MB&F Medusa Clock By L'Epée hanging blue

Entering their 14th year, MB&F unveils their tenth collaboration with renowned Swiss clockmaker L’Epée. These two horological superpowers have worked together to create some of the most interesting time-telling devices that I have seen – my favorite being the Deep Space Nine-inspired “Starfleet Machine Clock.” For SIHH 2019, the two brands have announced their newest clock, the L’Epée x MB&F Medusa. This piece comes in a dual configuration with the ability to be rested on a flat surface or mounted from the ceiling.

The clock itself is housed inside a handblown Murano glass dome that is meant to reference the body of a jellyfish. In its ceiling-mounted configuration, MB&F offers a series of handblown Murano glass tentacles to accompany it. The movement in the Medusa offered an interesting problem for L’Epée due to the glass restricting access to most of the movement – a single method was required for both winding and setting. A propeller crown-like extension extends from the bottom of the glass dome, turning it clockwise will set the movement, counter clockwise winds it. The entire movement of the Medusa was built to resemble the neural network of a jellyfish. MB&F will offer the Medusa clock with three different glass bell colors: blue, green, or pink.

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MB&F Medusa Clock By L'Epée desk pink


Brand: MB&F + L’Epée 1839
Model: Medusa
Dimensions: 286mm x250mm (Hanging) & 323mm x 250mm (Standing)
Water Resistance: N/A
Case Material: Stainless Steel and Brass Standing Base and Movement
Crystal/Lens: Hand Blown Murano Glass
Movement: L’Epée suspended movement
Frequency: 2.5hz (18,000 bph)
Power Reserve: 7 Days
Strap/Bracelet: N/A
Price & Availability: Limited Edition of 50 in each color, Price TBA

MB&F Medusa Clock By L'Epée lume


This is another fascinating piece from these two manufacturers – I can safely assume that when I see MB&F in relation to a timepiece that at the very least it’s going to be interesting to look at, and the Medusa is no exception. Personally, I’d love to have the ceiling mounted version. Although one can assume that deciphering the time from across the room would be a challenge, that’s not so much the point of this one.

MB&F Medusa Clock By L'Epée desk green


As expected MB&F x L’Epée have created another horological machine that would make a fine addition to any discerning (but slightly eccentric) collector’s decor. With the handblown glass case and the new unique movement, it’s safe to say that the MB&F Medusa will be something to behold in the metal (or glass). MB&F will be offering these as three different colors: blue, green, or pink, each in an edition of 50 pieces. Pricing has yet to be announced. For additional details keep an eye on mbandf.com

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