Marcello C Nettuno 3 watch silver

Marcello C is going places quickly. The growing German watch maker came out of the mind of an ex Oris master watch maker 15 years ago. Just when the mechanical watch was making a comeback, Marcello C started hammering out extremely high quality watches for unheard of low prices. At that time, the philosophy was simple; do not reinvent the wheel. Marcello C is not a design innovator, and it does not need to be. Marcello C excels at taking handsome, classic designs and making very good watches based on them. The most distinctive quality of a Marcello C watch is that the watch is built better, and functions with more accuracy that most watches costing twice their price.

This direction has allowed Marcello C to take a lead role as one of the fastest growing small watch companies. Saving money on not having to test designs, they focus on quality. Let others make the mistakes and produce what the consumer clearly wants. Perusing the Marcello C collection, you will see all familiar faces. The Tridente and Nettuno models are all Rolex Submariner clones with their own twist. Their aviator watches take designs from classic watches of the past from IWC, Glashutte, and countless others who have implemented such designs. At this point, Marcello C is putting its own twist on a theme, rather than copying anything. This complaint aside, there is little to complain about a Marcello C watch, as is clear from the reviews online.

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Marcello C watches are manufactured in German using mainly swiss parts and ETA movements. Marcello C is able to pick and choose among the best parts makers, and then hand assembles movements and watches by their master watch mechanics and craftsmen. People really cannot say enough good things about Marcello C. Reviews of Marcello C watches on the internet are unanimous regarding consumer satisfaction with the product. And at under $800, their entry level Nettuno 3 model leads the pack in terms of quality and reliability for the price. Even their slightly more expensive models are an amazing value.

For the last few years, the only place to get Marcello C watches in the US from an authorized dealer was from Marcello C’s US distributor at In January of 2008, will no longer sell watches direct to the public. Instead they will merely be a distributor selling to other authorized dealers. The reason for this is that consumer demand for these watches has gotten so great, it is a better investment of their time to be a reseller to other interested dealers. The effect of this are more Marcello C watches available, but of course, higher prices as well.

Prices aside, the good news is that Marcello C will enhance it’s focus on the US market. This means more inventory, more choices, and new models. Marcello C has bright future ahead of it. While not a bastion of avant garde design, Marcello C has a well established place among watch lovers for making a solid, great looking watch, that few people can argue with. Already, Marcello C is starting to create unique designs, such as the Diavolo, along their already handsome looking collection. We should all watch Marcello C closely to see what new watches they release.

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