial. Some of these watches are surprisingly intricate (not to be necessarily confused with attractive) such as the skeletonized dial on the otherwise quartz Invicta Disney Subaqua Noma watches. In most watches, Invicta did succeed in at least being artistic. The Grand Diver (which is like a large Rolex Yacht-Master… sort of) has a kind of stained-glass rendition of Mickey Mouse’s face, which is actually done differently in a collection Invicta oddly decided to call the “Bone Collector” which has Mickey captured in some state of being sucked into the digital Tron universe.

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  • laup nomis

    “..couch friendly outlet for the energy conserving shopper….”. Hahahahahaha….hahahaha……….hahahahahahaha

  • TrevorXM

    Invicta selling Mickey Mouse watches. So funny you have to laugh out loud. I did when I glimpsed this story. I honestly thought it was April 1st for just a split second.

    • egznyc

      Yeah, that was exactly my thought as well! Or that this should have been saved for April 1st. 😉

  • wallydog2

    I once saw a guy at an all-inclusive resort swim-up bar with a five pound Invicta. Aside from the bulldog collar studs on the biker leather strap; aside from the chain from the case to the crown, dammit!, it looked pretty spiffy on this guy – who, by the way, was jolly, everyone’s best buddy, 270 pounds, and drove a m.f. truck with kick-ass tires in Fort McMurray (before the fire). My (if I had one) Grand Reverso would fit on his big toe, just below his lower calf tattoo dedicated to The Grateful Dead

    • Just think how much better that 5 lb Invicta would have been with Michael “Mickey” Rat on it. (and perhaps we should be happy Walt did not go with “Manfred Mouse” – his original choice).

  • I actually think that the white Mickey “Daytona” is surprisingly well designed!

    Mickey’s private parts barely touch the subdial, and his feet with the inverse coloured chrono markings show surprising attention to detail!

    Also, the lack of an “11” hour marker shows that the drawing is well integrated into the overall design.

    The rest of the offerings are garbage, as you would expect.

  • Gabe Wong

    HAHAHA!!! Mickey looks like he has a massive boner, and like he’s actually freaking out about it.. HAHAHA!!!

  • cg

    Don’t much like Mickey Rat but I’ll admit to having a nice “Goofy” character watch that runs counter clockwise along with hour numbers reversed. Truly a left brain/right brain test.

    • Boogur T. Wang

      In my misspent youth, I frequented an ‘adult beverage’ establishment that had a large wall lock like that.

      • Rockymet

        Mr Wang, how could such activity be be considered “misspent Youth”? After all what is youth for. Hopefully your wrist was well shod.

  • word-merchant

    The top one is a nice alternative to the ceramic Daytona, and is surely an evolution of that classic design that Rolex would love to make but daren’t. In 50 years, the Daytona will be forgotten as a historical embarrassment, but this watch will surely live on and on, wherever and whenever mice and watches are mentioned in the same sentence.

    I’m off to order six of them: two for my two wrists and four for the dog.

  • LapYoda

    I’ve been wanting a nicer Disney watch for when our family goes to Disney World. These aren’t them (though the Daytona knockoff looks okay – if you don’t mind it falling apart upon wearing it).

  • Marius

    Say what you will, but these watches appear to be infinitely better made than the $20,000 Bamford Mickey Mouse watches, that’s for sure.

    • TrevorXM

      Yes, they actually do.

  • Steve Jacobs

    FYI, Evine is the new name for ShopNBC.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I wouldn’t be seen dead wearing a Mickey Mouse watch.

    • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

      I wouldn’t be seen dead wearing an invicta watch.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        I would.


    Am I the only one seeing why Mickey is jumping and screaming every 60 seconds???

    Guys and Gals hate the Invite name all you want but these are cool looking watches. I am not a Disney freak but there are a lot of people that are. You have to applaud someone who can buy an item with no regard to name brand but solely because they like it. I get the quality and movement but then again 90% of the people commenting wouldn’t know the difference if they were in front of them.

    Is the quality really $10k better with a Bamford? You could buy their entire Invite stock and change the watch monthly for 20 or so years before you bought a Bamford.

