Welcome to “My First Grail Watch,” a new interview series on aBlogtoWatch that explores the first major timepiece lusted after by important people in the watch industry.

aBlogtoWatch (ABTW): Who are you and what is your relationship to the watch industry?

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Jean-Claude Biver (JCB): My passion is watches. And I am the lucky man who can work every day in his passion. Which means I don’t want to disconnect and don’t need weekends and holidays. I believe that working everyday in one’s passion is one of the greatest luxuries in life (the two others are health and love).

ABTW: What was your first grail watch?

JCB: The Omega Constellation which my grandfather offered me when I was eight years old. Later it was the Omega Speedmaster.

ABTW: Was there ever a time in your life when you could afford it?

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JCB: I bought my first watch myself (Omega Speedmaster) in 1966. A watch that connected me to space.

ABTW: What did you like so much about the watch?

JCB: The fact that when I was looking at it, I did not see time, but I saw the Space Adventure and the Astronauts.

ABTW: Did you ever get it?

JCB: Yes, but each time I could afford it, I had another grail watch which then I could not afford. So somehow I have constantly a dream of the next watch which for the moment, I cannot afford.

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