Starting April 19, 2016, Apple will make some changes and additions to its Apple Watch Hermes collection which debuted in early September 2015. If you recall, the Apple Watch Hermes collection consists of both a special version (the software includes a unique dial) of the steel watch along with a series of Hermes leather straps for both the 38mm and 42mm version of the Apple Watch. At the time, if you wanted an Hermes leather strap for the Apple Watch, you needed to purchase the Apple Watch with strap as a set.


For 2016, Apple is adding new color versions of Apple Watch Hermes straps, as well as making them available for purchase without a corresponding Apple Watch as a set. Further, if you want to buy an Apple Watch Hermes with the strap as a set, you can only do so with the Fauve Barenia color (tan) straps starting April 19th.

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Apple Watch Hermes straps come in three versions including the Single Tour (38mm and 42mm versions), Double Tour (38mm only) and the Cuff (42mm only). All of the original Hermes strap color versions as well as the new colors will be available for purchase separately, and together they include Fauve Barenia (tan), Noir (black), Capucine (red), Bleu Jean (lighter blue), Etain (gray), Blanc (white) and Feu (orange). That is a total of seven colors available across the three different Hermes straps for the Apple Watch.


I’d like to point out that I’ve never felt anything was wrong with the non-Hermes leather straps Apple offers for Apple Watch as each is very good and unique in its own way. The Hermes straps, of course, come with a distinctive look and feel, are hand-crafted, and also arrive with an increased level of prestige given the Hermes branding. Hermes does leather very well, and combined with Apple’s more selective distribution of the Hermes Apple Watch straps – makes these Apple Watch accessories desirable for the right demographics and furthers Apple’s goal of makings its Apple Watch the premier choice of smartwatch for luxury consumers.


This is also good news for those who want to pair an Hermes strap to their existing Apple Watch without having to buy a new watch to go with the strap as a set (as was previously necessary). This is also good news for those people who have an 18k gold Apple Watch Edition who want to pair their timepiece with an Hermes leather strap. Of course, these are luxury leather items and come with a matching price. Though, I’ll be honest that at least for the Single Tour straps, they aren’t out of line for Hermes-quality watch straps for traditional watches. I’ve included a price chart for the various Apple Watch Hermes bands below with more details, but prices are $340 for the Hermes Single Tour, $490 for the Hermes Double Tour, and $690 for the Hermes Cuff.

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Apple Watch Hermès Single Tour Band, $340
– Single Tour in Fauve Barenia (38mm & 42mm)
– Single Tour in Noir Box (38mm & 42mm)
– Single Tour in Capucine Swift (38mm)
– Single Tour in Etain Swift (42mm)
– Single Tour in Bleu Paon Epsom (42mm)*
– Single Tour in Blanc Epsom (38mm & 42mm)*
– Single Tour in Bleu Saphir Epsom (38mm & 42mm)*
– Single Tour in Feu Epsom (38mm & 42mm)*

Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour Band, $490
– Double Tour in Fauve Barenia (38mm)
– Double Tour in Fauve Barenia (38mm in XL)
– Double Tour in Etain Swift (38mm)
– Double Tour in Capucine Swift (38mm)
– Double Tour in Blue Jean Swift (38mm)
– Double Tour in Bleu Paon Epsom (38mm)*
– Double Tour in Bleu Saphir Epsom (38mm)*
– Double Tour in Blanc Epsom (38mm)*
– Double Tour in Feu Epsom (38mm)*

Apple Watch Hermès Cuff, $690
– Cuff in Fauve Barenia (42mm)

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