  • Shawn Lavigne

    slow day i guess.

  • Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn)

    I remember Ingersoll having a large display of Disney watches at Baselworld in 2015, not just Mickey, but other characters as well.

  • Larry Holmack

    Ariel….I will disagree with you on one of your points…

    “With that said, the company is decent at pleasing their core audience of decidedly non-snobby watch consumers who have been buying the brand’s watches in droves (and none the wiser how seasoned watch enthusiasts speak of them).”

    There was, at one time, a watch forum that was totally dedicated to “Invicta Collectors,” and I still think there is one out there, and most of the guys I knew on said forum were well aware of how “seasoned watch enthusiasts” spoke of them, but they really didn’t care. I’ve had more than my share of them in my collection, and have ended up selling most of them to get something a little nicer and more my style. The ones I have left were gifts or ones I felt worked well enough to keep, mainly 2 Pro Divers that I use as my beaters. Personally….not one of my Invictas ever gave me a single problem…no scratched “Flame Fusion Crystals,” no hands falling off, nothing at all. When I sold them, I put new batteries in them, or had the automatic movement cleaned, and got positive feedback from the person that purchased them from me on ebay.

    But…as diet pills sold on TV are always made to say, your results may vary.

    • Ariel Adams

      Fair enough, but in my experience Invicta customers aren’t nearly as snobby as other watch collectors who seem to take pride in jesting about them.

      I’ve owned one Invicta in my life that I bought when I was in school. I didn’t wear it that much and it didn’t fall apart on me completely. Though I stopped wearing it when one of the caseback screws fell out. Just a fact from my limited experience actually wearing the brand’s products.

      • Larry Holmack

        Oh that’s true Ariel…they aren’t snobby at all. Most of the guys I know just really like their Invicta’s, and if someone else has the means to afford more prestigious brands…that’s great.
        I mainly have Diesel’s and Nixon’s in my collection now because I like the style. I wish I could afford to own several Graham’s, as the steampunk style really appeals to me. I doubt it would appeal to my wife though, although she has gotten used to me wearing larger watches, and when I wear one of my Seiko dress watches, she asks me why I am wearing my “old man” watch!!
        If you are ever in the Austin Texas area and in need of a wrist model for some 50 mm + watch that you are reviewing…I’ll be happy to model it for ya!! They do look “normal sized” on my nearly 9 inch wrist!!! LOL

      • Watchlords Forum

        I would disagree with your thought that inflicta collectors are not snobby. I have been collecting watches since my dad gave me my first real one at 8 years old. That was well over 50 years ago as I am in my mid 60’s. Never and I mean never in all of the years of watch forums, BBS/usenet groups I have ever encountered the rabid folks who latch onto inflicta. I and I might add others have been threatened in real life and on the net by these “collectors who are not snobs”

        If you make fun of the watch brand they are like animals trying to silence you. One of these ” non snobs” even posted at Amazon that I murdered my wife of 30 years. Sorry but my opinion of most of these ” inflicta collectors” is they are a pox on the hobby and have dumbed it down.

  • Before my bleeding eyes completely rendered me sightless, I saw the lead photo and I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone wants a watch where Mickey seems to be experiencing a very painful enema.

    • laup nomis

      Its the fact that he’s had to hook his legs through the ‘stirrups’ (sub-dials), you know its an eye-wateringly painful procedure.
      And the look of pure panic on his face…

      • Yes, – the stirrups (or is it a sexual strap swing?) made me think poor Mickey might be getting a pelvic exam from an OB/GYN in the only opening available.

        • Nick Chang

          LOL! Stop already, bro…I’m about to cough up a lung! 😀

          • A lung or a fetal kidney? Or am I way off base? Aloha.

    • Berndt Norten

      I see that and I raise you with this: ‘for the life of me, I can’t understand why anyone would want to get in the ring with my Undertaker!’ (Paul Bearer, may he RIP…)

    • Nick Chang

      LMAO! Good one, Mark. Your comment made me bust out the same way Goose did in Top Gun when Iceman said “…and the plaque for the alternates is down in the ladies room”

  • Boogur T. Wang

    Good overview on the Invicta bidness model.
    The company is in bidness to sell watches.
    They seem to do it rather well.

