This past week in a special presentation ceremony held at the Tourneau Time Machine flagship store on 57th Street in Manhattan, JEANRICHARD unveiled a special limited edition timepiece called the “208 Seconds” commemorating The Miracle On The Hudson – which was the plane that had an emergency river landing and was piloted by captain Sully.

JEANRICHARD has had an official brand ambassador relationship with Captain Chesley Sullenberger, hero pilot of US Airways Flight 1549 for the past year.  Sully, as he is known to his legion of fans, is an unpaid spokesperson and brand ambassador who chose to align with JEANRICHARD for what he considers to be similarities in their mutual “Philosophy Of Life.”  Since the widely publicized emergency landing on the Hudson River in January of 2009, Sully has become a public figure and proponent of several major charity organizations, including the American Red Cross and the Roy Staunton Foundation, which champions the development and implementation of guidelines to decrease instances of medical negligence.

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jeanrichard-208-seconds-sully-watch Bruno-Grande-Captain-Sullenberger

Presented in front of a standing-room only crowd of reporters, journalists, collectors, and enthusiasts, Bruno Grande (CEO of JR) presented Sully with their new collaborative wristwatch, called the 208 Seconds. The timepiece is based on JR’s ­­­­Aeroscope chronograph line, and features a 44mm steel case with titanium and DLC accents.  Inside the watch is the JR66 automatic chronograph movement that is a base ETA. The dial is finished in a special color unique to the special edition, houses a triple register chronograph layout, and features concentric rings on the outer portions of the dial totaling the 208 seconds of the flight, from takeoff to water landing.

jeanrichard-208-seconds-aeroscope-dial jeanrichard-Aeroscope-208-S

The timepiece is being produced in a limited edition of 208 pieces, with the last piece being reserved for Capt. Sully’s wrist. The JEANRICHARD Aeroscope 208 Seconds will retail for $5,400, and a portion of the proceeds of each sale will go to the charity organizations mentioned above.

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