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Longines Heritage Classic Watch Is Excellent Blend of Old And New

Longines Heritage Classic Watch Is Excellent Blend of Old And New Watch Releases

In case you didn’t notice from the name, the new Longines Heritage Classic watch delves into the past for inspiration, hitting aesthetic pay-dirt in the process. The name may be about as subtle as a breeze block to the jaw, but if you can remove yourself from that (hopefully tongue-in-cheek) ridiculousness and appreciate the watch in isolation of its moniker, you’ll find a timepiece that keeps things simple and sharp, and, as a result, is pretty hard to fault.

Longines Heritage Classic Watch Is Excellent Blend of Old And New Watch Releases

One of the things that leaped out at me instantly was how positive an effect the choice of the strap had on the watch’s overall presentation. I always try to study the watch head removed from the band on which it is brought to market, knowing I can dress it up however I please once it’s on the wrist, but it is refreshing to see a major group brand take a step outside the comfort zone of brown or black croc for a piece of this style.

Longines Heritage Classic Watch Is Excellent Blend of Old And New Watch Releases

Had this latest Longines Heritage model been shown on a classic brown crocodile strap, it would have been instantly forgettable. That’s not to say it wouldn’t have been a solid and handsome watch, regardless, it’s just that it wouldn’t have stopped me in my tracks and encouraged me to take a really good look at the dial.

Longines Heritage Classic Watch Is Excellent Blend of Old And New Watch Releases

As it is, I think the Longines Heritage Classic watch is possibly my favorite release from the brand since the Longines Pulsometer Chronograph, which came across as similarly authentic. I’ve always been a massive fan of the “sector” or “cross-hair” dial design, and it has been copied almost exactly from the model that inspired this piece, which dates back to 1934. The case size is (thankfully) sub-40mm at 38.5mm, and a shade over 12mm-thick (thanks to the automatic movement beating away inside the stainless steel case).

Longines Heritage Classic Watch Is Excellent Blend of Old And New Watch Releases

While a manual-wind movement might have been more period-appropriate, Longines has chosen to outfit this model with the new L893.5 (the Longines caliber number for the ETA A31.501), which has an operating frequency of 25,200vph. That is equivalent to 3.5 Hz. (It’s an odd frequency but less uncommon in the past.) That slightly slower-than-the-modern-average frequency affords the Longines Heritage Classic a robust 64-hour power reserve.


Longines Heritage Classic Watch Is Excellent Blend of Old And New Watch Releases

This is exactly the kind of release I would like to see more of — classic, timeless, and genuinely interesting dial design inspired by past models but brought to life with modern manufacturing techniques. Dial printing is crispy and hardier than ever before. The color-fastness of paints and lacquers used in 2019, in comparison to a century ago, is far superior. And the ability to install an anti-magnetic silicon balance in a watch like this should not be taken for granted. In my opinion, the Longines Heritage Classic watch is a brilliant fusion of old and new, and at $2,150 it offers any customer on the cusp of buying into Longines a great entry point. There are two options available: The Longines Heritage Classic comes on either a mottled blue leather strap with an anthracite NATO included (L2.828.4.73.2) or a black leather strap with a blue NATO as an extra (L2.828.4.73.0). Learn more at

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  • PR

    Looks very sharp. Will be checking these out in person for sure. Is it a 19 or 20mm strap? Longines has this annoying habit of putting 21s or 19s on a lot of their watches and those aren’t very aftermarket friendly.

    • Raymond Wilkie


  • Independent_George

    I quite like this. I gave it a spot on the Wishlist when I first saw it, and there isn’t anything I have read or seen that merit removing it. Perhaps not as refined as the JLC Master Control Date, but it’s also not $5,700.00, and, for this style, I prefer the small seconds and no date to the central seconds and the date at three. And Swatch continues to do Longines right, allowing tech we often see first used on Omegas to move downstream, and all on a watch with a street price for less than $2K. Well done.

  • Luciano

    It looks great, and I’m looking forward to have the chance to try it out.

  • pmac2010

    Love the sector dial, the size, the old school logo, and the lack of a date – as a heritage piece that’s spot on. Reminds me of the JLC Master Control (that’s a compliment). From a design standpoint though I think the hour hand is wrong, there’s no differentiation in the shape of the hand from the minute hand and it’s too long. If it ended about 1 – 2mm before that line track on the dial, the watch would be much easier to read at a glance. Also are hands heat blued or painted? Finally I would add an acrylic crystal option.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I did happen to notice from the name, the new Longines Heritage Classic watch delves into the past for inspiration. I think it was the word Heritage that gave it away. All joking aside Ive always been a big fan of Longines as a brand. The Lonines Master Collection ( 42mm blue dial auto) is my favorite to date. This offering however doesn’t do much for me. It’s a tad dull to look at and if you can’t fit a number in, leave whatever part is remaining out instead of a silly partial number. We all know it’s the 6 position. Not a big fan of the Sector dial. Usual size and srap issues.

    Here is a wee peek at the back.

  • ray h.

    I would have to fall in Love,that’s right capital L to buy a watch with limited/expensive strap options,as I have a small wrist, strap choice really is a big deal..

  • Carmen Bresante

    A lovely piece of design, though it could have done without the cut off 6. Thanks for having a range of pictures in different lights, they showcased the dial really well. Would like to try this one on.

  • NaJo

    The dial has bauhaus similarities and hence gets instant soothing effect but there wasn’t any need to insert 6 and cut it out making it look like o ! On my try out list..

  • Mikita

    Nice, but worse than original.

  • Lingua Franca

    Do these come in two sizes? One of the pics seems to show a more clipped (and more symmetrical) vestigial 6.

    • AlbieC

      Agree… I’m a little confused…

    • cluedog12

      Appears one of those photos is of the original. See meganfox12’s pictures below.

  • egznyc

    Attractive dial to be sure. I’m not sure why it’s 12 mm thick – unless it happens to offer superior water resistance – and a thinner movement might’ve been preferable for a thinner case for this style of watch. But still might be reasonably sized (IMO).

  • 2manywatchs

    Why, Longines? Why chomp the 6? Why?! Absolutely beautiful watch, otherwise, IMO.

  • ???

    You can find other cheaper watches with silicon hairspring from Swatch group.

  • cluedog12

    IMHO, better looking than the JLC sector dial watch. Longines glory is in the past, no shame in mining greatest hits.

    • Independent_George

      Spent my day off (Veterans’ Day) at the AD, and I saw this. The JLC is more refined, especially in the details. Hold both in your hands, and you will see what I mean. But this watch is a much better value. I thought it would wear small, being at 38.5mm, but it wears larger, in part because of the longer lugs (like a Nomos), but also because of the longish hands and because the details and information is pushed out toward the edge of the dial.

      I agree that Longines’ glory is in it’s past. And this watch shows that back in the day, Longines designers knew what they were doing.

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