    • Chaz

      True Dat

  • JimBob

    Jesus wept.

  • Robert Smith

    Ariel, I’ve enjoyed your work, but frankly, I’m mad at the watch media in general.

    For more than 10 years, the Invicta Watch Group has engaged in some of of the shoddiest business practices I’ve ever seen in this hobby, but somehow, some way, they get to skate. Repeatedly., consumer sites, watch blogs, and watch forums (excepting the ones that cater to the stilted, non-educated audience that is home shopping network customers – the sort that buys things from infomercials) list – and it’s like shooting fish in a barrel if you care to follow up. Countless complaints about Invicta, most importantly concerning the fact that the company issues (note I didn’t say manufacture, since they don’t actually, you know, do that) watches that they apparently don’t care to fix.

    I could go on and on about the things that have been discovered about various Invicta watches during the past six years or so, including their most recent gaffe (or perhaps, scam) involving watches advertised on TV as having Valjoux 7750 movements that actually were packed with Sellita SW500 movements. There’s an Invicta fan site that is detailing how buyers are sitting for months waiting to received repaired watches, yet few have gotten satisfaction.

    Yet..the “legitimate” watch media, such as your site, never says a thing. Watches with crystals sold as diamonda? Silence. Non-working chronos shipped? Shhh. Rubber strapped watches breaking as they sit in their watch boxes? Haven’t read a thing – except at the blogs and websites were furious, ripped-off watch buyers gather to discuss their problems. And what’s been learned is that shoddy companies such as Invicta are one of the biggest problems with the wristwatch industry.

    I just don’t understand it. As you noted, sure, Invicta makes garish, tasteless, oversized watches. Fine, there’s a market for them, no problem. The company has learned how to use Far East assembly to maximize profits and somehow convince a segment of consumers that’s comprised mainly of shut-ins and seniors that they’re issuing “luxury watches.” Great; they’ll reap what they sow.

    But the real story with Invicta issuing Disney watches is that Disney would allow itself to be associated with a product that clearly is a crap shoot in terms of quality, not that the new products are “almost sold out.”

    I will state this again: I do not understand how an enterprise like Invicta is not called out by the legitimate watch media for its seedy selling practices on home shopping networks, and it’s highly documented quality control and customer service issues. My only guess is that the legit watch media is only concerned with never, ever offending a potential advertiser no matter how many consumers have been ripped off – and I think that’s exceptionally sad. And how legit watch companies – not to mention the FH – aren’t up in arms over all this is beyond my comprehension. So who’s looking out for watch consumers? It’s clearly not the watch media, which clearly is more concerned with oohhing and ahhing over the newest Omega or Jaeger-LeCoultre model than caring about a rather large segment of watch buyers who have been getting fleeced for years.

    • word-merchant

      I do not understand how an enterprise like Invicta is not called out by the legitimate watch media…

      Two theories:
      1. That Invicta is well lawyer’d up and a bit trigger happy.
      2. That Invicta watches are so self evidently not what the audience of this blog is about, that why bother?

      Personally I don’t get why anyone would every buy an Invicta watch. I really don’t. But then I don’t understand why people listen to autotuned generic pop-pap all day, why people choose to shop in supermarkets when they can get it all delivered, why people watch celebrity big brother and find it important, the Kardashians, why anyone listens to Hilary Clinton and looks for truth in her words, breast implants, disco lights on cars, man buns, people who buy anything made by Samsung, social media, over-sharing, using the word ‘like’ as punctuation, people who vocal fry, up-talk and much much more.

      • laup nomis

        Uptalk, Kardashians…aaargh.
        I find when I’m stressed there’s a good video about the new ceramic Daytona on you tube that you can watch.

      • Robert Smith

        Like the website the fellow up above so breathlessly defended, each to their own. There are those who choose to try to learn about watchmaking and its history, strive for quality, and covet a certain standard when choosing products – and then there are those who do whatever the smiling man on the home shopping network tells them to do, particularly when the products are inexpensive. That’s fine – it’s a big world. But when a company fails to reach even the minimum standards of acceptable customer service, that’s when it needs to be called out.

