JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum Watch In Primary Colors Hands-On

JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum Watch In Primary Colors Hands-On

JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum Watch In Primary Colors Hands-On Hands-On

When I first saw pictures of this JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum ref. 60500-10-702-FK4B watch I thought there was an issue with the colors in the image file I was looking at. I am pretty sure that the Terrascope Aluminum watch is a product of Photoshop fun and messing around with filters and someone said, "hey that is pretty cool, we should build some of those." So they did, and now you can have a high-end sports watch that can easily get lost in a bucket of Legos.

What JeanRichard did with the Terrascope Aluminum is take the core Terrascope sports watch design and offer it in a range of bright colors. Because it is difficult or unattractive to color steel in blue, red, and green, JeanRichard opted for anodized aluminum. Thus, the usual steel case of the Terrascope is made up of various colored pieces of aluminum in this model.

JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum Watch In Primary Colors Hands-On Hands-On

JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum Watch In Primary Colors Hands-On Hands-On

While the color tones of the JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum watch may be Fisher-Price, the quality is the same as on other JeanRichard Terrascope models. Though, the toy-like nature of the hues do make me want to call it "My First Wrist Watch." When just seeing the Terrascope Aluminum in pictures I was inclined to feel it was a bit garish. In a sense it is, with its unfashionable collective of clashing colors.

After putting the JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum watch on the wrist, my heart softened a bit, especially since I've never worn a watch that so reminded me of my boyhood playtime. Is that what JeanRichard was going for? Probably not. I assume they feel that this primary colored watch makes some type of artistic statement that romance language speaking Europeans are amenable to. Perhaps there is some sports team whose colors perfectly match this RGB color palette. No doubt there was some "mature" notion behind the decision to produce this watch.

JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum Watch In Primary Colors Hands-On Hands-On

JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum Watch In Primary Colors Hands-On Hands-On

JeanRichard even dedicated one of the Terrascope Aluminum pieces as an award in the brand's support of the Steve Nash Foundation Showdown event in New York City. Steve Nash's foundation is designed to support children's causes and the "Showdown" is a soccer match make up of professional soccer and NBA basketball players (Steve Nash is currently a player on the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team). So there is a "kid connection" right there with the watch.

The dial of this Terrascope Aluminum model features blued aluminum hour markers with a burnt orange color of luminant. Legibility is good given the high-contrast, and one's ability to appreciate the design is going to stem from being able to relate with the assortment of colors. Like all other Terrascope watches, the Terrascope Aluminum comes in a 44mm wide case that is 12.6mm thick and water resistant to 100 meters.

JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum Watch In Primary Colors Hands-On Hands-On

JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum Watch In Primary Colors Hands-On Hands-On

Attached to the JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum is a blue rubber strap, and inside the watch is a caliber JR60 automatic movement which is a base Swiss ETA or Sellita operating at 4Hz with a roughly 40-hour power reserve. Unlike steel, aluminum is a softer metal, but it is also lighter in weight. That means owners of the Terrascope Aluminum watch should be more mindful to not scratch it.

Then again, I am sure people will want to play toy soldiers with this colorful sports watch. What really makes the design work is the combination of the sober tool-watch look with the wild colors. If the colors were matched to an equally childish design, I don't think it would have worked so well. JeanRichard is really exploding their Terrascope and Aquascope collections with dozen of color variations including other oddities such as the Terrascope Aluminum. A few people will choose to pick up avant gardes models such as this, but more will opt for the brand's more conservative Terrascope and Aquascope offerings. Price for the JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum ref. 60500-10-702-FK4B watch is $4,400.

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  • NEWS FLASH – Swatch buys JeanRichard from Sowind Group to offset lower than expected production volumes of the new Sistem51 movement. While plastic molds are being created, aluminum is being used as a stand-in material for the Swatch colored Terrascope hybrid. Sowind was forced to either JeanRichard as the JR60 starts offs and an ETA movement which Swatch is in the process of no longer supplying to competitors as Sowind. Real Sowind movements will continue to be available in GP watches. In related news Jean Richard spokesperson Capt. Chesley Sulleenburger will now dress like Ronald McDonald while hawking Jearn Richard watches.

    OK, I thinks it fun and playful. But $4400 playful? Maybe not. Glad that it exists but I don’t know why.  Just don’t bang it up. So it’s not a kids watch after.

