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Longines Unveils Classic Military Style With The Heritage Military 1938

Longines Unveils Classic Military Style With The Heritage Military 1938 Watch Releases

Over the past few years, the Longines Heritage collection has quietly become one of the most comprehensive and well-designed groupings of vintage-inspired timepieces of any brand. The Heritage Collection has run the gamut from classic dress pieces to ‘60s-style divers and beyond. The latest addition to this lineup, the limited-edition Heritage Military 1938, draws from Longines’ rich military field watch history to deliver a modern reinterpretation of one of the brand’s classic interwar models.

Longines Unveils Classic Military Style With The Heritage Military 1938 Watch Releases

While quite large at 43 millimeters, the overall stainless steel case of the Longines Heritage Military 1938 remains classically simple with a few modern upgrades, such as an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. With such clean, basic lines, little details are allowed to come to the fore. For example, the slightly oversized cushion crown at 3 o’clock becomes a visual highlight, as does the beveling on the polished bezel. The water resistance of the case, however, is equally faithful to the 1938 original at 30 meters.

Longines Unveils Classic Military Style With The Heritage Military 1938 Watch Releases

The dial of the Heritage Military 1938 cleaves very close to its original inspiration, as well, once again allowing the small details to shine through. The polish of the rhodium-plated baton hands, the crisp design of the Arabic numerals, the warmth of the tan Super-LumiNova, the subtle snailing finish on the sub-seconds dial at 6 o’clock, and the clean regularity of the outer railroad minutes track are all given ample visual room to breathe for a balanced and extremely legible overall design.

Inside the Longines Heritage Military 1938 is the Calibre L507.2 hand-wound movement. A reworked version of the ETA 6498/2, this powerplant features 17 jewels and a 53 hour power reserve.

Longines offers the Heritage Military 1938 with a pair of straps. Both of these, a distressed anthracite gray leather strap with minimal stitching and a cognac NATO strap with signed buckle, play off the patinated look of the watch well and offer some everyday versatility in terms of wear.


Longines Unveils Classic Military Style With The Heritage Military 1938 Watch Releases

The Longines Heritage Military 1938 is available now on the brand’s website at a price of $2,450 and limited to 1,938 pieces.


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  • Mikita

    Simple and nice. Kinda big at 43 x 51 mm, but mostly dictated by the size of Unitas itself. However, not sure why should it cost $2.5k when you can get plenty of high quality Unitas based watches around $1k, such as from Stowa (never mentioned here).

    • egznyc

      Agreed. I’m guessing it’s $2.5k because, hey, it’s Longines. I actually prefer Laco’s Bremerhaven, which uses the same basic movement but has better WR, the hour and minute hands are more distinct, and the price is less than half the Longines.

      • Mikita

        Great Laco. Actually, I would prefer the Laco even if they were priced similarly, but for 2x difference the choice is obvious.

        • egznyc

          Truer words have never been spoken. (Mind you, I like them both aesthetically, though I’ve already noted some minor issues with the Longines that aren’t related to price, and another one is its size.)

  • Raymond Wilkie

    So glad they managed to refrain from sticking a date wheel on this model. Totally ruined the 2013 model. Other than the original ETA 2892 movement being given a wee tweek and the date wheel, it’s a case of spot the difference. Lazy.
    I go weak at the knees at a nice onion, I can’t help it, i just do.
    Lovely watch.

  • Independent_George

    Raymond’s right. Lovely watch.

  • PR

    Beautiful reissue, and no date!!! I love everything except the price and fauxtina. If you updated the watch then shouldn’t the lume be updated as well? I really hope this trend goes away soon.

  • NaJo

    I love unitas and this watch has a perfecty clean and readable military dial with beautiful execution. The only negative is price which is twice several german counterparts offering the same mvmt. Aome may question 43mm size but hey its military and 6498; cant go below 42!.

    Whats the caseback ? Would love to see 6498 covering entire caseback.

    • Richard Webley

      I agree. Lovely looking watch.

      They could have made it a little smaller. 6498 is 36.6mm diameter so with just over 2mm for case thickness each side smallest you can really go is 41mm .

      That would mean the small seconds would cut into the train track at 6 o’clock so I understand why they haven’t gone that small.

      I like the crown as well

  • SuperStrapper

    Boring really. The case isn’t all that nice, the dramatic corners and change in finishes doesn’t look spartan or elegant. I won’t say it looks ‘cheap’ but it is certainly lacking. I assume the last picture is an actual vintage example of the watch? If yes the rehash is very faithful, but maybe not really necessary.

  • Mark B

    Simple, clean, and very attractive. Nice watch! (Needs a better strap.)

  • Gokart Mozart

    Lovely watch, very elegant. I can forgive this watch the size based on the movement. Only thing wrong with this watch is they did not give it the small second hand from the vintage model. That second hand is stunning look at the shape.

    I am a fan of these vintange remakes they are generally all really well done. Possibly a bit pricy compared to the normal run of the mill longines..

  • all74

    Beautiful watch, ridiculous price.

    • Jacob Chesser

      It’s pretty cheap.

  • SMB

    I like this a lot. It was great that Longines kept it simple with minimal branding, a clean dial, nice colour combinations and a mix of brushing and polishing on the case. I don’t even object to the two different fonts for the numbers, which usually bugs me.

    However, if I wanted this style of watch I would probably go for the Laco Cuxhaven/Bremerhaven instead. They have slightly more interesting dials and cases, and the same movement as the Longines, but are about half the price.

  • Esteban

    I never thought I’d say this: hands are too long.

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