Apple has announced today one new luxury version of the Apple Watch known as the Apple Watch Hermes. This version of the Apple Watch comes in the polished steel case both with Hermes leather straps, as well as some special watch dials that match the Hermes aesthetic. There are a ton of Apple Watch Hermes options, and they are mostly priced just over the Apple Watch with the steel bracelet. Hermes lovers also get a series of strap choices as well as colors – and new Hermes-themed Apple Watch dials.

apple-watch-hermes-double-tour-1 Apple-Watch-hermes-September-2015-1

Hermes, of course, produces their own watches, but they are also a known supplier of very good watch straps to a range of other brands, such as Parmigiani. Hermes leather is among the finest in the industry, with some people saying that it even beats leather from other luxury houses such as Louis Vuitton. The distinctive honey-colored Hermes leather many people are familiar with will now be a part of the Apple Watch family.

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apple-watch-hermes-cuff-2 apple-watch-hermes-single-tour-buckle

The Hermes straps for the Apple Watch will be segmented into two versions with the Hermes Tour straps (in Single Tour and Double Tour varieties), as well as the Hermes Cuff strap. The Double Tour will be available only in the 38mm case size, the Single Tour will be available in 38mm or 42mm sizes, and the Cuff will be available only in the 42mm size. While the Tour straps will have a few color options, the Cuff will only come in the traditional Fauve leather color.

apple-watch-hermes-single-tour-noir Hermes-Cape-Cod-watch-double-strap

Hermes is one of the larger individually-owned luxury groups, so for them, working with Apple on watches and straps – even though they work with other brands and on their own watches – is up to them. The new Apple Watch Hermes will technically compete with some of Hermes’ more common timepieces such as the more entry-level Cape Cod and H watches.

Apple-Watch-hermes-September-2015-6 apple-watch-hermes-double-tour-capucine-bleu-jean

Details aren’t 100% clear right now on whether customers will need to buy the Apple Watch Hermes with the case and strap, or if Apple Watch customers can just buy the Hermes straps for Apple Watch. With that said, from the announcement details, it does seem that the straps (at least for now) come on an Apple Watch, but that the straps may be individually available in the future.

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Apple has further wanted to replicate the look of the Hermes “double strap” with the Double Tour which is a now common fashion trend where the strap goes around (mostly women’s wrists) two or more times. This isn’t for all Apple Watch Hermes models, but it is going to be part of the larger “Apple Watch look” that is expanding with more and more options.

Hermes straps for Apple Watch colors are not just limited to the traditional “Fauve Barenia.” The Tour straps will also come in Etain (gray), Capucine (red), Bleu Jean (literally, “blue jeans”), and Noir (black). Not all sizes are available in all colors, though.

Apple-Watch-Hermes-september apple-watch-hermes-single-tour-1

Full details have not yet been announced, but the Apple Watch Hermes and Hermes straps for the Apple Watch are said to be available at both select Apple stores as well as Hermes boutiques around the world. Availability should begin around September 16th, 2015. Pricing for the Apple Watch Hermes starts at $1,100 for the Single Tour on a 38mm Apple Watch. The Double Tour Hermes strap on a 38mm Apple Watch Hermes is $1,250, and the Hermes Cuff on the Apple Watch Hermes price is $1,500.

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