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Updated Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Watch In Thinner Titanium Case And New Dial

Updated Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Watch In Thinner Titanium Case And New Dial Watch Releases

Just hitting retailers and boutiques now is the updated Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, the sportier and often bulkier cousin to the Genta-designed classic. This new ref. 26480TI.OO.A027CA.01 is done in a 42mm titanium case with a new dial featuring the “Méga Tapisserie” pattern done in blue and a case that’s almost 2mm thinner than existing 42mm Royal Oak Offshore chronograph models.

It looks like Audemars Piguet is aiming to capture the Royal Oak buyers who can’t quite get their hands on one, as they’ve outfitted this ref. 26480TI.OO.A027CA.01 with the Calibre 2385 that allows for the sub-dials at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, as opposed to the existing Royal Oak Offshore models that use the Calibre 3126/3840 which has the chronograph sub-dials at 6,9, and 12 o’clock. This also allows for a thinner case size, with this new model coming in at 12.8mm-thick, while existing 42mm Royal Oak Offshore chronograph models are 14.5mm-thick. Water resistance isn’t affected, remaining at 100M.

Updated Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Watch In Thinner Titanium Case And New Dial Watch Releases

The new dial is done with blue “Méga Tapisserie” pattern and gray sub-dials, and it looks like the partially skeletonized hour and minute hands are new, as well. The second hand is blue, and that color pattern extends to the base of the crown and chronograph pusher, as well as the blue rubber strap the watch comes on.

Updated Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Watch In Thinner Titanium Case And New Dial Watch Releases

I think this is a really smart move from Audemars Piguet in making the Royal Oak Offshore a more desirable luxury sport watch. I’ve always had a bias against 6,9,12 chronograph sub-dial layouts, and the thinner case in lightweight titanium is a welcome addition. Also, it looks like this isn’t a limited-edition version but I assume production will be tight and demand high. Price for this new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph is about the same as existing versions at $26,800. You can learn more at



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  • SuperStrapper

    While I like the new hands and certainly prefer this chronograph layout, ultimately I’m most impressed that they found a way to make the ROO uglier.
    There will be no proper update to this watch until it includes the 4400.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Oh look,…another AP.

  • Jared

    closed case back? what the shit?

  • Swiss_Cheese

    The hexagonal chronograph hands are interesting, would’ve though they’d make them octagonal to match bezel if they are going to full double down on that asthetic.

    • Joe

      But they do match the hexagonal nuts.

      I actually like the new hands but I think the chronograph hands should have matched the main ones and it would have looked better.

  • Mikita

    Those hands are unbelievably ugly. The date position speaks bad taste as well.

  • Ugo

    it’s almost incredible how much i love the royal oak and how much i hate the offshore at the same time.
    how to take a gem and make something hideous…

    • Jared

      I’m the opposite, I actually prefer the offshores to the regular royal oaks.

      Regular royal oaks are too thin, too light, too feminine and frankly boring. While offshores feel like a real watch and offer a lot of variety no matter what taste you might have

  • Jared

    I don’t think we’ll see 4400 in the Royal Oaks for at least 5-10 years.

    they are going to save it for the 11.59 as an extra incentive for people to buy it. Once 11.59 stands on its own two feet and has the same recognition as Royal Oaks, where it becomes THE watch to get…then and only then will that movement make it to Royal Oaks

    • aWtchslvr

      Not even for Adriana Lima I wait that time. lol

  • Independent_George

    I am not familiar with anything AP related, so I am assuming that the 4400 is a more modern calibre?

    • aWtchslvr

      Yes. It is an integrated chrono movement launched with the 11.59 code


    You know it feels like the company that is trying to get the last cent out of people with something thrown together at the last minute.” Mega tapisserie “ how creative and God forbid you put a screw down case back…..but noooo let’s put a bunch of screws and call it off shore and hope it can handle some water …for 26 grand let’s not get too pushy here we wouldn’t want to give a complete product and by complete I mean one that really is 26k “worth” and that doesn’t look like a dud

  • Mark B

    I’d like to see the watch, not CAD renderings.

  • ray h.

    This is
    a good looking watch, not 26k worth of watch but it looks fun while look expensive while looking manly but sleek. So I am in the minority again, c’est la vie…

  • Bladeknight

    Agree! And I hate single date window.

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