To be perfectly honest it is hard to write about a $35 watch after you have been writing about $35,000 watches. On the one hand, it is hard to be fair to the $35 watch, and on the other hand it is hard to make a case to the $35 watch market for a $35,000 watch that itself may just tell the time. In writing this review I needed to metaphorically step back a few paces and review the Timex Classic Camper as though it were in a vacuum. I actually like the watch for what it is – a dead simply, sort of retro themed, basic timepiece. No frills, nothing fancy, and easily disposable if need be. Cheap, not very big, and a watch. Exactly what you need many circumstances. See what I mean?

See my Timex Classic Camper watch article on AskMen.com here.

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