        • Watchlords Forum

          drop by watchlords one day. Not for everyone but 7 years and going strong. Nothing PC about it. As it was described many times by the former invicta forum members and mods/owners, it is a cesspool for taking on Inflicta, doxa and others. it is also an award winning site.

    • RoadWarrior

      Get your facts straight if your talking about the Watchintyme forum. The WIT forum is where the Valjoux and SW 500 issue first came up and is not an “Invicta fan” site, but one that enjoys all brands Swiss made and otherwise, the forum does not constantly tear down or put any one brand on a pedestal.

      • Robert Smith

        One word: Bull.

    • Watchlords Forum

      They were just pointed out a fake “swiss made company” and counterfeiter. Photo taken from the Swiss Federation news.

  • ??????

    Ariel, please, be considerate! Set maturity rating 21+ on Invicta news! Don’t let kids suffer from bedwetting and stuttering after seeing this.

  • Chaz

    Seriously…what’s the point of a Mickey Mouse watch when Mickey’s hands don’t tell the time??

    • Nick Chang

      Yeah, and that minute hand looks like a samurai sword that’s about to cut Mickey in half…which I think is the intention by the look of Mick’s expression :-O

    • Watchlords Forum

      Do not worry about the hands not telling time. They will fall off soon enough.

  • Alexander Daniel Kruszewski

    Its a shame they made all of the chronos with Miyota OS10/20 series movements, they could have atleast made a higher end one with a Seiko NE78A (the Seiko Instruments 8R28 equivalent for use by 3rd party manufacturers), a 8R28 powered Daytona with micky mouse on the face ? where do i sign up.

  • Ulysses31

    I don’t think choosing to invest in quality and service rather than buying watches from this ridiculous brand makes one a snob. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and there are plenty of crooked businesses preying on the gullibility and lack of experience of the consumer; Invicta is the master of such practices.

    I don’t like Mickey Mouse. I don’t like his Fascist-loving creator either. These watches are for the most part incredibly ugly and the addition of Mickey just makes them even worse, and ruin what little aesthetic value they may have possessed, like a piece of gum on a newly-paved street. The purchasers of these watches probably think they are having a bit of irreverent fun by getting something that’ll stand out and perhaps provoke the concerned attention of onlookers. Get lost Mickey; go and attend a bund meeting or something.

    • Robert Smith

      Your first graph really sums things up.

  • Bill W

    It’s not as nice as my Patek Philippe Homage de Foghorn Leghorn 1956.

    • laup nomis

      Nor my Vacheron Bagpuss.
      Or my: Pew, Pew, Barny MaGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, and Grub – Daytona with ceramic bezel.

    • Bill W

      The Holy Trinity:

      Patek Philippe Homage de Foghorn Leghorn 1956
      Audemars Piguet Slowpoke Rodriguez Offshore Chrono
      Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’Art Michigan J. Frog

  • OMG! This is really scary……..

  • Jerry Davis

    I have several Invicta watches in the “wear to work” section of my watch collection.
    None of them are more than 48mm. None have Mickey Mouse on the dial.
    I don’t have any bad customer service stories because all of the watches have worked
    perfectly fine since the day I received them. One is more than 10 years old.
    Personally, I don’t have any problems with Invicta but then I also sometimes buy
    wine at the grocery store… that’s just me.

  • Watchlords Forum

    Ahh yes, Inflicta. The “honest” brand will now infect Disney. Had their own forum at one time with inflated membership (by tens of thousands), ban happy people and by far the most vicious group of hoarders claiming to be collectors I have ever run across in over 30 years on the net/usenet/bbs.

    Inflicta watch group

    Is not a watch manufacturer but a marketing group claiming the heritage of the original Invicta which went out of business over 30 years ago.

    Caught claiming their fake watch company S. Coifman made the watches actually produced and rebranded by Claude Meylan.

    Claimed the Meylan showroom was the Invicta Factory.

