Among the wide variety of watches that Timex currently produces, its Marlin series has become one of the recent standouts due to its vintage-inspired styling and accessible price point. While the collection initially garnered attention for its compact dress watches with manually-wound movements, the Timex Marlin series has since expanded into a wide variety of different models that include everything from the classic hand-wind dress watches to quartz chronographs and even Peanuts-themed versions that have Snoopy on the dial. Now, for its latest release of 2024, Timex has launched an entire fleet of new Marlin watches, including two automatic models, a pair of chronographs, and three versions of the all-new Marlin Moon Phase Multifunction, which is essentially a triple calendar with a moonphase display.

Up first among this latest launch of Marlin models are the two Timex Marlin Automatic watches, which expand upon the current self-winding series with new vintage-inspired colorways. Just as you would expect, the two new Marlin Automatic models feature 40mm stainless steel cases, domed acrylic crystals, and screw-on display casebacks that showcase their Miyota 8xxx series automatic movements. These powerplants run at a frequency of 21,600vph with a power reserve of approximately 40 hours. Aside from their dials and straps, the two new Timex Marlin Automatic watches are otherwise identical to the existing 40mm models from the current lineup, and just like their siblings, the new Marlin Automatic watches have a lug width of 20mm, along with 50 meters of water resistance to protect against daily contact.

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The first of the two new Timex Marlin Automatic watches is the TW2W33800, which is characterized by its salmon-colored dial with polished accents and a brown leather strap. Meanwhile, the other new model is the TW2W33900, which features a black dial with gold-colored accents, and it gets paired with a black leather strap. Other than their updated colorways, the two new Marlin Automatic 40mm models very much follow in the footsteps of their siblings. This includes simple pencil-shaped hands, time-only displays, and applied hour markers that consist of batons paired with retro-style Arabic numerals inside boxes at the cardinal points.

Next among the new batch of Marlin models is a pair of quartz chronographs that are essentially new variations of the existing Timex Marlin Chronograph that embrace the same colorways as the pair of Automatic watches that are also part of this 2024 launch. Similar to their time-only Automatic siblings, the new Marlin Chronographs feature 40mm stainless steel cases with 20mm lugs that are fitted with domed acrylic crystals. However, rather than having display casebacks like the Automatic models, the Timex Marlin Chronograph watches receive solid screw-down casebacks, which conceal their quartz chronograph movements and support their 50 meters of water resistance.

Just like most of Timex’s watches, no information is listed about the specific calibers that are used inside the Marlin Chronograph series. However, based upon the layout of their sub-dials and what we know powers the brand’s Q Timex Chronograph, I’d be willing to bet that it is the same Seiko Epson YM12 quartz chronograph movement. Although the hour markers on their dials appear in the same style as the time-only models, the Marlin Chronographs also have a trio of registers, along with a date window at the ever-controversial 4:30 location, plus a subtle tachymeter scale printed along their perimeter. Similar to the new Automatic models, colorways for the new Marlin Chronographs include the TW2W51400, which is the salmon dial version that comes with a brown leather strap, while the TW2W51500 is the black dial model that has gold accents and a black strap.

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Arguably the most interesting part of this release is the Timex Marlin Moon Phase Multifunction, which represents a completely new model for the Marlin lineup. Just like the rest of the watches from this release, the new Timex Marlin Moon Phase Multifunction features a 40mm stainless steel case with 20mm lugs and a domed acrylic crystal, plus it offers the same 50 meters of water resistance as its Marlin Automatic and Marlin Chronograph siblings. However, rather than having two pushers flanking the crown on the 3 o’clock side of the case, the Marlin Moon Phase Multifunction only has a single pusher located at the 2 o’clock position, and this is used to set its month display.

Unlike the new Marlin Automatic and Marlin Chronograph watches, the Timex Marlin Moon Phase Multifunction features a simplified set of applied baton-style baton indexes to help keep the visual emphasis on its three sub-dials and moonphase display. The three registers are dedicated to the day, date, and month, while the moonphase indicator appears on the lower half of the dial, and although Timex doesn’t offer any details about the movement on its official website, I reached out to the brand for additional details, and the movement used inside the Marlin Moon Phase Multifunction is the Miyota Cal. 6P00, which offers an accuracy rating of -/+20 seconds per month, along with a battery life of approximately three years.

At the time of launch, the new Timex Marlin Moon Phase Multifunction makes its debut appearance in three different configurations, and the colorways mirror the options that are currently available for both the time-only and chronograph models from the Marlin collection. Consequently, the three new Marlin Moon Phase Multifunction watches are the TW2W5100, which features a green dial and dark brown leather strap; the TW2W5110, which offers a salmon-colored dial and light brown strap; and the TW2W5130, which is fitted with a blue dial and comes paired with a five-link stainless steel bracelet.

In terms of pricing, the new Timex Marlin Automatic watches cost the exact same as their 40mm self-winding siblings from the lineup, and both models are priced at $249 USD. Meanwhile, the two new Marlin Chronographs are positioned identically to the other colorways that are already part of the collection with an official retail price of $179 USD. As for the Timex Marlin Moon Phase Multifunction watches, the two strap-equipped models both cost $169 USD, while the version fitted with a bracelet is priced slightly higher at $189 USD. While these triple calendar moonphase models are the most featured-packed options within the current Timex Marlin lineup, they are also the absolute least expensive, which makes them rather compelling options for those who want a vintage-inspired multifunction calendar piece at a truly entry-level price. For more information on the Timex Marlin collection, please visit the brand’s website.

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