If there is one thing Seiko loves more than coming up with new limited editions, it’s the 62MAS, and over the course of the past several years, the brand has created a countless string of releases that reimagine Japan’s very first dive watch. Joining the lineup for 2023 are three new U.S. market-exclusive reinterpretations of the Seiko 62MAS, and the trio of divers feature textured dials and colorways inspired by the most demanding cold-water diving locations in America.

The first of the new Seiko Prospex U.S. Special Edition 62MAS reinterpretation divers is the SPB419, which features a blue bezel insert paired with a bright blue dial that includes a gradient effect that darkens towards its outer edge. The Seiko Prospex SPB419 is inspired by Michigan blue ice, which forms along the coastline of the northern Great Lakes. A rarely seen phenomenon, Michigan’s blue ice occurs when it forms slowly and evenly, which allows light to deeply penetrate the frozen water and provides it with a vivid blue color.

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The other two new Seiko Prospex U.S. Special Edition divers are based on Alaska’s glacial moulins, with each one taking its inspiration from a different color of ice that forms them. The Alaska moulins get their name from the French word for “mill,” and these glacial water tunnels are formed when a melt-water stream penetrates the surface of a glacier and creates a tunnel that can run hundreds of meters deep and reach all the way to the bottom of the ice structure.

The Seiko Prospex SPB421 features a dark blue bezel and a dark blue gradient dial that recalls the color of the ice when viewed at the depths of the moulin. Meanwhile, the Seiko SPB423 pairs a dark gray bezel with a pale blue-gray gradient dial to recall the lighter hues of the ice that form their structures. Additionally, regardless of color, all three of the dials fitted to the new Seiko Prospex U.S. Special Edition 62MAS reinterpretation divers feature a three-dimensional pattern embossed into their surfaces that is inspired by the ice structures that serve as their inspiration.

Other than the dials and bezels that are fitted to the trio of new Seiko Prospex U.S. Special Edition watches, the three models are otherwise identical, and they all feature cases crafted from stainless steel that have been given Seiko’s “Super Hard” coating and measure 40.5mm in diameter by 13.2mm thick. Similarly, all three models feature curved sapphire crystals with anti-reflective treatment on the underside surface, along with screw-down crowns and solid casebacks that help support their 200 meters of water resistance.

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Powering the new trio of Seiko Prospex U.S. Special Edition divers is the brand’s Caliber 6R35 automatic movement, which represents a step up compared to the 4Rxx family of calibers that can be found inside Seiko’s contemporary entry-level models. While the Cal. 6R35 runs at the same frequency of 21,600vph (3 Hz), it does benefit from a number of upgraded components and offers users an extended power reserve of approximately 70 hours. Although Seiko produces a number of more advanced mechanical movements, the Cal. 6R35 is ultimately a reliable and proven design, and this makes it a perfectly acceptable choice for a mid-range diver such as those from this latest batch of U.S. exclusive Prospex models.

Regardless of their aesthetic differences, all three of the new Seiko Prospex U.S. Special Edition divers are fitted with the same stainless steel bracelet. Featuring a flat, three-link design with Seiko’s “Super Hard” coating, the bracelet appears to be the same style that can be found on the standard-production versions of this fan-favorite model, and it is completed by a tri-fold clasp with machined components that feature a double push-button release and an integrated wetsuit extension system.

While Seiko has produced a number of different ice-inspired dive watches over the years, most have been rather good-looking creations, and that same statement applies to this latest trio of U.S.-exclusive models. Additionally, while the 62MAS is easily one of Seiko’s most popular styles of divers, it is undeniable that there are now quite a lot of different models that offer this same core design, and it has reached a point where I imagine that some buyers struggle to choose a favorite to add to their collections. Despite their differences, all three of the new Seiko Prospex U.S. Special Edition dive watches are accompanied by the same official retail price of $1,250 USD, and like their name suggests, the trio of new 62MAS-inspired watches will be exclusively available within the U.S. market. For more information on the Seiko Prospex U.S. Special Edition dive watches, please visit the brand’s website

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