    Caught claiming fake diamonds were real.

    Caught claiming plastic dials was “REAL SANDSTONE” dials.

    Caught selling movements made in Thailand and Malaysia which they claimed were “Swiss made”.

    Caught using grey market DD modules they claimed they purchased directly from Depraz.
    Caught claiming Dubois Depraz improperly installed the grey market modules which they did not.

    Granny Lalo invented the Russian Diver

    Eyal Lalo is a third generation watch maker, or is it second generation, or first or not a watchmaker at all. Depends on the interview he gave.

    Recently sold watches with “valjoux 7750 movements” which turned out to be SW500.
    Claimed he donated $78,000 worth of watches to an Army Platoon. Watches were worth less than $5k at full BS MSRP.

    The many claims of owning a Swiss Factory since 2000. (TZ interview)

    Swiss gold layering (excuse me while I laugh)

    Technica Swiss ebauche (made in Korea)

    Lupah Reserve – POS, plus billed as Invicta worked with Seiko to design new movement

    Russian Diver 50 year – Marked 60 years on caseback

    Sea Spider Sport – Marked Swiss on the dial, and Swiss Parts on the caseback, Eyal and Jim never touched on the discrepancy on air

    OTV Excursion with ISA movement – Crown sat low from the case and had sharp ridges. Many reported it was very uncomfortable and Invicta did nothing.

    Interchangeable strap Venom and SAIII – Screws to fine of thread, tons of people cross threading, screws breaking, etc… etc…

    Lupah Grand OTV with MOP dial – Dirt cheap set, MOP dial possible sticker as un-natural looking wrinkles were reported in many of the dials.

    Scuba TTV – Lots of reports of crowns and stems coming loose.

    Colored ceramic watches – Invicta reps claim it is solid color all the way through. Turns out they were glazes on top of dull grey ceramic.

    Original S1 Racers – ETA retrograde movements would jump from their settings at rest @ 9 and move to 9:15 setting for no reason.

    SAIV – Lots of problems with missing “S” in Subaqua on the dial. Even SNBC model pictures have this missing as well.

    SAS – Invicta reps claimed lug screws were true screws, turns out they were pressure pins with the illusion of screws.

    Plasticase – Suing Invicta for taking their samples and having them sourced to be made cheaper in China. Invicta, specifically Eyal said many times on air that the case was a name brand, costing hundreds of dollars, very expensive case but could not say the name on air.

    Flame Fusion – Tons of reports of the uber crystal that is better than sapphire or mineral scratching, chipping, cracking, etc….

    Mold – SAIII Kit pulled as mold was growing in the awesome Chinese knock-off diver’s cases.

    Bezels – Lots of reports of loose bezels, rattling bezels, or just popping off altogether.

    Yep! Disney has a lot to look forward to.

    • mrneddles

      Quite a list! I might add the infamous Invicta Pro Diver auto with Officina Del Tempo Rotor presented on air. Check youtube.

  • egznyc

    Micky be damned. Actually, I harbor no ill will toward him. He’s just not a lot of “personality,” and Invicta being Invicta … well it’s just not something I’m interested in. Maybe ’cause I’m a grown man and I don’t really see a lot of situations where I would want to wear a watch with a cartoon character on the dial, so it would take a special kind of watch for me to really lust after it, with a kids’ theme to it. But as a matter of fact, there is one that comes to mind: the Goofy Watch. Not the ones Disney is selling these days. They are just plain boring. Rather, the ones from decades past that had the hands moving counter-clockwise with a dial sporting numbers that went counter-clockwise to match. Now THAT epitomizes “goofy,” after all, and somehow I find that worthy of my attention.

  • Bill Grist

    Should we talk about Michael Kors watches too?

  • cg

    Mickey at 6:30 am/pm would be quite interesting to see especially with that startled expression on his face!

  • IG

    Why would anyone over 8 y/o would wear this cartoon mouse crap?

  • Chic7

    Pretty unexpected series, but Invicta was a bit lazy regarding the design of these as they have only recreacted a Mickey Mouse version of Pro Diver, Reserve and other previously made designs…

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