LEGO Launches Wrist Watch Collection For Adults

LEGO Launches Wrist Watch Collection For Adults

LEGO Launches Wrist Watch Collection For Adults Watch Releases

We are proud to be the first to announce a new collection of LEGO brand watches for adults. That's right, LEGO, which has had a large collection of kids watches for years, will soon launch a comprehensive collection of timepieces for men and women in November 2013. These are among the very few plastic watches we would wear. What is fun is that despite being sized (and styled) for adults (at least adults in terms of age), the LEGO watches for adults have as many fully swappable parts as the kids versions have.

Officially, these timepieces are referred to as the LEGO Watch System because pieces such as the bracelet links and bezels can be interchanged with each other. The links for the bracelet can be arranged in a series of colors and styles, but we think most people will enjoy them in solid colors (as they come out of the box). Though, it is fun to play. I grew up with LEGO models so this watch collection is sort of a big deal. While inexpensive and cheeky, it is a fun reminder of something that had a big impact on my youth.

LEGO Launches Wrist Watch Collection For Adults Watch Releases

LEGO Launches Wrist Watch Collection For Adults Watch Releases

While I was able to get a hands-on look at the pre-production watches, I don't have all the specs. I would say the cases are probably 40mm wide, and made out of plastic. Most LEGO watches are either white, blue, yellow, or black in color. Though some select models come in pink, orange, or red. The variety of colors and styles is really impressive as they range from silly to rather sensible.

LEGO Launches Wrist Watch Collection For Adults Watch Releases

LEGO Launches Wrist Watch Collection For Adults Watch Releases

As you can see, LEGO is offering both analog and digital dials for its new collection of adult watches. We suspect most people will gravitate toward the analog dials as they better serve to promote the LEGO theme. What is better than LEGO building brick hour indicators (LEGO Brick watch)? Or, my personal favorite model, the LEGO Fan Club whose dial features raised LEGO person faces with various facial expressions as the hour indicator which strikes me as the best of honoring your youth of brick laying the friendly silliness of the brand as evidenced by the upcoming LEGO movie.

LEGO Launches Wrist Watch Collection For Adults Watch Releases

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  • What I liked about these watches (at the Hong Kong Watch Fair) was that you can snap apart the bracelet links and snap new ones in. So you can make up color combinations/patterns at will. School or team colors, Got a new car, do your Lego bracelet to match. Match your clothes du jour, whatever. While these benefits are probably not targeted for my age group (ancient), I can see younger folk having fun mixing and matching the components of these fun watches. And of course, always a fun counterpoint to haute horology. “Oh, you’re wearing a Breguet? Dozens of people have that exact same watch. I’m wearing a Lego with a unique bracelet color combination.” Ha ha

  • shaiy007

    I love the yellow digital watch. What a great idea!

  • Ulysses31

    A couple of them look interesting, like the digital one or the black one with the sandwich type dial.  The rest look like what Issey Miyake would design if he’d had a stroke (god forbid).  There are already plenty of watches out there that do the interchangeable thing so it’s nothing new.  The Lego logo itself really looks out of place on a watch dial… even the more subtle, dare I say almost sophisticated-looking pieces like the all-white model are ruined by it.  Perhaps these are decent value, I can’t say.  I love Lego itself for what it is, but fashionable is one thing it wasn’t intended to be and it shows.  Would rather pick up a Swatch.

  • How is the “Great Gatsby Watches” a related post to the Lego collection? 🙂

  • Kris C

    Not that I find them offensive in any way (I grew up loving lego… except when I stepped on a piece in my bare feet), but I don;t see how/why they are aimed at adults. These look like kid’s watches, and that’s probably how they should be marketed. Any adult that just has to have one won;t be swayed by the fact that they’re intended purpose was maybe for someone younger.

  • trj66

    No. Just no.

  • Zeitblom

    Well, that’s a relief. In view of the amount of Lego porn on Youtube, the title of this post led me to expect something else.

  • Kar Wai Law

    You had me at had me at Lego..

