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Movado Ferrari Watches

Movado Ferrari Watches Watch Releases

I was sort of under the impression that Hublot had the corner on this market, but whatever. Movado just announced that it signed a multi-year agreement with Ferrari to make watches with the Ferrari and Scuderia names, as well as use the brand logos. How this ties into Hublot’s assumed exclusive agreement is unclear to me. My theory is that Hublot has claim on all higher-end Ferrari watches, while the Movado deal is for more entry-level luxury watches. According to the announcement the Movado Ferrari watches will only cost up to 1,500 Euros. Set to arrive in 2013, the Ferrari collection of watches from Movado will take a lot of forms, the least of which will be this Movado Museum watch with a prancing pony in lieu of the sun.

UPDATE: So Hublot was kind enough to clear some of the confusion around what seems to be competing contract agreements with Ferrari and watch makers. Hublot has a larger more robust contact agreement to participate with Ferrari in all sorts of events and products, and make watches associated with most any of them. According to Hublot, they are a partner with Ferrari in whatever they do. As Mr. Biver of Hublot personally stated, “they are married.” According to the breadth of the agreement it does seem that way. As for Movado on the other hand, they have a limited licensing agreement to make 1,500 Euro and under watches with only Ferrari branding on them (no Movado branding on the dial). The Movado Ferrari watches are going to be much more mass produced and sold in some of the Ferrari stores (that sell lifestyle products and not cars), and in some Ferrari dealerships/garages.

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  • Eric S

    “Prancing pony”? – sounds more like a pub in LOTR than Ferrari, lol! Either way, I would take a pass on this watch.  

    • Eric, why are all of your comments full of what looks like javascript code?

  • cluedog12

    If the Ferrari watches are desireable, they’ll sell regardless of the co-branding shennanigans. I’m interested to see what the end game is here…

  • CG

    Ferrari = Logo Whores… who cares? Ferrari hasn’t done anything significant than sell off naming rights to to all who ask for their worthless junk to be branded by the “McDonalds” of “exotic” car marketing.

  • arthurdavis

    uh NO

  • GeorgeGrasser

    Well this sure is stupid and I’m sure will be a complete failure.

  • FredCastleton

    Ferrari watches have usually been well made pieces. The GP line, for example, featured manufacture movements. Hublot is the big dog this time around with prices in the $25k to $50K range. The Movado line surprises me since Ferrari dealers sell $500 to $1000 watches through their parts departments. I want to see what the movement will be. If it’s quartz, I’ll pass.otherwise, it may be a fun piece. As a car guy, it appeals to me and as long as it isn’t crazy expensive, I will probably be tempted.
    I have a GP Ferrari watch and a Porsche design timepiece as well. I hope this Movado is well done and affordable.

  • mlowenstam

    When you have a couple of Ferrari’s, then I will listen to you but otherwise we know who is really stupid.