There are definitely retro-inspired elements in the design as well. That goes for the layout of the inner rotating bezel, and style of the applied hour markers. But it does so in more of an “homage way” versus looking like Maurice Lacroix was grasping for ways to use tried and true elements. You can disagree with me, but overall I feel as though the Pontos S Diver case does contemporary watch design very well.

On the dial you have a lot of symmetry. The date window is at 6 o’clock, and everything feels nicely composed. While I try to be open-minded, I find symmetrical dials to be the most beautiful. I will even forgive the watch for having a 12 o’clock hour indicator that is the same as the rest. With the indicator on the rotating bezel atop it being larger, I feel that the dial is well grounded as well when looking at it from other angles (which is why distinct 12 o’clock hour indicators are a good idea). The color red is also used nicely on the dial and I don’t feel as though it is overwhelming, even though there is a lot of it. Maurice Lacroix merely emphasized with gusto that it is an accent color – again something I find common in today’s designs. Most classic diver dials are mostly monochromatic. Over the dial is an AR coated sapphire crystal.

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Maurice-Lacroix-Pontos-S-Diver-11 Maurice-Lacroix-Pontos-S-Dive-watch-5

Inside the watch is a base Sellita SW200 movement that Maurice Lacroix calls their caliber ML 115. It is an automatic movement based on the architecture of the ETA 2824. These are extremely common in dive watches because of their relative durability and simplicity. All I could ask for more would be a movement with a longer power reserve. After playing with a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms for a while it is nice to have a diver whose power reserve is almost a week. All in all I’d say that the feature set of the Pontos S Diver is very compelling. All that I would say it is missing is a fancy bracelet with a dive extension system.

Speaking of bracelets, you can opt for that (which I like) or two leather NATO-style straps. These latter options are certainly more “cool”. Though I think it is a good idea to have all of the options. Most NATO straps are cheap nylon, but in leather the look of the military style straps is upgraded. Honestly, on either a brown or black strap the watch looks good and I have to say that the most comfortable straps I’ve owned are leather NATOs. Though there is the matter of that strap tucking thing which I am not the biggest fan of. As you can see, Maurice Lacroix offers the Pontos S Diver with a black or silver dial. The black will sell in higher quantities but the silver dial is honestly quite appealing, especially if your watch collection is full of black-faced divers. Price for the Pontos S Diver ref. PT6248 is a reasonable $3,000.

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