There’s little introduction needed for Laurent Ferrier among today’s collectors “in the know.” The accomplished watchmaker served as Creative Director of Patek Phillipe, and his highly limited timepieces are admired and collected by some of the most driven and dedicated enthusiasts in the world. For SIHH 2017, Laurent Ferrier will introduce the Laurent Ferrier Galet Micro Rotor “Montre Ecole” watch. It features a three-piece bassiné case-construction and will be available in white gold, red gold, and steel.

At first glance, we can agree that it’s a relatively simple and subdued design. Still, that’s arguably one of the best characteristics of Laurent Ferrier and there are many collectors out there that wouldn’t have it any other way. This model, however, has some pretty interesting things going on with the case, and there’s no denying that the watchmaker knows how to blend a variety of finishing techniques to create a truly stunning timepiece.

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We’ve handled a version of the Galet Classic Micro-Rotor hands-on here, but this iteration features a three-piece case that blends both matte and polished surfaces. There’s contrast but it adds depth that results in significant design balance. Additionally, the case is contoured on both the dial side and the case-back, which results in a rounded presence both above and below the wrist – galet means “pebble” in French, by the way.


The dial on the Laurent Ferrier Galet Micro Rotor Montre Ecole takes several cues from Laurent Ferrier’s very first creation as a watchmaker – his “School Piece.” Upon further inspection, we find a lovely execution of vertical brushing, snail finishing, and sandblasting. Like the case, these starkly different finishing techniques result in depth and contrast that push the timepiece beyond any typical time-only watch. The assegai-shaped hands and anthracite painted indexes are a perfect match for this minimalist approach and blend perfectly with the dial’s dark silver hue.


The Laurent Ferrier Galet Micro Rotor Montre Ecole’s movement is equally as impressive as its case finishing and, let’s face it, it’s hard to say no to a micro rotor. The FBN Calibre 229.01 movement is a sight to behold and displays meticulous microbillé finishing, mirror polishing, and material contrast that’s just as strong as what you see in the case finishing. Technical refinements include a silicon escapement with double direct impulse on the balance and a silent block shock protection type system for the micro-rotor. All of this is beautifully displayed thanks to a sapphire crystal case-back.

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Based on its case material, the Laurent Ferrier Galet Micro Rotor “Montre Ecole” will come with either a grey or dark brown alligator leather strap with matching buckle. It’s a watch that just screams class and it’s pretty easy to assume that the watch will be well-received in today’s circle of high-end collectors. From the clean case and dial lines to the beautifully finished movement, it’s definitely a timepiece you can tip your hat to. The Laurent Ferrier Galet Micro Rotor Montre Ecole has a retail price of $48,000 in white or rose gold and $38,000 in steel.

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