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Timex Celestial Opulence Automatic Women’s Watch Collection

Timex Celestial Opulence Automatic Women's Watch Collection Watch Releases

The Timex Celestial Opulence Automatic collection is the brand’s first women’s automatic watch collection since 2011. Characterized on the dial by a floating hour hand, the Celestial Opulence is inspired by the movement of the night sky and is available in three dial variants.

Timex Celestial Opulence Automatic Women's Watch Collection Watch Releases

Timex Celestial Opulence Automatic Women's Watch Collection Watch Releases

Housed in a 38mm-wide case, the dial has a classic minutes hand but opts for a more novel hour hand. An arrow set on a rotating disc, the floating hour hand adds a distinct style that doesn’t sacrifice legibility or ease of time-telling. The dial varieties are blue, black, and champagne, all of which are done in a sun-ray pattern. The 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock hour markers are done in star-themed applied indices while Swarovski crystals dot the area in between.

Timex Celestial Opulence Automatic Women's Watch Collection Watch Releases Timex Celestial Opulence Automatic Women's Watch Collection Watch Releases

The Timex Celestial Opulence collection watches all come in a 38mm-wide stainless steel case that is finished in a rose gold tone and is water resistant to 50M. The 18mm-wide lugs are fitted with textured straps, though there is a quick-release system to allow for easy changing out for variety.

Timex Celestial Opulence Automatic Women's Watch Collection Watch Releases

Timex Celestial Opulence Automatic Women's Watch Collection Watch Releases

Turning the case over reveals an exhibition case back showing the Citizen 8215 automatic movement. This is a reliable Japanese movement that is done with 21 jewels and has a 40-hour power reserve. You can see the theme of the night sky carried over on the case back that’s finished with constellation designs.

Timex Celestial Opulence Automatic Women's Watch Collection Watch Releases Timex Celestial Opulence Automatic Women's Watch Collection Watch Releases


The Timex Celestial Opulence automatic watch collection is currently available in the three varieties mentioned earlier (blue dial, black dial, champagne dial), each of which comes on a leather and textile strap. The champagne dial model is an online-only exclusive, while the other two are available both online and in stores. Price for each Timex Celestial Opulence automatic watch is $229. You can learn more at


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  • Raymond Wilkie

    On the strenght of a message fron Gokart Mozart I had a wee wander into the city today to look at a Rolex watch. I went into a posh ” botique ” Which stunk of coffee ( never drank it on account the smell makes me boak, same with tea) You can tell it was posh because i had to ring a bell to get in, stood there like a lemon then had to ring again. Very sloppy service one thought. Anyhoo i tried it on only to be told ” It’s not working but if you buy it we will soarce the world for parts of the same age……….at a cost ”
    I thought, will i haggle but he didn’t look in a haggling mood. I said ” Shame, it’s a little small for me ” and handed it back and took my leave.

    • Independent_George

      Hey, this could be a continuing series: “Raymond Tries on Watches.” I’m in.

      • There’s two versions of “Raymond Tries on Watches” — the UK version dubbed “Watches Raymond would wear” which is a 4 episode mini-series — and the spinoff US version dubbed “Watches that make you go clunk” which is an 8-season run with 24 episodes per season.

        I’m thinking Stephen Merchant plays Raymond in the original UK version. Dwayne Johnson in the US version.

        • Berndt Norten

          As long as I’m not a Jabroni, I’m in. If you smell the Berndt stew I’m cooking.

        • Gokart Mozart

          C&C Music Factory can do the music.

          Think a rework of “things that make you go hmmm”

          Quite a rework but it could work.

    • Berndt Norten

      I’m beginning to think that you’re a real person, Raymond, and not the figment of BiLL’s imagination! You shop, therefore you are.

    • Gokart Mozart

      I can’t believe it is a £400k watch that does not even work. Fixing it will I assume seriously impair it’s value in the future. I wonder what the issue with the watch the watch is?

      It is a pretty watch though. Shame Rolex do not do stuff like this any more.

      Here is a link if you want to know more about the watch.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        When he told me it wasn’t working I said some thing like ” Get the f**k out of here”, then i said ” I’m guessing you send it back to Rolex ? “; Oh you common, pleb, don’t be stupid, if we did that Rolex would replace new for old knocking some vaulue off the watch. We will search the world for the the original 1953 parts. I you put in an offer for it today we could prorably get the parts for around £100,000. I got the salesman to take the picture as i couldn’t do up the buckle and didn’t want to over stretch it. Yup, it’s a 38mm but look at it on me, it’s tiny! Was really nice to try it on though, thanks for the heads up and for the link.

    • Dan F

      Looks like the same movement used in a lot of old chronos… He probably bought it for $500…

  • Not a Timex!
    ‘Opulence’…with a Miyota 8215 caliber…

  • Raymond Wilkie

    i’m confused (which is not unusual) Is the hour marker on the clear rotating disk and automatic written on the bottom on the dial?

  • Berndt Norten

    This gets my vote for best new affordable watch. Orient: look out. There’s a new (old) kid on the block

  • SuperStrapper

    Pretty interesting actually. Timex is doing a lot lately,but I’m still waiting for an update on that MEMs stuff.

  • Carmen Brisante

    This should do very well for Timex – elegant, pretty and out of the ordinary, all at a good price. I like the space-age/atomic vibe a lot. The floating hour hand and applied markers work really well. On the down side, it’s maybe a tad too large (though large is still the trend for women’s watches) and the display case back doesn’t seem worth it. Black or blue for me. Who knows, this might even show up in my local department store for me to try on!

  • That’s some quality finishing on the quick release straps. Especially the bottom one. Very opulent.

  • Leonarr

    I could imagine wearing the one with the navy dial for a night out or on days I’m feeling extra blingy. A fun watch for guys too!

  • Craig A Clark

    It’s pretty neat, but not a huge fan of markings on the crystal rather than the dial. With the disk hour hand they sort of painted themselves in to a corner though for dial markings.

  • gw01

    Quirky enough to validate it as a creative exercise. Not sure how many will realistically sell.

  • Dan F

    Oh my, I’m not sure where to begin with this one…
    Never thought Id’ see Timex and Opulence in the same sentence! Not to mention, the oddly-named “Timex Group Luxury Watch Co.” that is producing other luxury brands such as Versace and Ferragamo. If there ever was a brand so famous for its cheaply made, mass produced watch it would be Timex. It was the watch to wear if you couldn’t afford a Seiko! The exact opposite of “status” watch, shunned by Jewelry stores, they could (and still can) be found primarily at cheap drug stores. Now, Timex’s current owners have decided to engage in a bit of “revisionist history” and re-position Timex as a mass luxury brand. Bulova and Hamilton have been successful with the vintage resurgence thing, but they were always considered higher quality brands. With Timex it’s a bit “forced” and they will face a challenge.

    OK, that ranting out of the way, you have to admit that the new Timex watches themselves like this mystery dial model are a big improvement over the originals. So, maybe the best way to look at it, is that they have moved the Brand up-market to compete against brands like Seiko and Citizen. As far as their more expensive offerings like the “America Documents” and “S1” they seem to be pushing the price limit to compete against better brands like Bulova and Hamilton. But, maybe some old duffers like me that still remember wearing Timex as kids might bite out of Nostalga.

  • Dan F

    Probably trying to cover both bases with one unisex size…

    • Wish they’d at least have made a “more unisex” size like 34mm. Men can always wear a smaller watch, but a thin-wristed woman can’t always wear a bigger watch.

      • Dan F

        Yes, you’re right. I think all their models are trending too big for retro models, like most brands these days…

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