Klokers will soon launch their new watch on Kickstarter, the Klok-08, which is inspired by the ’60s and proves to be a great option for both women and men. The creative and audacious 1960s broke the rules. We swapped long dresses for mini-skirts, we listened to pirate radio, and we disobeyed with a smile. The winds of freedom whispered to everyone that anything was possible and that anyone could live one’s own freedom.

Klokers inherits from this spirit, and invites its community to live their time offering the freedom of use. Klok-08 is a watch-head that clips on and off on straps and accessories through a patented
fixing system. This unique system makes all the products compatible and interchangeable. It is up to you to create not only your combinations (colors, materials) but also your own way of using it.

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Wear Klok-08 around the wrist, with a textile strap for a casual look, or a leather strap for a more conservative look. Or, customize your bag with the KWEL accessory. For a unique accessory, attach the Klok-08 to your notebooks or place it on a desk with the DESK&POCKET stand.

This new model introduces a new way of telling time. The dial of the Klok-08 is composed of two disks: one disk for hours and minutes, and one for seconds. These disks display the time on a vertical line at the top of the dial. Klok-08 flies in the face of the traditional watchmaking decorum and the disks turn counter-clockwise to indicate the time the right way up.

Its neo-retro design is inspired by the aesthetic codes of the ’60s. Three different colored versions will be presented: white and rose gold; black and beige; along with warm grey and orange. Case diameter is 39mm. The colors and diameter make Klok-08 truly a unisex model, that will be suitable for both women and men.

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Klokers uses state-of-the-art and innovative technologies to develop its Klok-08 and brand concept. The fixing system and time display are both patented, and the assembly architecture allows a Swiss Made product at an affordable price. The high technology components are adapted through extensive research and development to meet the requirements for the Klok-08. An integrated lens in the triple injected dial glass ensures high legibility when reading the time. The non-conventional and proprietary assembly process required an overall investment of €1 million.

Two years after its first campaign, Klokers will soon launch Klok-08 in October on Kickstarter. For the brand, Kickstarter remains the privileged place to develop new products with the support of its community and backers will have access to very exclusive special offers. A thousand models will be numbered and you can sign up here to be the first informed! You will be able to reserve your Klok-08 at €149 instead of €379 at the launch of the campaign. klokers.com

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