Casio released the first Frogman in 1993, a tough dive watch with a distinctive asymmetrical case and ISO 200-meter water resistance. For its 30th anniversary, Casio has inducted the Frogman into its premier MR-G collection, with ref. MRGBF1000B1A as the third and most recent addition to the series. For those who haven’t been following the new Frogman releases, the brand introduced the MR-G Frogman collection last year with a titanium model featuring a black rubber strap and a blue colorway. Next came the 30th-anniversary limited edition watch in yellow. With the new 2024 watch, the MR-G Frogman comes full circle by featuring another common color used on early iterations of the Frogman: red.

The big news here is that the newest model sports a titanium bracelet instead of rubber. The blue MR-G Frogman ref. MRGBF1000R1A has similar specs but is only available with Casio’s Dura Soft Fluoro rubber strap. Alternatively, the 30th-anniversary limited edition ref. MRGBF1000E1A9 has a rubber strap and a titanium bracelet. All three variations feature a black DLC-coated titanium case in the same asymmetrical style as the inaugural Frogman but with gold ion-plated components on the yellow anniversary model. Comparing these watches to early editions of the Frogman, the oversized screws flanking the top and bottom of the case resemble the second-generation DW-8200. The Frogman logo depicting a tiny scuba-diving frog is still emblazoned on the caseback, only now it is engraved on a sapphire crystal that has been treated with vapor deposition in colors to match each respective model: blue, red, and yellow. The crystal supports the watch’s radio reception and is press-fit into the caseback to preserve the hermetic seal.

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The Frogman occupies a unique space within the broader Casio catalog as the only model to boast the distinction of an ISO rating. An O-ring waterproof seal, screw-lock crown, and screw-lock caseback promise 200 meters of water resistance. At the same time, the case has not lost any of that famous G-Shock shock resistance by installing fluoro rubber buffers between the various titanium components. It is also interesting to note that, instead of a traditional rotating diver’s bezel, the Frogman has a diving mode with the ability to log up to 30 different diving times. The wearer can synchronize the hour and minute hands while operating the diving mode to improve legibility and make tracking how many minutes have been spent in the water easier. Diving logs and tide data for various locations around the globe are available via the handy Casio Watches app.

The basic specs are the same for each MR-G Frogman. They have a robust case measuring 49.7mm wide, 56mm lug-to-lug, and 18.6mm thick. The lightweight titanium finish counters the larger size of the case and is protected by a deep-layer hardening process and DLC coating. The crown and buttons, which protrude significantly from the case to make them more accessible while wearing diving gloves, have additional components to protect them if the watch gets knocked around. Since this model only comes with a metal bracelet, it has been outfitted with a diver’s extension to accommodate a wetsuit. Both standard production models have a red or blue minute ring, matching sub-dials, and white applied hour markers. The anniversary model features yellow hour markers to match the rubber strap. All three models are illuminated by a high-brightness LED light for optimal underwater legibility. Lastly, each watch is solar-powered and radio-controlled to ensure precise timekeeping. They operate on MR-G module No. 5702 and have features like a countdown timer, stopwatch, alarm, and tide graph, among others.

The resin-clad Frogman of the 1990s has evolved over the past three decades to include an analog display instead of only digital, a shift that happened just recently in 2020. During that same year, Casio added Bluetooth capability to bring the collection into the age of fast information. Making the watch easy to use from any smartphone is a convenience not offered by every watchmaker and one that makes accessing all the operations on the analog dial much easier.

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Given the circumstances, the premium attached to the new MR-G Frogman is justified. The watch is beautifully executed to the highest Yamagata Casio MR-G standards and offers state-of-the-art technologies. The red Casio G-Shock MR-G Frogman MRGBF1000B1A retails for $5,800 USD and is available online from Casio. For more information on the Casio G-Shock MR-G Frogman MRGBF1000B1A, please visit the brand’s website.

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