  • RyanOuld

    What utter buffoonery is this???????

  • marbstiu

    MarkCarson Im not even sure which market/demographic JR is targeting here.

  • marbstiu Yeah, a mystery for sure. How many developmentally challenged folks are there with the necessary amount of disposable income?
    There must be come outfit this goes with, but I can assure you it’s not in my closet.
    Perhaps the well dressed clown or host of a kids TV show? I just grasping at straws here. No worries though, I’m sure Jean Richard will sell both of them. What? The intend to make more than two?

  • marbstiu

    MarkCarson marbstiu At least we know that they didn’t have the guts to release these during Basel season.

  • marbstiu Maybe you are supposed to drop acid and then contemplate the watch. “oooh, the colors…”

  • marbstiu

    MarkCarson marbstiu Yup. That’s exactly what the JR design team did.

  • antjay

    Now if I could just order it in my favourite sporting team’s colours ……………

  • oldfool66

    Wow, finally a watch developed by somebody not my age. I just wish the colors were more durable and the price more sensible. I would buy one in a heartbeat if it were priced like a quality Seiko.. Even Stuffy Rolex goes goofy sometimes, i.e. orange lightening bolt hands,how juvenile. Yet watch geeks fight over a green tinted dial. Come on the inner child loves something different and I (honestly) love it when the watch I am wearing makes someone comment on it with a smile. Let’s get our collective snobbish noses down and have some fun. Srvnt,brthr Shirl.

  • Ulysses31

    Nursery school kids will be clamouring for this.  United Colours of Benetton want their watch back.  I could go on but it isn’t necessary with all the other great replies down there.  I like having fun as much as the next guy but not at the expense of my dignity.  One thing I do like about this watch is the combination of blued hands with orange lume.  That by itself looks cool.  The rest of it looks like colourful plasticine.


    Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

  • Mark nailed it, the first image I saw made me think of Swatch. Only these are priced in such a fashion that a single Jean Richard ‘Box of Crayons” is the same value as all the swatches out there. 

    On the up side, the colours are very rich and true – the anodizing is very well done, there are many shades of grey in that process. The problem is that anodized aluminum makes me nervous. It scratches very noticeably if you just look at it the wrong way, and at the end of the day, this is supposed to be a sports watch. For $4400, the watch could be colourfully cerakoted steel, and would then be infinitely more durable.

  • Zeitblom

    I want to commend them for doing something different…..but…..aluminium feels like junk, no matter how nicely you anodize it. 

    Question for the metal heads out there: is there another metal that anodizes up nicely, but which doesn’t have the density of cardboard? I’d really like to see a watch made of lutetium or something. Tungsten would be ideal, but I’ll settle for hafnium.

  • Ulysses31

    Zeitblom Titanium anodises well, but just for that superior durability and exotic nature, i’m more of a Tantalum guy.  It also can be anodised but due to the rarity, probably not that easy to source.

  • AndreBraz

    Aluminium with this price… I prefer Swatch !

  • Feller87


    what exactly are durable colors?

    and yes there is one Rolex model that has some quirky design features, but on the whole that watch (Milgauss) is a very understated classically designed watch. It happens to have those two characteristics and only depending on which model you get.

    The price will never be ‘sensible’ from a luxury swiss watch company, which is inherently why this type of horological frivolity should be limited to brands like (you said it) Seiko.

  • rclayton

    Fun colors, which might be worth a couple of hundred bucks to entertain kids or to elicit a few gasps from a stuffy gathering.  But $4400 in aluminum?  What were they thinking!?

  • Spaceguitar

    Ulysses31 Zeitblom

  • Spaceguitar

    Definitely not for me…but the close in dial shot shows a pretty well thought out high quality dial. If you can just tune out the rest! This is a curious beast, very high luxury workmanship with a fashion watch presentation. Not sure of the market here.
    (Still patiently waiting for that Dan Spitz model!)

  • aleximd2000

    the price tag would be more sane in the range of 1500-1800 euro.After you scratch it his value will be max 1000 euro after refurbish! So , another exotic time piece or somebody is making experiments!

  • Fraser Petrick

    Love it! But only at the swim-up bar at the Eldorado Royale  Resort on the Mayan Riviera where this 70 year old retired teacher with the skinniest and whitest legs and arms,   fallen arches,  artificial left knee  – wanna see my scar? -,  and a touch of osteo  can mingle with the bronzed set from France and Russia.

