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After the success of the JM-D103 on Kickstarter in 2017, the team at Jack Mason, a popular watch company located in the heart of Dallas, Texas, immediately set to work on the next project. We took some time to consider each pillar in our watch collection and dream up what the most fully realized version of those watches could be.

With all Jack Mason timepieces, the starting point and central goal is function. For this particular project, we wanted to create a more specific product – one with all of the bells and whistles. So, we’re making our return to Kickstarter to present the first watch of our Pinnacle Series, The Regatta Timer.

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Introducing the Regatta Timer JM-N105. With functionality as the central focus for this design, our traditional nautical dial blueprint has been reimagined to prominently feature the regatta countdown timer, an essential part to yachting and extremely accurate timekeeping.

The case features our first ever bidirectional compass bezel for quick orienteering operation. In the event that you find yourself overboard, this dive quality watch features a depth rating of 20 ATM.

The Regatta Timer boasts a Swiss movement, another first for Jack Mason timepieces. The precision carried by the “Swiss made” name is consistent not only with yacht timing functionality, but also with the day to day accuracy of the watch function.

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The inspiration for the Regatta Timer was taken from a collection of childhood memories shared with us by a member of our Jack Mason family. The tales of her and her father sailing and racing their many family owned vessels in community regattas inspired us to dig deeper into the history of regatta and the yacht timer. There, we discovered the origin of America’s Cup and the rich history of watches and regatta.

After meticulous research and before we put pen to paper, we decided to break down the yachting category into four main components from which our designs could be influenced: historic, leisure, casual sport, and professional.

The goal was to design a watch for the casual sport customer: a weekend enthusiast or even a yachting fan; someone who understands the heritage story and is emotionally connected in some way to the lifestyle.

With a true sport watch in mind, Creative Director, Peter Cho, envisioned a very specific product, complete with all of the bells and whistles. “When the team started discussing materials and functionality, we decided we needed to create a Regatta Timer that included only the highest quality components – a Swiss movement, sapphire crystal, and a high depth rating. When passion takes the lead on design, it’s pretty amazing to see what comes of it.”

Key Product Specs

  • 42mm Case Size, 22mm Lug Size
  • 20 ATM Water Resistance
  • Screw-down Crown
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • Bi-directional Compass Bezel
  • Swiss-made, Yacht Timer Movement
  • Numbered Caseback Exclusive to Kickstarter Backers

Right now, you have a chance to own part of the very limited run of Jack Mason JM-N105 watches at a fraction of the eventual cost. As a top-level funder, you will receive the Jack Mason Box Set, complete with the Regatta Timer on a butterfly closure, solid link bracelet, a new rubber strap design in Jack Mason’s standard navy-blue, and the best-selling tan Italian leather strap. Our projected retail on this package is $795 – offered at more than 50% off MSRP! We’re already over 60% funded – don’t miss the boat! Get your Regatta Timer on Kickstarter nowjackmasonbrand.com

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