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Magrette Moana Pacific Waterman GMT Watches In Bronze And Steel

Magrette Moana Pacific Waterman GMT Watches In Bronze And Steel Watch Releases

New Zealand doesn’t have all that many watchmakers to speak of. It is just as well, then, that Magrette is flying the flag (and flying it well). Known for its cushion-shaped, go-anywhere watches, this Kiwi brand has settled on a definite aesthetic and is currently going about embellishing its collection with the addition of new materials and more basic complications. The most previously reviewed release on aBlogtoWatch before the release of the Magrette Moana Pacific Waterman GMT watches in bronze and steel was the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Kara watch in titanium. A black-dial follow-up to that model is currently in the pre-order phase, following the warm reception of the original blue dial version (which was inspired by the flag of New Zealand).

Magrette Moana Pacific Waterman GMT Watches In Bronze And Steel Watch Releases

Red, white, and blue is back again in both the steel and the bronze models available in the Magrette Moana Pacific Waterman GMT range. There are two bezel insert options for both case materials, with customers able to choose between a solid blue ceramic dial filled with Super-LumiNova or the same component in the red/blue Pepsi flavor.

As a GMT, this is the first watch from Magrette to use the ETA caliber 2893-2. Three years after the introduction of the Waterman range, and just a few months after debuting a CuSn8 bronze case for the 42mm cushion-cased range, it is great to see a further diversification for this popular family. While 42mm sounds modest enough by sport watch standards, the case, due to its square silhouette, wears much larger. Still, these watches offer a very fine, affordable option for would-be Paneristi looking for an aesthetically similar, but individually characterful alternative.

Magrette Moana Pacific Waterman GMT Watches In Bronze And Steel Watch Releases

What is most satisfying about this range is the use of quality materials, the wise decision to close and brand the caseback, and the inclusion of a spare strap (you get a TROPICTM-style rubber strap and a vintage leather option in the box). With water resistance down to 500m to boot, the Magrette Moana Pacific Waterman GMT watches boast exceptional beater credentials for watches that retail significantly below a thousand bucks.

But the thing I like most about the bronze models, in particular, is the fact that they are paired with a bronze buckle (rejoice). I can well understand the use of solid steel casebacks due to the level of unavoidable contact between that component and the wearer’s skin, but steel buckles with bronze cases are a serious pet peeve of mine. While the buckle does get a lot of “skin time,” it just looks plain odd to me to have a completely different material on the underside of the wrist. Yes, the buckle may patina at a faster rate than the case, but not often by so much that it is as noticeable as a gleaming stainless steel buckle in its place.


Magrette Moana Pacific Waterman GMT Watches In Bronze And Steel Watch Releases

The Magrette Moana Pacific Waterman GMT watches are delivered in Magrette’s custom leather travel case (very much appreciated for a GMT). As of today, all models are available with special pre-order pricing in effect for a limited period. Shipping is expected to occur around the end of February 2020, which should get fans of New Zealand watchmaking’s year off to a good start. Learn more about Magrette and the new Waterman models at

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  • Beefalope

    Handsome design, solid build quality, reasonable prices — what a micro brand should be.

  • funkright

    I’ve often looked at Magrette and this GMT in bronze may finally give me the impetus to jump into their ocean. Nice watch, good price.

  • Pete L

    Love it. Great package at great price.

  • Jared

    are they an actual New Zealand watchmaker, meaning they make their cases themselves, or is this just another microbrand that is run out of New Zealand, but sells Chinese cases with Swiss Movement. Do they even assemble the watches themselves or is that also done in China? There is not a single photo on their website of a person actually working on the watch, hell there is not a single photo of a watch with the caseback open

    I dunno about the rest of you, but to me to call a company a watchmaker, at the very least they need to be involved in the production process at least somewhat.

    Call them a watch brand, a watch company, a watch designer, but the word watchmaker needs to be reserved for those companies that actually do watchmaking

    • Tempvs Mortvvs

      Hardly anybody cares about the meaning of words anymore. I’m glad you do.

    • As I understand it, the parts largely come from various places (including Germany) and are assembled in New Zealand.

    • Berndt Norten

      Conceived in New Zealand
      Made in China and Elsewhere
      Tweaked? in New Zealand

      I suppose that purchasers of this brand will know where they shipped from. If they shipped from NZ we have a partial answer.

  • SuperStrapper

    Not bad for 800 smackers.
    It should be noted that the bi-colour (Pepsi) bezel is an aluminum insert and the solid blue one is ceramic. No price difference, which is nice.

    I just mentioned these guys recently, they were far more active a while ago and now I wonder if they’ve disappeared. Glad to see they haven’t, I’ve always appreciated thier approach and products.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Really nice solid well put together watch, For the money it seems pretty fair. When you come out with ” the original blue dial version (which was inspired by the flag of New Zealand). I recon that’s a wee fib being that blue is the ” in ” colour at the moment. Of course you want to be proud of the fact that you are a small New Zealand brand and more power to you but as you said, you have your different components from here and there ( a problem with many micos ) Where are your watches put together?

  • egznyc

    Nice to see them releasing a new piece – though many of their watches look almost the same to my eyes, with just little differences. Fortunately I am a fan of the non-circular case. Maybe one day I’ll take the plunge but while it’s a solid, good-looking diver, I’m not feeling the attraction.

    Cool seconds hand. Reminds me a lot of the Yema Superman.

  • Just pulled the trigger and pre-ordered a bronze one with the all blue (ceramic) bezel. Time I had a bronze diver I guess. I like the dials on these more than their previous watches and the use of bronze (case and bezel and hands) along with blue (bezel and dial) make a cohesive colorway IMO. Looking forward to when they ship…

    • Simonh

      Excellent choice, it looks really good in that colourway.

  • Timestandsstill

    I’ve owned, enjoyed and passed on two different Magrettes’ over the years. They are extremely well made for the money and usually punch well above their weight class. They honor and respect the original Maori native culture and tie it in well with their own niche “DNA”.
    Dion McAsey has done a great job offering interesting, affordable and just plain fun watches for years now. One of the first truly great micro brands in my opinion.