  • BigMike213

    …….just no…. -_-

  • oldfool66

    Feller87 oldfool66 By durable colors I meant that the aluminum would scratch easily. Perhaps some of Hublots colored ceramic.

  • oldfool66

    Feller87 oldfool66 Perhaps as the former owner of two Rolexes( I gave them to my children), I can say they gave me a certain pleasure but my colorful cheaper watches,i.e. Casio, Invicta etc.. gave me pleasure in wearing color instead of high priced quality. There should be no discrimination against color and quality or we would have to eliminate all of the high end enamel , Hublots and the large majority of the Richard Milles.

  • Feller87

    oldfool66 Feller87 I discriminate equally against Hublot and other watches of this colorful segment (read: eyesore)

    Richard Mille is an exception for me due to their uncanny ability to innovate mechanically in such bizarre and entertaining ways, that it is within their brand identity to create wacky and bizarre color schemes. 

    Which imho come out looking extremely cool as opposed to cheap and ugly. The prime example of this is the RM 59 or Yohan Blake. Totally bizarre watch and yet is completely within their design scheme. Even I would wear it 🙂


  • Spaceguitar Not just aluminum to be anal about it.
    Anodic films are most commonly applied to protect, although processes also exist for,,,,,, and — Wikipedia
    Not applicable for steel in particular.

  • oldfool66

    Feller87 oldfool66 I must admit as a broken down retired engineer who trained as an artist(not very good).  The engineer part of me loves intricate well made watches while the artist portion of me loves form and color. Both give me pleasure and escape from chronic pain. Let me have my small pleasures please. I agree to disagree agreeably. Thanks for all the comments, srvnt brthr Shirl.

  • Spaceguitar

    MarkCarson Spaceguitar Aha, I learned something…thanks man. After a quick search I then found instruction on how to coat titanium at home (assuming you have a tank setup and such, LOL).

  • Fraser Petrick

    Knock the price down by $4000 and I’d buy one in a flash. Mind you, it should come with a year’s supply of gummy bears.

  • Fraser Petrick Better yet – a matching Pez dispenser loaded with Gummy Bears (now how would them keep them from gumming up the works?).

  • Zeitblom

    Ulysses31 Zeitblom Yes! Tantalum it is! Now just to find someone to make a watch case out of it….I wonder if Herr Spinner of UTS would be interested….

  • qudths

    on its own, it is a very good looking watch.  however at the $4,400 price point, it is really looking to fill a small niche.  i wish it luck, as i can appreciate the effort to try something very different.

  • DG Cayse

    I like it. It is exactly what it is and isn’t trying to be something its not.
    Worth every bit of US$400.00!
    Bravo JR!….(golf clap)

  • DG Cayse Too bad that you dropped out a “4” which will keep you from getting one for your requested price, ha ha.

  • Frauss

    Oh you horrible watch snobs! LEAVE JEAN RICHARD ALONE!!! I think it’s cool and fun! Wait til Patek does an Only Watch like this. Then you’ll be singing an different song!

  • X2Eliah

    Unfortunately, the looks of the watch just don’t coincide with the pricetag of this thing.

    The colours look exactly like the tones in basic LEGO blocks (still fun to mess around with, mind) and kids’ toys. As others have said – I wouldn’t mind trying an aluminium watch with these looks from a microbrand for about 400 bucks (maybe with a seiko movement or so), but for 4.4 grand? What, no.

  • DG Cayse

    MarkCarson DG Cayse Well….there is price…and there is value.
    Like I say, I like it, and my value for it is…US$400.00….;)

    I would wear it. Occasionally. For short periods of time.

  • antjay

    RyanOuld ” buffoonery ‘, a sadly under used word . Bravo sir , you have made my day .

  • antjay And here I thought it was the act of playing a large woodwind musical instrument.

  • I bet it’ll be a hit at play scapes all over Dubai and Qatar.

  • ricardoskovi

    Is this the Patch Adams edition?

  • SarthakSharma

    I’m guessing Swatch’s designers must have gotten their hands on this.

  • ZL

    This would go well with my Zara overalls. No, seriously, I’d totally wear it – but probably not buy it.