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Rolex doesn’t release official production figures, but it is estimated that it produces up to a million timepieces a year. Despite that impressive number, these Swiss-made watches are in huge demand, so acquiring one through the authorized retail network has been an almost impossible task, with waiting lists reportedly running several years long. A small Dutch start-up, The Premium Time Company, is hoping to ease the pain for a lucky few and place some Rolexes in the hands of the public.

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The iconic brand, often referred to as “The Crown” in industry circles, has enjoyed consistent demand for many years, but recent global events have pushed demand far beyond anything the world has ever seen. The perfect storm of limited production and bored-at-home investors looking for assets led to a boom in sales for new and pre-owned luxury timepieces.

The trust in Rolexes as an investment remains solid. The watches have outperformed gold, stocks, and real estate for the last decade, according to recent analysis by U.S. dealer Bob’s Watches. Rolex is rolling out a new $1.1 billion production facility, expected to be operational in 2029, to meet the demand. And three new temporary production facilities in Switzerland will try to keep customers happy in the meantime, with timepieces expected to roll off the production line as early as 2025.

The Premium Time Company is hoping to place Rolexes in the hands of a lucky few from the public. Offering skill-based online contests capped with low-maximum entries (anywhere from 600-3000 max entrants) on a weekly and monthly basis, the regular online contests offer brand-new Rolex watches carefully sourced on the gray market for the winners. Expect to see the most sought-after steel models, including the iconic Submariner, GMT-Master, and Daytona making appearances.

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The Premium Time Company company launched in February with two contests, a Rolex Submariner-Date and a GMT-Master II “Batman.” The watches proved popular, with competitors lining up across the globe. The Sub was ultimately won by a Dutchman, and the GMT made its way across the Atlantic to Florida. The company guarantees a Rolex Submariner contest every month, with different Submariner models each time, from the iconic Date/No-Date to “Starbucks,” and more. Aside from these, the regular contests offer different models, such as the new Tudor GMT “Pepsi” Opaline dial.

The Premium Time Company offers a completely free MoonSwatch contest each month, with limited tickets.

The site also offers a completely free MoonSwatch contest each month, with limited tickets restricted to one per person. No purchase or commitment is required, and there’s a different model from the 11 unique Mission watches each month. To learn more about how you can have a chance at winning a Rolex, Tudor, or Moonswatch watch, visit The Premium Time Company website.

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