Maurice de Mauriac L1 Watch Designed By Fabian Schwaerzler

Maurice de Mauriac L1 Watch Designed By Fabian Schwaerzler

Maurice de Mauriac L1 Watch Designed By Fabian Schwaerzler Watch Releases

Zurich-based watch maker Maurice de Mauriac has just released the new L1 watch designed by the acclaimed (and award-winning) Swiss industrial designer Fabian Schwaerzler. The result is an attractively modern Bauhaus style watch that combines Swiss style with Germanic functionalism - which makes sense given that Zurich is in the German-speaking part of the country.

In the future we will investigate what the relationship between Maurice de Mauriac and Fabian Schwaerzler is all about and how they hooked up. Oftentimes, big-name designers end up working with larger brands on special series timepieces with their unique aesthetic stamp. In this situation, Schwaerzler decided to work with a boutique brand, probably because it was a project of passion allowing the two an opportunity to focus on the product versus marketing and less fulfilling commercial matters (well, to artists that is).

Maurice de Mauriac L1 Watch Designed By Fabian Schwaerzler Watch Releases

Maurice de Mauriac L1 Watch Designed By Fabian Schwaerzler Watch Releases

The L1 watch takes a familiar Maurice de Mauriac style case sized at 39mm wide in steel, and adds a domed AR coated sapphire crystal and a simple brushed finishing. The presentation is attractive, but demurely utilitarian and timeless. The real magic is in the dial, which is an attractively functional design I think all watch lovers can appreciate.

Schwaerzler is the type of designer who likes to focus on minimalism. This style of design is about removing rather than adding. The idea is to deconstruct something of use to its core elements, and then slowly add elements in a refined manner to emphasize a few basic values versus including a lot of decorative or functional elements. Schwaerzler explains how he always wanted to design a watch because he found the task a unique challenge. With the design of the L1, he discovered not only the complexity of marrying form and function, but identifying some of the more minor elements that make for a "good" watch design.

Maurice de Mauriac L1 Watch Designed By Fabian Schwaerzler Watch Releases

Maurice de Mauriac L1 Watch Designed By Fabian Schwaerzler Watch Releases

The dial is very much in the vein of the classic Omega Speedmaster– an enduring success because of how well it combines simplicity with functionality. The black dial is contrasted with white numerals and hands– each relatively thin but highly viewable. A ring of minute markers has slightly longer batons at each five minute marker, and distinct hour markers are also added below for added utility. The hour markers are also not uniform with longer (but proportionally thinner) markers at each quarter.

My favorite element is the minimalist text. The labeling and logo exists, but in a thin, small manner that I think is very clever and helps keep the dial balanced and branded. The hands and hour markers are applied with blue-colored SuperLumiNova luminant. One of the most important elements of the dial design is that while it is certainly part of the larger class of Bauhaus faces, there is a distinctive quality that prevents it from being too easily confused with other similar designs.

Maurice de Mauriac L1 Watch Designed By Fabian Schwaerzler Watch Releases

Inside the Maurice de Mauriac L1 watch is a Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement. Maurice de Mauriac uses a decorated version that is visible through a sapphire crystal caseback window. Maurice de Mauriac also includes three straps with each L1 watch. This is good news since Maurice de Mauriac is known for their excellent choice of straps in regard to quality and matching them with a case. Included are a black, brown, and natural umber (lighter brown) leather straps. Price is a bit on the ambitious side at 2,300 Swiss Francs and these L1 timepieces should be available now. Really nice to see successful design collaborations such as this.

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  • vmarks

    Simple, well-made, timeless are all words that describe the L1. I like it very much. I wonder if the minute hand might be a little longer, but this is very well executed.

  • MarkOs

    So how exactly did that design meeting go….
    Shall we have hour markers?
    – yes I think dashes
    Shall we have minute markers?
    -yes I think dashes
    Shall we have a date window?
    Job done then, off to the pub……

  • TimelyOne

    This design presented a unique challenge. Not easily confused with those $30.00 similar types.

  • Ulysses31

    Simple, clean and beautiful.  Very nice watch.  A bit of a stretch to call this dial “Speedmaster”-like though.  There must have been thousands of watches with this simple type of dial, stick markers etc.  Hundreds of different Seikos had that type of face.

  • kaostical

    Nice design for strap options, its like the watch absorbs the strap due to the design being so minimalist. Think a wide area of styles and colored straps will work well with this piece.

  • antjay

    Great , I have been waiting for someone to bring out a Seiko 5 homage .

  • Ulysses31

    antjay With Citizen lume.

  • wandimarco

    2300 CHF for ETA 2824-2 movement? Ariel is right, they are really ambitious lolz

  • Chefcook

    Why do all industrial designer watches look exactly the same? Boring, generic designs, is that what they teach you in university, guys?

  • colombo49

    purist, this is an absolutely beautiful design, it’s has a more masculine look
    than similar ‘bauhaus’ type watches, i was waiting for something like this, it
    hits the sweet-spot imo.

  • Nothing to dislike here, except that there is nothing to dislike here. Quite the snoozer. Is the price you mention for the 3-watch set you show in the first picture? Even at that, I think ‘ambitious’ is putting it fairly mildly.

  • DG Cayse

    I like it…but….”Call on line 1…Lawyers from NOMOS.”

  • hautejalapeno

    Not the most imaginative design. Zzz

  • trj66

    I simply love minimalistic design ad modum Bauhaus – but this offering is just plain boring, uninspired and seen before a quasillion times before.

    And the price MUST be an evil joke!

  • CG

    I’d guess this is just a name recognition exercise for quasi famous “industrial” designer to fling around “Bauhaus” and “minimalist” for hipster style orgasms otherwise this watch is a clone of a clone of a clone… apologies to Gertrude Stein. btw “highly viewable”? Silly

  • pepecasas

    Boring, boring, boring….. Expensive, expensive, expensie….Overpriced, overp….etc. etc.

  • Mein Uhr

    it looks like “a watch”.

  • Fraser Petrick

    Euclid and Leonardo would have liked the Maurice de Mauriac L1. Simple, clean, sensible, honest, understandable.

  • spiceballs

    Simple, elegant and yes unfortunately so much like Nomos, Tissot and many others (most with date window in the wrong location, in my opinion) at 2 to 5 times the price.  Another lost battle, perhaps ?

  • marbstiu

    buy nomos

  • marbstiu

    DG Cayse  and mondaine

  • marbstiu

    wandimarco  looks like a Braun Watch

  • redhed18

    I seriously had to check it wasn’t April 1st…

    I like MdM, but this is just meh