Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Black Watch

Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Black Watch

Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Black Watch Watch Releases

Now in its tenth year of operation, it’s almost unfair to call Magrette a "micro" anymore, as the Auckland, NZ-based brand has earned its place at the table and continues to impress with affordable, original designs that have maintained their staying power in an increasingly crowded space of independent watch labels. Further solidifying the brand’s reputation is an update to its flagship Moana Pacific Professional – a 44mm diver that's still as affordable as ever, but is now powered by a Swiss-made STP movement, and finished with a brushed-steel and fully lumed, DLC-coated bezel insert.

Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Black Watch Watch Releases

Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Black Watch Watch Releases

Unlike earlier iterations of the Moana Pacific Professional which ran on Miyota 9015 movements, the stealthy new “MPP” is powered by a Swiss Technology Production STP1-11 automatic movement – which, if you remember, is the Fossil Group’s answer to breaking the Swatch Group's stranglehold on movement production and distribution. The STP1-11 is a Swiss-made ETA 2824 clone with the usual specs (26 jewels, 28,800vph, around 40 hours of power reserve), engineered as an alternative to the Sellita SW200, and assembled in one of the most advanced mechanical watch factories we’ve ever visited in Switzerland.

Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Black Watch Watch Releases

Granted, STP may be Fossil-owned and -operated, and the movements predominantly supplied to Fossil Group watches (like this Zodiac Seawolf reviewed here), but we’re starting to see more examples of STP filter down into the hands of smaller, independent brands like Magrette – which is great news for watchmakers and collectors alike, who seek an affordable, Swiss-made alternative to Sellita or Soprod movements.

Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Black Watch Watch Releases

Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Black Watch Watch Releases

On paper, the changes to the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional are relatively minor – partly because the new movement will be hidden beneath the signed solid caseback, sealed with Viton gaskets. But visually, the new DLC-coated bezel and its engraved markers filled with high-contrast Super-LumiNova BGW9 perfectly complement the lume on the dial. Furthermore, the dark, brushed finish of the bezel itself works well with the steely tones in the chapter ring, lending the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Black a decidedly classic, tool watch feel that was largely missing from the currently available Magrette collection.

Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Black Watch Watch Releases

Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Black Watch Watch Releases

As Magrette has done in the past, the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Black will be available on a pre-order basis, with an expected completion date around late February 2017. Those looking to queue up for one of the 500 pieces in the limited-edition series can expect to receive two additional straps (one leather, one nylon zulu-style) accompanying the rubber strap in the package, and enjoy a special pre-order price of $545.

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  • Sheez Gagoo

    This is a watch I would buy. Just not a fan of brandnames on straps and leather straps on divers. A Nato would fit.

  • ??????

    Not bad. Magrette and their sub-brand Belmoto – are both tastefully designed and look like solid value. I have only 1 little concern which has stopped me from getting one of their pieces: it feels a bit derived from Panerai, in the very base, but with its own bells and whistles. And it makes me think twice.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Nicely done.

  • Shawn Lavigne

    nice watch. there appears to be value here.

  • Dinkee, H. O.

    Can’t say too much bad about a $545 watch with a Swiss made 2824 clone. Handsome. Too much value here to criticize. A good starter watch for poor people.

    • “Poor people? Really…a bit insulting, don’t you think?

      • Don’t give him or the other town clown Martius (I think, the one with the Trump profile pic) any rope. Or give him, they’re funny now and then. In a pathetic too long of a joke kind of way.

        • Marius

          Unfortunately, the commenter Martius does not exist. I tried finding him, but he`s as elusive as the ultra-elusive Albino GMT.

    • David P.

      As someone that owns several “high end” watches…this is just a really nice piece for anyone. Seems the more I get into watches, I buy from both ends of the “value” spectrum and rarely disappointed when I’ve done my research. While this wont get all my wrist time (yes, I’ve pre-ordered), it will be a nice casual watch for the weekend and beach days. Hats off to Magrette for finally getting me to pull the trigger with this excellent piece.

  • funkright

    I like the look of this one. Great feature set for the price. Definitely a winner. Would love it even more with a GMT hand in it. But that’s my favorite complication and it is my bias 🙂

  • I think I like every model these guys have put out – hats off chaps

  • Jason

    nice, but there are so many black watches in the world, how about a nice dark blue or a crimson

    • SuperStrapper

      Agree. This same watch in oxblood over black would be very sharp.

  • wrigduo

    agree with the most comments, watch is beautiful and a good starter!

  • It’s a pity that Panerai has “trademarked” the cushion case, in the same way that Philip Glass has “trademarked” repetitive scales and arpeggios…The cushion is my favourite case shape and I really like many micros that use this shape (benarus, magrette etc.).

    It’s a real pity that they feel like Panerai derivatives when they have so much of their own character, it really is unfair. Still, I will continue to buy and enjoy all cushion cased micros.

