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When you see the name Louis Chevrolet many of you will immediately think of cars… Understandable! But if you delve a bit deeper into the history of this renowned figure, you will quickly discover that Louis Chevrolet was born in Switzerland and that his father was a watchmaker. The life of Louis Chevrolet is surprising and intriguing. His destiny, both fantastic and tragic is so remarkable that it could form the basis of a biographical film.

In 2006, when the Saunier family decided to create the watch brand, the idea was to pay tribute to Louis Chevrolet (born a few steps from the factory) through their future timepieces. This idea did not take long to come to light. Fully independent, the business was undeterred from collaborating hand-in-hand with General Motors, particularly through celebrating the victors of the WTCC competitions at the wheel of a Chevrolet. Since then, the factory located in the Swiss Jura region – the home of watchmaking – offers their timepieces to customers who appreciate beautiful Swiss made watchmaking.

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Wanting to always sell their watches at a fair price, Louis Chevrolet was also one of the first businesses to opt for selling their products exclusively online. This decision was made in order to have direct contact with their customers, without dealers or retailers, and to offer their products directly from the factory.

Classic 8

Louis Chevrolet has launched the Classic 8 via Kickstarter. It is a Swiss made automatic watch with an ETA 2824-2 mechanism, at around $590 (excluding VAT), equating to a profit of 40% for backers. This innovative piece of engineering enhances classic watchmaking practices and will delight watch enthusiasts. The limited edition Classic 8 is available in 3 versions: black, brown, and blue.

The sides of the box and dial are open, showing a piece of the watch usually hidden, called the casing ring. This can now be seen both from the exterior and interior of the watch and comes in black, blue, or brown based on the model you choose. It therefore becomes the centerpiece of the watch due to the possibilities it offers and the variety of colors.

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The dial is then fixed invisibly onto the rest of the watch, giving off the impression that it’s floating. The staggering depth of the display at 4mm contrasts with the finesse of the watch. Bear in mind that the use of an extremely technical oscillating weight maintains the rough nature of the automatic movement. These innovations combined with the know-how of classic watchmaking make this a unique timepiece.

The classic, understated and elegant design of this watch works in harmony with the contemporary design expected of a modern watch. The Kickstarter offer includes the watch in the color of your choice but that’s not it. It comes with a leather wristband, and an additional nylon wristband, an extended 5-year warranty instead of the usual 2-years, an invitation to come to the factory in Swiss Jura, as well as a free membership to the Louis Chevrolet Club which has numerous benefits.

What more is needed to convince all Swiss made watch fans to visit Louis Chevrolet’s Kickstarter page as soon as possible so as to order the limited edition Classic 8? There are only 498 models of each version available. louischevrolet.com

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