  • Zeitblom ahahaha!!! well put!!! btw I *just* noticed the cyclops on some of these watches–how cool and unexpected is that?!

  • Dezianjo

    I find my self checking the calendar. No, it’s not April fools day.

  • johnro6659

    I actually own a Lego watch! Bought it at Deprisco jewelers in downtown Boston. I think this is great they are going to gear some towards adults. Most adults owned and played with Legos when they were kids some collect them as adults. I see a big market for them.

  • CG

    Lego not in my DNA like some here, way way after my time. I do think 7 & 6 look odd in expression. 7 is kind of sneaky evil and 6 looks fairly beady eyed stoned. Now if they truly had all bad behavior expressions, I’d buy it… then it would be very “adult”.

  • Louise1405

    Ulysses31 Well I for one totally disagree. Being a young adult myself I think these are great watches! They are quirky and cool, and exactly the type of fun watch I would wear. I think they are being marketed as adult watches to differentiate from the kids but they will most likely probably be targeted at teens and young adults. The way they are build-able makes them totally unique and personal, so I think its great! LEGO isn’t suited to such cynical people anyway.

  • Ulysses31

    Louise1405 Ulysses31You must have missed the part where I
    said I loved Lego…  I’m not cynical, I just don’t think these watches offer anything new that isn’t already available, aside from the branding itself.  Fun for young adults perhaps but of limited appeal to most.

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  • Gee Z

    Is it already April 1st?

  • spiceballs

    Kinda cute to me and if it gets kids more into watches like mechano did with engines etc I think its great.  Would I wear one – –  hmmm, probably not, but I can fully understand why other adults might

  • Zeitblom

    Panagiotis Zeitblom Well, even Lego kids will eventually turn into boring old men.

  • nateb123

    How about no?

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  • Torokun28

    Do you know what kind of movement they use?

  • Ulysses31

    Perhaps that yellow digital one would provide more amusement if it doubled as a Simon Says game.

  • Torokun28 Quartz. But if you mean made by whom or which caliber, I don’t know but would guess Chinese but possibly Japanese quartz. Not sure how much it matters at this price point.

  • Torokun28

    MarkCarson Ah… it says Japanese Quartz on the third page (I didn’t know there were multiple pages to this article).

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  • NadiaKorovina

    I wish they made them in green as well.

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  • DG Cayse

    MarkCarson Chinese knock-off of these have been a really big seller in the Pac Rim for about 2 months. (somebody left the door open on night shift?)
    The kids, and adult, version have been a big ‘back to school’ item along with other Lego items; backpack, pencil boxes, note pads, etc..
    I do like the interchangeable part feature also. Yeah, I’d wear one…just for S & G’s.

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  • Ryan B

    Ah the fond memories of playing with legos. The black one with the Panerai looking dial I must say is quite nice. These will surely sell very well.

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  • Louise1405

    Ulysses31 Louise1405 That may be so, but you still don’t understand the great concept of these. And god help you if you would rather pick up a swatch. I could think of nothing worse.

  • Ulysses31

    Louise1405 Ulysses31 What you’re basically saying is that anyone who doesn’t agree with you that this is a “great concept” is lacking the ability to understand it?  You sound conceited.  I understand the concept perfectly.  That doesn’t mean I have to like it.  Swatch is actually a well respected brand, and they do the plastic watch thing with far more finesse than any of these Lego watches shown here.  Read the opinions here.  Seems like most of the guys here, including watch designers that regularly comment here agree with me.  Just go ahead and tell the rest of them they’re idiots too, and that you’re the only one with the visionary ability to appreciate how fantastic a bunch of cheap plastic clumsily designed watches really are.  Go ahead – i’ve had enough of you.

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  • Fraser Petrick


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  • Louise1405

    I literally just bought one of these! They are so cool I can’t wait until it arrives 😀 😀 I bought the red heart. The website is!! 😀

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  • jimmycue

    My boys and i just had a Legothon and we each built one of my Lego sets. Superman and the other super heros are our favorite. The other Lego set is my wife’s favorite.(picture borrowed)

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