A lot of people have been talking about the new Marvin Malton 160 collection watches. The collection was designed be esteemed designers; Jean-Francois Ruchonnet and Sebastien Perret. Together they have been able to give a new appearance to classic watches. The result are attractive, eminently wearable, and affordable watches – for people who like watches and otherwise. The collection has a few months, mostly mechanical with one quartz model. One of the interesting elements of the watches are the “indented sides” as I call it. The sides of the watches and the lugs have been engraved in an interesting touch that looks really cool in person.

The Malton 160 Cushion is still just an image (seen below), so I didn’t get to see it. It looks to have a Valjoux 7750 automatic movement and a great style. I would gladly wear it. Love that red cabochon in the crown. An interesting way of inserting color into the watch (there is also a thin strip of red in the 8 o’clock hour indicator).

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The Malton 160 Round watches are each 42mm wide in steel. Marvin also says that the watches are available in PVD rose gold.  The size feels very appropriate for the design, and the watches are comfortable. The case design is well done – giving the watches a classic feel… with something a little bit more. The signature classic Marvin watch company engraving on the side of the case returns, but is placed in a more central position on the side of the case. The watches have sapphire crystals, and exhibition casebacks for the mechanical models. Dials are available in black or “grained opaline.” Both look good, but I think I like black better for most of them. Each it connected to a black leather strap.

Marvin did a great job with the hands and the hour indicators. The classic feel of the watches is really all about the hands, and to a lesser degree the hour indicators. A stunning homage to “good clean looks.” My favorite model is at the top – the power reserve. It has an ETA 2897 automatic with a power reserve indicator. A great looking piece that is executed in a very polished way. Very similar to it is the more basic three hand model with a Sellita SW200 automatic movement in it. These two watches are likely to be the top sellers.

For the more avant garde, there is the Marvin Malton 160 Regulator and the Big Date. the Regulator uses a Dubois-Depraz Calibre 14070 manually wound movement. It is really for people who are fascinated by regulator watches, and those looking for something different. It is probably the best choice for people looking for an easily accessible, entry level mechanical regulator watch.

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The big date with subsidiary seconds model is the only quartz model of the bunch and contains a Ronda 7004 B quartz movement. The easy to read dial has a top mounted big date window and an otherwise attractive layout. A good piece for those who aren’t quite ready for mechanical watches. The price should be pretty good as well. Overall the Malton 160 collection is a good addition to the Marvin line that is of the only brands offering affordable classic designs with a highly polished modern twist. I don’t have the prices precisely right now, but I expect the watches to be a couple of thousand – which is a good value for what you get, from a serious up-and-coming brand (that will officially come to the US soon).

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