  • Nice watch with good incremental improvements over previous references. And a great value too. While not ceramic or sapphire, the DLC coating on the bezel will be harder than stainless steel and of course much more scratch resistant than an common aluminum insert. So a good component choice while still keeping production costs down.

    • Stephan Trimbos

      Moana is Ocean in Maori 😉

  • K7

    How’s the quality of their previous releases? I like the design and it seems to be a decent value…you know, as Dinkee says, for a “poor” person.

    • Anders Sederholm

      I’ve had a Moana Pacific Regattare for approx 5 years, and the quality is good.

  • Aytunc

    i really like this watch, i hope someone can figure how to make a replacement ceramic bezel, i know the price point would have been slightly higher if they went through that route but it is a perfect jeans and a t-shirt watch.

    • Stephan Trimbos

      Actually DLC on brushed seems a far better solution to avoid that shiny look all other divers have in common now.

  • Pierre Savard

    Pretty good value prop…

  • DanW94

    Looks like a solid watch and a solid value. That sucker also looks exceptionally thick, although I didn’t see the thickness mentioned in the article.

    • Stephan Trimbos

      It is roughly 15mm. 500m WR tends to get you there.

  • Berndt Norten

    I like the watch but i cannot help thinking that they superimposed a submariner / speedmaster / oris bezel onto a Panerai. On a computer screen. Tweak and there’s the watch. Am I seeing things or does anyone agree? Again, i do like it

    • ??????

      Unfortunately, I have same feeling. And I still kinda like the watch. Just can’t get rid of “tuned” Panerai effect.

  • Reprobus Marmaritarum

    I like it. Consistently nice watches from this brand. The engraved ones are quite special, wish I had pushed the button on the fully engraved case a few years back.

  • Great watch , I like it

  • Javiersteva

    Very nice watch great price and great look with the brown leather strap.

  • Shinytoys

    10 + years ago I saw the introduction of their watch line and thought, “this will never fly”. I’m glad I didn’t bet the farm simply because with each year, Magrette has proved me wrong.. With every model over a decade, the Magrette Company gets better and more impressive with each iteration. A ton of watch here for the money. Thanks for proving me wrong Mom and Pop Magrette.

  • Kyle Byron

    Can someone point me to a website or other source that goes over the differences between all the automatic movements, some of which are mentioned in this post? For example: “The STP1-11 is a Swiss-made ETA 2824 clone with the usual specs (26 jewels, 28,800vph, around 40 hours of power reserve), engineered as an alternative to the Sellita SW200.”

    Is there a place I can go to read about ETA 2824 movements, Sellita SW200 movements, etc. etc.?

    • Roman

      Peek into this site.
      I hope it helps.

    • Danil Krivosheyev

      actually this is almost chinese movement, seagull, which is re-assembled in Swiss.

  • Boi1der

    If I was not actively hunting for a Omega 200 Pre-Bond, I would be all over this.

  • spiceballs

    Nice case, engine, bezel, hands, lume and WR, but not so sure about the “03,06 & 09”? Needs to be seen in “the mehtal”.

  • Anders Sederholm

    Pre-ordered ?
    I allready own a Magrette Moana Pacific Regattare.

  • Roman

    I like the cushion case.

  • Danil Krivosheyev

    good watch look with poor cheapen movement

    • Joe0000

      How is the Elaboré grade, higher power reserve, +1 jewel versus ETA movement a “cheapen” movement???

  • Andrew Hughes

    These photos are stellar! Did you take them Zach?

    • Wish I could say I did! Definitely a killer set of imagery, though these were provided to us via Magrette.

      • Andrew Hughes

        Oh. Good work whoever shot them there. I really like seeing great shots. Nice review too.

  • Joe0000

    Where is the signature sandwich dial?

  • funkright

    I see the new and upcoming Professional as their breakthrough piece. It is vastly improved over the original and I love their implementation of various features.

  • Shinyitis

    It’s a cracker: pre-ordered. Has all the qualities I want from a Sub and Panerai, with enough design cajones to make it exclusive enough to not buy a Sub and Panerai. Thanks, Magrette!

  • Patsfan11

    It looks like an ST 2130 assembled in Switzerland, not that that’s bad thing, if it’s done well. I’d take it over the 9015 myself. I’ll wait to see real pics and reviews. Seems over priced in my opinion, compared to a Steinhart which uses real ETA 2824’s. Also the straps look pretty cheap, Looks better than previous versions however

  • Rob Baron

    Just got my Moana Pacific Professional Black this week. I was blown away by the quality of this watch. It is a nice weight, a clean dial and the rubber strap is really top notch. Mine came with a leather and NATO strap too which I haven’t tried yet. The gray second hand and markers are nicely subtle and do not distract from reading the time at a glance. You can swim/surf/dive in this watch or wear it to the office with a suit. It just works everywhere. Not sure what more to expect from a watch even at 10x this price.

  • azcavalier

    Just got mine today. Love it! Definitely the largest watch I own. Very hefty. I wish there was an option for a metal band instead of the rubber, leather, and NATO straps. But I think this just became my go-to watch!