There is a lot of similarity between the outgoing and new Aerospace Evo watches at first glance. The dial retains the polished 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock hour numerals and font. Gone is the flange ring, with Breitling opting instead for a flatter dial that includes both the minute markers and the hour markers. There are full Arabic numerals on the dial, with eight of them being painted in lume. Probably the most controversial change in the Aerospace Evo are the new hands. Breitling’s Aerospace hands have been a hallmark of the collection for over 25 years. The new hands look a bit more modern, but have less lume than before and a different design. They aren’t bad (perhaps a bit thin and small), but just very different. The old Aerospace hands were iconic but also modern looking and functional.

Color-wise there are at least three dial options to choose from at first. We’ve been able to photograph two of them including the blue and slate gray dials. There is also a lighter gray dial available. Expect probably more versions to come in the future. The bezel around the dial is slightly changed, but barely so. There is a larger lume pip at the 60 minute marker, but overall it is the same excellent Breitling style uni-directional rotating bezel that people so closely identify with the brand.

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Breitling-Aerospace-E7936310-C869-10 Breitling-Aerospace-E7936310-C869-12 Breitling-Aerospace-E7936310-C869-21

We don’t know all of the bracelet and strap options, but there are bound to be a few choices. We expect most people to opt for the excellent three-link titanium bracelet, but Breitling will also offer the Aerospace Evo on their rubber straps. Overall, Breitling retains much of what people love about the Aerospace and just added a millimeter to the size, upping it to 43mm wide. The titanium case and bracelet are well-made, light, and look great. Overall, the Aerospace is as handsome as ever, and one of the tops picks for a good looking Swiss tool watch when accuracy and functionality are more useful than “horology.” This is among the few quartz watches I’d proudly put next to my collection of mechanical watches.

Pricing for the 2013 Breitling Evo ref. E7936310/C869 watches is pretty much on par with the outgoing model save for a moderate price increase of under $200. Available now in Breitling retailers, the Aerospace Evo has a price of $4,225.

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